tagNonHumanA Daemon's Heart Ch. 06-07

A Daemon's Heart Ch. 06-07


A/N: I've been dealing with a death in my family so please excuse the length between posts. I'm also typing with a semi fractured hand so excuse the typos if there are any lol! Please comment and rate! This will be a semi short chapter but more is coming I promise.



Kael's POV

I awoke from our little tryst to find Elyah curled asleep in my arms and to my surprise, she was glowing again! I knew that Titus would be here within the hour, but I really wished he would hurry his ass up. Titus is my oldest friend, predating my turning even, and the smartest person around if you ask me.

I knew that with a few simple questions, and possibly some blood work, he could quickly figure out just what Elyah is and what is making her glow. I have to admit, the glowing isn't horrible... Just, unexpected to say the least. Her glow actually reminds me of a mood ring in some ways, as weird as that may sound... but hey, we're talking about a glowing chick and a vampire/daemon here, how much weirder can you get?

I protectively watched Elyah sleep soundly for a while before I noticed something odd on her back. Elyah's shoulder blades were red and looked swollen, and I started to wonder just how long they had been like that. I heard a knock on my door and knew that Titus had finally arrived; I slipped out of bed and made my way down to greet him.

"Hey old man! Thank gods you made it! Elyah is upstairs asleep but something new has just happened." Titus looked at me taking in the worried look I had smeared on my face and waited for further information.

"Okay, so you already know about her glowing and all, but while she was sleeping, I noticed that her back looks weird. I mean, her shoulder blades are red and look a little swollen. What do you think is going on here?"

Titus' brow wrinkled while he thought for a moment, "Kael, how old is this girl?" "She told me that she was twenty-one. Why?"

"No need to panic yet 'old man,' it's just that the age, glowing and the shoulder blades tend to make me believe she's our complete opposite."

I guess my confused look spoke for me because Titus continued, "Obviously, I can't be for certain without seeing her but I really think she may be at least part Angelis. Everything you've told me points towards it and if you'll think about it, you'll see it too."

My body froze as I looked at my oldest friend in shock. By gods, it makes absolute sense! Her family couldn't harm her while she was a child, she has a sweet smell and glows, and her shoulder blades look as if they are going to burst open to reveal wings. My little one is part Angelis, how could I not have smelled it when I first found her!?

I guess I should explain what exactly an Angelis is. To put it simply, an Angelis is a protector and healer, they bring life back and can shield others from harm easily. It makes complete sense that her family couldn't harm her until just recently because Angelis' do not come into their power until after their twenty first birthdays, and even then they are weak. No wonder she couldn't protect herself from her captors this last time, she was weak because she was coming into her powers.

"Do you know much of the Angelis Titus? I mean, can we help her transition into this a little easier than just being thrown in with the wolves so to speak?"

"You must really care for her if you're thinking thoughts of that sort, the Kael I used to know would have thrown her ass to the curb as soon as he heard Angelis come out of my mouth." He laughed but regained his composure quickly as he noticed I wasn't laughing.

"Look, I know some about them, but Izadora knows quite a bit more seeing how she's part Angelis herself. Let me run a simple blood test that should take a mere few minutes and then I'll give her a call if that is in fact what Elyah is. Does that sound okay with you 'old man'?"

I nodded to him as I saw Elyah make her way downstairs, with her face crumpled in pain. I ran over and grabbed her just as she blacked out.


Kael's POV

I rushed Elyah upstairs to our bedroom, faintly hearing Titus pounding up the stairs behind me. He followed behind me into the bedroom and rushed to Elyah's side. He pulled out his black doctor's bag and checked Elyah's temperature and pulse.

"Kael, she's burning up and her heart is racing. I'm calling Izadora now and getting her here, its better safe than sorry." He said this as he pulled out his cell and punched in Izadora's number; he waited patiently for her to answer but almost yelled into the phone giving away his fear.

"What the hell do you want now Titus? I'm still mad as hell at you, don't think you can just..."

"Izzy shut up! Kael and I desperately need your help, so please put aside your anger towards me and get over to Kael's immediately!"

There wasn't even a second's pause before I heard Izzy's response loud and clear, "I'll be right there."

As Titus closed his phone, I heard the familiar sound of someone teleporting into my living room.

"We're up here Izzy, hurry!" Titus boomed out before I could even register what was going on.

"Oh dear gods! Kael what have you done? Did you hurt her?" Izzy shot a nasty look at my confused one. "Kael, please tell me you didn't seriously injure an Angelis!?! What the hell is wrong with you?"

How the hell is it that she can smell Angelis on Elyah before I could and I've been with her for over two weeks now? I still can't smell the actual Angelis blood in her, I smell something sweet... but for the most part, I'm getting mixed scents. Oh gods, she isn't just Angelis after all.

"Izadora calm down! Kael didn't hurt her at all; he's actually taking care of her. She's just coming into her powers and she blacked out. Her wings haven't freed themselves yet and I fear that may be the problem, we may have to take drastic measures if you know what I mean."

