tagNonHumanA Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 02

A Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 02


Three days had passed since Bell had been rescued by Ragon. She had lived mostly in silence and darkness since that time as her rescuer now captor had not spoken to her since. Religiously meals had been brought to her, three times a day, although she had not seen them arrive and was only made aware of them by the delicious smell that they would create wafting over to her, trapped in the windowless room. It was late on the third night of her imprisonment when Ragon graced her with his presence.

Bell heard the door creak open and raced over to it.

"Ragon" she exclaimed when she saw his face.

He smiled at her lightly and moved over to the floor to sit as he had done before. Once again he carried a candle which lit his face majestically, the orange glow highlighting his marble features and Bell was reminded of just how beautiful he was.

"Bell" he whispered back before adding "my apologies. I have not cared for you as I had promised. I was arranging some things" he said simply.

"I can't stay here. I can't live like this" she said before he held out his hand to silence her.

"I know. It had taken me longer to acquire these things than it should have hence my apologies" he said sadly.

"But" Bell began to protest.

"Come. Tonight we leave my family home" he said, moving to sit up as he made his way to the door.

Bell followed obediently, excited to be leaving the stone house she had spent so many hours counting the bricks in. The large wooden and iron clad door slammed shut with a bang after her and Ragon moved to lock it, simply sliding one of the large wooden sleepers across to keep it in place.

The next room that Bell walked into was just as dark as the first, only lit by the candle that Ragon continued to cradle.

"This is your family home?" Bell asked, straining her eyes to see into the small room.

She could just make out what appeared to be large sections of a circular room that stood out from the wall. Instantly in realisation she moved backwards and found herself up against a cold hard stone. It was a tomb she was in. There were shiny metallic labels that accompanied each urn and Bell read the first one in a whisper "Lillian Patrick 1856 to 1895"

"My mother" Ragon whispered.

Bell jumped surprised that what she had been leaning against was in fact Ragon's cold hard body.

She could make out from the strained sadness on his face lit by the candle that her actions had hurt him and she said quickly "you startled me" so to spare his feelings.

In a fraction of a second the door to the tomb was open and Bell heard the revving of an engine. She followed suit, walking out into the night and closing the large door of the tomb behind her. Suddenly the cool night air sent shivers down her back as she surveyed the landscape. Scattered around were tombstones, some decaying with age others shiny brightly with marble that would stand the test of age.

"You live in a cemetery?" Bell asked?

Ragon had returned over to her and pointed at the tomb they had just been in. Just barely readable were the words 'Patricks Familia'. "My family's mausoleum and my home" said Ragon before moving away to a clearing.

A vampire living in a cemetery Bell thought- cliché? Bell followed quickly and realised that the revving she had heard was coming from a large black motorcycle parked off to the side. Ragon retrieved a small helmet and placed it gently on Bells head before tying the buckles. He lifted her effortlessly onto the pavilion part of the bike then in an instant threw himself on, revving the engine again before taking off. Instantly Bell gripped onto him, her hands held tight around his waist as her white dress creped past her thighs in the wind.

They were driving for no more than a few minutes before they left the road and entered a long driveway. As they pulled into a garage Bell glimpsed a house.

"Here we are" Ragon said as he watched Bell remove the helmet herself "your new home."

Bell entered the house first, looking around at the high ceilings and examining each room.

"This is yours" he said when she entered the last room and she eyes met with a large bed and adjoining bathroom.

"You bought me a house?" she asked.

"I could hardly take care of you in a cemetery" he said moving over to a wardrobe and opening it to reveal a selection of clothing.

"I also have stocked the fridge though I do not know what you like to eat" Ragon said now moving away from the room.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"I thought perhaps that you might like to get comfortable. I will be in the library" he said before watching her eyes fall on the door and adding "please do not try to escape, there is nothing left for you in the mortal world accept death."

After Bell had showered and dressed she slid into bed. She was exhausted and the temptation of soft bed to lie in was more than she could hope for. She had at the same time made up her mind to leave in the morning. Though she did not know for sure, she hoped that Ragon was a creature of the night and would therefore be unable to find her during the day. All she needed to do was get to the main road and she thought that would not be too difficult.


The next morning Bell woke early. She had changed into a pair of denim jeans black thongs and a black jumper. She crept out of her room, closing the door gently behind her and tip toed over to the front door. As she closed it carefully behind her she felt an unexplainable twinge of sadness. She did not hate Ragon he had saved her, but she was not of his world, she had a life of her own and wanted nothing more than to get back to it.

It had not taken her long to get past the driveway and onto the main road. Cars hurriedly passed her and she slowed her pace taking in the fresh sunny air. No more than a few minutes into her trek home she watched as a car pulled up beside her. Her heart was hammering as she passed the shiny new car whose window was being wound down.

"Need a lift" a young girl asked.

Bell looked hesitantly at the girl who smiled at her before adding "Sorry I thought maybe your car had broken down or something" before she began winding up her window.

Bell hesitated a moment and then said "yea that would be great actually."

The girl reached and unlocked the door letting Bell enter.

