tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Day at the Office Ch. 01

A Day at the Office Ch. 01


I awoke before the alarm rang and rubbed my eyes, trying to see the time on the clock radio beside the bed. "Hummmm...ten to six," I thought, "I guess I'll get up now instead of waiting for the alarm." It was a Friday so I thought I'd get to work a little early, eagerly anticipating the upcoming weekend. I also figured, the earlier I got in, the earlier I'd be out and relaxing with a drink or possibly lining up a date. Ever since my girlfriend Janice and I broke up a couple of months ago, I had been looking for a new love.

It was only after I was dressed and riding on the bus that I realized I had really misjudged the time; I wasn't just ten minutes earlier than usual but an hour and ten minutes ahead of schedule. It had been ten to five, not ten to six... "What a schmuck!" I thought to myself. On the other hand, getting into the office an hour earlier meant I'd be able to leave that much sooner...not so bad after all. Luckily, the security people in the lobby of my building were on hand and let people in who often needed the extra hours to get work done.

As I got off the elevator and strode into the huge room filled with cubicles, desks, computers and other equipment, I noticed that I was not the only early bird that morning. Lorraine, the attractive girl in the cubicle next to mine was in already and busy at work. She was about thirty-five, the same age as me, a bit on the overweight side but very pretty; her dirty blonde hair was always styled loosely and kept slightly above shoulder length. As I passed her, I said, "Good morning."

Lorraine looked up and smiled, returning my greeting. Although I hadn't dated Lorraine yet, I was attracted to her. So far, however, our relationship had been strictly cordial although we sometimes flirted with each other. I paused by the doorway of her cubicle; as she looked back at her computer screen, I took notice of her outfit.

She wore a white, lacy top that was quite thin; I could see the fancy bra she had on through the sheer fabric. The bra was also quite sheer and I detected the darkness of her nipples through both layers of material as well. The top few buttons were opened and her cleavage allowed her tan skin and well-rounded breasts to show. Her rather short skirt would have probably ended just above her knees if she stood but, sitting now, it was hiked up far enough that I caught a glimpse of some beautiful, tanned thighs.

Lorraine suddenly looked up and saw my eyes focused downward; she asked, "Did you come in early just to see me today, Daryl?"

I quickly raised my eyes and smiled although I was suddenly at a loss for words. Thinking fast, I replied, "Well, I always look forward to seeing you...it's just that..."

Lorraine interrupted me, saying, "Look Daryl; I like you a lot. But you've never asked me out so I don't know if you're involved in a relationship or if you have any interest in me beyond our work here."

I thought for a moment and said, "Well, I was living with someone for a couple of years but we split up about two months ago." Lorraine began to sit back in her reclining desk chair, allowing her legs to part a bit more as I briefly told her about my previous girlfriend. I stole a quick glance downward and could now see Lorraine's white, lacy panties. Lorraine could see the bulge in my pants beginning to grow as I added, "I'll admit I am attracted to you; maybe we could get together after work."

"Hummm...You know, Daryl, you're a nice guy...good looking too. And I get good vibes from you; we might hit it off pretty well together," she said, but added, "I must warn you, though, I'm a very horny girl. The question is, 'are you the kind of guy that appreciates really intense sex?'"

I was a bit shocked at this very brash statement but smiled, about to reply, as Lorraine next lowered her head a bit and took the edge of her skirt and tugged it higher, lifting herself off the chair slightly at the same time. When the hem of her skirt was at the top of her thighs, she then spread her legs even further and inserted a finger from her left hand under the elastic by the crotch, and pulled the fabric aside, allowing me to fully see her shaved pussy. She then took her right hand and, with the thumb and index finger, proceeded to spread her cunt lips open so I could see the rich pink flesh inside. She now looked up, probably awaiting my next move.

I glanced around quickly to make sure no one else had come into the office yet and then walked close to Lorraine. I knelt down in front of her and placed my hands on her knees, saying, "I'll tell you this: I do appreciate a beautiful pussy and yours is one of the nicest I've ever seen." With that, I lowered my head and began to lick at Lorraine's clit, now fully erect and pointing straight up at me. Lorraine sank lower into the chair and rested her head on the top of the chair's back as I began to tongue her cunt.

