tagNovels and NovellasA Dumb Blonde as Mayor Pt. 02

A Dumb Blonde as Mayor Pt. 02

byEgmont Grigor©


Going fishing at the retreat was a relief for the new mayor on her honeymoon as Jefferson, a little bored with the solitude and no cows to chase or whatever they did to them, had been at her to ride cowgirl for much of the day and night. She even had to promise fellatio out in the boat to coax him from their cabin.

Another four days of honeymoon to go! Andrea groaned and pledged never to go on a second honeymoon with him. They'd not told anyone where they were going and had left their cell phones behind, so with the closest cabins at least 100 yards away she really had been able to shout 'Oh yes, oh yes, oh god yes' as Jefferson attempted to drive her through the headboard. She thought hopefully that all the sweat she was losing would equate for over-eating in the lead-up to the wedding.

"Let's row out in the nude."

"Jefferson Robbins, where are your core values?"

He leered, "Left them at home with my cell phone."

God what was the male equivalent of bimbo? Asshole seemed a little strong although she could be tempted to review that opinion.

He looked pathetic big-eyeing her like a mother cow so she stupidly agreed, warning him that if he hooked her when casting there would be no sex for him for a week but he looked so crestfallen she modified that to eight hours and he looked so cute as relief spilled over his face.

Jefferson was casting out at least two miles, or something like that.

"No, no. Little wonder you don't catch big fish. Just flip your lure out twenty feet. You have to understand the bigger fish are older fish and age and experience provide wisdom and they think of our boat as being the mother ship and come close to establish brotherhood or sisterhood."

"Who told you that crap?"

"No one. It just seems logical to me."

"Well it's just damn nonsense. Fuck Andrea, you are supposed to be mayor of our town, not a bimbo."

"That's hurtful."

Catching the tone that could mean tears Jefferson looked back at her and his thumb dropped on to the spinning reel and stopped it dead.

"Fuck, look what you made me do."

"That's a perfect cast, about 21 feet out; if only you were a believer asshole."

"Fucking dumb blondes," Jefferson muttered unaware his new bride was shaping up to cry.


His reel screamed and he yelled, "What's this. Have we fouled?"

"We're not moving, stupid. It's a fish. You catch such assholes of little fish you don't recognize a big one."

"No fish can be this big."

"Believe me Jefferson, you're in the big league now. Your time to land your fishing dream has come."

The reel screamed and the fight was on.

After 20 minutes Andrea sai conversationally, "We don't have a gaff or a landing net aboard."

"Andrea, don't do this to me."


"What can we do?"

"Let me think. I know, you stand behind me and I'll lean over, dig both hands into its gills and flip it into the boat, but if it's an eel I'm out of here."

There was a murderous feeling of tension in the air. No doubt she was being identified as the person who didn't think of loading a net or gaff. But who was captain of their boat with responsibility for checking what had been loaded? 'Bambo' of course!

There was a stir on the placid lake just to her left.

"It's a brown trout," she said excitedly, "and tiring."

"Andrea, don't fail me," Jefferson pleaded, sounding boyish and knowing the chat to pals that would be lost if the fish was not landed.

She didn't reply. Instead she waited until Brown Trout came alongside Mother ship, closed her eyes after taking aim, slid the outer hand into the gill but missed with the other hand, opened her eyes and slid the free hand under the belly and tossed the fish into the boat.

"Andrea, you fucking beauty. Ohmigod, look at it. Thirty pounds if it's an ounce."

"You're dreaming. A shade under twenty but still your largest fish by far. Want me to suck you off now?"

"Andrea, we have far more important things to do. We have to take this monster to the lodge and get it weighed."

"Ah yes, and I have to clean up," Andrea said, looking at the blood on her hand from brutally ripping through the gills of the fish. It had dripped over her right tit and down her belly.

They landed and Andrea had to scamper nude to the cabin to get towels and clothes. Jefferson made it quite clear she couldn't be fully trusted to stay with his fish and guard it.

The trout weighed in at 19lbs 2oz. The manager consulted her book and said, "It's short of the state record but it's the biggest brown trout caught in this lake by just over five pounds and is also the heaviest fish caught in this lake by a pound and a half. Congratulations."

Puffed up in pride Jefferson asked, "How many people are resident here tonight?"

"Seven couples including yourselves."

