tagNonHumanA Flowered Meadow

A Flowered Meadow


Dew lay back upon the grassy mound, silently calling on what she needed. She had undressed before stretching out upon the soft carpet of grass and now lay with her legs spread wide in an open invitation. The opening to her grotto of pleasure glistened in the full light of the noon sun, ready, hungry as the flames of need tortured her body.

She hoped he heard her silent pleas, calling for days to appease the ache she had inside as only he could now. Her hands traveled over her hardened breasts, throbbing painfully as she tweaked over the tight nipples to ease her pain.

It did not help so she bent her knees, opening herself wider, letting her scent of hunger drift upon the cool breeze that floated over her flaming body. Her own hands traveled downward, over her flat belly to her ache, her fingers pressing against the swollen nodule at her core.

"Please hurry, my love." She whispered as she slowly began working her fingers against herself to appease the pain she felt.

While the fingers of one hand worked feverishly upon her anguished and swollen nodule, the other drove down, slipping a slender finger inside her saturated hunger, crying out silently for her lover to appease this raging need that filled her.

"Yes!" She cried in delight as she felt the ground suddenly begin to rumble beneath her outstretched form. He was coming for her offer.

Her hands continued to stroke herself, the slick desire growing by leaps and bounds as she desperately tried to quiet the flames that grew inside until her hand was saturated with her desires.

"It hurts!" She cried, the rumbling beneath her back increasing as the seconds passed by at an agonizing slowness.

Dew smiled softly and in relief as she felt the tender tendrils wrap around her ankles and slowly climb her calves, ticking her flesh as it moved upward. He was here. Her lover. The silent figure of a creature that came from within the earth to satisfy her ravenous desire and hunger of him and deep inside her starving mind, she knew her demise was eminent.

She did not know a face, only the exquisite rapture that only he could give her as she kept her eyes closed at his request. Gladly obeying the whispering command as her lover filled her so full of the fullness that only he could give her now.

The softness of his movements up her legs climbed higher and Dew removed her hands, feeling her lover's deep inhalation of her need, yet no sounds were emitted other than her own whispers and whimpers of desire.

She could feel his gripping fingers moving up her naked body, wrapping around her small breasts, squeezing, massaging until they too ached in need.

Her breath caught as she felt something press against her anal cavity, he had never done this before and fear as well as excitement ripped through her body like an uncontrolled wild fire.

Her unseen lover touched her core, peeling apart the now sticky folds to her cavern and Dew arched in pure delight as she felt the warm of breath touching her most intimate parts.

The tightness around her breasts increased, their tips hardening rapidly as he continued to touch her this way. The pressure at her bottom increased and she knew then that he was going to enter her this way.

Dew's arms stretched out to her sides, her remembered rule of not reaching for him deep inside her mind. The pressure at her bottom moved, circling up through the crevice to her entry, taking back with it the moisture he needed to enter her back cavity.

The breeze increased though it did little to cool off the heat that continued to spread through her body with his touches.

A hot and blinding pleasure ripped up her spine as the unseen lover now found her swollen passion, wrapping around it tightly as he continued to work her dampness now around both entrances.

It felt as if a rocket went off inside her body as her lover entered for the first time through her hungering entry, filling her as only he could as he swelled inside her. Deeper and deeper he drove, his magic hand working her nodule harder and harder, the pressure increasing at her backside while he drove inside her other cave and Dew suddenly became confused. Had it not been for the glorious sensation her lover was creating inside her, she would have opened her eyes to see him, yet knew that was taboo. Before her lids would open fully, he would be gone.

His steel shaft drove deep, yet the same pressure at her anal canal was even more confusing. Her lover hit that area that would send her into a moment of insanity and as she dropped over the edge of delirium she could feel the mind-blowing entrance at her backside.

Her hips arched upward in both pain and pleasure at the dual intrusion of her body, yet she was unsure of which sensation to react to first.

Deeper he drove inside her cavity as her hips bucked slightly from the rapture he gave her through her vaginal opening and as he continued to move, the combination of both had her convulsing savagely upon the ground as her second climax erupted even before the first had ended.

Her lover drew back and lunged forward and a pain unlike she had ever felt before rocketed up her body yet for a third time sent her over the edge of passion as he continued to drive deeper and deeper into both caverns within her.

Fear suddenly gripped her as she felt him tear through her abdominal cavity, climbing higher. A tightness welled within her chest, feeling as though it were squeezing out her breath and she felt herself sinking into the ground.

Dew fought against her lover, her terror suddenly filling her mind of what he truly was as she continued to sink into the soft earth.

Tendrils tightened around her chest, pulling her down, the rapture that she thought only her lover could give her now turning to horrified pain as it climbed even deeper within her body through both orifices.

Dew had one more climax, this one so intense, so blinding she screamed in its wake as she slowly sank beneath the surface of the earth drowning out her cries, her lover's hands pulling her downward as he too released the liquid of his loins that would give nourishment to his deeds.

Twin girls played with blind enlightenment around the open field, their parents' eyes watching their every movement as they skipped and hopped through the high grass of the meadow.

One blond head stopped immediately, her eyes rounding as she stared at the ground just beyond where she stood. Her mother's eyes followed her astonished gaze and she smiled as a small patch of the most gorgeous flowers she had seen in a long time caught her daughter's eye.

The mother knew the stories, her grandmother had told them to her long, long ago. Fairies flitted over this expanse of land, hopping from one blade of grass to the next, ensuring their tiny feet never touched the earth.

If they did, Mother Earth would catch their most secret desires, desires of young, wish-filled dreams of love and sweet dreams of passion.

If their feet happened to land on the soil of her domain, their thoughts read, Mother Earth would send forth her only son, Arkinian. He would entrap the fairies with his magic, pleasuring their bodies and keeping them somewhat bound to the earth.

As their hunger for passion grew, they would return to that ground and call upon their lover who would then ensnare them in rapture and pull them down into his province beneath the ground. Their passions satiated, their magic engulfed by the nourished soil, flowers the color of their bright wings where they had perished in delight sprang up to lighten and enthrall the eyes and hearts of humans that walked along the paths the fairies had taken to find bliss at the hands of their unknown lover.

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