tagLoving WivesA Dirty-Thirty Birthday

A Dirty-Thirty Birthday


This past February I took my wife, April to the Dominican Republic for her thirtieth birthday. She was overjoyed with the gift, especially since we have not found time for a vacation since our honeymoon five and a half years ago.

Due to our flight time, April and I did not make it to our hotel room until after ten p.m., but we decided to go out for a light supper and a few drinks anyway.

During dinner April was talking a mile a minute. She must have come up with fifty things that she wanted to do during our short ten day stay. I was glad to see her so happy.

Soon April began to feel the effects of the alcohol that she had consumed during supper, and the topic of our conversation turned to sex. First, my wife graphically described just how she planned on thanking me for our little holiday, then began re-telling stories of how slutty she had been during her past vacations when she was single.

April knows how much I love listening to tales from her promiscuous past, and this was no exception. After only twenty minutes, I thought for sure that I'd be the first fatality from a colossal set of blue-balls if I didn't get her back to our hotel room and fuck her real soon.

I took April by the hand and led her out of the restaurant towards our hotel. My pants were bulging obscenely as we walked along the beach and April continued to tell me about several local, black studs she fucked while vacationing in Jamaica three years in a row.

To put it mildly, my wife had been a naughty girl before I met her. She had lost her virginity at a young age, but didn't really start sleeping around until her first year of college. By the end of her second semester, April had a developed a reputation as a real party girl. All of the guys that dated her knew that they'd get into her pants, and by her senior year, she thought nothing of fucking two or three guys every week – sometimes more.

I know you're thinking that my wife was a slut, but don't get me wrong, it's not like she slept with just anybody. April's dynamite body, stunning face, and copious amount of sex appeal gave her the license to pick and choose from the most desirable males on campus. Only the best-looking, most popular guys experienced April's gifted mouth and hot pussy.

April once told me that she had a sex drive resembling that of most men. April liked lots of sex, with no strings attatched. Her relationships rarely lasted for more than a month and she almost always cheated on her boyfriends.

April was only twenty-three when I met her, but she'd already fucked about two-hundred guys. She'd had countless one-night-stands, been invoved in several threesomes and she had even been gang-banged a handful of times. Everyone knew of her reputation as a slut. My friends cautioned me about dating her. They said that April was a great girl, but there was no way she could ever be faithful.

As we made our way through the front doors of our hotel April stopped me and said, "Oh babe, can't we just head over to the bar for one drink? I don't think I'm quite ready for the night to end yet."

It was late and I was horny, but I reluctantly agreed and we turned away from the elevators and towards the lounge by the pool.

There was only one patron at this late hour, quietly speaking with the bartender in spanish. We sat at the bar, and ordered our drinks. As the bartender laid them in front of us the other patron turned and asked us how we were enjoying our vacation.

April responded that this was our first night and that it was going quite well. He asked us how long we were staying for – the usual bit, and soon we were chatting with him freely.

His name was Tom. He was about thirty-four with a trim build and tanned skin. Tom said that it was his last night of a business trip to the Dominican. He was in the cigar business and he owned a chain of cigar shops in the states. Tom usually spent about three months of the year traveling to cigar manufacturing countries for "business meetings" he said with a wink.

We had a couple of drinks together and I decided that I liked Tom. My wife liked him too. I could tell by the way that she was openly flirting with him. At one point I noticed Tom's pants were bursting with an obvious erection. I soon realized that it was because my wife was sitting with her short sun-dress riding far too high, and her legs were open enough for him to see her panties.

When Tom excused himself to go to the washroom I pulled April to me and gave her a sexy kiss.

"You're such a bad girl!" I whispered. "I saw you flashing him your panties!"

April grinned. "Do you want to see what he saw?" she asked lewdly. April turned in her chair and then parted her thighs slightly for me to see.

"Oh, April!" I groaned, "Your panties are wet! No wonder he was so hard!"

