tagNonHumanA Demon...Or Two Just For Me Ch. 03.5

A Demon...Or Two Just For Me Ch. 03.5


(Guess what? I indeed have an editor now, thanks so much to roninbear I really appreciate it :D Also any mistakes you find have nothing to do with my editor. I found that I have to enter the additions by hand because when I copy and paste from the email I can't format the text for some reason.)

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These questions get answered in this part, jeeze don't be so impatient and moody.

I have my reasons for introducing her family the way I did.

Now why were her professors so willing give her what she wanted?.

Now see I was waiting for someone to notice that, how were they able heal her when she was a child if they couldn't come near her?

And finally, why does it seem like Vi so easily accepted all of this new information?

As for part one being overwhelming I'm sorry about that I was on a roll. I suppose I could have just made the last chapter longer but I thought it would be better if I split it up a little.

If you just want erotica I'm afraid you'll have to skip this part too, now that that is done let's move on to the chapter.)


Stefanos's POV

I took over and listened to what Violetta had to say; A.J. was simply quiet when she finished, we were equally confused. How couldn't we tell? Never once had either of us noticed anything. I asked her about it.

"I don't know, I'm still in a daze. I have a boatload of questions, but their all swimming together in a jumbled mess." she said.

"I'm not surprised." I said.

-So, can we come get you?- A.J. asked.

"Well of course." she said.

"Good, then we are on our way." I said.

She told me exactly where I could find her, and I let her go after asking her to rest. I was still feeling a little panicked but I knew when I was near her that I'd be fine. I would call our family when we reached Violetta.


.A.J.'s POV

Stefanos let me drive, we could have used our combined powers to appear next to her now that we knew where she was, however I knew we had to follow the non-human laws. She's the baby daughter so we have to meet her family and show them that we're a good match for her.

When we arrived to the forest I got out of the car and released my wings to get a birds eye view. I saw the mansion, then floated to the ground and got back in my car, I drove down the path until the house came into view. When I got close, I ran to the steps and pressed the door bell. A man opened the door that strongly smelled like Violet.

"I'm here to pick up Violet, she called me and told me where to find her."

"You must be the twins, I'm Sebastien and I'll kill you if you hurt my sister."

I smirked a little.


He moved out of the way and I walked in. The house smelled strange, but calming, I couldn't describe it any other way. Sebastien led me to her bedroom, and told me to come to the living room after I checked on her. I pushed open the door and saw her asleep on her bed. I walked toward her bed and as I sat next to her I stroked her stomach then kissed her forehead. I felt her shift under me and watched her eyes open, it took a little while for her to register my face in the dark but she soon smiled.

"Hello, my loves..."

I smiled and kissed her deeply, then pulled away to stroke her cheek.

"You picked a rotten time to get abducted, couldn't you have planned this better?" I jokingly asked.

She turned on the light and tapped her chin.

"Well I tried, but my people called their people and this was the only time open." she replied.

I smiled.

"I met your twin, first time anyone has threatened to kill me that wasn't immediately followed by an attack."

She sighed.

"Was it one of those "if you hurt my sister...." speeches?"

"Oh he kept it very very short."

I felt her sliding her hands over my back and leaned into the touch before I stopped her.

"Oh, your parents would be enraged if I took you in their house without meeting them beforehand."


"Its a law among the royals if I act like a horny bastard and offend your mother or father they can use a non-human restraining order to keep me away."

She sighed and nodded.

"Fine, but you owe me later."

I kissed her hand.

"Again and again my beloved."

I told her that her brother wanted to talk and left her in her room, I followed his scent until I reached the living area. One solitary candle sat on the table, and he was sitting on a couch. A woman I could smell that was marked as his was asleep with her head in his lap. Two children were sleeping on sleeping bags by his feet. I sat on the other couch and he seemed to snap out of the daze he was in.

"She's fine isn't she?"

"Yeah just tired."

He nodded and his gaze shifted to the woman and children before he looked back at me.

"She told you why we couldn't reach her right?"

I nodded.

