tagNonHumanA Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach


He turned the key to shut off his engine, tucking his keys into the pocket of his swim trunks and grabbing a towel from the passenger seat before heading down to the beach. It was abandoned at the moment- there were more accessible places along the beach further down the coast, but he preferred it this way. Nobody around to bug him as he spent the day relaxing.

As he spread his towel out on the sand he saw something washing up on the beach not far away. It looked like an orange starfish. Curious, he got up and approached, looking over it for a moment. It was fairly large, almost a foot across from the tip of one of its five legs to either of its opposites. "Never seen on that big before..." he murmured to himself as he leaned down to pick it up and throw it back into the water, but just as his fingertips were about to touch the starfish, a sound stopped him.


He almost lost his balance from surprise, catching himself before he fell and looking around. There was nobody else on the beach, but it sounded like someone right next to him had spoken. "Er... hello?" He called, raising his voice a bit.

"Hello again." The voice came, still sounding awfully close. Blinking, he looked a little closer at the starfish at his feet. There was a pinkish spot in the middle, looking almost like...

"Um... hello... How are you?" He asked the starfish, watching it closely. To his surprise, the pink spot- actually a pair of very human-like lips, he realized now that he was watching them- opened up and the voice he'd heard came from the creature's mouth.

"I'm hungry, but aside from that I'm well," the starfish replied.

"Oh? What do you eat?" he asked, looking around again. This must have been some bizarre kind of prank... what the punchline was supposed to be, though, he couldn't tell.

"Algae and plankton, but at the moment I need protein."

"Protein, huh..." he mumbled to himself, his eyes locked on the starfish's mouth... it moved exactly like a person's... "How much?"

"Very little," it responded, slowly crawling across the sand towards him. "A mouthful would do."

"A mouthful..." he mumbled to himself, not really believing he was actually thinking what he was thinking. "I might be able to help you."

"I would appreciate that," it said, one of its thick orange legs probing at the top of his foot curiously.

Crouching down, he looked around again. Nobody else around. Turning his eyes back to the starfish, he lightly drew his fingertips over one of its legs. Despite its mottled and rough appearance, it was very smooth and supple, and surprisingly warm. This thing was bizarre, but it looked too real to be some kind of puppet. "Uh... you might have to help me get it, but it won't be hard. Here..." he lightly touched the starfish's lips with one fingertip. "Take this into your mouth and very gently lick and suck at it. Don't bite it," he instructed, his heart starting to beat a bit harder.

The starfish's mouth opened and took his finger in between its lips, doing as he'd instructed, suckling tenderly at his finger, the creature's tongue licking at the digit. "Yeah... like that..." he murmured, looking around again, feeling a bit paranoid that he'd be spotted. After a few second he gently slid his finger out of the starfish's mouth.

"Is something wrong?" it asked, sounding concerned. It began crawling towards him again, now mostly covering his foot.

"No no, not at all," he replied. "That was just practice. I wanted to be sure you understood what you had to do," he continued, glancing around again. Hesitantly he stood and slowly eased his swimming trunks off, leaving him naked, his erection standing straight up against his body. He had no idea why he was so turned on, but.. he'd come this far, might as well finish... Taking a seat in the sand, he looked over the starfish again. "Is it alright if I pick you up? I need to put you where you can get the protein."

"That's fine, but please be gentle," it said, slowly crawling towards him again.

"Holy shit, I can't believe I'm actually doing this..." he whispered to himself as he leaned down and gently slid his fingertips under the core of the starfish, lifting it slowly and hesitating for a second, considering before lightly setting it with one of its legs between his thighs, the main body upright so the bizarre little creature's lips were brushing against his cock. "There you go... just suck on that thing next to your mouth like you were doing a few seconds ago and you'll get your protein."

The starfish's free legs curled down, gently bracing it against his body as its mouth opened and the soft pink lips curled around the tip of his cock, the soft little tongue swirling circles around it as it slowly began to suck more of his length in.

"God damn..." he whispered, swallowing hard as the starfish engulfed his shaft. It wasn't sucking very hard, but it was suckling instantly as its tongue danced around the head of his cock like no human tongue could, swirling circles and flicking across the tip despite the starfish having its lips around the base of his shaft. The creatures mouth squeezed around the base of his shaft and the pressure rolled up towards the tip, feeling almost as though a person's hand had drawn along it.

"Jesus..." he swore, his hips lifting off the sand reflexively in response to the odd sensation, resisting the urge to push the odd little creature against his crotch more firmly. "That's... that's good. Keep doing that and you'll get your protein in no time."

In response the starfish repeated the odd rolling sensation along his erection, then did it again, steadily kneading the flesh that filled its mouth. Gritting his teeth, his hips bucked upward again, clenching his eyes shut tightly as he felt his orgasm quickly growing, his stomach knotting at the same time. "Here it comes!" he moaned as his back arched forward, making his chest stand out as he grabbed a double fistful of sand from underneath him and bucked his hips forward a few times out of instinct, half afraid the little starfish sucking him off would be bounced off. To its credit it managed to keep its mouth firmly around his shaft, hungrily swallowing his cum as it filled its mouth.

"Holy shit..." he whispered to himself as his climax faded, his head spinning pleasantly as his vision slowly cleared, breathing hard for a few moments. Once he'd recovered, he sat up a bit, looking down at the starfish. It had let his cock out of its mouth and had turned itself over, so that its mouth was on top.

"Thank you very much. That was very tasty."

"Yeah... yeah, you're welcome..." he mumbled, staring at the odd little creature that had just given him the best blow job of his life. "Uh... so do you come here often?" he asked, grimacing to himself, the question sounding stupid to his ears.

"I don't come on land very often. I'm much more at home in the water" the starfish replied as it began to crawl off his legs and onto the sand. "I should be returning to it soon."

"Let me help you with that," he offered as he got to his feet, gently scooping up the starfish and carrying it into the surf, hesitating for a few seconds as he lowered it into the waves. "Um... thanks for the blow job."

"Thank you very much for the protein," the starfish said as he lowered it into the sea and released it. It sank into the water, disappearing into a cloud of mud its passage kicked up.

Shaking his head, he waded back up on the beach, picking up his swim trunks and pulling them on. "What a weird day..." he mumbled as he got into his car.

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