"I'm sooo turned on right now, Gregg." She whispered. "My pussy is soaked! I can't wait to be fucked."

"Yeah? Do you want to fuck Tom?" I asked, my voice shaking with arousal.

"Are you serious?"

I nodded. "You've been flirting with him since we got here. I can tell that you want him."

"But wouldn't you be upset if I slept with another guy on the first night of our vacation?"

"Not if you came back to our room and told me all about it." I replied.

"You know I always do." She said, candidly.

April gazed toward the restrooms as she considered her options, "Okay, I'll do it." She whispered. "And thank-you, baby. Thanks for being so understanding, and thanks for letting me fuck other guys – he's really sexy."

When Tom got back I said that I was exhausted, and that I had to get some sleep. In order to make our plan look sincere, I asked April if she was coming. My wife replied that she wanted to stay for one more drink – if she had some company.

Tom agreed to stay rather quickly, and I smiled to myself as I made my way towards the elevators. 'Tom won't ever forget this business trip to the Dominican.' I thought.

From behind the glass doors of the balcony in our room I could see down into the lounge where Tom and April sat talking. They were laughing and touching each other often.

It wasn't long before I saw both of them get up and leave. I crawled into bed and waited. There was still a chance that she'd come back to our room and I didn't want to look like I had been too anxious for her to fuck him. Five minutes went by, then ten. My heart raced as I watched the clock.

After twenty-five minutes I knew that my wife must have gone to his room.

My stiff cock throbbed with the pounding of my heart and my palms were sweaty.

'After all the times April has been with other men, how can I still get these gut-wrenching feelings?' I thought.

It looked as though I was about to have yet another sleepless night without her.

That's the most unpleasant aspect of having a wife that screws other guys. It's pure agony waiting for April to return when I know she's with another man. My stomach is tied up in knots, I can't eat, I can't sleep. All I can do is wait, and think about my wife fucking some anonymous stud.

I reached for my stiff cock as my mind drifted back to the first time April had sex with another guy.

We had been dating for just over a month when she fucked my roommate, Chris. Just like everyone had said, it was impossible for April to be faithful. All three of us had been drinking together. I was tired and went to bed while they stayed up and drank some more. The next morning I found April sleeping on my couch naked. Her clothing was scattered about the living room floor.

I was so angry that I was practically vibrating when I found out what her and Chris had done. I wanted to pound Chris' face in. I called April a slut, a whore, as well as a few other colorful names. She just kept saying that she was sorry and it would never happen again.

After I tore a strip off of her we both sat in silence for some time. April was sitting on my couch, still naked but wrapped in a blanket. Her hair was tangled with that "just fucked" look and she was crying. At first I tried to keep my anger up, and dump her cheating ass, but for some reason I just couldn't do it.

I suppose it was that moment when I began to realize that I had always been aroused by April's slutty past. It wasn't that she had cheated on me that made me so upset – it was because deep-down I was turned-on by it.

As my anger dissolved further, I reluctantly forgave her for cheating on me. April was elated. She wrapped her arms around me, squeezing tight and thanking me for the second chance. I was surprised when I developed an erection as my nostrills detected the smell of sex about her. We started kissing and five minutes later my cock was nudging her swollen pussy open.

She was still stretched and slick from Chris, and as soon as my prick touched the cum he had ejaculated in her earlier, it slid right in.

I have to admit that it felt good. Almost too good. April and I fucked hard and fast, and I came violently inside of her steamy cunt in less than two minutes. We did it several more times, and that afternoon April went to work with a very full pussy.

I struggled with my reaction to the events of that morning for some time. 'How could I have been so aroused by a cheating slut?' I found that I constantly had perverse thoughts of April with other guys. Almost everytime we'd have sex I would involuntarily picture her fucking Chris or some other guy I knew she was with. I tried to push these images out of my head, but it seemed the more I thought about April doing other guys – the harder I came.

