tagBDSMA Day with Daddy on the Train

A Day with Daddy on the Train


After a long tiring trip, the train slowly pulls into the station.

I sit there and patiently wait for the other passengers to board the train.

As I sit, I watch as each passenger walks through the door.

I spot this dashing older gentleman who looks oddly familiar, walk through the doorway.

We lock eyes.

I blush and smile as I know who He is.

That's My Daddy!!

I try to be as calm and collected as possible. I can feel my hands get clamy as He draws closer.

He walks up to where I'm seated and asks, "May I join you young lady?"

My heart races.

I politely nod and say, "Yes Sir."

Once seated beside me He leans over and kisses my cheek.

"Hi babygirl, I missed you."

My eyes well up with tears as I jump on Him with a giant hug.

"I missed you too Daddy!!"

The train jerks as it starts to leave the station, shaking us both a little as we giggle.

One of the staff calls over the intercom and says the needed announcements.

I roll my eyes as I know that this is gonna take a while.

Daddy looks over as sees my reaction.

*Clears His throat*

"Excuse me young lady, what was that?? You know how I feel about that attitude of yours."

I lower my head as my face goes red.

"I'm sorry Daddy, it's just that I've been on this train for so long now, that these announcements are predictable."

Daddy let's out a big sigh.

"I understand babygirl, but you know they are necessary."

I answer with a big sigh of my own.

I lean my head on Daddy's shoulder, and bat my eyes to try to look innocent.

"Thing is Daddy, this trip just got a whole lot better now that you're here."

Daddy kisses my forehead and looks around. Our car is completely empty except us.

"You know you're gonna get punished for that eye roll, Right babygirl??"

I figit in my seat and as sweetly as possible I answer, "Yes Daddy, I do. I'm sorry for rolling my eyes."

Daddy looks right at me.

"Aren't you forgetting something babygirl?? Assume the position."

I gulp a large amount of air. I know what's about to happen.

I grab my waistband and slide my pants down just below my ass. I bend over Daddy's lap with my ass as high as possible.

My heart races as Daddy holds His hand in the air waiting to strike.

The first smack hits hard. A perfect hand print left on my ass. The next one hits just as hard on the other cheek. I feel the burn already as the handprint leaves it's sting.

The next smacks happen so fast that I don't have time to count.

Tears are rolling down my face as I mumble out the words "I'm so sorry for my attitude Daddy."

The last smack makes me jump and twitch.

My body collapses on Daddy's lap.

Daddy turns me over hold me tight.

"Are you going to roll your eyes again, babygirl??"

Sobbing through my tears, "No Daddy, I will try really hard not to do it again."

Daddy kisses my forehead as He slides a hand between my legs.

"Well now!! What do we have here??? A spanking and a wet pussy. Hmmm. I guess we should fix this, huh babygirl??"

I giggle a little through my tears and rub my head against Daddy's chest.

"Yes please Daddy."

Daddy slides a finger over my clit and lightly flicks it making my legs twitch.

"Ahhh. Ahhh. Ahhh. Oh God Daddy Yes."

Daddy takes his finger off my clit and slides three fingers deep inside my pussy.

With just a few hard thrusts of his fingers, I'm thrown over the edge.

I squeeze my eyes so tight as cum so hard. Spilling all my juices down my cheeks and down Daddy's pant leg.

"Do you feel better now babygirl??"

Tears are streaming down my face as my body continues to shake.

I breathe hard trying to catch my breath.

Daddy kisses my forehead again.

"Breathe baby."

I wrap my arms around your neck and squeeze you tight.

"I missed you so much Daddy."

I wiggle my bum off your lap and land on my knees in front of you.

Looking up so sweetly, and a big smile crosses my face as I look at your zipper and lick my lips.

"May I say Thank you Daddy??"

You slowly move your hand to your zipper. Teasing me as I hear each click as the whole gets bigger and bigger, revealing your blue shorts underneath.

I see the yummy bulge of your delicious cock throbbing through.

My mouth waters thinking about how scrumptious you are.

Drool slips out of the side of my mouth. I try to lick it up before it drops to the floor.

"Mmmmm. Babygirl wants Daddy's cock, huh???"