"Could you please have my record size fish smoked and served cold this evening and invite everyone to be here to partake?"

"Very good Mr Robbins. What a lovely gesture. I'll get my husband to take your photograph with your monster now."

"Oh could you and Roland also join us for the entrée?"

"Thank you. We'll provide the wine for the entrée."

Thereafter their time at the retreat became full on with returned hospitality, tennis and beach ball tournaments, tramping around the lake and fishing contests. The guys and two women big into fishing listened in disbelief as Jefferson pontificated on 'his' mother ship theory but when he was seen to hook a 12lb striped bass just two rod lengths from the boat everyone turned believer.

Rejuvenated by their action-packed holiday, the pair returned home and stayed the night at the Robbins' ranch house.

Over breakfast next morning Tim Robbins said, "Andrea, I hope you don't mind but Priscilla and the boys and I shifted you into Jefferson's and your new abode. We took great care with the wedding presents. I have a five-acre property in the rural part of the town, purchased to help out a buddy who's now left the area after his divorce.

"What? Why? Where?"

"It's only two miles from the town center dear and is a lovely home with three youngish women and their families living very close," Priscilla said. "With your induction on Friday morning we wanted you secure in your new home, all worries removed."

"Oh you darling people, thank you Priscilla and Tim."

"There's no rent to pay, I've signed the property over to you son."

"Thanks dad."

"Oh I'm so happy and life is going to be a breeze," Andrea laughed.

"Um, not so fast Andrea," Tim cautioned. "As you know Wide James also stood for election as a councilor in case his bid for the mayoralty went sour and he also missed out, but only just in winning a seat on the council. On the day of your wedding the James' attorney lodged an application for a recount of voting. Judge Rowland disallowed almost 200 votes and in the recount Wide James slipped in as the 7th councilor, displacing Mr Mason."


"Andrea," Priscilla said, frowning.

"That's not all. On our reckoning that gives pro-James supporters four of the seven seats, so you will by a hamstrung mayor unless you can win support from at least one person in that James' faction and you'll have your vote to break any deadlock."

Priscilla said, "Resign as mayor darling; don't bother taking on an uphill fight."

"No, the town voted for change and they damn well deserve to get it. Who is the attorney with the sharpest mind in this town?"

"Ask your confidant, Geoff Perkins. He may say Mrs Reeves, the town attorney," Tim said. "Any advice you take from her the council pays; use an outside attorney without authority of the council and you pay."

"Well let's all go and see our new house. I prefer to operate in excitement, not up to my neck in the trough of despair. Did you tell Tim about your fish again today darling? I think I counted five times from your conversations last night."

"Yes dear. I can wait to get out and tell the boys."

"After you have seen the house with me."

"Yes of course. Our home comes before anything else darling."

Priscilla shot a look at her son as if he were a new graduate from training school.

"We'll not be able to take too long," Andrea said. "I need to be in the office working for Geoff by 9:00."

On the way over in Jefferson's pick-up she took a call.

"Hello Jake. I hear you got on to the council via the back door."

"Any way is good enough. I suppose smart-ass Tim Robbins has also told you the James clan as you call it are back in effective control of the town?"

"Oh yeah?"


"What do you want Jake?"

"Take me to lunch and I'll tell you."

"Can you use a knife and fork?"

Jake sounded indignant. "Is that supposed to be a joke?"

Andrea sighed as said yes; it was not like her to be rude. "I'll meet you at Johnny's Bar and Grill at 12:30. We go Dutch."

"What's that?"

"We split the check."


"I don't get my council credit card until I'm sworn in."

"Oh, so I'm not worth a free lunch?"

"You said it Jake, not me. Believe what you wish. Bye."


Her husband said, "So the grease ball wants to deal even before your induction?"

Andrea sighed and said, "It appears that way Jefferson. Perhaps I should let you and the boys shoot him."


"Ooops, sorry darling."

* * *

Like a nymph on steroids Andrea, dressed in orange pants and a multi-color silk top flew into the offices of Pike's Point Transport and startled Geoff.

"Oh, you're back."

"Yes, hi. Great to see you again."

"And dressed like? What exactly do you call that outfit?"

"It's my concept of fashion and for men with fashion being a concept, it is difficult for them to understand. Answer me this, if I came in dressed in jeans and braless with my breasts flopping out of a moth-eaten top wouldn't that would be quite satisfactory for a trucking firm's office. Come on, answer honestly."

