tagLoving WivesA Fly on the Wall

A Fly on the Wall


Jesse and I were approaching our one year wedding anniversary. When his job had relocated him to my neighborhood in southern California, I bumped into him while I was working as a rookie pharmacist at our local CVS. He had come in to fill a prescription and shown me his sweet funny side which led to me giving him my number. We dated less than six months when he popped the question. We fast forward and now I'm a 26 year old newlywed trying to get my beloved 36 year old hubby a great anniversary gift.

During our wedding, I had just started my job so we couldn't take a proper honeymoon except a long weekend up the coast. That prompted Jesse to give me my one year anniversary present which was a legitimate luxurious honeymoon in the Caribbean Islands. Upon landing at the airport, we loved the tropical atmosphere as we entered the cab. The seaside suite was perfect as well as the area we were staying.

The day we arrived, Jesse was a little jet lagged so he took a nap while I walked around, searching the area for that perfect anniversary gift. A couple hours later, I returned with the present I knew he would love while smiling to myself. We stayed inside our room the rest of the first day to enjoy each other's company. We kissed and made love most of the evening.

We spent the next morning snorkeling before returning to our room for a nice long shower together. It was early evening and after we got ourselves ready, I gazed outside. The entire south side wall was a floor to ceiling window giving us a spectacular view of the tropical bay. I took in the crisp clear water, white sand, and the blue sky dotted with a few puffy white clouds.

We were both dressed casually and my sandy blonde hair was down. I was wearing a pair of loose black shorts, a white tank top, cute little sandals that showcased my purple painted toenails and to top it off, I was wearing a stylish floppy hat that Jesse found adorable. We were on vacation so I decided to be free and not wear a bra or panties even though you could clearly see my nipples poking through my top. My 34 C breasts were probably too big to have done that but I didn't care. Jesse wore a pair of loose tan cargo shorts, black tank top, sandals and nothing else. He was also without underwear just in case I wanted to play with it in public like I have done many times before.

As I stood standing at the window, he wrapped his arms around me from behind as we cherished the view and each other's presence. Holding me like that, smelling my freshness, he lowered his lips to my bare shoulder. He planted little kisses as I tilted my head to the side to allow him access to my now exposed neck and ear. He was kissing, nibbling and savoring me.

I whispered, "Mmmm, you are getting me hot. I think our evening plans have just been put on hold."

I took both his hands in my own, sliding them up along my smooth, tanned, tummy, higher still until he was cupping both of my breasts. Jesse pressed them into my firm round shirt-covered flesh. He could feel my nipples growing even harder in his palms as I began to grind my ass back against him. Both of us giving little moans of pleasure as he gripped my breasts in his hands and dry humped his growing hardness inside his shorts against me. This romance and attention to details made my pussy wet and I was ready to give him his anniversary present earlier than I had anticipated. I bounced my toned ass against him, causing him to step back as I turned around.

With a mischievous little grin on my face, I said, "I want to play, Jesse. All of this is wonderful but it is time to have some wild fun and give you what you deserve!"

I crossed my arms in front of me and stripped off my tank top, causing my floppy hat to fall. Jesse was now mesmerized and before he could even react to the lustful sight before him, the button on my shorts was undone and the zipper pulled down. Giving just a little seductive wiggle of my hips, the shorts slid down my slender legs to pool at my feet. A quick kick from each of my feet caused the shorts and sandals to fly across the room leaving me proudly naked while only wearing my belly button ring and a wicked smile.

Jesse's head scanned me up and down. He paid most of his attention on my firm breasts and my crotch. My pussy was freshly shaved and smooth as granite. I pushed my breasts together and sucked each of my nipples, careful to make sure he could see my tongue work its magic. His 7 cock was already pitching a tent in his shorts, begging to be released.

"Well, baby, I want you to get naked and join me in the bedroom. I've got plans for you," I whispered loudly.

