tagNonHumanA Daemon's Heart Ch. 09

A Daemon's Heart Ch. 09


A/N:: I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you to all of you who have sent me personal comments or have left comments on the stories. I'm so excited that several of you have added me to your favorites! I love you guys and I dedicate this chapter to all of you. I'm having some complaints that things are happening too fast, but I promise there is a reason that will reveal itself eventually. *Also, please go read Daniellekitten's stories and show her some love. She's been having medical issues and I'm sure she would love to see some extra loving!

*Chapter 9: The Truth Revealed*

"What exactly do you mean a white light Kael? This is very important that you tell me everything and leave out nothing!" Izadora was shaking with fear more than anger and I could tell that something was up.

"Well, we were having sex in the shower when all of a sudden a bright white light enveloped us and intensified my orgasm as well as hers. I couldn't see anything but her and I honestly had no need to look elsewhere. All I know is that it was warm and made me feel closer to Elyah."

"Oh my, that's what I had feared. Kael, did you at any point tell her you loved her during this white light?" I stared at her with a scowl for a few moments before she answered her own question.

"Of course you did, what am I thinking? Of course you tell the woman you love how you feel during sex. Titus, you need to get upstairs and take the blood samples you need immediately before it has time to take effect. Why are you still standing there?!? GO!"

"What the hell are you talking about 'before it takes effect'? Damn it Izzy tell me now! Is there something wrong with her? Have I hurt her or something?"

I could tell I was close to breaking and I didn't really give a damn. I was worried that I had caused something bad to happen to Elyah while we had sex, I'll never forgive myself if something happens to her. I swear I won't.

"Of course you didn't hurt her you idiot. Geez, your best friend is bound to an Angelis and yet you know absolutely nothing about them. Look, you didn't hurt her. Actually, you didn't do anything, Elyah did. I'm almost certain she didn't realize what she was doing, because I'm sure she wouldn't do this without your consent first."

Izadora paced my living room without touching the floor, her wings were extended slightly giving her just enough power to float above my floor. The sound of feet coming down my stairs alerted me to Titus' return and the look on his face wasn't an easy one to read.

"She's still sleeping, as well as glowing. The tests should take a mere five or ten minutes to set and then we will know exactly what we are dealing with here. Izzy, why don't you stop floating and calm down. You need to stay relaxed and keep your heartbeat down. It's going to be hard enough to conceive as it is, we don't need medical conditions aiding our demise."

He pulled her close as she dropped herself back to the floor and started glowing a slight pink color.

"I take it you two made up? I'll never understand why you try to deny her what she wants old man, it only results in you having to wander aimlessly around the countryside until you realize you are hopelessly beat and give in." Titus shot me a dirty look at that remark while Izadora merely giggled in agreement with me.

"Kael, are you planning on bonding with Elyah sometime soon or have you thought about long-term at all?" Izadora's eyes wouldn't meet mine as she sat snuggled into Titus.

"Well, I obviously care for her and I've told you already that I think she's the one I'm supposed to be bound to... So, yeah, I would love to be bound to her. Why do you ask?"

She let out a sigh of relief but still wouldn't meet my eyes.

"I don't know how to say this other than just come out with it Kael. When you two were intimate with each other earlier, well... That white light wasn't just any old white light. It was a spell." I continued to stare at her as she played with her hands deep in thought.

"Kael, that white light is the product of a bonding spell. And the way you explained it tells me it was a rather strong binding spell. The strength of a binding spell between two willing people has nothing to do with the age or knowledge of the caster.

A binding spell is made strong by the emotions the two share, you two obviously care a great deal for each other for the light to have been so bright and strong. I guess what I'm trying to say is, congratulations you're now bound to Elyah for eternity."

My head pounded with information and all the possible reactions I could have to being bound for eternity. Anger, fear, and hopelessness were the farthest from my mind, all I could do was smile! I felt myself stand and run up the stairs to my mate, my angel quite literally. I reached our room and smiled to myself at the thought of 'our room' everything was ours' now. I watched Elyah sleep peacefully for a few moments, then crawled into bed with her and pulled her to my chest.

I ran a finger down her spine and remembered the effect that same action had caused only a few hours ago. I snuggled Elyah close to me and breathed in her scent, lilacs filled my head and a calm fell over me as I felt Elyah start to wake.

"Mmm, how is it that you are always so warm Kael? I feel like I'm sleeping with an electric blanket sometimes!" She giggled into my chest as she stretched out like a cat after its nap.

"Titus drew some blood while you were sleeping and the results should be ready if you are. But, before we go downstairs, do you remember earlier? You know, that really bright light while we were in the shower together?"