"I suppose so. But I don't want you going into the council offices dressed like Dolly Pardon out on the back lot of a film studio."

"Is Dolly still making films?"

"I don't know."

"Just how relevant is this conversation to reality Geoff?"

"Again I don't know. I'm worried about you."

"I'm not pregnant Geoff."

"Er, I'm not into that stuff. What I mean is Wide James has been elected on to the council by a judicial recount."

"Good for him."

"He probably has majority of support on the council, which puts your reforms on the backburner."

"Oh I don't know about that Geoff. He won't know a fuck about intellectual maneuvers."

Geoff turned puce. "Andrea, please. Shocking me with your language out in the boat is one thing but here in the office we comply with best commerce practice as set out in the Chamber of Commerce Manual."

"Fair enough, I need to be brought into line."

"Thank god you recognize that."

"I'm meeting Wide James for lunch today on his initiative."

"What does he want?"

Andrea sighed. "When you were a woman Geoff you'd learned early in your teens guys only have two objectives with a female: to get one over her or to get into her. It's primeval."

"It's disgusting. Males are just louses."

"Except you buddy. Now please allow me to wade into this pile."

"Okay, how did the honeymoon go?"

"Oh my husband drilled me legless..."

"Andrea, please. You are making Mrs Stewart on the switchboard and plotting our truck movements reach for her inhaler."

"Well don't ask me leading questions."

* * *

She worked away thinking of her first visit to her new home. The house was lovely -- ranch style, stone walls, low pitched roof and doubled glazed and, according to Priscilla, "... room for six grandchildren... er I mean children."

"The land's not great but we'll put a couple of horses on here for your guys," Tim had said. "I understand these neighbors of yours ride out to picnic at Pike River, reaching a beautiful area that otherwise is only accessible by boat or chopper."

Andrea kissed Tim and he managed to grab a tit and squeeze without being noticed by his wife or son. "Thank you Tim, you have been so lovely to me and to Jefferson. You and Priscilla must come to dinner tomorrow as our first guests."

"Oh darling, we'd love that," Priscilla said. "You two will be so happy here and Jefferson has a quick back road route to the ranch."

Jefferson went off with his parents, leaving his pickup with Andrea to go into town for her lunch appointment.

The restaurant was very busy and Andrea was given the choice of a booth or a table with two chairs. She only sat in booths with people she liked.

Jake came in moping his brow.

"Hi Andrea."

"Hi Jake," she said and aware Jake would be looking at his chair she called in a loud voice, "Could someone bring an oversize chair over here."

Jake tried unsuccessfully to shrink out of sight.

Andrea made a mental note to tip the waitress who arrived with the chair and said, "God, sir what kind of diet are you on?" People around them laughed. Jack mopped his brow and sat down.

Jake didn't waste time. "I control the council."

"I thought according to the American way that was the role of the mayor?"

"You're hilarious."

"You need a drink. Water?"

"Nah, a couple of bottles of beer."

Andrea ordered a glass of light white wine and a bottle of beer and noting Jake's sneer changed the order to four bottles of extra strength beer. She smiled and said to him, "You look a little over-wrought from the prospect of this meeting; you need strong beer to give you backbone."

"Andrea, I want you to set out your proposed work schedule for the year with emphasis on initiatives you intend bringing forward and I shall mark them off for you indicating which ones my colleagues and I will support and the ones that will be dead in the water."

"That's very patronizing of you but it would be inappropriate for me to do that, giving you the inside running so to speak ad that smells of corruption."

"Bullshit, that's how the council is run under James rule."

"Jake, please get up to speed. Times have changed and the James clan no longer has control. What we have now is something quite foreign to you; it's called open government."

Jake's beers arrived along with Andrea's wine. By the time she'd had two sips Jake had downed the contents of two of the bottles.

"How's Claire Jake?"

"Sore because she'd wanted to be the wife of the mayor."

"She sounds too ambitious for you."

"What does that mean?"

"She probably pushed you too hard and you lost sight of your target and faltered, that along with the pressure from the clan."

"Yeah, I was under pressure," Jake nodded, finishing the third bottle.

"And now Claire and the clan are keeping on the pressure."

"Yeah," he belched.

"Why don't you allow me to help you?"


