tagInterracial LoveA Day to Relax Ch. 02

A Day to Relax Ch. 02


The sight of your wedding ring as your hand grips the base of a cock that is not your husband's causes you distress, but only for a second. Your pale fingers stand out in stark contrast to the shining dark cock in your hands. Maybe if your husband could fuck like the man you were kneeling in front of, you would be in the position you were now... on your knees, naked on your balcony at a resort, about to suck the dick of a stranger who just came in your ass. You feel like a used slut and you relive in it. You like the feeling. You begin to gently lick up and down his semi hard cock. The taste of his come makes your pussy drip even more. You lick his cock until it is clean and you swallow as much cum as you can. Your hair is matted and wet with sweat, you body is glistening and covered in sweat and you have cum leaking out of your ass. What started as a crappy day has made a turn for the better.

Your partner cups your face, kisses you and rises. You watch his ass as he walks toward the bathroom. You manage to walk to the bed and lie down and wait. You are awakened by gentle kisses across your back and a strong hand on your ass. You turn to see you "indiscretion" standing over you. He takes you by the hand and leads you to the bathroom where he has filled the large tub with warm water. You step in and sink down into the soothing water. He gets in next to you and you snuggle next to a man that has expertly shagged you and you don't even know his name. You have never done anything like this before but it feels great. You feel like a tramp, but it is a good feeling. You slide down his body ready to dive for his cock as you hear a knock on the door. You look up at him. He smiles and tells you to get the door. You get out of the tub and grab a towel, but he tells you that since you like the feeling of being a tramp answer the door naked. You begin to protest. He just points to the door. You succumb. You ask who is at the door and the answer is room service. You crack the door a bit and a waiter has a cart of fresh fruit and cheese. "Let the man in," is all you hear from the bathroom. You hesitate but open the door all the way. The waiter stares for a few seconds at your wet naked body then pushes the cart in. The waiter asks where you want the cart and you tell him to put it near the balcony.

"Don't forget to give him a big tip," you hear from the bathroom. The waiter hands you the bill and a pen. You sign and give him a huge tip as you blush from toes to the top of your head as he stares at you. He smiles a huge thank you and walks out and waves to your partner as he passes the bathroom.

"That was so humiliating," you tell him when you walk back to the bathroom.

"Yes, but you loved it didn't you?" he replies. You don't answer. You get back in the tub, straddle his legs and lower your face in the water to get his cock in your mouth. The experience has left you humiliated and horny. You pussy is slick with your own wetness and you take it out on his cock. You take it in your hand and feed it into your mouth as you reach down to play with is ball. You stay under water as long as possible before coming up for air. You dive back under the water to engulf his cock once again and you are rewarded for your efforts...you feel is cock begin to swell once more in your mouth.

When you come up for air again, he kisses you and pulls you to him. You feel his hands all over your ass. His strong fingers press into your flesh. He leaves you in the tub as he stands and gets out. You follow him and you quickly dry each other. You follow him to the balcony as he pushes the cart outside. You sit close and fondle each other as you enjoy the fruit. His hands on your body keep you nipples hard and your pussy wet. You can't keep your hands off of his chest and semi-hard cock. Once again he silently stands and then faces you. He leans over to give you a slow, deep, wet kiss that leaves you breathless and desperate to get fucked again.

He drops to his knees in front of you and teases your breasts and nipple with his tongue and lips. You close you eyes and cradle his head and pull him to you. You want him to suck your nipples hard and long. He kisses and sucks every inch of you breasts but only lightly flicks your nipples. You encircle him with your legs and pull him close. He has caused your pussy to leak and swell with anticipation. He kisses across your belly and lick his way toward your pussy. He begins by lick your outer lips slowly up and down. You sigh and hold his bald head as you pull him toward you. You want him to lick your clit and fuck you with his tongue but he won't do it. He concentrates his efforts on licking and sucking your pussy lips. Your pussy is overflowing and your clit is standing up. Your pussy spasms with the anticipation of an orgasm.

Finally he lets you lead him to your clit and he begins to flick it with his tongue. You gasp and pull him closer as you pull him closer. You feel him shift as he move his mouth over you pussy and his tongue begins to slowly snake it way into you. He moves a hand to your clit and begins to gently rub it. You feel another finger playing in the slickness on your ass. He slowly pushes his face and tongue into your pussy and a finger deep in your lubed ass. You pull at his head even harder and fuck you pussy onto his mouth. You climax builds until you gasp and moan. You feel a damn break and spasm after spasm rocks your body. Once again you are out of breath, sweaty and sated.

You look down at him as he continues to lick at you cleaning up your cum. You can't believe how much juice you produced. His face is covered and it's all over your pussy, ass and thighs. He licks his was back to your nipples and then to your neck. You feel his now hard cock at your pussy. He pushes forward and begins to impale you with his cock once again and you wrap your arms around him. With little effort, he pulls you close and stands up. He move back toward the rail and leans against it. He begins to lift you off of his cock until just the head remains...back and forth he fucks you with half of his cock until he slowly lets you down all the way to the root. When your clit gets pinned against him again your spasms start all over again.

After you come back down again from that climax, he carries you to the bed while still deep in you. He lays you down, brings your legs over his shoulders and starts to slowly stoke you...full, slow, strong strokes that leave you breathless. When he pulls out you feel empty. When he pushes in you feel as full as you ever have been. You pussy is like a fountain as you just keep getting wetter and wetter. You feel him pull completely out and you are empty. In short order you feel his cock at your ass. You relax and are eager to feel his hot cock in your ass again. Slowly he pushes deeper and deeper until his all the way in. His strokes are faster and harder now. It has been years since your husband fucked your ass. This man has done it twice in one day and the feeling is incredible. You feel him fucking you harder and faster.

You get an overwhelming desire to taste his cum and beg him to cum in your mouth this time. He tells you to get ready. After a few more strokes he pulls out of your ass and turns you around so you are on your back with your head over the edge and his shiny black cock in your face. You pull it toward you mouth and beg him to fuck your face. He lowers his cock and pushes. Your mouth opens wide to take him in. He starts slowly with short strokes. He is gentle and forceful at the same time. You decide there is almost nothing you would deny him in bed. He begins to stroke more and more of his cock into your mouth. When you gag he is quick to pull back, but then push forward again. You concentrate and relax, make yourself go with the pace of face fuck. You time it right and are able to accept more and more of his cock. When you are almost to the root. He fucks your mouth faster. You feel him swell even more in your mouth and he forces all of it past your lips. Two more strokes and he pulls back to leave just the head in your mouth as he cums and cums and cums in your mouth. You try to swallow it all but it beings to leak out of your mouth when he starts stroking again. You continue to suck and lick him until all of his cum is gone.

He lays down next to you with his head toward you feet. You push up on an elbow, reach out for his deflating cock and gently caress it. Once again, you are struck with the contrast of your light skin against his dark skin. Once again you notice your wedding ring as you stroke a cock that is not your husband's. You push back the guilt as you wonder how many more times you can get this guy to make you cum before you have to leave tomorrow.

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