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A Far Out Experience


You were on his couch, looking around the room. "Is this the living room," you thought to yourself, "or a home office?" You observed the massive, ceiling- to- floor collection of books on the cherry wood shelves. A globe sat on a small, matching stand. To the left was a small bachelor's kitchen....... stainless steel appliances. On the refrigerator, was a small whiteboard. You couldn't read the green writing from the couch, and didn't bother being nosy about it. Even if you wanted to, your nervousness kept you firmly planted in your spot.

You turned to see the black, spiral stair case behind you, leading to what you guessed to be the bedroom. Beside the stairs, was a glass sliding door, the back door. It revealed a darkening sky above a neat hedge. Then, you turned your attention to the lighting in the place. For something so cliché, it was actually a nice touch, though it was probably done unintentionally. Or was it? Early preparations, perhaps?

"Giorgio, you sly dog." you say to yourself, under your breath.

At that moment, you heard his footsteps, your heart raced even faster than before, and you twiddled your thumbs in nervousness.

He stood before you, smiling, as you looked up at him. While he was in the bathroom, he must have taken off his blazer and touched up his gorgeous, one- of a- kind hair. He stood there, in a white- collared shirt and slacks.

He held out his hand to you, not saying a word, and you obliged.

In an unexpected move, he quickly yanked you up into his arms. That sexy stunt was enough to get you to make the first move. You planted a strong, wild kiss to his smooth lips. The kiss radiated warmth across your body, and man, he was an amazing kisser!

The kiss began fierce, and only became fiercer. Your mouths collided in ways that would make elderly women blush and look away. His hands slowly slid down to the very small of your back, making you coo with pleasure.

He chuckled at your little noise and began to pull down your brown skirt. He takes your hand again, leading you briskly up the flight of stairs.

A quick glance of the bedroom showed another bookshelf. This time, a small one, with books and also papers. Some fan art hung on the wall, adjacent. A plain bed rested against the middle of a wall.

You looked out the small window for a second.

"Don't worry, the aliens wont get us." he joked.

You giggled as you slid onto the bed. He followed, topping you.

You bend to meet his returning, smoldering kiss.

He toys with the straps of your purple tank top, and eventually slides them down, along with the rest of the garment, all while maintaining the kiss. The built- in bra made things so much simpler.

He moves down, kissing your neck intensely, his hands entwined with your hair. You gasp as your inner thighs pulsated, getting slick with pleasure.

"Mmmm, Giorgie.," you whisper, but you don't realize it, You are lost in the moment of sensuality, The moment that seems to drag on and on, and you knew you didn't want it to end.

You slightly push him back and set up. Grinning, you let loose a few buttons of his shirt and move back a bit.

"That's sexy." You say.

He looks at his shirt and then to you, blushing, and then pulls it over his head and throws it to the ground. You take off your underwear quickly, and assist him with his pants.

He guides you down to lying again and cups your left breast with his left hand, while sliding the other downward, feeling your wetness.

He let out a groan, feeling the heat of your womanhood against his chilled fingers. He rubbed your most sensitive spot, sending tantalizing sensations through your body. Giorgie lowered his head and nibbled the other breast, letting his hand fall from the other. The rubbing between your legs remained though, and became so intense that you cried out. He stopped and motioned back to sitting position again. You knew what this meant, and complied.

You felt the outside of his boxers, feeling the hard heat within.

"I want to taste you." You say to him, meeting his burning gaze

His eye brows slightly raise in response, his mouth slightly opens.

You pull his hardness out of his shorts. His penis was so warm and rather large. You rub it for a while, occasionally looking up at his face, eyes closed and head tilted back. You lick the head; a slightly salty taste spreads across your tongue. You enjoy it, and feel a little ashamed and dirty about it.

"Ahhh," escapes his lips, as you continue to tease the head of his cock, swirling your tongue around it.

You lick the sensitive area of his arousal, causing him to grip the sheets of his bed. You lower your head more, taking him in, relaxing your throat so it would be more comfortable. You begin to move your head up and down the length of it, tasting all of the essence pouring out of him.

"Ahhh," escapes his lips again.

As you please him with your mouth, you look up move your hands to his chest, letting them roam the lean muscle. Your hands then move around, caressing his sides, and move up and around, back to his chest.

You then rise up from the task and look into his eyes again. There was a slight look of confusion on his face. You smile, and he returns one knowing now why you stopped.

With Giorgio still sitting, you straddle his lap and gently move onto his member.

"Mmph," you interjected, loving his girth as it entered your vagina.

You motioned your body, and rocked your hips against him. Your arms lay around his neck, his arms around your waist.

"Uuhmph," he moans.

You motion faster, and kiss him, this time nibbling lightly on his lips.

"Mmm, kinky," he managed to say in the breaks.

You deeply kiss him, pressing your lips hard against his. Your hands move to his teased hair, combing gently through it. You tilt your head back and moan. He starts kissing your neck again, as you steadily ride him with your hips.

"Aghhh," you moan.

He then starts to lift and lower you against his cock. You gasp with pleasure.

"Oh, god!" you cry, and clutch his hair gently in your hands.

You motion your head forward again, looking at his glistening chest as he fucks you roughly. You run your hands over it once more, feeling the slick perspiration.

He lifts you off of him to lay you down and enter you again, resting his arms around your neck. He strokes you fast.

You can barely hold on any longer as you feel that sweet moment build inside of you.

He leans down and whispers next to your ear, "Come for me, baby."

Those four words send you to the pinnacle of pleasure.

"Ohhhhhhhhh yeaaaaah" you moan loudly, "Fuck!"

He lets out a low chuckle as he continues to fuck you.

You roll him over onto his back and ride him again, briskly, a small grin on your face. The reminence of your climax falls from you

You bend down and gently bite his nipple. You flicker your tongue over it. And caress the other with your hand. Then, you let your hand roam up and down his sexy stomach, still nibbling on the other nipple. All while bouncing on him.

He grips your waist, moans, and climaxes.

You both try to catch breath and you collapse onto him, and almost immediately fall asleep. Giorgie stares blankly at the wall as he strokes your hair for a while

. He slowly slides from under you and heads for the near by shower. Once inside, he sighs as he lathers his body with soap He washes his tangled hair and then leans his forearm on the wall infront of him, letting the water fall down his back.


He thinks about your face, your smile, your soft skin, and smiles to himself He realizes that he's doing this and stops immediately. If anything were to become of this... he didn't want to end up hurt down the road, and that was reason enough to let the whole thing go. Still, though, he has this feeling. This feeling that he couldn't just.. let you slip away. When he leaves the shower, he notices you're out of bed.


As you open the front door, you turn to see him quickly jogging to you, and stops a distance away from you, holding the towel around his waist. He opens his mouth as if to say something. No words come from him, only sounds of interruption. The speaker now is not sure what to say, it seems. You smile and raise your hand to wave goodbye. He waves back hesitantly, then you turn and walk.


In the morning, Giorgio got dressed. He tries not to think about the previous rendezvous and decides to take care of some nagging errands. He throws on a black t- shirt and jeans and heads into the kitchen to get something to drink. He reads the list on his refrigerator: Call HQ


Go by the Post Office

The he notices lastly, under the list, your number and a smiley face. He grinned and got a carton of orange juice out, raised it as if to toast, and drank.

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