tagInterracial LoveA Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 06

A Desire Finally Achieved Ch. 06


Friday - February 17, 2006

Authors note: The root of this story is in Chapter 01 - Blondes in pursuit of black guys. This is the sixth day of a fourteen-day vacation where reality has replaced fantasy. It is taking place on the island of Jamaica. What else do the stars have for me the remaining days here in paradise? If you have already read previous chapters, then you have a hint.

It begins:

I am the first to wake; a hard cock in the crack of my butt is humping me slowly. As my body awakens more so does my brain. All guys wake up with a hard-on; I know that. OK, but who is in bed with me. Oh, I finally remember now, it is Sam. He is snoring softly plus making his hard-on feel better by rubbing it against me. I love the feel of his hand cupping one of my soft breast. God, this feels so good. I hope he is dreaming of me.

I glance over at some movement in the other bed; it is Maria waking up. She looks over at me and smiles. We all know that we are switching this morning; the others in bed with her are asleep.

I motion to Maria to head to the bathroom. I am sure we both need to pee; we take care of that, shower ourselves and then turn into each other getting ourselves worked up with fingers and tongues. For the first time in my life, I just melt so comfortably into a female with no hesitation or inhibitions. Having sex with my own gender is now becoming so very natural and fun, knowing it can produce awesome cums.

I take Maria's beautiful face into my hands and go for those delicate lips of hers that soon will be on my pussy, taking me to places unknown. We deep kiss with hot tongues dueling, sucking on them to light the fire in our pussies, until we are panting for air as we press our bodies into one another. Maria is shorter than I am; I turn her around, pushing my tits into her back. I reach around and cup her breasts, massage them and nibble at an ear. I begin to manipulate Maria's nipples between my index fingers and middle fingers, making small rolling movements. They are getting harder and elongating from my manipulation. I see Maria's pussy lips expanding in the mirrors as she is climbing the stairs to cum-land. God, her pink pussy lips are opening so much that I can see her clit emerging from its cave needing attention. These mirrors sure make it more erotic.

"Oh, Maria I want to please you so much. I want you to see galaxies when you are cumming.

"You and your sister have opened new experiences for Amy and me that I never new existed.

"God, I need to get my mouth on your pussy now. I am so strung up to taste you again.

"Maria, are you planning to use the finger extension?"

"I'd like to, Heather, but I need to retrieve it from my bag."

"Me too, let's go get them."

After drying, retrieving the fake fingers, and seeing that the beds are still fully occupied, we spot a soft rug leading to the bathroom from the bedroom that we are in. Maria moves towards it and lowers herself onto her back. I lower myself so that our nipples are making contact. We deep kiss, with our tongues almost going down the other's throat. Our pussies are rubbing each other; God the heat coming from our sexpots.

She breaks the kiss, "Heather, I hope Anna and I have pleased you and Amy. We are hoping you will come back to the island many times. Both of you have the nicest personalities. When having sex with you and Amy it is so much more pleasant and enjoyable than with many of the other visitors."

We hold each other, savoring this moment, kissing and just playing out our feelings for each other. I can feel my pussy lips swelling. I want to cum with her as much as if she were a guy. I want to drink her love potion knowing I turned it on, a gift from her to me.

I spot some feet on the floor coming towards us; I break my contact, look up and see it is Frank. "Maria when you talk to Anna please tell her that neither of you need to report to work today; the boys are free also. Enjoy your day off."

He then asks, "Are you two going to limit that to girl play or might I join you?"

"Oh, Heather, it will be so cool if we 69 and Frank is doing you; then I can drink the cocktail after he fires that wonderful cock of his into you. It is really a turn on for me watching the person I am playing with being pleased at the same time by a guy. He is always telling Ann how tight a pussy and ass you and Amy have and that he can not get enough of it. You and your friends have him walking around with a constant hard-on.

"I guess you have your answer, Frank. I love the feel of your toy blasting your nut juice into me any time it desires."

"Well so much for you getting to use your toy on me, Maria."

"Heather, having Frank's cock in you will be as good; I know with my tongue on your clit and his bone in you; you will have a good cum. I will get a real cocktail mix then too. We can get together for the other anytime that you are free and horny. Mistress Trudy asked Anna and me to be sure you and your friends get satisfaction for all of your wishes as much as is humanely possible. What power do you have over her? She never has been so generous with any guests before."