That said as I turned, lightly brushed the hardness in his shorts with my fingernails and strolled down the hallway. I was slow and methodical so he could watch my hips swaying and bare little ass cheeks rippling as I walked. I was hoping his heart was pounding in his chest as he watched me walk away. I picked up my phone from the corner shelf and sent out a quick text.

A couple more steps, I turn at the bedroom door giving Jesse a perfect profile view. Stopping for a moment as I look over at him staring. One hand slipped down over my smooth belly until it reached between my thighs. An opened mouthed look of pleasure crossed my face letting him know I was now fingering my wet smooth pussy. I slowly lifted my juicy, glistening fingers to my mouth. I tasted once, squinted my eyes and hummed, "Mmmm."

The look on his face was priceless and I continued to suck and lick my fingers clean while murmuring, "Mmmmmmm soooo sweet. My pussy tastes amazing."

As I disappeared through the bedroom door, I could hear Jesse's clothes fly off his body landing who knows where in the living room before following his bouncing cock to the bedroom. When he entered the doorway, he froze, gawking at the sight before him.

I had made myself comfortable in the soft leather armchair located in the far corner of the room. My legs were spread wide and resting over the arms of the chair. My pussy, glimmering with my own excitement, aimed directly at him. I had two fingers already sliding in and out as my other hand massaged my firm breasts. This time I was twisting and tugging at my hard nipples.

"Sure took you long enough to get back here, Jesse." I exclaimed, never losing my mischievous smile. "Now get over here and lick me. I want you to lick it like you have never licked it before. Look at my fingers. It is soooo wet right now."

He entered the room and came over to where I was sitting. I was rubbing my clit in circular fashion before submerging it inside my slippery slit. Jesse loved watching me masturbate. He just stood above me, waiting for is opportunity. I took my finger out of my vagina and held up right hand for him to see that I had a black rubber cock ring wrapped around my wedding ring."

Sliding it off, I giggled, "With this ring, I thee wed." before sitting forward in the chair, stretching it out with my gooey fingers and placing it around his cock and balls.

It wasn't as far back as I wanted "I'll have to make it a bit more slippery to get that ring on all the way."

Jesse's cock was so rigid and hard. A nice bead of precum was oozing from the hole but I needed to draw out as much as possible so I stroked the shaft a few times before squeezing the base. I repeated this action and on the fourth round, a nice big glob of pre-cum emerged from the tip. Using my finger and thumb, I pinched the slimly liquid and smeared it inside the cock ring. That helped me slide it all the way back up against his pubic bone.

The cock ring was doing its job as it plumped out Jesse's dick even more. It was fatter and tighter if that was even possible. I could literally see his heart beat on the side of the smooth shaft. It was pulsating and looked delicious so I had to taste it. Using my tongue around the swollen head brought out moans of pleasure from him. I licked it like it was a melting ice-cream cone.

After my initial taste of that leakage, I had to have more. Jesse's precum was even sweeter than my juices. I began to grab the shaft right below the helmet, squeeze tightly and tongue the nectar right out of the hole. I couldn't get enough. I engulfed his entire head and sucked his cock about half way down. Just feeling his oozing member touch the back of my throat made my pussy tingle.

I began to suck it like I was giving him the best blowjob of his life. I wanted to savor the taste which caused my sucking to be very sloppy. Because I couldn't get enough, I forced it into my throat until it was completely submerged down my esophagus. My deepthroating of his erection forced his moaning to be more prevalent. Again and again I would suck and take ever inch, coating his entire length in my saliva until it was practically dripping from his warm balls. With my fingers, I squeezed the cock ring even tighter while I continued to stroke it up and down. The veins running up the shaft became even more prominent and defined which I easily felt on my tongue.

"There we go. I think that should do it." I told him as I once again assumed my wide spread position on the chair. My tight bare pussy was even wetter than before. "Now, get down here and eat me, Jesse! Eat my little cunt. I know you want to."