"Yes Jake, the mayor is expected to display leadership qualities so why don't you give me a list of all the things you and the clan wish to see achieved this year -- but leave out anything illegal or utterly outrageous, and I'll tick off what items I can support."

"You mean you'd do that for me?"

"Yes of course Jake. We need to move in a spirit of cooperation."

Jack smiled and scratched an armpit.

* * *

Andrea purchased a super cab F-150 from Colin Cole who owned the Ford Dealership and he gave her a great deal considering no trade-in was involved but as he said, it suited him to have the mayor driving a Ford as her private vehicle as well as being in the mayoral limo and the Robbins family dealt with him.

She drove home in her new vehicle and then rode her bicycle back to town to pick up Jefferson's vehicle. Arriving home she found Tim outside the small barn unloading two horses from a trailer.

"Hi, nice looking quarter horses. I guess the smaller one is meant for me?"

"Yeah, Jefferson wouldn't want it any other way. Help me with the saddles. This is Priscilla's old saddle."

"Oh for Jefferson or me?"

Lugging the larger saddle Tim grinned.

Inside the barn Andrea said, "Tim, you have been ever so kind. There is no way I can thank you."

Tim stared at here and licked his lips.

Andrea was appalled. "Tim no."

"Come on lovely young lady. There's a great way you can thank me."

Andrea stood still. God, she'd often thought of marriage when there was no marriage in sight but she'd never thought of cheating on her future husband. Christ, with his father! As nominally First Citizen she had standards to set and maintain as part of her role and... Tim was right up to her and began unbuttoning her shirt.

"No Tim."

"Come on baby, you want to thank me."

That was true. She had a lot to thank him for and although she was sure he'd not done that with a view of having a piece of her, she'd arrived at the wrong place at the wrong time and he'd seized the moment. She couldn't call him a scumbag... not Tim. She capitulated, knowing she was corrupting herself, becoming no better than the bad eggs in the James clan.

"All right, we can play around but no way will I allow you to fuck me Tim."

"Aw Andrea."



He had her shirt undone so Andrea unsnapped her bra for him.

"Oh how I've longed to get my lips around these babies," he gloated.

Fucking men... always watching... always sizing up and wondering if the moment would arise. She sighed.

When Tim was showing signs of running out of interest in slobbering over her Andrea dropped to her knees and unbuckled and unzipped him. Tim was lean with a hard body -- an aged body. She pulled out something resembling a horse... a stallion. She almost shook with fear... fancy having that up her! She knew of course she could take it and even larger ones.

When Tim began breathing through his mouth and snorting he said, "Can I shoot over you."

Andrea said yes, thinking why not complete the humiliation and derogation.

As he belted up she slipped off her panties to wipe the white soup coating her face. She didn't bother with the mess in her hair. As she removed her panties he moved forward, interested, but grinned and backed away when she snarled, "Fuck off."

She offered coffee but Tim said he had chores to complete. "Can we do this again?"

"Yes, but I'd like a bit more tenderness from you; this time I felt you treated me like you would a whore."

"Oh okay, if that's what you want. No problem. A whore -- you? I don't think so darling."

After waving him off Andrea thought, well slut, and a long bath for you after showering first. She made a determined effort to remain cheerful and not wallow in recrimination. That moment had arrived and been rejected when Tim had placed his hand on her shirt. Oh wasn't he a lucky boy! In the bath she wondered if Geoff would want a BJ from her. God, he was even older than Tim. Here she was thinking of performing a service for senior citizens before she was even installed as mayor. There was one thing certain though: no member of the James clan would get her tongue wrapped around his cock or Andrea's tongue in her pussy. Andrea Robbins had standards. Yeah! She struggled with it and managed not to weep.

Jefferson arrived home and like any guy straight off his honeymoon, wanted instant sex. He had Andrea's clothes off her before she had only time to ask, "How was your day. Your father delivered two horses and accessories."

"What are these marks on this breast?" Jefferson asked, having just thrown her on to the living room sofa.

Oh god, Tim and his teeth! "Dunno," she smiled, arching her back to capture his attention because her breasts looked really good when she did that. She lied, "Just bumps I suppose when I was climbing around the barn checking the hay in the loft. It's a problem girls have in sticking out like this."

"I like the way these stick out," her husband said softly. She took his cock in her hand and smiled, thinking this was the perfect size for her.

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