tagLoving WivesA Different Road Trip

A Different Road Trip


Patti and I had only been married a few months, we were still at the stage of touching and experimenting with each other to see what would happen.

Lord knows she was no prude, I wasn't either for that matter. You had to see her to understand, Patti had the kind of long flowing red hair that was every color possible, round face with freckles, wireframe glasses, a classic redhead!

Her body was as close to perfect as could be, for my tastes, at least. Her bust was 34c, with freckles all over the tops above her nipples from the sun. Patti went almost nowhere without half of her titties showing, even the upper fourth of her nipples were tanned and darker than the rest.

She had a mass or red pubic hair, exactly the same color as her head! When she was excited, her pussy lips would swell and roll out into view, her clitoral hood would peel back exposing it completely.

I loved it, and so did she. She loved to let the paper boy catch her in her robe in the mornings, open all the way down the front. The kid was about 19, and threw everyone else's paper in the bushes, ours came with a knock on the door!

I caught her a half dozen times messing around with other guys, never actually in the act, but it was obvious there was one! It was a never ending source of problems for us. It got me turned on and mad at the same time, confusing for me. We would have a big fight, then end up screwing ourselves senseless all over the house.

One day we took a trip, we buzzed along the freeway on a nice hot summer's day. Of course, a couple of miles into the trip her top came off, and she reclined the seat to relax and get some of the sun shining in the windows.

It was a good 600 mile run down to the Ocean, and even when we stopped for gas, the top stayed off. On the road, we got a few toots of the trucker's horns as we sped along.

It was getting on towards 9 that evening, we were getting close to the Hotel that we had reserved, when I decided to pull over and rest a bit. I found a wide area way off the side of the freeway, and stopped the car, setting the 4 way blinkers just in case someone else pulled in there, so we wouldn't get hit.

I stretched my legs a bit, then climbed back in the car. Looking at Patti, I suddenly got a boner, so I reached over and started licking her breasts. In no time at all, her pants were off, and my head was between her legs right there in the car!

Suddenly the car was flooded with light and there was a knock on the partially rolled down window! I jumped up with a start, and here was a State Police Trooper standing there with a huge flashlight and a grin.

"Need some help?" He asked, stupidly.

"Uhhhh, we are just horsing around," I replied, as Patti scrambled to pull her blouse on. Her pants were in the back seat, no help there, all she could do is sit there. My pants were down to my knees, my cock was sticking straight out the front, and this guy wasn't moving the flashlight from us.

"You can find a better place for this, sir!" the officer said.

Embarrassed, I asked for directions to the Overlander Inn, where we had reservations.

He was telling me how to get there, when Patti just shrugged and rolled over the back seat, to reach her pants that were on the floor in back. This stuck her butt right up in plain sight, the Officer stammered a second in giving me directions. I glanced over at her, I noticed her right leg cocked over towards me at an angle, the lips of her still swollen pussy actually seemed to gleam in the bright light as she struggled to reach her pants on the floorboards in the rear of the car.

Patti finally managed to get her clothes, and turned back around. She put in one leg, then the other, and pulled them up, affording the Officer an nice view of her red pubes, her excitement still evident.

"Lovely lady, sir," He said, "Have a nice evening," and he left.

Patti and I started laughing, and off to the Hotel we went.

We got settled in, and decided to have a couple of drinks in the lounge. We were down there about 20 minutes, when in the door walked the same police officer, in street clothes. He had a very physical looking brunette with him, cute as a bug's ear, nicely rounded, and muscular.

They took a table not too far from ours, he looked over at me and nodded, then leaned and said something to the lady he was with. She turned and looked at me with a grin, then winked, and turned away.

I mentioned it to Patti, who just smiled and said, "interesting"...

There was some music playing in the background, and Patti and I were leaned close talking when I saw her eyes look up with a smile. "Hi! I am Marvin, and this is Kate," said the voice as I turned. "You guys look as nice dressed as you do undressed!"

I blushed profusely, Then Marvin asked Patti to dance. Kate grinned and held out her hand to me.

Well, why not, Patti and I got up. The song was a slower melody, so I let Kate slip into my arms and started going through the motions I call dancing.

Kate was quiet for a bit, then she told me that Marvin had mentioned how he found us out by the Highway. "God, that got me hot!" she said. "Are you as big as he said?" I stammered something stupid as a reply, a bit taken back at her straightforward approach. I really didn't think my 8" penis was anything huge, though. "Well, I guess he did see it," I told her.

Kate just giggled, and snuggled closer. "Marvin wants to fuck your lady," she said. "He brought me along to keep you occupied while he does it, how does that sound?"

Almost shocked, I glanced over to where Marvin and Patti were dancing, she was right up tight against him, but that was normal no matter who she danced with. I wondered what he was telling her.

"Are you a police officer, too," I asked, getting a nod for an answer. The look on her face was flushed, she was hot!

"Let's go back to the table," I told her. We sat and sipped our drinks and watched Patti and Marvin. Soon they came back to table. I looked at Patti, no point in asking her, I knew.