Sometime after we moved in together I finally admited to myself that I really liked thinking of her with other guys. I began asking her to tell me stories of her past sexual experiences as a pre-lude to sex. April was hesitant at first, but after some coaxing she got right into it.

By the time we were engaged, April's sexcapades had become a routine part of our love-making. I loved listening to my fiancé describe how she fucked some guy that she met at a party or in a bar. It always turned me on more if she said that he had a big cock.

April liked big cocks. She enthusiastically told me of how she liked getting fucked really hard by guys with especially large dicks. She also said that she hated condoms, and would often tell her lovers that she was on the pill, just so they would fuck her bare-back. Of course this often led the guy to believe that he didn't have to pull out when he came – and according to April, many of them didn't.

My fantasies progressed until I actually began hinting that April had my permission to have sex outside our relationship. I wanted her to be a bad girl with someone else. I wanted to fuck her sloppy pussy right after another guy just finished pumping it full of cum (again). Being the naughty, and sometimes reckless girl that she is, I didn't think it would take April long before she balled another guy, and to be honest, I couldn't wait. One night she came close to fucking one of her co-workers, and when she saw that I was not upset or jealous in anyway, April decided that next time she would turn my fantasy into reality.

Several agonizing months past before she actually did it. By this time we had been engaged for almost a year, and it was only one week before our wedding when April returned home from her bachelorette party with her pussy swollen, and filled with semen.

When she told me that she had just fucked another guy, my excitement was beyond words. My slutty Fiancé and I spent the entire day in bed, re-living her night with that stud. I had never felt so in love with her as I did that day – licking, sucking and fucking April's used pussy through another guy's cum.

Since then, more than forty pricks aside from mine have penetrated April's salacious snatch. I always get their sloppy-seconds while she fills me in on all of the spicy details. Nothing seems to make us feel closer and more in love than when my wife spreads her thighs for other men.

I looked over at the clock, an hour had past since they had left the bar.

'He must be fucking her by now!' I thought squeezing my erection.

I would have done just about anything to be in Tom's room at that moment – watching him stick it to my randy wife.

I've always fantasized about watching her, but ever since she brought home a guy from the bar last summer, I have desperately wanted to see her in action.

It was Mid July, about 2 a.m. I awoke when I heard my wife come in the house and go downstairs to the guest room. She had gone out with a couple of girls from work earlier and I could tell that she wasn't alone. There was a man with her.

Thanks to the heating system and the fact that the guest room is directly below the master bedroom, I was able to hear almost every word they were saying. Soon they began to whisper, then there was silence. I strained my ears, trying to figure out what they were doing. About ten minutes past with me attempting to control my breathing and my racing heart enough to listen to the soft whispers and moans coming from the basement.

Then, I clearly heard April say "Oh yeah, stick it in!" Seconds later my wife groaned and then I heard the creaking of bed-springs. I almost came all over the place and I had barely been stroking my prick! I couldn't belive that she was doing this in our own home! I desperately wanted to go downstairs and watch, but I knew that there was no way that I could manage it without being discovered. I had to be content just listening, and waiting for my turn with my promiscuous wife.

After a few minutes I heard him say something but I didn't comprehend what it was until my wife replied, "Yeah, do it! Cum in my pussy!"

The tempo of their fucking increased, I could hear their bodies slapping together faster and harder until he cried out in release – emptying his balls into my wife's cunt.

Five minutes later I watched from our bedroom window as he left our happy home and got into a truck parked across the street. I was downstairs within seconds. As I opened the door to our guest room my wife spread her legs and told me that she'd been a bad girl. I was so turned-on that I was barely able to get my straining dick into her before I added my own discharge of semen to her used pussy.

Since then I've been nagging her to let me watch her with one of her lovers. April says she prefers to let men think that she is just a slutty, cheating wife, rather than have them know that I actually endorse her promiscuous behavior. I suggested that she let me watch from the closet or something, but she stopped me saying that it would be too weird.

