tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Drow's Dilemma Ep. 40: Sleeping

A Drow's Dilemma Ep. 40: Sleeping


Author's Note:

A Drow's Dilemma began as a one-on-one roleplaying project and has been converted into a chapter-by-chapter format for weekly posting with the permission and assistance from my partner. It will contain a considerable amount of sexual themes such as femdom, lesbian, straight, 'reverse' rape, BDSM, group sex, romance, and other themes. The main goal of the story, however, is to tell an epic tale of adventures, gods and goddesses, fae, and nymphomaniacs. This episode and every episode to come will be available for free on Literotica for the foreseeable future. All characters that engage in sexual or suggestive situations are mentally and sexually mature: the human equivalent of 18 for their race.


Episode 40: Sleeping Beauty

The drow looked upon the view of The Shifting Halls of Eternity with a sort of stunned silence. It was a beautiful place to live, or at least it used to be. Selene was still of the opinion that it couldn't compete with the carved stone of her own home world, but it was tolerable enough, she supposed. They looked as one toward Caleldir when he declared that he was home. Both had that searching quality to their eyes as each gauged how Cal was dealing with the homecoming.

"Are you going to be okay?" Ashyr asked with concern clear in her voice.

A slightly deranged cackle erupted from Caleldir. "I am probably going to be okay." He laughed. "I mean, the closer I get to the epicenter of the curse, the more I can feel it eating away at my sanity, the more I feel my mind slipping into caustic madness, the more the shadows speak to the cruelty hidden in my soul, the louder the whispers of twelve hundred years spent as a lord of ghosts howling through endless cold halls become." He shivered. His tone dropped to a more even one. "But I will be able to control it." He said with certainty. "I just may need help. I..." He put one cold, white, translucent hand on Ashyr's warm, dark, opaque one. The other one stayed at the controls of the running spider. "I just need to use you two as anchors to keep me tethered. As long as you continued to provide sanity and warmth, I am at no risk. If you were to leave me, well, I would probably fall back into being a mad ghost-king in short order."

"I will not leave you, Caleldir." Ashyr said with her version of a warm smile - it was more warm in the naughty sort of way, but whatever. "Not of my own volition, anyway." Her hand gripped at his. She chose to ignore how translucent he was becoming. "And I'm sure Selene would promise the same thing if she didn't want to puke right now."

Selene glowered at the two of them. Her face was grey with her discomfort. The younger drow did not try to refute the older, though perhaps that was because she was afraid that a little more than words would exit her mouth. That sort of indignity would be far more insufferable than letting Caleldir believe (the truth) that she liked him enough not to abandon him at the earliest possible convenience.

Ashyr changed the topic of conversation. "I've been thinking about how to wake Althaia. When your 'wife' and I were dressing her, she seemed responsive to... uh... certain touches." Ashyr informed them with an only slightly guilty grin. "I think we mentioned before that she might, you know, wake up with enough of her favorite stimulation. Perhaps we should find a nice secluded spot and... try to get her up and moving before raiding for supplies. She could help carry stuff." Selene didn't respond to this, but by her expression she seemed all for the idea. She didn't want to have to carry a bunch of things. "We don't have to do it right now, but maybe later when the spider thing needs to cool off." Ashyr finished.

"Oh. The sex thing." Caleldir said without any pleasure. "I... well, if you want to try that. It does seem that is the surest way to wake her. Nymphs. Curse them and all their relations. Go ahead and try to wake the princess through a 'kiss' that is a little less child-friendly than the standard. I would really rather not do sexual things to a sleeping woman. But Althaia always seemed more interested in the girls than the guys at our stops, so you should be fine to waken her on your own."

"We'll try to wake her on our own, but we may need your help, love." Ashyr said. She seemed amused by the whole situation. "We'll just have to wait and see, though."

The spider ran across the fields and over rivers and streams, past the continuing wreckage of Caleldir's vanished civilization. The view was interesting and varied, but Caleldir paid little heed to it. He mostly looked straight ahead, guiding their arachnid steed onward. The drow remained silent as they continued their way through the beautiful terrain. It was hard to speak over the wind, and the sights were wonderful enough that they didn't particularly feel like having a conversation. Even Selene seemed to forget about her motion sickness as her eyes drank in the majestic sight of the mountains ahead. Ashyr also kept an eye on Caleldir, who seemed to be determined to look onward and nowhere else. Probably a good thing, considering how fast they were going.