"Room 621," I said, taking Patti's hand and getting up. "Be along shortly," Marvin replied.

When Patti and I got to the room, I asked her if she wanted to grab our bags and get out of there. "Those are cops," she said. "I am not real sure what the deal is here, we better not".

I was wondering a little too, but then there was a knock on the door. Marvin sauntered in, I took a moment to size him up. He was shorter than my 6' frame by a full inch, and I guessed I had a good 20 pounds on him. So in the back of my mind, I had it figured that I could handle him if it came down to it.

But he looked at me with a sheepish grin, and told me that seeing us like that out on the highway had really excited him, and that Patti was a woman who looked like a dream to him. I was still a long ways from turned on at the idea of having sex with these two, mainly because no way in hell was I letting this guy anywhere near me! After all, he HAD just described the size of my dick to Kate, so I was a bit concerned over where he was coming from.

But maybe, I thought. Patti broke the ice by just walking over to him and giving him a hug, which quickly became his hands under her blouse on her breasts.

"Well, just hell!" I thought, and I sat down on the couch to watch the show. Kate came and sat by me, letting her hand drop into my lap. Soon she had her hands around my bare penis, growing by leaps and bounds. "My god," she muttered, as she stroked me.

In almost no time Marvin was on his knees between Patti's outstretched legs. He was lapping away for all he was worth, I could see flashes of her puffy pussy lips as he licked back and forth. I noticed his tongue actually formed a zig-zag pattern first up, then down, with a little upwards single flick of her clitoris as he reached the top. I also noticed he had his pants down to his knees, and was pulling on his 6" circumcised penis.

"No competition there" I thought with glee!

So I turned my attention to Kate, who by now had her top off, nipples peeking out of the top of her soft white bra. I reached and flipped the snap, it popped off, revealing the exactly uniform globes with huge soft nipples. They were larger than a silver dollar, just the tiniest tips sticking out hard as a rock.

She rubbed herself up and down my legs with them, pressing them around my cock, then she leaned down and sucked me in.

I felt her open her throat, my cock went in, paused, then went all the way in! I had 8 solid inches stuffed all the way down this woman's throat!

"Show me your pussy, spread your legs for me!" I told her. She stood up, down came the skirt and panties in one motion. Her pubic hair was all there except for the slightest trim around the edges. I looked at her stomach muscles, this woman was in shape! Every muscle on her body stood out, I looked at her eyes, smoky looking in her heat.

"Show me, be nasty!" I told her. She lay back, spread her legs wide. She reached down with both hands and opened herself up. I leaned forward and plastered my mouth to her, tasting her for the first time. She was like sweet spring water, my cock went rock solid at the taste, the head popped out of the foreskin all by itself!

I slid upwards, upwards, letting my member follow the length of her leg, touching all the way. I wanted her to feel it getting closer and closer. Her hips were bucking as she tried to reach me, finally, I pressed against her opening!

I added a bit of pressure, and something like a hand reached out and sucked me in, then clamped down so hard I almost yelped!

Even in the heat of the moment, she noted my reaction. "Exercise," she said, as she released and clamped down even harder! My god, this thing of hers was like a vice, think of someone grabbing your cock and just squeezing it as hard as they can! Patti was completely forgotten for the moment as I struggled to stay in Kate as she squeezed, then she would relax. Every time she would relax, I would slide on in to the bottom, she would groan and squeeze. I would then fight to stay inside.

"God, big, big, big," she muttered. Then I felt her body begin to shudder. She seemed to collapse inside, like she had been fighting me, then gave up.

I pounded and pounded away at her, then she shuddered again and clamped down just as I came! I blasted away, started to calm, felt it building in me again and I came the second time in another monstrous wave. I was just starting to relax when she suddenly gripped me solidly, almost like she was sucking the seed from me. Amazingly, I began to harden, and then came in the third earth shattering climax.

I actually think I passed out for a second or two, I heard mutterings, the soft mewing sound that Patti makes when she is close to orgasm.

I looked over at Marvin and Patti, she was on top of him, controlling the situation, her vagina pressed solidly up against him, sliding forwards and back, the way she likes. As I watched, she stopped and started the grinding in tiny little circles that she does, and I watched as her head went back in pleasure.

It was beautiful, I became aware that I was still inside Kate, still mostly erect. I started some very slow strokes, and was rewarded with a purr from her.

Soon we were heading for another nice normal orgasm.

After resting and cleaning up, we sat at the little table the Hotel supplied. "Do you meet very many people like this" I asked Marvin.

"No, not really," he answered.

"So why us?" I asked him.

"The little show that the lady put on in the car," he said.

I looked at Patti and she giggled. "I guess I will need to do that more often".

I turned to Kate with a grin. "Where did you learn that squeezing trick?" I asked. "Weightlifting," she answered.

Then she laughed! "My husband loves it too," she said.

"Husband?" I asked. "I thought maybe Marvin was..."

"No," she interrupted. "Marvin is my brother..."

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