"I've been waiting a long time for her to be able to come home, while I was here I could watch father as he kept an eye on the barrier for holes."

I noticed a bit of poison lining his words.

"You say that like you couldn't wait to leave."

"I couldn't, I never accepted being separated from my twin and kept our parents at arms length. My older siblings and their mates thought I was being too hard on them, but it bothered me, watching the way they lived. As if it didn't matter one of their children was being kept away from them. Then tonight they act like they've been waiting for her all this time as if they were so broken up about it. Life just went on, mother never shed a tear and father was always in a good mood.

That might be normal for a human family but demons...angels, they just don't respond to a missing child like it's a case of bad weather."

I frowned, that did sound weird...really weird, our father played it off but mother even cried when we wanted to go to a human college. Just to see what it was like to live among humans.

"What did your siblings think?" I asked.

"They said they were being strong for us, but I don't know if strength is the same thing as brushing something under the rug. The boys, Dawson and Micheal were concerned too, their parents didn't seem all that worried about her unless we were all together. Even Claudia thought they were acting weird." he pointed them out as he spoke.

"So what are you saying?"

"I never could trust our parents like the others did, and I always noticed how odd it smelled in here. Mother told me it was just a mix of potions to keep everyone relaxed, but it was strong like a drug."

I frowned, the scent was keeping me calm but I knew that I should keep my guard up in a house full of strangers with our pregnant mate upstairs. Stefanos mumbled something about her eyes looking oddly dilated.

"I try to keep these three out of the house a lot, it's not as strong now because mother and father are asleep, I don't think Violet should stay here much longer, she was weakened when they brought her here, and while she's pregnant it seems to be having a strong effect on her. It did the same thing when Penelope and Anna were pregnant, they were weak and passed out frequently. All of their worries were thrown out the window, it wasn't as strong around Claudia and the boys I made sure to take them with me or have Claudia watch them outside until I returned."

I could understand his concern, it was odd for any demon to fill the house with something that would cloud the family's judgment in any way. If they were attacked but their senses didn't pick up the danger they could all be slaughtered easily. However, that would explain why the house was placed so deeply in the forest.

He nodded as if hearing my thoughts loud in clear.

"Now that Violet is here and I can be around her, we need to leave. I have a group of imps watching the house to make sure their all OK when I'm not here to keep watch over them."

I nodded, he moved to wake them up and I stopped him.

"There is plenty of room for them in my car, just let them sleep."

He eyed me for a moment then nodded.

"Thanks man, this one here..." he said indicating his mate.

"Is almost impossible to wake up by the time she starts snoring."

I smirked, after helping the kids into the back seat with Claudia I went upstairs carefully to get Violet, she was asleep again. I frowned and grabbed her things before I picked her up and took her outside. I watched her stir in her sleep as soon as the fresh air hit her face, I strapped her in the front seat and got in the driver's side. I watched him leave on his motorcycle and followed him down the path.

With the windows partially rolled down the breeze woke up Claudia, before she could panic I told her who I was.

"Your husband is in front of us on his bike."

She coughed a little and seemed to relax.

"It's nice to meet you both...." she said softly.

I smiled at her in the rear view mirror and focused on the turns his bike made, Claudia reached forward and shook Violet gently. She mimicked Claudia and coughed before she was able to wake up. I didn't like the thought of her being drugged, I wish I knew what had been in the air, I would have to talk to Dia she was good with potions. By the time we left the forest and moved onto the highway Dawson and Micheal had awakened. Claudia assured them that they were safe.

We pulled into the parking lot of a twenty four hour diner and walked in, Sebastien kissed his mate and Violet on the cheek before we got a table. They explained the smell in the mansion to Violet who took out her compact to look at her eyes.

"They'll go back to normal in a bit." Claudia said.

She looked at Sebastien.

"That's why you didn't have any kids?"

He nodded.

She turned to the boys.

"Aren't your parents going to notice you're gone?"

Dawson shook his head.

"They'll check my room and just think I'm outside with aunt Claudia." he said.