I smile and see Frank smiling. "Maybe it's our personality, Maria."

I see that Frank is semi-hard; I lift up, straddle Maria's face, and lower my dripping pussy lips Maria's open mouth. I reach for Frank's cock and bathe it with my tongue, causing it to get very hard as I inhale it from time to time. I let go of Frank's cock and turn to lower my mouth onto Maria's hot pussy, so swollen with blood that it is causing her gash to open. She is so wide that open that the clit is looking like Mt. Everest in her valley as it pokes up.

God, the essence coming from Maria's hot tunnel is causing my clit to grow more and my nipples to harden. God a women's scent turning on a woman. What's going on?

I use my tongue to run up and down Maria's wet valley, collecting her nectar as I move along. When I pass over Maria's clit in my travels up and down the steaming gash, I suck on the clit a few seconds. Maria is moaning and slow humping against my mouth. I can smell and taste her sweet pussy juice. It is soooooooo delicious. The odor coming from her hot, steaming cunt is acting as an aphrodisiac on me. Maria's clit must be a bundle of nerves, seeing its size. Having tongues working on her clit must really lift her high. I'll bet that Maria's cums must be like the 4th of July fireworks display in her brain.

I see two black fingers aimed at Maria's pussy tunnel. I see them go in under my nose; there are fingers going into my pussy at the same time. I moan into her pussy, not wanting to break the physical contact that we have established; the pleasure of fingers slipping into my pussy engulfs me. Maria's pace of flicking my clit is increasing; I increase mine to her speed. I'm sure it is Frank's finger fucking both of us together with his fingers that is sending us on our way to la-la land.

"Damn you bitches are getting to me. What is this energy flowing to my cock through my fingers, arms, and body from these hot cunts of yours?" Shit! I have never experienced anything like this in all the years I have been fucking pussies."

Frank must have sensed we are really being strung tight like violin strings because he pulls his fingers from each of us. I feel him crawling to my backside. I know I am going to be stuffed now. I quickly put on the finger extension knowing when he slips that awesome cock of his into me; I will use the extension on Maria.

Frank is wetting his thick cock from my leakage with some of the pussy juices draining into Maria's mouth. Frank's ability to view my glistening pussy and ass-hole staring up at him must be causing his cock to firm up for some serious hole fucking. I imagine that he is throbbing from the action with the two of us. I wonder what is rushing through his brains, right now.

I feel him place the pussy stuffer at my front door. God, I have had him so many times now I can picture its size and every vein ready to bust. I am about to feel him burying it into me. God, my nips get harder thinking of the fucking I am about to get.

God, I need to be fucked, I need my pussy to be stuffed; it has an empty feeling. In my mind, 'Frank, please do me good and hard. God, fuck me like it will be your last piece of white ass. Show me how much you love my steaming pussy. FUCK ME FRANK, FUCK ME, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee!'

Oh jeez, he is marching that pussy pleaser up into my steaming tunnel ever so slowly, stretching my pussy walls as it moves along. He is gripping my hipbones for advantage. I want to jamb back but then that would cheat Maria.

'Oh God! Oh God! Yes! Yes!' is flashing in my brain. Oh, the intense feelings and the building up of carnal lust it is giving me, filling me up, giving my pussy something to grip.

I insert fingers into Maria and just go finger fucking her. There is a constant moan at my clit. She is attempting to hump my fingers for more. I slip four fingers in to give her the sensation of a fat cock.

Frank now begins serious thrusting into my love tunnel.

We all are headed for cum-land.

I feel him arch his back, driving that black snake deep into me for a strike.

I go for Maria's G-spot.

"God damn, Heather you are so tight. Your cunt muscles have gripped on to my shaft, like a vise holding on to it. Oh shit, I am going to fire!"





His roar sends Maria and me into big 'O's.' Maria and I do not loose clit contact while we moan our pleasures into one another.

I feel Frank-firing volley after volley of his hot nut juice into me.

Maria is going to get a good breakfast drink, is the quirky thought running across my brain.

He still is growling as we hear, "Look at this scene."

"Well, Frank, how does it feel to have your youth back?"

Hearing that I knew it was Ann.

"I believe you Ann," I hear next. It is a female voice. I turn my head slowly and it is Mistress Trudy grinning ear to ear. I see the others there also.