Finally, practically in the shadow of the incomprehensibly large monastery now barely four miles away, he came to a stop next to what was once a picture-perfect small town. Even now it had a homey beauty to it, and seemed far more welcoming than any of the places they had yet been in."Churchgate is not haunted." Caleldir stated. "One of the only places in this country that is not. It used to be an adventurer town, a setting-off for those brave enough to search through the ruins, but the last of its inhabitants finally drifted away about a decade ago. Occasionally people return now, but there does not seem to be anyone here at the moment." As if to belie his words, a small golem trundled past. Caleldir gave it a look, and shrugged. "The place is completely automated. I heard that one of the first adventuring groups to challenge the monastery refined on the automation already here to keep this place in its current condition. We should be able to find a place to stay in the inn up ahead."

"Thank Lolth for this place. You might like riding this horrid thing, Ashyr, but I am quite literally sick of it." Selene said in her usual grumpy fashion.

"I'm sorry, dearest." Ashyr apologized. She rubbed Selene's back in slow, soothing motions. "Better hurry us on to the inn, then, my love."

"Perhaps next time, if there is a next time, I will work up some sort of anti-motion-sickness treatment. That might help." Caleldir said to Selene as the ill drow got off the spider. "But yes, let us hurry to the inn."

The inn was a building that somewhat resembled those common in the neighboring kingdom, but on a much larger scale. The ceilings were tall enough and halls wide enough to admit giants. It was a full six stories high, and another eight deep, with a number of large rooms that did not seem to serve any real purpose. Caleldir's people, which, strangely, he had yet to give an actual name, liked to build everything bigger than it needed to be, after all. They were greeted at the door by a golem that took their baggage, and another that brought them food. Said food was the sort of unappetizing trail rations that had a shelf life of ten thousand years, but it was something. Caleldir chose to ignore the golems, and simply headed up four long flights of stairs to a suite with two large beds and a good view of the town. As the drow had much better food that the dyrad had cooked for them, they weren't at all interested in what the golems tried to serve them. Nor did they particularly want to give their belongings to the things. They were drow, after all, and did not easily trust anything. They both followed Caleldir up the stairs and into the room that he had chosen. Both worked together to get Althaia onto one of the beds.

"I slept here a few times as a boy." Caleldir said casually. "Although not in this exact room. Things sure have changed. I used to know everyone that lived here..." He looked nostalgic, before shaking it off. "But not matter! Everything here has been well-preserved. It is only mid-afternoon, but perhaps we can still rest for the remainder of the day, and raid the storehouse tomorrow. It takes a password to get in, so I am confident that adventurers have not yet cleaned it out."

"I wouldn't mind the rest." Selene admitted. "We didn't get much sleep while we were looking for you." Which was mostly Ashyr's fault. The younger drow shot a quick glare over at her cousin as evidence of that.

"I did not sleep all that well either." Caleldir admitted. "Although I was rather forced to stay put and not go anywhere. Which was terribly annoying. Still, I would not compare my enforced rest with you restlessness, as draining as it was."

"Speaking of sleep, before we try to wake Althaia up..." Ashyr began. In quick motions, she forced Caleldir to sit upon the bed and followed until she sat on his lap. Then she grabbed the back of his head, pulled his face forward to meet hers, and treated him to a long, molten kiss that only ended when her lungs demanded that she pull away to breathe properly. Caleldir met Ashyr's kiss at first as best as he could. The passionate drow had a tendency to overwhelm him, after all, overpowering his defenses even when he did not have any against her. But towards the end, the participant who did not, strictly speaking, actually need to breathe was able to be the more aggressive one, returning her kiss with fervor. He pulled away only in response to her need for air. "Gods, I missed being able to do that." Ashyr whispered through labored breath. "Damn near killed me when I wasn't allowed to join you and Naliira." The hand that was at the back of his head pulled forward slightly until her thumb could brush against the edge of Caleldir's ear.

"I missed it as well." He replied in the same breathy tone. He chuckled. "For one thing, Naliira is not half so good of a kisser."

While the two others did this, Selene sat on the bed that Althaia was on and pretended (poorly) not to watch with interest. The way her teeth caught at the lower edge of her lips suggested that she very much wanted a chance to do exactly what Ashyr had done, but was too proud to cut in.

