tagBDSMA Fantasy in Rope

A Fantasy in Rope


"Shall we begin?" he asked. She nodded without speaking, casting her eyes downward upon her naked curves. He softly touched her chin and she felt herself tremble. He made a note of concern. "Nervous?" he asked. She nodded, feeling very small and shy.

His arms encircled her, pressing her gently to him his masculine contours. "Shhh," he said, "There is nothing to fear here, mon cher." She felt herself molding to him, softly placing her cheek upon his chest and closing her eyes as his hands slowly ran over the curves of her shoulders and back, lightly tracing the contours of her hips and buttocks. One of his hands coaxed her chin upward to meet his smile, his eyes kindly gazing down upon her.

"You are very special to me," he said as he bent down to kiss her quivering lips, lingering there as she felt her arms moving to return his embrace, the shyness fading as the kiss continued. All too soon, the kiss ended. "That's better," he said seeing the beginnings of a blush on her cheeks. "Now close your eyes," he added and she complied.

Something sinuously touched her right wrist, very gently at first. The sensation was pleasant as it curled several times around and made itself snug. Rope, of course, she thought pleasantly, made of silk. She felt a length of it trailing from where his hands had tied it, and she fondled the loose end with her fingers as the process was repeated with her left wrist.

He paused to kiss her again, first on the lips and then a lingering French kiss upon her neck that made her sigh involuntarily. "Keep your eyes closed for now," he said, "You'll get to open them a little later. For now, the bed is just behind you. Sit down first then lay down on your back with your head going to your right." He gripped her hands. "I won't let you fall," he assured her, "I am right here with you."

Satin caressed her body as she complied with his instruction, cushioning and cradling her as she stretched out upon it. His warm hands slowly played across her thighs and stomach, every so lightly brushing the lower curves of her breasts. "You are so very beautiful," he murmured, almost to himself, "and that is how I want you to feel, my love – beautiful."

The silken ropes found her ankles next snaring each with several snug windings. He felt him over her, carefully checking his work, pausing occasionally to softly touch her somewhere else – reassuring and tender. She smiled at how he doted upon her like that – the simple gestures and acts of kindness that had slowly broken down her defenses and had encouraged her to trust him enough for this.

She felt his hands lightly grip her left ankle and the back of her left knee. She raised her leg and bent her knee without being told. He placed the ankle nearly flush with the top of her thigh, the ropes hanging from her ankle suddenly drawn taught as he wrapped the ends around her thigh and ankle together. When they were secured, he moved to the other side of the bed and repeated the process with her right leg. As he worked, she tried to move her left leg, but found that while nothing was uncomfortably tight, there very little movement allowed. Within a moment, the right leg was in a similar condition.

His lips found hers, and she discovered that she hungered for them now, a longing that had not been there before. She felt her tongue touch his lips tentatively then push beyond them to find his. They both murmured their pleasure before he finally broke the kiss. "Patience, my dear," he chided as his hands found her right wrist.

He pulled her wrist down to her side, the loose ends drawn to her ankle and thigh. The slack all but disappeared, leaving just a small amount of play. Soon the left wrist was pinned on that side in the same fashion. As he worked on the left, she experimented with finding the knots in the ropes that held her on the right. But while she could touch two of the knots with her fingers, she could not get any sort of grip upon them.

He rolled her onto her side and helped her up to a kneeling position on the bed, not an easy thing to do in her current condition. "Open your eyes," he said as he eased off of the bed. Her gaze followed him to an easel-looking thing near the foot of the bed, covered by a light, silky cover. He pulled the cover away revealing a large mirror that reflected her image upon the bed.

She gasped at what she saw. Her naked limbs were now firmly held in shimmering coils of purple silk, her cheeks flush with excitement, her eyes lit with the fires of passion. "So very beautiful," he said with shining eyes. "This is how I have dreamed of you since the first day we met – to see your beauty wrapped in your passion this way." He made his way back onto to the bed and kissed her deeply, his arms surrounding her again clutching her tightly.

She tried to pull her wrists free to return the embrace, but they were held fast by her silken bonds, pinned at her sides by both rope and his arms. He moved to her neck, brushing her long, dark tresses aside to expose it. With his warm lips and languid tongue, she felt waves of pleasure beginning to build within her. Her wet lips parted as she breathed slowly and deeply, moaning almost inaudibly at first then mounting as he moved to the other side of her neck. The tips of his fingers lightly followed the curve of her buttocks to the base of her spine is slow, fluid motions as he kissed her neck.