She nodded silently as she waited for me to continue.

"Well, Izadora explained to me what that was, do you know what it was?" She shook her head no and continued staring at me with loving eyes.

"Elyah, do you want to spend forever with me? I mean this seriously."

"Of course I do Kael, I wouldn't have told you I loved you if I didn't. I know that daemons don't age like humans, and whatever I am probably doesn't either so when I said I loved you, I meant forever." Her small hand rested on my cheek and smoothed over my hair.

"Elyah, that light was a spell and a very strong one at that. Izadora told me that when we whispered I love you earlier in the shower, your body accepted that as an agreement to be bound and well, Elyah, we're married if you want to think of it in human terms."

Her eyes were huge and filled with tears and my heart broke when I looked into them, I was sure that she was regretting what her body had done until she smiled the biggest smile I've ever seen and starting glowing that same pink as Izadora seemed to.

"So you're ok with this then? I love you Elyah, I think I have since that night in the parking lot to be honest with you. I normally would have just left someone there but something cried out to me when I thought of turning around in search of dinner. My body was literally drawn to you as if something about you were familiar to me."

The rest of my words were lost in the most passionate kiss I had ever experienced. I knew it was Elyah's way of telling me she loved me as much as I her.

"Let's go downstairs and see what the tests have to say ok? And I don't want you to be scared either, we can handle anything if we do it together ok?"

She smiled and nodded as we made our way downstairs to where Titus and Izadora were talking quietly.

"Ah, about time you two! We've been discussing the results of the tests and we have some incredible news to pass along. First let's start with the obvious, the most dominate thing is of course the Angelis blood and we know this because of the wings obviously. Now, the markings down your spine and in your palms led me to believe that you were at least part elemental, meaning you can conjure up the power of the elements at your will.

The tests conclude my suspicions, you are in fact elemental. The tests conclude that you are of the following: Angelis, Elemental, Empathic, Eternal and the most shocking being Daemon. It is very rare for more than two of these to reside within a single host, but you my dear hold them all which makes you extremely powerful."

Elyah's eyes seemed to widen in shock and disbelief. If she's eternal, doesn't that mean she has lived before in another time? Obviously, because she claims to be twenty-one and yet she seems familiar to me... And Daemon too? Maybe there's a reason she seems familiar after all.

"Izadora, what did you mean earlier when you told Titus to get the samples before it took effect? What exactly is going to take effect?"

"When a bonding takes place, it is during a... well, let's say an 'intimate situation,' the bonding will influence more of said 'intimate situation' and you will be inseparable for a day or two. It could be even longer depending on the couple, but this will not happen until both of you are well rested enough.

I recommend you both go upstairs now and rest, your bodies will wake you when it is time and then the ceremony will begin. Titus and I will watch over the house and bring back meals for you both, since neither of you will be leaving the bedroom for a few days. Think of it as a honeymoon if you will. Now get upstairs and relax, I'm sure it won't be long now."

She winked at Titus as we climbed the stairs to our room.

"What do you suppose we do with ourselves while the happy couple enjoy their time alone my love?" Titus asked suggestively as he pulled Izadora to his open arms.

"Why, I have no idea board games maybe? How about clue?" Izadora teased.

"Hmm... I was thinking something a little more personal. How about this?" Izadora burst into giggles as her mate lifted her effortlessly and carried her into their bedroom.

"How about I make good on my promise from earlier love?" Izadora's smile widened and tears of joy ran down her cheeks.

"You mean it Titus, you'll really have a baby with me?"

"I'll do anything to see that smile stay on your face love, now enough of all this talking."

Titus placed Izadora on their bed and kissed down her body while removing her clothes. Sighs and moans filled the room as he kissed and licked his way down her naked flesh, indulging himself on her more sensitive areas. Her breath hitched as his tongue licked at her inner folds softly, tasting her body hungrily.

Fingertips dug into her hips as he held her close to him, feasting on her soft outer lips and sensitive clit. Moaning more when he slid a single thick finger into her warm slit, he felt her body contract around his finger as he pumped it in and out of her in a slow agonizing rhythm.

Sliding another thick finger in when his hand was covered in her sweet juices. Whimpering as his thick fingers were removed from her tight body that was close to release, only to be replaced with his thick cock being plunged into her in a swift movement.

The swift movements of his cock slamming into her cervix threw her over the edge. Her inner walls tightened around him as she came, the added tightness causing Titus to pound into her harder. She felt his body tighten and his thrusts become deeper until he cried out his release, filling her insides with his warmth.

He managed to stay in deep inside her as he fell beside her in bed, pulling her on top of him to ensure he stayed lodged in her as she slept peacefully on his chest.

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