"Mine will probably look for me for a few minutes and assume I'm at school, despite the fact that I've always had private tutors." Micheal said.

Too far gone to notice their own children weren't in the house, I asked Sebastien if they had a reason to keep them drugged.

"I have no clue, they started doing it when I was six, I didn't like the way the house smelled and stayed outside most of the day."

"Are we going back?" Micheal asked.

"Not a chance, I'll take you to a hotel, I'll go and get your stuff tomorrow night." Sebastien said.

"No, you can come to our house, it's not far from here." I said.

Claudia and Violet smiled softly, Sebastien nodded.


When we got to the house, Violet showed them their rooms before she came back downstairs and went through her bag.

"What are you doing?"

"Getting my homework."

"Are you serious? It's like two in the morning."

"I don't want to miss any work after I asked my teachers to give me extra work."

"You knew all of them?"


"And they didn't fight you on that at all?"

"Not a bit.....could I have done something to them without knowing it?"

"Well you are half succubus, willing men into their beds isn't the only thing they can do."

She punched my arm.

"Are you saying you only slept with me because I made you?"

"No I'm saying I lost the gentleman in me and turned into a complete horny bastard because you made me. I wouldn't have taken you on the hood of the car or tried to hump you up the drive way if you weren't so irresistible."

She blushed darkly.

"Now that I think about it if you hadn't wanted to live in the dorms you would be here."

"So why couldn't I drive my old truck then?"

"That's different, you would be in danger driving that thing, if you got in a accident or it stopped in heavy traffic both you and our child could be killed."

She smiled.

"Well I want to do my homework and you are going to let me."

"It's not working, you must need to rest."

She sighed.

"Trust me, better late than never, just tell your teachers you had a family emergency and forgot your homework when you went to the hospital. If you want more time on it, they'll give it to you just like they gave you extra work."

"I shouldn't use my newly found powers for evil...."

I laughed and kissed her.

"Baby, if you think that's evil then you are in for a surprise when you start learning more about where you came from."


Violet's POV

True enough all I had to do the following morning was bat my eye lashes and my professors let me work on the late homework in class. It was weird though, all of sudden I knew a lot more than I thought I did. The work was easy, I wondered if my parents dropping the wall between myself and my powers was the reason. As I finished I handed in sheets and opened my laptop to work on the websites designed for each class. Z.U. was a mix of online work and paperwork, a lot of the online work could only be accessed in class because it was on the syllabus.

Nadi and Jane worked at the same pace, Nadi joked that I should just make the professors give me all the answers and work further ahead. However, I didn't want that, I wanted to do the work. I put so much effort into my schooling there was no way I would accept the easy way out. Sylvia hadn't come to work today, I hoped she was OK. Jane met me in the bathroom after our last class and handed me a book that must have seen better days.

"What's this?"

"A textbook from the library in Master A.J. and Master Stefanos's parent's home, it's about succubi and their powers. It should make it easy for you to learn how to control your powers."

I smiled and thanked her as I took it.

"Yeah so you don't make all the guys drool over you." Nadi said from the doorway.

"I wasn't."

"Not on purpose, but you were the center of attention."

I sighed, now I understood why A.J. and Stefanos made me the TA for the day, they wouldn't want anyone having enough time to talk to me. I ran errands through their entire class, and took the test for today at their desk.


At the end of the day I went back to the dorms while I waited for A.J. and Stefanos to finish some paperwork. I looked up as Nadi jumped on my bed.

"Hey sis why don't you stay with my brothers?"

I started laughing, she cocked her head.

"What's so funny?"

"It's just, it was my choice."


"Because I have very little control where they are concerned, I would never have time to study and do my homework while I'm distracted."

She giggled.

"Fair enough, so hey about your powers, I'm still training we should do some training together."

I glanced at her and smiled.


"But that's so weird like no one could smell your scent and neither one of my brothers knew you weren't human. What's the deal with that?" she asked.

I set my text book down and frowned.

"I don't know, maybe there's an old book on it or something."

Nadi got up.

"Wait right here."