His eyes darted over to where Selene sat beside Althaia feigned a disinterest she obviously did feel. Oh Selene. So predictably prickly. And strangely adorable for it. "Perhaps we should delay our personal reunion for now." Caleldir whispered to Ashyr low enough that the other drow would be unable to hear. "Poor Selene is sitting over there feeling abandoned. What do you think we should do? "

Ashyr had seemed pleased in a petty sort of way to learn that Caleldir felt she was better at kissing than his erstwhile 'wife.' A cocky grin formed across her lips, and it looked like she was about to declare that of course she was a better kisser. Caleldir, however, called her attention to Selene. The poor pregnant drow didn't seem to know what to do with herself. Ashyr gave him another positively chaste kiss in the light of her previous one. "I know exactly what to do." The older drow declared. "And, unfortunately, it seems that you would prefer to sit this one out." Ashyr said as she slid off of Caleldir's lap and onto the bed that the other women occupied. "But I suppose we'll discover how firm his resolve is." These words were directed at Selene. Ashyr had a feeling that they would need his help in the end. So as much as she wanted to focus on him in that moment, she decided that leaving him wanting was likely the better option.

The pregnant drow glanced over to Althaia and back at Ashyr with the ghost of a wicked grin. Without fanfare, her clothing melted into nothingness. Selene wasn't exactly eager to try to have sex with a sleeping woman, but she did want her awake and to have the rest of her things available. Nor would she mind the extra help at the Monastery.

"It's time to wake up, darling nymph." Ashyr told Althaia as she lifted the upper third of the unconscious woman's body and slid in until Ashyr could rest the nymph on her suddenly naked chest.

Caleldir did not know, exactly, what he wanted out of Ashyr and Selene to cheer the latter up, but it certainly was not what Ashyr suddenly decided. "That is not what I meant." He sniffed. "I meant..." Oh. Yeah. He had no idea. "...Never mind. But it is not that I do not want to join, it is just that Althaia..." He breathed in deeply. "Even awake, Althaia makes me nervous. And right now, asleep, I simply have no desire to molest her. It just feels wrong." Despite his words, Caleldir's trousers began to tent in the usual fashion.

Selene chose to straddle Althaia's stomach once Ashyr looked comfortable at the top of the bed. Her hands fell to the clasp and ties that held the nymph's dress up while her mouth found and captured Ashyr's mouth. The drow cousins kissed just as enthusiastically as Ashyr had just kissed Caleldir. Neither of their hands were idle, however. Their fingers gripped and pulled Althaia's dress until the filmy white material puddled at her hips. Then Ashyr's hands danced around the nymph's lovely breasts until she gently massaged the soft flesh. Meanwhile, Selene's hands went even lower to tease the outside edge of the sleeping Althaia's womanhood still mostly hidden under folds and layers of thin fabric.

Caleldir sat on the bed, not quite watching. At first. But as Selene and Ashyr stripped off their clothing, he could not help but pay increasing amounts of attention. As Ashyr massaged Althaia's breasts, he swallowed, and looked as if he really wanted to force his eyes away, but could not. Then he did, only to look down at where Selene was so busy masturbating the nymph. "Damn." He whispered.

For her part, the sleeping nymph began to respond to the drow's ministrations with soft, pleading moans. She arched her body into their touches, squirming around in pleasure. But she was still, undoubtedly, asleep. Caleldir sighed. "Her soul is still fled." He said sadly. "I do not think this is going to work."

"We haven't nearly tried hard enough, my love." Ashyr told him. She didn't seem too worried about not much happening yet. In Althaia's nymphen world of sex and pleasure, what the drow were doing amounted to little more than a friendly greeting.

"We've barely started." Selene agreed. The younger drow shifted downward in order to pull Althaia's dress away from her entirely. Ashyr helped lift her hips to get the fabric off of her without damaging it. Now that the nymph was completely naked, Selene was free to play with her sex as she pleased.

Ashyr leaned forward, enough that her breasts brushed lightly against Althaia's face. "And I'd hardly call this molestation. I'd say we're feeding her. You know how insatiable she can get. I'd wager this is the longest she's ever gone without sex. Her body must be dying for some attention."

"I had not thought of it that way." Caleldir admitted. He eyed the trio with increasingly obvious lust. "I suppose that Althaia is normally so insatiable that her current malaise might be from lack of erotic stimulation." He shrugged.