He paused just long enough to move around behind her, brushing back her soft hair to expose the nape of her neck. He touched it with tip of his tongue, watching her body quiver at the sensation, and then repeated it, taking a little longer with each teasing touch. His hands now found the swell of her bosoms, gently cradling them, softly squeezing them, his thumbs lightly brushing the nipples as they began to harden.

Her breath was faster now, shallower. She could feel her heart hammering within her chest as the pleasure she could not resist continued. She could feel her own wetness now, a pleasurable tingle spreading slowly through her loins. She moaned in frustration as she once again was reminded of her helplessness, her legs and arms still held fast.

How she wanted to be free! To return the pleasure she was experiencing in some way, to coax the eventual climax on from them both! But instead, she was forced to bear all the pleasure this wonderful man was so willing give her, her only protest being the lustful moans and whimpers he elicited from his attentions.

He slowly eased her down onto her back and turned his attention upon her breasts. His lips kissed her breasts, pausing occasionally to twirl his tongue languidly around her nipples or to gently nibble them as they rapidly grew hard with his efforts. His hands were now sliding across the insides of her thighs and following the curves of her hips. She could feel her hips rising slightly with each touch, eagerly anticipating the release that had been so far denied.

His fingers lightly brushed her clit as he returned to kiss her lips once again, smothering her moan of lust. As he kissed her, his fingers lightly teased her there. She felt her hips rise, trying to pull more pleasure from each sensation, as the need for release began to burn within her. She groaned her frustration and need through each kiss, pausing only long enough to regain her breath.

She felt one of his fingers slide inside of her, probing out the hot wetness of her, wriggling deeper and deeper. She stifled a cry of wanton lust as her hips surged up against his hand, her thighs trying to clamp down upon his hand, to force him to continue the pleasure. Instead, he pulled his hand free and started kissing her stomach and hips, while caressing her thighs some more.

"Please," she heard herself beg shamelessly between panting breaths, "please stick it in me!"

He paused and looked down at her. "Do you really want it to end so soon?" he asked.

She bit her lip. The realization spread through her – no. She slowly shook her head, her cheeks blushing as she did.

"I thought so," he said confidently, and reached down beside the bed. In his hand was a wide roll of microfoam surgical tape. He slowly peeled back a length and tore it with his fingers. He held it away from her as he kissed her lips deeply once again, continuing until she was desperate for breath. When he pulled away, she gasped for air, only to have the swath of tape seal her lips shut, wrapping from jawbone to jawbone below her nose. She protested, but her muzzle kept all but a pathetic murmur from escaping.

He waited until her breathing calmed somewhat. "That should keep you from saying what you don't mean," he said with a smile. He moved to position himself between her legs, and slowly lowered his lips down to her crotch to begin again.

Her entire body shook as he pleasured her with lips, teeth and tongue, forcing it within her again and again, tasting her mounting passion. Her hips began to grind against him as her pinned legs could do little to hold him, try as they might. Her fingers sought out the knots again, desperate for any purchase, any desperate chance to escape, but found none. She kept moaning against the tape over her mouth, but all that came out was "Mmmph...mmmph!" Helplessly she was held there, in the throes of passion.

And suddenly, it stopped. She cried out against the tape, raising her head to look at him through the tangle of her hair. He had moved forward now and she felt the head of his hot throbbing of his manhood against her inner thighs. Slowly it moved, until the very tip brushed her clit. Her sharp intake of breath whistled through her nostrils, surprising her with its suddenness. She relaxed slightly and he slid his rock hard cock into her. She took him into her, pulling him in deeper as her hips rose to meet his.

He started the ancient rhythm, slow as the tides at first, but increasing in frequency with each passing second, her hips straining to pull him deeper with each stroke. She cried out against the gag, her sealed lips containing each one to a high whine of frenzied pleasure as her mind surrendered its last shreds of control.

They peaked together – his hot, sticky semen surging inside of her as his pent up passions were consumed by her own. Shuddering and shaking, they poured out their last ounces of lust before he collapsed softly upon her, gingerly peeling the tape away. She sobbed for breath for a moment as the last waves of the pleasure subsided and her hammering hard slowed back to its normal pace.

She could not reach his lips, so she settled for kissing his shoulder, nibbling him with her teeth. "You," she admonished with a smile, "are an evil man." He shifted position and they kissed again, slowly and tenderly this time.

He smiled as he rose and went to the dresser on the other side of the room, rummaging around in the top drawer for a moment before hiding what he had found behind his back. He walked back to the bed with an evil grin on his face.

"An evil man, you say?" he asked and shook his head. Her eyes widened as he showed her what he had dug out of the dresser – a vibrator. He switched it on and started lowering toward her crotch. "Actually," he said over the hum of the device, "I am a very evil man!"


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