She darted out of the room, when she returned she had a black leather bound book and set it next to me.

"This book has everything an angel ought to know, I haven't read the whole thing maybe it's in there."

"How do you know it has to do with the angel half of me?"

"Because so far I haven't learned about any succubi that can hide their scent completely."

I picked up the book and opened it to flip through the pages, I stopped in the section for fallen angels and skimmed the paragraph. Nadi waited for a short time before she crossed her arms.

"See anything good?"

"...not a thing.....oh wait here it is, while some fallen angels make the choice to stay on Earth others who are punished aren't so lucky. Angels who have committed great sin in one way or the other are given a chance to redeem themselves. They are placed in a cell and negative reinforcement is used, they are restrained and beaten until they ask for forgiveness. If it isn't sincere they move to stage two, their feathers are burned off one by one, usually about half of the wing is left in place. They must again ask for forgiveness, usually by this stage, if an angel is truly sorry and can be trusted their wings will return to greatness and all pain will be removed.

If they are not true in their words and have been corrupted their wings are shredded, normally the pain makes them go mad. They are are then tossed into the human world, they become their own breed of monster...the thing of nightmares that consumes flesh. Normally of animals but if they get one taste of human, they'll try and eat as many as they can until they are found and stuck down. Other fallen angels who are not being punished took time to evolve, at first they could only hide their scent while in danger, after more time it became instinct; instinct became an everyday thing.

This instinct keeps them safe from regular angels who would be on the look out for a crazed fallen."

Nadi made a face.

"That is seriously creepy....I can't imagine going through so much pain that I could lose my mind like that......can you picture going to McDonalds and ordering a 'kids meal'?"

I couldn't help but laugh at that, no matter how dark it may seem to some one else.

"So what's the definition of great sin?" she asked.

"I don't know, I mean humans sin all the time with a chance to be forgiven at death and a lot of them get what they want. Maybe....like if an angel committed mass murder, or raped a half-way house full of women. Though I'm not sure why they would do that."

Nadi shrugged, I could see from her expression that she would never do anything like either of those but as a dark angel I'm sure she has more freedom.

"So are you going to visit your parents again?"

I shook my head.

"Sebastien says if they want to see me they have to come to me, I don't even know all the powers that I have access to, I shouldn't stay in a house that would make me an easy target."

She nodded.

I placed a hand on my stomach then frowned.

"I'm already not human....so our baby..."

"Will come faster." she finished.

"I really need to buckle down on my school work."

"Just pace yourself and I won't interrupt."

I smiled at her, she left the room and I glanced back down at my text book sighing I walked over to my bed to lay down. Flipping off the lights I figured I could take a little nap, demon babies are just too draining.


A couple of hours later I woke up on my bed and checked my phone, there was a message from A.J. and Stefanos, they were going to be late. I sat up and stretched and then I moved to turn on the lights and felt a hand grasp mine I screamed and backed away only to fall off the bed. I pushed myself up and backed away from the bed, I saw movement but couldn't make out what touched me. Soon my gaze focused on a set of glowing red eyes, I got up off the floor and threw my shoe into the darkness.

I opened the door and saw that Nadi and Jane were unconscious the light from the TV illuminated another mass of darkness. Hairy darkness with a set of glowing red eyes, I backed away and right against the one that was behind me. I turned and it only stared at me I moved toward the TV. The room seemed big until the exit was blocked, we were on the third floor and I knew I wasn't going to be able to get out of the windows. I looked for a weapon and backed into the wall.

I looked up as the larger mass released a tentacle like appendage it touched my arm and the whole room was filled with light. Nadi was sitting on the couch eating popcorn while Jane opened a box of cookies. They couldn't see me or the black masses, the smaller one who stood in front of the door of my room moved and I could see myself, I was laying in bed sound asleep and A.J. was lying next to me. The tentacle dropped and the darkness returned.

"Oh my.....you're gonna kill me..."

The smaller mass stared at me.


It's voice was raspy as if it had smoked it's whole life, I backed away I tried to pick up a flashlight and it fell from my grasp.

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