Lorraine took my right hand off her knee and slowly brought it up to her breasts. As I fondled her ample globes, Lorraine unfastened the next few buttons on her blouse. I felt my way inside the material's enlarged opening now and pulled her bra down, exposing both tits. As I took turns rolling her two nipples between my thumb and fingers, I paused briefly to admire the gaping pussy spread so invitingly in front of me. I could now see Lorraine's juices beginning to flow freely out of her love tunnel and onto the material of her chair. Lorraine was breathing very hard by now and simply said, "Oh...don't stop now...I'm getting really close."

My cock had been hard for some time now and I could feel the wetness from my preejacuate coating the inside of my boxers. I began to massage her cunt again with my mouth and tongue but stopped long enough to say, "Lorraine, I've really got to feel your pussy around my cock...it's so hard it's going to split my pants."

At that, I stood up and opened my belt and the top button on my slacks, lowering the zipper and pulling my cock out from the opening in my shorts. I didn't dare get any more naked than that, for fear of a co-worker walking in on us. I suddenly stopped, the thought flashing through my brain that I didn't have any rubbers with me... "Who expected this?," I wondered. Lorraine sensed my concern and said, "It's okay...I'm safe, lover," as she pursed her lips and blew me a kiss.

I quickly glanced around and, not seeing anyone, proceeded to insert my cock head between the very juicy cunt lips that Lorraine now held wide open for me with both hands. I slid in slowly but fully and in a matter of seconds, was buried inside this very excited girl.

"Oh, my God," Lorraine said, "you're so far inside me it feels like you're in my throat."

I thought to myself, "Hummmm...maybe we can try that another time." For now, I was enjoying the tightness of her pussy; the inner muscles were gripping me so tightly, I knew I'd be cumming very soon. As I pumped slowly back and forth, Lorraine began to emit a faint, high pitched squeal; I could feel my cock getting harder as each movement out–then back in–squeezed me ever closer to orgasm.

Suddenly, Lorraine squealed louder and began rolling her head side to side, with her eyes closed, whispering, "Ohhhhh...I'm cumming, Daryl; please don't stop. Do it faster, pleaseeee."

I felt the girl's muscles tighten even more around my cock as she began to cum. She attempted to raise her ass and greet my thrusts as her orgasm peaked but her movement was limited by her position in the chair. Even so, the added tightness from her cunt as she came sent me over the edge and I finally felt my load emptying inside her cunt; my semen splattering on the walls of her virgina. My movements in and out of her pussy remained deep but I was now moving so fast, the sweat of our bodies caused our skin coming together on each inward thrust to emit a popping sound. Finally, I stopped moving but kept my cock deep inside her, savoring the fantastic feeling I had just experienced.

As my prick slowly softened, Lorraine opened her eyes, saying, "Well, lover...I guess you've answered my question."

I lifted myself from Lorraine and watched as my cum seeped out of her cunt and onto the chair. Lorraine felt it oozing out and dipped two fingers inside, raising them to her mouth as my fluids dripped onto her chin. She parted her red lips and sucked the cum juice off her fingers as I watched, slowly putting my cock away. I zipped up my pants, tucked in my shirt and readjusted my belt as Lorraine beckoned me closer; I bent down and we exchanged a long, passionate kiss; our tongues probing deep inside each other's mouths. I tasted the saltiness of my cum on her lips.

Lorraine opened the top drawer of her desk, found a box of tissues, and proceeded to wipe the messy white juice from her chair and pussy. I said, "I think you'll have to send that chair out to be dry cleaned," and we both laughed.

It was then that I saw movement out of the corner of my right eye and turned my head to see Susan, another of my coworkers. She was sitting at another desk, about thirty feet away, watching us through the thick glass above the half paneled wall that separated her cubicle from another. She smiled at me and then lowered her head as if she was going back to work. I told Lorraine that I'd be back in a few minutes; I wanted to see how long Susan had been there. "How much did she see?" I wondered.

I walked over to Susan's cubicle and stopped at the doorway opening. The petite brunette looked up at me and said, "Don't worry, I won't say a word."

I smiled and said, "Thanks."

But Susan slid away from her desk, raised her own skirt up to expose her panty-free crotch and added, "Besides, that was the greatest turn-on I've had in years...I came three times while watching you two." Susan's desk chair was also quite wet.

My attention was drawn away from Susan's hair-rimmed pussy, still dripping with her own secretions, as the elevator opened and a dozen more people arrived to begin their day of work. I walked back to assure Lorraine that everything was okay and told her, "I guess it pays to get up early sometimes, eh?"

(Part two to follow)

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