tagNonHumanA Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 03

A Dark Night with a Dark Stranger Ch. 03


Ragon woke quickly the following night. His hands pushed against the roof of the freezer, where he slept, forcing it open. As the frosty air cleared, he knew instantly that Bell was gone. He could no longer feel her heart beat; the house was silent. In a fury he rushed to the front door, blurring through the house, hoping he was wrong.

"Fool," he said out loud in a hiss.

He was not talking about Bell; he was talking about himself. The truth was plain and simple. He had decided not to lock her away, because he wanted her to be happy. If he could have let her go, he would have; at least he hoped he would have. Part of him, the very small part which held onto his humanity, knew that what he really wanted was for her to be happy; with him. In many, many years he had not felt like this. To be truthful, he had not felt like this since he had become the monster he was. Ragon was reluctant to think of his feelings for Bell as being love; for the soul reason that he didn't believe Vampires were capable of love. But now as he left the house that he had bought for his captive he wasn't so sure.

It didn't take Ragon long to find, and loose, Bell's scent. He had followed it along the driveway, up a hill, and onto a side road that serviced a main road. Ragon ran along the road, until suddenly, Bell's scent vanished. One moment it had been there, and the next it was gone. Breathing in harshly, he forced the air surrounding him into his lung. His head hung in defeat, and as it did so, Ragon noticed two long tyre skid marks along the road. Breathing in again, this time slower, his non-humanly senses picked up the faint trace of something they recognised. At first he wasn't sure, and so he breathed in deeply again; trying to isolate the smell that he recognised from the sweet, fragrant jasmine, that crept into his nostrils from a nearby garden.

"Kiara," he breathed after a moment.

Instantly he was running, blurring through the suburbs to a house he had hoped never to see again; while his mind stunk of memories of a vampire he hated. Kiara had been the first non-mortal he had met since becoming the monster he was. It was 1815, and Ragon was a soldier of the United Kingdom Army. Napoleon's War against the kingdoms had bought him many enemies, and so the nations rallied to bring about his end of tyranny. 14 flags had risen against Napoleon, and the first French Empire. Though the war had been coined the hundred day battle, Ragon did not live past the first 2 months. It had been a relatively painless death for him. One moment he was charging at the enemy, and the next he was lying in a ditch, blood staining his dark blue uniform. No one could have told you how long he was dying for. Back then, the war fields were the perfect scavenging grounds for the un-dead. Vampires, and other blood hungry creatures, searched the battlegrounds for easy prey. On one particular moonless night, a female vampire feasted on the dead soldiers. Kiara didn't like the taste of cold blood, but it was a free meal; and she was starving. She almost didn't notice when she began taking Ragon's life.

Though his blood was luke-warm, it was only when her eyes locked on his, that she realised he was still alive. They were open wide in horror watching her drain him. It had taken her a second to decide not to kill him; to decide that she wanted to keep him for himself. And so she changed him. The next night Ragon was a vampire. For a time Ragon followed her, hunted with her, and laid with her; but he did not love her. When finally he decided to leave, many years after his transformation, Kiara was completely obsessed with him. On learning of his desire to leave, she had promised him, that only an eternity of solitude would amend his betrayal. And so Ragon left her. Determined to never love, rather only exist; until now. His mind was racing with memories of Kiara as he neared her residence. Her house was high on a hill overlooking the city. The moon shone pale in comparison to the neon lights of the high-rises. Tearing his eyes from the moon, Ragon urged himself onwards; it would be morning soon. Large brick walls lined the property, but only one closed iron-gate gave entry to it. Ragon leapt across the 12 foot fence in a single bound. These walls were struck to keep mortals out, not immortals; little could do that. As he circled the house, Ragon spied several mortal guards and smirked. His speed was no match for their dull human senses, and he entered the house quickly and undetected.

"Welcome," came a high cold voice from atop a mahogany staircase.

Ragon froze. He knew the voice well. It was Kiara. His eyes draped the staircases until finally they spied the landing. In a bright yellow dress, that swept to the floor, stood Kiara. Her brown hair was tied into a bun, with whips of hair framing her face. She was Latin-American looking, with deep olive skin and dark brown eyes; that were almost black. Though she was beautiful; Ragon's eye narrowed, and he growled under his breath, when he saw her.

"You don't look happy to see me," Kiara said, batting her eyelashes furiously.

Ragon hissed. He had lived with Kiara long enough to know her games.

"What do you want?" he asked simply.

"Want?" she exclaimed "What do I want? Nothing more than what you have already promised me."

"Where is she?" Ragon asked, while trying to remain calm, as he forced his words through his teeth.

"You don't deny it then?" she shrieked, before breathing in deeply and adding "you and I had an accord. You promised me that you would not find another."

Kiara was pacing along the landing atop the staircase when Ragon braced himself and forced through a barred door desperate to find Bell. He did not have time to argue with Kiara; there was no fault in her statement. He knew he had told her that she need never be sad or jealous, as he would never love. He had broken that promise the moment he had saved Bell. This was why he had warned Bell that she could not live without his protection. Not because other vampires would kill her for knowing his secret, though many might. But because Kiara would take the life of any woman he loved. Instantly Kiara blurred after him, her rage fuelling her speed so that she was only a nano second behind him. Ragon had forced himself through two doors before he found Bell. A thick glass wall revealed her, lying on a cruel stone bench as Matthew drooled over her. Ragon made to break the glass but found that he was unable to. He couldn't see Bell's face but listened as Matthew spoke.

