tagNonHumanA Dark Night with a Dark Stranger

A Dark Night with a Dark Stranger


It was the end of another exhausting day at university. Bell was tired not only from studying for her mid semester exam which would commence the next day but also from the extra shift she had taken at work. She had almost fallen asleep at the library when she decided that it was time to go home. The university offered after-hours access to the library for students. She swiped her university ID card and the automatic door buzzed to let her out.

Bell looked down at her ID card. The picture was a little old from her first degree although she had not changed much. She was 24 years old, with long chocolate brown hair that was straight or wavy depending if she had washed it or not. Her face was a little rounded with high cheek bones and dark blue eyes. Her thin waist, bright smile and great ass made her more than a little attractive.

Walking from the university at night was always a little unnerving. Bell parked her car over near a friend's house on a side street close to the uni and it took her about ten minutes to walk there from the library. Bell didn't mind the walk and it saved her money not having to park. Still the night was particularly dark. Bell glanced up to the moon whose small rim only managed to shine past the thick conifer forest she was making her way past. She was looking though her school bag for her keys when she heard the sound of music in the distance.

"Thursday smoko" she whispered to herself smiling slightly.

Thursdays were the days when the university put on 'smokos' designed to entertain uni students, although really they maintained a constant supply of alcohol giving boys more courage and girls less common sense. Bell wasn't opposed to drinking, but she knew that was the last thing she needed the night before a test. Glancing quickly down at her watch she realised that it was almost midnight. That would mean that the smoko would be breaking up soon.

"Hey beautiful" a voice called from behind her.

Bell turned before she could stop herself and realised that there were a group of boys walking behind her.

"Err hey" Bell responded, redoubling her efforts to find her keys as she forced her legs to work harder as she kicked up her speed.

"Where you going so quickly" one of the boys asked.

Bell heard him running towards her and she stopped and turned to face the boys, knowing full well that outrunning them was not an option.

"I have an exam tomorrow" she said "and my boyfriend is waiting for me just over there in his car, so I better hurry."

She had hoped that lying about having a boyfriend close by would make the guys leave her alone but she was wrong. Immediately they began forming a circle around her, like sharks around prey. They were young guys around her age and judging by their build looked as if they belonged to a football club. They were leering at her and wobbling slightly on their feet when Bell realised that they stunk of booze.

"Well nice meeting..." Bell began before she felt one of the guys behind her cup their hands over her mouth.

She began kicking hard and flinging her arms in the air desperate to get away.

"Stop" she screamed after she bite hard on one of her attackers hands and they responded by slapping her in the face, but not before she tasted the salty coppery blood from her attacker.

She was only unconscious for a moment before the harsh feeling of something being raped around her mouth woke her up. Then her hands were grasped and she felt herself being dragged off the footpath and onto the grassy area surrounding the pine trees which lined the path.

"Looks like we got ourselves a fighter" one boy said.

Bell looked up at him. He was tall and handsome with a strong jaw and black hooded jumper on that read Uni sports. Bell was staring up at him, silent tears rolling down her face when he leant down to her and tore her shirt open. She tried desperately to cling at her top and cover her breast but both her hands were being restrained by two others on either side of her.

She was shaking her head when the boy reached down again on his knees and undid the buttons of her jeans. He then reached behind her and pulled them off in one quick motion. The two boys holding her arms pushed her up so that she was sitting on her knees and they dug painfully into the dirt.

"Hmm" the boy said as he began unbuckling his belt "pull her head back" he said and Bell felt instantly as her hair was pulled tight forcing her head all the way back to stare at the fourth boy directly behind her.

She felt one hand dive between her legs as two other different hands began pulling and massaging her breast and pinching her nipples. As she looked up at the boy holding her hair she watched as he began to grow hard and began retrieving his dick from his pants and rubbing it while staring at her.

"I'm first" said the boy with his hand at her pussy. He was holding it tightly as if claiming it as his own.

Bell felt the two holding her hands tighten their grip. Her eyes shut instantly forcing the last tears out and she held her breath waiting.

Instantly she was flung forwards as she felt the two holding her relinquish their grips. She opened her eyes as her hair was pulled tightly and felt her face hit the grass heavily. She was face down when she heard the boys screaming. She whirled around quickly and saw a stranger breaking the necks of the two that had held her hands. They fell to the ground quickly as her rescuer moved over to the one who had held her hair. The stranger watched, his head to one side as the boy began to run from him. Then impossibly fast he caught up to the boy and pulled him so that he fell against his knee, breaking his spine with a loud cracking noise. The last boy was cowering on the floor, praying or whispering something that Bell couldn't hear or understand.

"Please no" he mumbled when the man had returned over to him. The man smiled, his face lit by the small moon and Bell saw how handsome he was. His dark unkempt hair reached his shoulder and was flying wildly in the wind. His green eyes were focused on his prey and Bell watched in horror as two large white fangs protruded from him mouth as he reached down exposing the neck of the boy before striking at him. Blood sprayed for a moment and stained the grass and a second later the body of the last boy fell unmercifully to the ground as a small gurgle escaped from him.

Bell was frozen in fear as she looked at the now dead boys piled around her. Her rescuer stood for a moment also conveying the scene and then looked down at her.

"Are you alright?" he asked, his voice kind as he reached a hand down to her.

Bell blinked once, the tight bind around her mouth still stopping her from speaking and fainted.


It was several hours before Bell woke again. She was lying on a cold stone bench and she sat up quickly, feeling the rush of blood in her face and she winched. Her hand immediately traced the bruise on the side of her cheek and the last few hours of her life flashed back to her mind. She shivered in fear and realised that she was wearing a thin white dress that she did not own. Her feet moved to the edge of the bench and she slipped down off it, her bare feet meeting even colder stone. Her eyes tried to adapt to the darkness but there was no light and so she stared into nothingness.

"You are awake" came the voice of her rescuer.

She looked into the distance and saw a man walking towards her, a small candle in his hands, lighting what was a small room, covered in bricks.

Bell nodded once, unable to speak.

"Are you ok?" he asked again, this time looking at her with what might have been concern, although Bell was not certain.

She nodded once again, feeling a pain in her wrists, and looking down to see what were finger marked bruises.

"It is ok. The ones who attacked you won't hurt you again" he said, moving still closer to Bell "is there anything I can get you to make you comfortable?"

Bell looked at the man, suddenly remembering the fangs that he had used to drain one of the boys of blood "What are you?"

The man sighed, moving away from her and sitting on the floor of the room "Can you not guess?" he asked.

"Vampire" Bell whispered.

The vampire nodded before saying "I am sorry"

"You saved me" Bell said confused.

"Yes and now I cannot let you leave. You know what I am and you will not be safe with that secret" he responded, looking down on the ground unable to meet her eyes.

"I won't tell anyone" Bell began, moving over to the vampire on the ground.

"It won't matter others will find you and they will kill you for knowing my secret. It is a lonely path vampirism, but it is kept this way so that mortals do not know of us. You must understand our existence must be kept from humans" he finished before saying "my name is Ragon and I will try my best to look after you..."

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