I didn't even want to know what Titus was talking about; I knew it couldn't be good if he was talking in code in front of me. In all my four hundred plus years, Titus has never felt the need to protect my feelings and now was not the best time to start.

~ Elyah baby, please stay calm. We're doing our best to help you but I really need you to relax as much as possible. I know it hurts baby, but please try for me. ~

I did my best to send her calming messages as Titus prepared a syringe full of medication that he claimed would keep her from feeling anymore pain from this ordeal.

"Kael, go get some towels and I'm going to need you to get a button up shirt for when she wakes up. Hurry up with those towels!"

I stood there for a second as Titus retrieved a scalpel and more medication from his bag before I ran off for the towels. I practically threw them to Izadora and Titus when I got back. I retreated to my closet quickly to find Elyah a button up shirt and grabbed the first one I saw.

I returned just as Titus was slicing into Elyah's swollen shoulder blades ultimately freeing her wings. Obviously being part vampire, the sight of blood doesn't make me sick but watching Titus slice into my love made me want to hurl.

Elyah's blood curdling scream filled the room and I silently thanked the gods that I didn't have any neighbors. Elyah's wings slid out of her shoulder blades with ease and extended, covering her completely. When they relaxed into their much smaller form, Elyah's body collapsed from the curled position she had been in and fell fast asleep thanks to Titus' medication.

"She's going to sleep for at least a day Kael, why don't you help me get that shirt on her so she doesn't catch a cold."

Izadora gazed at me carefully to see if I was going to attack Titus for hurting Elyah, but my gentle worried gaze eased her immediately. I helped her put the button up shirt on Elyah backwards so her wings could relax without being bound by clothing.

"Kael, lets go downstairs and talk so she can rest peacefully okay? Come on and I'll tell you everything I know about Angelis and how you can help her."

Izzy led me downstairs and eased me into my large leather recliner. "I can tell you love her Kael, you still have an aura you know. And right now, it's screaming out its fear for the one you love. You actually emanate warmth when you are near her or touching her, that says a lot for a daemon like you Kael. I wouldn't take that lightly if I were you."

I looked up into Izzy's warm chocolate brown eyes and could almost feel the emotion she was sending towards me. "Thanks for your help Izzy. I know I've only known her for two weeks, but I swear I feel like I've known her since the dawn of time. And as weird as this is going to sound, I think she's to be my bonded. I can't believe I'm saying that about someone I've known less than a month."

"Kael, has Titus ever told you about how we met? Well, it was when Titus had just fought that Ork and almost got killed doing so." She glanced lovingly over her shoulder at an embarrassed Titus.

"I was passing through the village when I smelled a wounded daemon, now normally I wouldn't give a rat's ass about a daemon but something drew me to the smell and I couldn't help but go search for him. I guess you could say that his blood called out for me in a way like all blood does to a vampire. Either way, I came upon big shot over here and he was extremely close to death. Both arms were out of socket, his left leg was completely cut open to the bone, and his skull was cracked. Now, a normal Angelis would have just put him out of his misery and gone on, but I cried out at the thought of leaving him behind so I healed him and brought him along with me.

Well, you obviously know how well that worked out because I'm still standing here with the jackass but before we bonded, he didn't want anything to do with me because of what I am. He refused to be a daemon bonded to an Angelis but look at us today. He's still a jackass daemon/vamp and I'm still an Angelis/elemental."

"Are you going to fill me in on what he did to be referred to as a jackass or are you going to leave me hanging here???" I looked at the two who were now nuzzling each other. Izadora looked up as if remembering her anger towards Titus and stepped away from his embrace.

"Well, jackass here thinks its ok to deny me children because we aren't exactly sure what they would become. And we all know how well I take being denied anything..."

I laughed because I knew just how bad tempered Izadora could be, Angelis or not.

"Okay, I know that you want to know about Angelis' but I think we should all rest while Elyah is sleeping off this ordeal. She's going to have a lot of questions and we're going to have to help her a lot when she wakes. So we'll save the Q and A for tomorrow okay?"

I nodded solemnly and made my way to the staircase.

"You two can share one of the guest rooms. Or if you feel like it Izzy, you can make him sleep in one of the other guest rooms. Its up to you, but I do not want to wake up hearing noises from you two got it?"

Izadora giggled and nodded as I made my way up the stairs. I could hear her going off on poor Titus one last time before I sat down in a chair beside Elyah. I swear those two need to make up before I make Titus get her pregnant.

I heard Izadora sob lightly in Titus' arms and listened to her pleas while giving into sleep in my less than comfortable chair.

"Damn it Titus! Why won't you just admit that you don't want to have children with me and get it over with?! Just tell me how big of a mistake you think it was for us to be bound and quit lying to me okay? I can't take this anymore Titus. I love you and want to be the mother of your children; I don't care if they turn out to be little devils why can't you get that?"

I could somewhat hear Titus comforting her and trying to make up for his stupidity before sleep finally took over, saving me from the rest of that dreaded conversation.

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