Jesse was so hot he was shaking. Had I kept sucking, he would have easily erupted within seconds. Slowly he knelt down between my smooth opened thighs. His hands, so warm and gentle caressed my skin as his lips descended. He began kissing and nipping on my taunt flesh. His lips softly caressing as his tongue flicked higher and higher. He first reached my left crevice where my leg connects and then shifted to my right side. He kissed and licked while closing in towards the middle until I felt his breath on my gooey little pussy.

I used my own fingers to spread my lips open for him but he continued to tease and suckle as my hand rested on his head. Gazing up into my eyes, I could see and hear his intake of my essence. My pussy was so fresh yet sexually musky from my arousal. Just like his cock, his pulse was pounding in his ears at the desire to bury his tongue inside my very core. He would gently lick with the tip of his tongue. He would then tease me by stopping and allowing his warm breath to overwhelm my entire opening.

A sudden gasp escaped my lips when his tongue flicked and lightly stroked my wetness. At that moment, I just wanted to mash his face into my quim but held restraint. Over and over the barest of touch with that magnificent tongue was like he was an artist trying to touch up a painting. He was trying to savor my sweet juices while driving me crazy at the same time.

Now it was my turn to flow as I could feel my juices run down the crack of my booty. As Jesse watched a little trickle of moisture escape my pink pussy, he was quick to swipe it up with his tongue before it got lost between my cheeks. He would slurp it up, not stopping until finally swirling around my exposed clit. Both of us moaning in pleasure.

Unable to wait any longer, he plunged his tongue as deeply inside me as humanly possible. Raising his hands up, Jesse cupped my ass cheeks pulling me even tighter to his mouth. He licked and sucked on every part of my pussy. I believe if he could have stuck his entire face inside me, he would have. It felt great and I was getting closer to a large orgasm.

"Oh fuck yes, Jesse! Eat me, baby! Make me cum all over your face!" I begged.

His lips, his tongue, his breath, even his teeth pleasured my pussy. Devouring me, drinking down my sweet cream was his quest. Licking and tongue fucking me over and over was getting me closer to that climax that I craved. I was just about to cum when his tongue dipped lower to tease my tight anus. When it slid just inside my star, I used both hands on his head, pressing him harder to get it deeper.

"Oh God, Jesse! Yes, eat my ass! Go on you fucker, eat my tight little asshole! For the love of God, don't stop!" I screamed right before I gasped in orgasm, "Oh! Ohhhh! Yeeeeessssss! Augghhhhhhhhh!"

I wrapped my legs around his head trapping him in place while my body convulsed. When the twitching slowed down, I started grinding my hips against his face as he continued to tongue my asshole. His nose was buried inside my dripping pussy. When my pussy stopped contracting, Jesse quickly moved upward and gobbled my clit. I was in ecstasy.

As he began to suckle on my hard little clitty, he suddenly thrust two fingers deep inside me causing a resounding, "OH," while twisting and turning them as they easily slid in an out of my now gooey hole. I was groaning loud enough for everyone in the next room to hear when his thumb pressed inside my asshole. He rocked his hand up and down as his fingers and thumb fucked both of my holes. Faster and faster, I humped his face. Suddenly my entire body clinched up as my juices erupted all over his face, soaking him in my climax. I was squealing uncontrollably.

When I had finally stopped cumming, Jesse continued kissing and licking even while my body continued to tremble. My hands kept him in place while he drank as much of me as he could. Just then there was a light knock on the door. I released him from my tight embrace. I swung one leg overtop his head and jumped up to answer the door.

I knew it was the anniversary present that I had planned on. One of the best qualities Jesse possessed that helped me fall in love with him was the fact there was not a jealous bone in his body. On the contrary, he would ask about my ex-lovers and want to hear all the details when we made love.

He would always say, "I would have loved to been a fly on the way to watch that," after I finished sharing the details.

So little did he know that when he was sleeping the previous day and I had went for a walk, I asked a young senorita working that the desk if she knew of any hung hot guys willing to help me give my gift to Jesse. She immediately said, "Jorge" with a huge smile. He was a 19 year old boy who worked as a landscaper on the resort. I asked her to see if he was down and after I gave her my number, she said she would let me know. So when I texted after I walked away from Jesse, it was to let her know to send Jorge up.