"Well, Sam, you were sleeping and these two had to get it on, so I became your fill in," as Frank slowly pulls out of me, giving Maria a chance to drink the cocktail mixture.

I look over and see Sam hard as granite.

"Maria, do you want Sam to make another cocktail? We can stay in this position. Look at the poor guy. He is hurting."

I assume she agrees from feeling her moans; as Frank is continuing his slow pull out.

In a little bit she pushes me up some and says, "God yes, Heather, let him fuck you silly."

"Heather, I think we have become mid-west sluts and I sure love it."

I knew this to be Amy. She was the only one here at the bungalow from the mid-west.

I am hearing from Amy, "Ok Rich and Anna, let's play too instead of just watching and getting hornier."

"Heather, I am so sensitive at my clit now. Just finger fuck me please with the extension."

"Sure Maria. Hang in there."

Sam kneels behind me. I feel Sam reaching for lubrication using the drippings from my steaming pussy. Sam is placing the cock that I have learned to love into my pussy. I return to Maria's pussy. Sam is pulling fully out and re-inserting. God this feels weird but nice. Why is he doing that?

I lift my face from Maria's cunt.

"My God yes, Sam, Oh that feels awesome!"


Oh, God, Sam is burying his cock in my ass now. Oh, God is he ever fucking me there now.

I return to Maria. She is leaking. I try to get most of it with my tongue. I finger fuck her at the same pace as Sam is doing me. God Maria's tongue on my clit feeeelllls so gooooooooooood again and Sam doing my ass is taking me to outer space.

As Sam's thrusting increases, my hand speeds up sending my fingers faster into her cunt. Maria is moaning harder and trying to hump. I jam all of my fingers into her hot cave. Oh shit! If I push harder, I think my whole hand will disappear.

I feel Sam's cock expanding; knowing it is close to firing. I go for Maria's G-spot and that makes her cum as I reach back and grab hold of Sam's family jewel pack with my other hand. That pushes me over the top as my pussy spasms. We are all firing our pent up feelings. We can all hear Sam. "My God, oh my God what a tight ass, ooooooohhhhhh, oooooooohhhhhh, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!"

I lift my mouth from Maria's pussy an tell the world,

"Ooohhhhhh Yes! Ohhhh God!


"Mmmm... mmmm ...



With every volley of Sam' hot cum spurting into my dark tunnel.

Sam slowly pulls out eventually after we all have seemed to recover slightly from the pleasant trip. Maria now is getting a full mix of Frank's, and Sam's cums mixed with mine as I lift myself into a squatting position over her mouth.

When I lift off, "Wow, that is the best breakfast this island has ever offered," comes from Maria's mouth.

We all laugh at Maria's comment and we shower after regaining our strength

In the shower, I press my tits into Maria's back and lean into her ear and whisper, "Maria I almost had my whole hand in your pussy. I was thinking about pushing it in but then I had second thoughts. Can I try that sometime on you and then make a fist if it does get into you? Maybe it will feel like a monster cock in there. If you like it, then I will let you give me a treatment."

"Oh, Heather, that would be so cool! Many guys want to do that but their hands are so big. It might be fun with girls. I am too bashful to ask Anna to do it. Can we keep it a secret just between us?"

"Of course we can, Maria. I suppose we will be real sluts then if it works."

I pull her tight to me.

We turn to face each other, kiss and finish the shower. We put on robes and head for food.

Later, I see Tracy cleaning up the bathroom and go to her. "Tracy may we leave the evening gowns here until we are ready to leave for home. I don't want the other girls to see them and get jealous."

"Oh, no problem, Heather, I know exactly were you are coming from."

"On second thought I will give you my mailing address and you can ship them commercial. Amy and I do not have room in our suitcases anyway."

"Sure, Heather, we will do that for you."

I went to kiss her on the cheek for being so kind but I am rewarded with her tongue diving into my mouth and her pulling herself into me grinding her puss into my thigh.

I have a heat flash and reach down and use my palm to rub her pussy. I can feel the heat from her and realize that she may have wanted to do this with me for some time.

"Tracy, may I come back this afternoon to finish this?"

"Oh God, yes; I am going to be wet all day now until you come back."

"Tracy, do you live on the ranch there in Brazil?"