I furiously shake my head up and down.

"Uh-huh. Yes I do Daddy."

The train shakes back and forth as it goes down the tracks, shaking my body.

I look up to see Daddy smile at what is his.

"I love the way your body moves babygirl. So sexy."

Daddy takes a breath and just stares and smiles.

"I love that your sweet body of mine shakes so beautifully."

Daddy tenses and I see His cock jump in his shorts.

I smile big as I lick my lips again.

I keep my eyes on Daddy's hand as he reaches in and grabs that sweet hardness.

Slowly Daddy begins to stroke it, watching as my mouth craves to be around it.

Daddy takes His other hand and uses one finger to becon me over.

I feel my heart pounding as I draw closer.

I can smell Him.

*Dear god, he smells good*

I slowly lower my mouth over his waiting member.

Tasting his sweet skin as it enters my mouth.

Every ripple that crosses my tongue sends shivers across my body.

Slowly I take Him all the way in, and down my throat.

Trying hard not to gag, but...

*cough, cough, cough*

I gag on his cock as He holds himself deep down.

Drool seeps down my chin as I slowly start to slide my mouth off.

Sucking softly just as the tip reaches my lips.

I run my tongue around the head, feeling the delicious precum seep out.

Mmmmmm. So good.

I raise my eyes as I tease Daddy with his cock in my mouth.

In a split second, Daddy grabs my hair and rams his cock back down my throat.

Tears form as Daddy violently fucks my throat hard, feeling the burn as there was no time for adjustment.

"This is what you get for teasing my little girl."

Squishy sounds are repeated as his cock rams the back of my throat.

I hear a deep moan coming from Daddy as I feel his legs tense.

"Oh Fuck yes babygirl. Just like that."

Daddy pulls out and strokes his hot cum onto my face.

"Just because you decided to tease me, you don't get to swallow my cum. You can leave it there for a little while as a reminder that, You Are Mine. Are you going to tease me again baby??"

The train rocks back and forth as I'm on my knees.

I lower my head and give it a light shake.

"No Daddy. I promise, I won't tease."

I try to keep a straight face knowing that teasing gets me what I want.

Daddy's Cock.

Daddy gets up and decides to take a stroll around the train, as I'm left there on my knees to think about why I shouldn't tease.

The cum starts to dry on my face by the time he gets back.

"You're such a good girl for Daddy. Kitten, you may go wash your face. If you are good I might give you a treat later."

I get up and go the washroom to wash my face. I stand there looking at myself in the mirror, and admire the yummy deliciousness that Daddy left on me.

"Damn that's a lot of cum."

I run the warm water, and grab the soap and lather up really well.

I grab a cloth, and gently clean my face.

Feeling my face full of suds, I lean over the sink and grab handfuls of water and splash myself, rinsing off all the soap and Daddy's cum.

I turn the water off and pat my face dry.

I unlock the door, and walk out.

I stop dead in my track as Daddy is standing there looking like a sexy god.

"Holy Fuck!!"

I clamp my hands over my mouth.

I see a smile grow on his face.

"Baby, what did you just say???"

I just stand there and stare.

"Excuse me young lady, I'm talking to you!!"

I take a deep breath.

"I'm sorry Daddy, it's just that you look so good standing there. I could stare at my Daddy all day."

Daddy clears his throat.

"I will let this slide once, but you are NEVER to cuss when you walk into a room. Do you understand me babygirl??"

My eyes glazed over just gazing at all his glorious features.

My god he's so Handsome!!

As He stands there looking out the window, he calls me over.

"Come here babygirl. Come stand with me."

I walk over and reach the window as Daddy slides his arm around my shoulders.

"That was great baby."

He leans down and kisses the top of my head.

I melt and fall into his warmth.

"Your very welcome Daddy. I love making Daddy happy. It's my favorite thing in the world!!"

Staff comes over the intercom to tell us of our arrival.

"Well, I guess it's time to go home, huh??"

"I had so much fun Daddy, but the best part of my trip, was when you surprised me. Joining me for the rest of my journey was the highlight of it."

With a big sigh, we walk off the train.

"Let's go get your stuff babygirl. Let's get you home."

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