"My slaves have done a good job," Matthew said, continuing to feel inside her, as he began pulling his finger in and out of her pussy "but I think we can do better."

"She likes it," commented Kiara.

In response Ragon turned to her; before throwing his body against the impermeable glass, desperate to force his way in.

"So it's true?" Kiara asked, as a single tear streamed down her face.

Ragon was paying her no attention, instead continuing to slam his own marble body against the unyielding glass. He was desperate to rescue Bell, nothing else mattered.

"Why couldn't you just love me? You promised me that it wasn't me; that it was you, you told me that we couldn't be together because of you!" Kiara accused.

Her voice was quiet and hurt; the tears now dry on her impervious stone cold face. Ragon was crumpled against the floor, almost broken from his efforts to break the glass when he responded.

"You don't understand! It's not about you or me; it's her. There is something, I just can't be without her," he finished, sweeping the hair out of his concerned face.

"Well it looks as if she can be without you," Kiara said, her cruel eyes indicating Bell who was being ravaged by Matthew.

"That feels nice, doesn't it?" Matthew asked as he stroked Bell's clit with his fingers.

Bell shuddered in forced pleasure as Matthew rolled her onto her belly.

"Please," Bell moaned.

"You see how she begs for another," Kiara added.

"Stop," finished Bell.

Ragon knew that Bell couldn't see him. She was facing away from him and yet he could feel all her pain and sadness and fear.

"Let her go," Ragon said, still lying on the stone floor, his body weakened from attempting to break down the wall.

"When she is enjoying herself so?" Kiara asked.

Ragon turned to watch Matthew reveal his fangs. He was going to fuck her and then drain her and he was going to have to watch.

"Tell me you want me inside you, beg for it," Matthew said, pulling her lead instinctively, knowing that she would disobey his command.

Bell choked for a moment, her hands urgently clutching at the collar but relinquishing its hold on her.

"Please be inside me," she coughed out, her voice desperate, but only for survival, as the ribbon tightened around her larynx.

Matthew smiled as he positioned himself. He had made up his mind to enter her at the exact moment he bite her. Just the thought of being inside her and tasting her blood simultaneously made him even harder, and he licked his lips.

"No!" roared Ragon. His sadness overcame his incompetence, and his body forced through the glass, shattering it into many pieces as he flung into the room where Bell lay. Kiara was watching, frozen in horror. With one powerful thrust he had knocked Matthew out. Matthew was a relatively new vampire and no match for William's age and strength. Though Matthew fell quickly, Ragon would have relished a longer fight, so as to torture him for the pain he had caused Bell.

"Ragon," Bell whispered.

Kiara was on her knees shaking her head when Ragon reached down to Bell and forced her bound hands around his neck. He was weak from forcing through the glass, but cradled her as best he could. He had no moment to pause or recover; only run.

"You dare" Kiara's voice screeched, coming from her house, as she watched Ragon leave with Bell.

She had been paralysed by terror for a moment. But it was just long enough to realise her worst fears come true, and allow Ragon to escape into the night. In her entire lifetime she had wanted nothing, noting accept for him. She could live without him as long as he was alone, but she would not be without him, not while he was with another. Bell would pay for the hurt she had caused Kiara, and Ragon would love her; wether he wanted to or not. Had it not been for the rising sun she would have followed after them. For now she knew she could only wait; wait and plan her revenge.

Ragon did not look back when he reached the fence which lined Kiara's property. He scaled the fence more difficult this time, with Bells body in his arms. All the way home he ran. He ran even though he was desperate for blood, even though almost all his strength was gone. Nothing mattered anymore; only Bell. Only getting her back to their house, away from all the chaos of his past life mattered now. He would not let anything happen to her again.

The moment he ran across the driveway his legs gave out. He had used all the blood in his system rescuing Bell, and though the driveway marked the end of his efforts it was not enough to maintain him. He fell heavily onto the gravel stones. Bell flung from his hands to crumple on the harsh stones a few feet away from him. For a moment she lay still, her eyes shut, hoping to wash away the memories from not only tonight, but the last few days.

"Get inside," Ragon whispered, his voice ragged with effort "lock the doors."

Bell thought once about his words, before heeding his advice. Her hands were half way to helping herself upright when a bright light from across the valley caught her attentions. She squinted at the light which lit the surrounding driveway and forestry, realising a moment later that it was the sunrise.

"Ahhh," Ragon screamed, his body contracting with pain.

The few rays of sunshine which reached the driveway singed Ragon's flesh, tearing deep burns in his skin. For a moment he struggled, but after a moment he flung uselessly onto the driveway gravel again. He had used all his strength saving Bell; there was nothing left for him.

Bell looked at the now still Ragon; the monster who had saved her. For a moment she contemplated running again. Her mind was made up, and she was half way to standing when suddenly she stopped.

"What are you doing Bell?" she asked herself out-loud, as she flung the satin dress robe she had been wearing over Ragon, and began dragging him towards the house.

It only took her a few moments to pull his body into the house. Her hands were still bound, but she was able to use both her hands to claps his and gain enough momentum to pull. As soon as he was inside she raced to all the windows, pulling the shutters closed, so as to block out as much sunlight as possible. When finally she had bolted the front door behind her she collapsed onto the floor next to Ragon. His body was smoking a little, from where it was not covered by her dressing robe, and she laid her cold hands onto his unusually hot skin in the hopes of soothing the burns. Without realising it her head fell onto Ragon's chest. She blinked a few time, staring up at the ceiling before the adrenaline induced shock caught up with her, and her body eventually slipped into a deep sleep- one hand rested on his chest...

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