After she was done explaining herself, Ashyr took Selene's hand in hers and brought it to her mouth. The younger drow watched with lust clear in her features as the older swirled her dexterous tongue around her fingers. Ashyr's eyes glanced over to Caleldir filled with mischief and heat as if to say 'this could be you.'

With newly lubricated fingers, Selene took her hand away from her cousin and eased those first two digits into Althaia's core. Her motions were slow, delicate, and practiced. If they were going to do this, they might as well work at it as best they knew how.

Ashyr moved one hand from massaging the nymph's breast to brush fingers against Althaia's lips - just to see how responsive she really was. "Althaia." She called out softly. "Are you just going to lie there and take it? Or are you going to help pleasure us as we are pleasing you?"

Althaia parted her moist lips against Ashyr's finger as if pleading, murmuring something undefined in her sleep. She twisted her body, and smiled, then shivered against Selene's touch. But she did not answer or respond, although her limbs began moving somewhat erratically. It might be called 'jerking', except that nothing so inelegant could ever be used to describe the nymph.

Caleldir let out a long sigh. He could see that the drow weren't making enough progress. "I suppose that I can participate." With that, he stood up, melting all the clothes off of him except a loincloth. He still did not quite have the forwardness to leap into a tangle of feminine limbs completely naked, no matter how much he obviously wanted to. "She probably needs a prince's kiss or something, like I theorized before." He seemingly forgot about his further theorizing those nights ago. That Althaia was no maiden to be awakened by a kiss.

Moving to Althaia's side, he leaned over to give her a kiss. It would have been a scene out of a romantic fairy tale, except that the heroine was naked and in the middle of sex with two other women while the prince tried to awaken her with a kiss. So like one of Althaia's fairy tales, actually. Face a little redder than normal, he put his mouth to hers, and kept it there for some time. Althaia wrapped her arms around his head and pulled him closer, right into the bed where he fell between the drow on top of the nymph. With Althaia's heaving bosoms pressing against the rune on his heart, his loincloth vanished, much to Caleldir's consternation.

But though Althaia eventually let go, and now had a beatific smile on her face, she did not awaken. "Well, we tried." Caleldir said, trying to pry himself out from between the women. "I think that I know a soul-grabbing magic that I can try... maybe."

"No, what you're doing seems to be working." Ashyr told him as she pressed a kiss to his forehead. "You just haven't taken it far enough yet."

The younger drow got out from between Althaia's legs and laid herself out beside them. Her hand came up to idly caress Caleldir's back and side. Selene was sorely tempted to pull him over to herself, but then again it was pretty amusing to watch his expression as the cousins tried to convince him to stoop to new levels of debauchery. "If I cared for her soul," which she didn't, "I think it would be better for Althaia if we coaxed her soul back instead of just grabbing it or whatever it is you plan on doing."

"And she didn't grab a hold of us. She seems to like it well enough, but it's you she wants." Ashyr wasn't sure if this was true or not, but she definitely shared in Selene's amusement when it came to perverting Caleldir. "Maybe it's a nymph thing." Actually, that sounded almost plausible.

Looking somewhat stricken, Caleldir darted his gaze between the drow and the sleeping nymph. With all of the womanly flesh on display, it was impossible to know where to look. His cock throbbed in front of him, anxious to be used. Its owner was far more recalcitrant. These two drow were seriously egging him on to stick his dick inside an unconscious woman. What had his life come to? "I... I..." He stammered. He closed his eyes. "I suppose, if I really have too..."

With an expression like a man going to be hanged, or perhaps a law-abiding citizen committing his first crime, Caleldir lined up his manhood at her entrance. "Here goes nothing..." He said. And so, for the first time, Caleldir 'willingly' slid into Althaia. There he lay, on top of the sleeping woman, moving around a little to properly adjust. Then, looking ever more like one who hated himself, he began pumping in and out of the nymph. He looked at Ashyr and Selene. "See? Nothing." He moaned.

But Althaia quickly belied him. Her arms and legs shot out and wrapped firmly around his body. Caleldir, shocked, stopped his movement, but Althaia was having none of that. Her legs, curled around his rear, gripped tighter and began to start pulling and pushing him until he was moving faster than before. All the while, she began groaning and moaning her pleasure loud enough that half the inn could have heard, were there anyone else to hear. Caleldir looked trapped, but simply allowed himself to enjoy the ride.

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