Checking the clock again I noticed that another hour had passed and still my wife had not come back to our room. I decided that I couldn't take it anymore. I desperately needed relief. I took a firm grip on my cock and jacked it off to thoughts of April and Tom together until I spewed a huge load all over my thighs and stomach.

I must have drifted off to sleep, because the next thing I knew it was early morning and my wife was still missing. It dissapointed and excited me at the same time. I got up to take a leak and just as I flushed the toilet April knocked on the door to our room.

I opened it and let her in. She looked sexy with her tousled hair, smeared make-up and amorous manner.

"So, are you fresh from the arms of another man?" I asked her teasingly.

April chuckled and rolled her pretty eyes, "Oh baby, I've been fucked sooo much."

"Did he cum inside of you?" I asked anxiously.

My wife nodded, "Seven times! Do you want to see? Come here and I'll show you." She said, climbing onto the bed on her hands and knees.

I knelt behind her so my face was only a few inches from her ass and raised the hem of her sun dress over her backside. The sight before me was astonishing.

My wife's labia were noticeably swollen beneath the thin fabric of her G-string panties, and the crotch was utterly soaked with cum. I moved my face even closer and the intoxicating smell of their sex made my head swoon and my dick hard.

"He never pulled out once." She said seductively. "He was insatiable. I kept thinking after each time that he must be done, but before I knew it he had another erection! Even when I was about to leave he was already getting hard again, and he wanted me to stay."

"Did he have a big cock?" I asked, hooking my fingers in the waistband of her panties and sliding them down her sticky thighs.

"Yeah, it was pretty big – not as big as your's, but he knew how to use it."

I groaned as her smoldering cunt came into view. "Oh, babe! Your pussy is a mess! I can't belive how much cum there is! It's so swollen... and the smell... it's unbelievable! oh god, April... I want to eat you so bad!"

"I know. You've been waiting all night to eat my cum-filled pussy, haven't you?" She said, shaking her ass in my face. "Well go on then, Gregg, stick your tongue in there and taste that stud."

My cock was about to burst as I began licking Tom's smeared jizz off of my wife's thighs and ass before covering her post-coital cunt with my mouth.

My tongue darted in and out of April's stretched-out hole as the flavor of his salty seminal fluid overpowered my taste-buds.

I love going down on my wife after she's been a bad girl with someone else. The sight, smell and taste of another guy's cum in in her pussy produces the most intense feelings of arousal that I've ever felt. My prick was hard and throbbing as I ate April's adulterous twat.

After slurping up as much of Tom's spunk as my tongue could reach, I slid my aching prick into her from behind. April groaned and then began gasping out all of the steamy details as I pumped her.

Like it always is after April has been with another man, the sex was amazing. I just love the loose, slick feeling of my wife's vagina after another guy has taken his pleasure with her. We fucked for several minutes before I turned her over, ate her sloppy pussy to an orgasm, then began pounding into my shameless slut of a wife once again.

I had done a good job of holding off my climax so far, but now I could feel a huge ejaculation building in my balls. April rubbed her hands on my chest as she urged me to come.

"Oooh yeah fuck it, baby, fuck it hard."

"Oh god April!"

"Yeah, you love fucking me after other guy's don't you, Gregg?"


"Do you like being the second cock to cum in my pussy?"

"You know I do!"

"Good! 'cause I want a dirty-thirty birthday."

"Dirty-thirty birthday?" I gasped, on the edge of orgasm.

"Yeah. I want to spend our vacation fucking other men, baby! I want to be a bad girl, the badder the better. Tell me it's okay, Gregg. Tell me that I can fuck all the guys I want!"

"Oh god, April, you know I want you to!" I bellowed as my prick detonated inside of her soupy cunt.

My wife and I cuddled for a while then we did it again. After the second round April was clearly spent. I couldn't blame her since she had been fucked nine times in the last seven hours. I told her to get some sleep and that I was going for breakfast.

What a start to our vacation.

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