"Where to?" the girl asked innocently.

Bell looked up at her about to give the directions to her house, her real house, when something at the side of the girl's neck caught her attentions. She saw Bell look at her and hurriedly tried to flip her collar up but it was too late. Bell had seen two puncture marks. Bells face instantly dropped and she made for the door, only to realise that it had been locked. A second later and she felt her face being covered in a sweet smelling rag and watched in horror as the girl said "sorry master, I thought that they were covered" before Bells eyes rolled back into her head and a chloroform induced unconsciousness met her.

Bell didn't know how long it took her to awake. When finally she came too she saw to a girl hovering over her, as two people sitting on chairs watched from a distance. She was in a dark room, lit by candles.

"So you are Ragon's pet?" came a high and cold female voice.

Bell tried to look up at the woman's face but her hands would not support her and her eyes were still blurring in and out of focus.

"Answer me" the woman called again and Bell nodded unable to think of anything else to do.

"Well, well, well. He told us he would never take a mortal and yet here you sit a beauty and all" came a second voice, this one male and kind sounding.

"What do you want?" Bell asked.

There was a snarl from one of the chairs, though Bell couldn't make out if it came from the man or the woman.

"I am Kirra and this is Matthew" said the female voice "it is our pleasure to meet you"

Bell watched as she nodded to the slave girl who moved over to her and placed once again the rag of chloroform over her face.


Bell woke to find something cool and metallic around her throat. Her fingers traced the neck collar in fear and when she tried to stand she realised that she was now wearing a satin white robe with nothing on underneath.

"Such a beauty, do you like you're knew collar?" came the same male voice from earlier.

"Matthew?" Bell asked, trying to see the man whose name she had remembered.

Matthew swept over to her quickly and lifted her as if she weighed no more than a feather and placed her onto her feet before moving over to a large chair. In his arms she felt his cool stone-like skin and realised that he too was a vampire.

"Come to me" He said simply.

Bell did not move. She watched as Matthew blurred over to her, gently placed something soft around her neck and then move back in front of her, now holding something in his hands.

"Come to me" he said again and waited.

When Bell did not move he pulled on a large silk ribbon, which tightened around Bells neck. Her hands reached for it desperately trying to untie it, but she could not and so she inched forward, falling to her knees desperate for air. Instantly the rope loosened.

"Good girl! and now you know how to play" Matthew said before adding "now come up here and lay down for me" gesturing to a stone bench.

She did as instructed and waited.

"Slaves" Matthew called and immediately the pretty blond who had stopped at the side of the road entered the room followed by another taller red haired girl.

"I want her to come for me" he said simply.

The two girls looked at Bell as if she were a piece of meat, hovering around her instantly.

The red head began pulling her robe apart and Bell instantly struggled, feeling the ribbon tighten around her neck. She continued to struggle and even with the threat of unconsciousness maintained her grip on the girl's hand before passing out entirely.

When she awoke she found both her hands bound behind her head and she was laid out on the stone block. She tried to scream as she realised she had woken by her own orgasm but her throat was too bruised from the binds and so all she could do was squirm on the stone in pleasure. She looked down to see both slaves fighting over licking her pussy and then up to Matthew who sat on a chair watching while another slave gave him a slow blowjob.

"Again" Matthew said when he realised that Bell was awake.

Immediately she felt one of the girls starting with renewed efforts. Licking at her thighs and slowly making her way to her clit. When finally she reached it she spent a while licking over it, her harsh tongue raking it carefully. Bells eyes were closed tyring to not feel pleasure when suddenly she felt another of the girls begin twisting her breasts and she opened her eyes wide in horror as she saw the face of the red head. As the licking in her pussy grew faster she felt the girl thrust her tongue inside her, forcing Bell to arch her back.

"You see you like it" came Matthew's voice closer to her.

She opened her eyes to see him standing near her, completely naked now with his large cock facing her. One of the salves made to move towards him, almost instinctively but he threw her back saying "finish what you started."

Instantly Bell felt a harsh pull of her nipple and a tear fell down her face. Bell felt the need to come overtake her. There was one finger inside her, thrusting deeply while a tongue began sucking on her clit mercilessly. Her nipples were being traced with a tongue, occasionally biting at them roughly or sucking on them. She squirmed as she felt a second finger join the first and realised that both girls were licking her. Light biting at her lips threw her over the edge and this time when she orgasmed she began shuddering and she felt Matthew grasp at her jaw, pulling her towards him as he said "look at me."

She did obediently, her dark blue eyes locking with his cold grey ones as her body splashed with pleasure.

"Leave" Matthew said to the two girls and they moved immediately away from them.

His hand traced past her jaw, across her breast and down her thighs slowly. She shuddered from the cold feel of his touch only to cry out in pain as he trust his finger deeply into her pussy.

"My slaves have done a good job" he said, continuing to feel inside her, as he began pulling his finger in and out of her pussy "but I think we can do better."

With that he lifter her up and turned her on her back. He was desperate to fuck her and yet there was something about the delicious smell of her juices that made him certain her blood would be the greatest treat of all......

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