tagNonHumanA Daemon's Heart Ch. 08

A Daemon's Heart Ch. 08


A/N: Thanks to the voter that added me to her favorites!!! It means a lot to me that people enjoy the story so much! This story means a lot to me and it makes me feel good that you guys enjoy it... This is relatively short, but I really wanted to get something out for my special fans! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did while writing it. I've also decided that after ADH, I will be possibly following up with Izadora and Titus' story so stay tuned! Now that I'm done being lame, please enjoy, rate and comment on chapter 8!

**Chapter 8: Elyah Awakes**

My body hurt, it burned and it ached. I'm not sure exactly what is going on, but if Kael and I did this from being a little rough, he's going to pay! I tried to open my eyes but even that slight movement made me shudder in agony. 'What the hell is wrong with me now?' I wondered to myself.

I tried again to open my eyes and was greeted with the sight of a hunched over sleeping Kael sitting next to our bed. Well that's odd... why isn't he in bed with me? We haven't left each other's side since I first woke up here, so why isn't he in bed with me now? I made an attempt to sit up but screamed out in horror. My body writhed in pain emanating from my back and well, you might as well say all over. I felt cool hands smooth my hair in a calming way and opened my eyes to see Kael's worried face lingering over me.

"Elyah, don't move so fast hun. You're body needs time to heal and accept what is going on before you can just get up and dance a jig." He chuckled out the last part as I stared at him in mass confusion.

"What's going on Kael, what happened to me? Why do I hurt so badly? Did you change me finally?" My eyes lit up at the idea of the last question, but it's weird that I don't feel any different. Surely I would feel different if Kael turned me... Hmm.

Questions came pouring out of me and my happiness slipped away as someone came into the room. Oh my god, he's through with me already! How dare he! Here I am in the most pain I've felt since, since 'they' took me and now he's found my replacement!

*Sigh* I can't really blame him though I guess, she's beautiful and I'm just a plain Jane who apparently just causes more trouble than she's worth. 'Oh damn, she reminds me of an angel and it makes me hate her even more.' I thought to myself as I did my best to get up from the bed.

Her long, flowing brown hair had hues of gold in it that seemed natural; as compared to fake dye jobs that leave you feeling like you just paid someone to put mustard in your hair. She was tall, but not overly so, and her frame was well built while not really on the small side.

'She's beautiful. Of course he would choose her over me. That's what you get for falling for someone you don't even know Elyah, damn you know better than this!' I couldn't help but to chastise myself mentally while I looked between Kael and this mystery angel that would no doubt ruin my life with Kael. Kael must have sensed my confusion and fear because he stepped towards me and cradled my face between his large hands.

"Elyah, this is Izadora, she's the mate to my best friend. Remember, the one that was going to come check on you?" I nodded but kept my eyes on her as she moved.

The angel now known as Izadora stepped forward slowly and sat at the edge of the bed. Her eyes seemed hurt and worried; I wonder what that's about... Out of nowhere, a bright light appeared from her palm as she took my hand.

I felt calm and warm as soon as she touched me, I could feel something strange coursing through me and I somehow knew that I wouldn't feel right without that strange electricity coursing through my veins. I gasped as I felt myself heal, there was no longer an agonizing pain in my upper back and my body felt like new! She released my hand and stood gracefully.

"I'm going to let you get dressed and have a moment alone with Kael while I go speak with my husband. We'll talk afterwards and I'll tell you everything you need to know, okay?"

I couldn't trust my voice to speak, so I simply nodded in agreement. Kael reached out a hand which I placed my much smaller one in. He lifted me carefully from the bed and pulled me into a bear hug.

"I was so worried about you Elyah; I thought I was going to lose you there for a while. I watched you sleep for two days while you writhed in pain. Titus tried giving you pain medication, but it never seemed to help any."

His teary eyes melted me and I kissed his lips softly. I turned and headed towards the shower when I felt Kael's hands abruptly stop me in my tracks.

"Elyah, you have the most beautiful markings all the way down your spine! They don't look like a tattoo, they actually kind of glow... like they are painted in glow paint or something. I almost didn't see them, that's how faint they are."

He ran his hand down my spine causing the electricity to surge through me again. My body tingled in the most pleasurable way; I turned to him and drug him into the shower with me. I needed him. I needed his touch, his kisses and everything that went along with it.

Kael's chest was pressed tightly to my back while he cupped my suddenly heavy breasts and caressed the nubs with his thumbs. I felt my eyes roll to the back of my head as one hand left my breasts to trail down my stomach. A cool feathery touch attacked my clit and I shuddered for obvious reasons.

I felt Kael's fingers dip into my wetness then his hand disappeared to his mouth to taste me.

"Mmm, gods you taste good! C'mere!" I felt his huge hands grab my shoulders and turn me to press me against the shower wall.

I felt my legs being wrapped around Kael's shoulders as he gently lapped his tongue against my slit. My body shuddered as his tongue dove into me, successfully lapping at my insides and making me jump thoroughly enjoying the bliss. I felt my body tighten around his tongue and I felt my breath hitch as I screamed out in heavenly bliss.

My body sank down and felt his huge cock pressing into my slit. I subconsciously wiggled my hips and felt the head sink in slowly, stretching me until I thought I would rip apart. I sighed as I felt his balls firmly against my ass and his hands cupping me for leverage. My mind went blank and my vision went white as he fucked me with as much strength as he could muster. I felt my body tense as my inner walls milked his rod for all it was worth. My body exploded with warmth as Kael coated my insides with his warm come, effectively causing me to scream out my own release.

I felt my body grow warmer against Kael's and a blinding light filled the room around us, leaving only the two of us to bask in each other's afterglow.

Then, as soon as it came, the blinding light was gone and I fell limply into Kael's arms. My body drained yet again, I faintly remember being carried to a warm soft bed before completely passing out in my lover's protective arms.

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