"Yes I do, Heather. I hope you and Amy accept the offer." Then she gives me a wink.

I catch up with Amy getting dressed.

Amy asks, "What are your plans for today?"

"I only have one engagement and that is to come back and eat Tracy out and use our new finger extender. I think I want her to go home remembering me."

"May I watch?"

"If it's ok by her, it's ok by me."

"Oh, by the way, Amy, remember that crack Harry made about how was it doing Mistress Trudy?"


"Harry asked me if we could never mention it to anyone because he could get killed over it. He was like a ghost the other night when he talked to me about it."

"Sure. I have already forgotten about it since so much is happening."

"Don't forget we also have the Dungeon invite that I don't want to miss."

Tracy comes running up to us with a smile, "Your hosts want to see you before you go." Just then, they are behind her. They thank us, hug us, offer the world to us and hope we can find time in our schedule to include them.

"I will make time because that was the best sex I have ever experienced."

They both grin. Frank nods and Tracy appears with two envelopes. He nods again and she hands one to each of us then bows.

A little something from our hearts in appreciation and hope you will really consider our offer. We hug, kiss again and then leave for our place.

As we arrive, Jenn and Stace are just coming out.

"Stace and I are headed to the pool. Want to join us?"

"Yes, in 30 minutes." I reply.

Amy and I go upstairs and open the envelopes that we had been given and to change clothes. I hear a thud. I run over to Amy's room. She is on the floor, holding money and it looks like she has passed out. I lift her feet so the blood would go to her brain and she sees me when she comes around.

"Did you count it?"

"No, I heard a thud here and ran over."

"Sit next to me and count it."

Here, we each have $25,000.

We just lose it and cry and cry.

After regaining our composer, my brain clicks to the word, "worthwhile".

So this is what Frank meant yesterday. If he could do me again, he would make it worth our while. Jeez, $25,000 for a day of his getting his black cock into this white meat; what does this make me?

Amy says, "It's not safe to leave all this money here in our room. Maybe Mistress Trudy will send it by wire to us. Shall we go ask?"

"I have a better idea, let's phone her and ask her to come here. She said she is in debt to us."

"Yeah, good plan, Heather."

I call Trudy. She takes my call and asks if there is a problem?

"There is a problem but it is good and we need to chat with you when you have some free time."

"I will be over in ten minutes."

While we are waiting for Trudy, Amy suggests we call Frank and Ann and thank them.

"I think we should run down there and give them a hug and kiss and come right back."

"Yeah, better idea."

We run down a few bungalows; Tracy answers and escorts us to Frank and Ann as we request.

We rush over to them, start crying and hug and kiss them. Amy heads to Frank, I go to Ann, and then we switch.

"We've got to get back. Trudy is meeting us. Thanks again and catch you later."

Mistress Trudy comes as promised and asks what it is we need. We explain our money dilemma. She reaches into her purse and takes out some paper. She then says, "You are right."

We give her our routing and bank numbers and the money. She gives us a receipt and says she will give us the record from the bank when everything clears. She indicates it would take about 36 Hours.

"It is obvious things went very, very well with Frank and Ann, looking at the gift that they gave you each. I must confess to you, that because of your efforts, they compensated me nicely as well, also the twins, Paul, Rich and Sam. I am in deep debt to both of you." She comes up and kisses us. I feel a lingering kiss that sends a twitch to my pussy.

"Oh by the way, Ann mentioned you both are agreeable for a girlie day. I have nothing on my calendar for the next week that I can not shift, so when you pick the day, get back to me, ok?"

I feel myself blushing.

"Trudy may I ask you a question?" She develops a look of concern.

"What is the cost of having a party in the Dungeon?" Amy looks at me with a shocked stare.

"Heather, you and Amy may use the Dungeon free of charge anytime you desire provided that there is an open slot. You can be sure of an open slot by scheduling it soon. This offer extends to this visit and any future ones that you might bless us with. Heather, you have not seen a show yet and you have an interest. May I inquire as to what triggered this inquiry?"

"Oh, something happened the other night and then the training from the twins got me to think of doing something, if it's possible but I need to confirm some things yet."

"If I can help in any way I will be more than happy to."

"Thanks for everything Trudy," We hug and off she goes.

From Amy, "What's stewing around in your brain?"

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