When I opened the door, in walked a very tall, slender, sweaty guy showing me that he was still working or was just getting off his shift because he was wearing jeans, a white tank top which was dirty and sweaty and an equally wet blue bandana tied around his forehead. He was still wearing his high top work boots. Appearing younger than he actually was, the boy was a dark skinned Guatemalan. Jorge was 6'4 but lanky at 160 pounds. He was very cute with his thick, short black hair and when he smiled, I melted at the sight of his adorable little dimples. I took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom while introducing myself, "Hi. I'm Brittni. Nice to meet you."

Jorge shook his head, before telling me he didn't speak English, "Soy Jorge pero no hablo inglés."

I was not expecting that he would only speak Spanish so I knew I would have to improvise and speak the language of love even though I did speak a little Spanish. When we entered the bedroom, Jesse's eyes widened but he remained silent. He was standing and using my saliva as partial lube while he continued stroking his erection.

"Have a seat, Jesse. I know you will enjoy what is coming," I requested with a smile. I continued with my information as I was now unbuttoning Jorge's jeans and helping him take them off, "You had always said you wanted to be a fly on the wall while I made love with someone else. Well...happy anniversary, Fly."

Jesse swallowed with a huge gulp and he stopped stroking his peter for fear of cumming too soon. He was now sitting in the chair I had evacuated, watching intently to see what I would do next. I was down on my knees in front of our young guest, tugging his underwear down and then it flopped out!

"Oh my! Look at this thing, Jesse. He is hung like a horse. I mean look at it!" I excitedly grabbed it and shook it at Jesse, "It isn't all the way hard yet and it has to be...what 9 or 10 inches?"

It was a huge cock and I wanted it immediately. Since I was already down on the ground, I untied his boots and took them off of him. After removing his socks, the jeans and brief style underwear soon followed. When I looked up, he had already removed his tank and now Jorge stood in front of me completely naked. I could tell his body was still immature because of the lack of muscle mass and hairlessness. I didn't mind because it was extremely cut with no body fat and even if he didn't have a good body, that has never been a top priority for me. That cock was taking center stage and drawing all my attention.

Jorge was shy and awkward so I knew I was going to have to take the lead. I tugged it like a rope and led him over to the bed. I giggled and asked Jesse, "You want to see me get fucked by this big black hog, don't you, Jesse?"

"Oh yes baby. I would love to watch you get fucked," Jesse gasped as his stroking had turned into rubbing his own prick.

Just then I returned, "That's good to hear, babe. Because tonight you get to watch me take this cock in all my holes and get me some strange cum. You know how I love cum and I bet his is thick like you know I love."

I walked over to Jesse sitting in the chair. Leaning down, I kissed him deeply and passionately. Breaking our kiss suddenly, I warned in a seductive whisper, "I'm going to enjoy this big dick. You want me to be pleasured and you want to watch that happen, don't you babe?" After he nodded his head in approval, I ordered, "Now you are not allowed to cum until I tell you too. And that won't be until I have drained Jorge dry." I stooped down and kissed the head of his profusely leaking cock before walking back to Jorge.

Jorge was now sitting on the bed, awaiting for me to lead the way. I approached and gently pushed his upper body, signaling that I want him to lie down. He was now on his back up on the bed but his feet were still on the floor in a sitting position.

I held up his hard-on with both hands while marveling to Jesse, "Look at this baby? I have two hands on his dick and I still have a few inches to spare." Squatting down I began to lick his sweaty, musky balls before pausing, "His nuts are sweaty and I bet they are full of cum. He is going to enjoy pumping me full it. You want me to take all his sperm, don't you Jesse?"

Jesse groaned, "Of course baby. You are so sexy when you make love. I can't wait."

Jesse sat there watching me with his own dick rock hard and throbbing. It was pressed up against his stomach and the cock ring made it all that much tighter. I was now sucking Jorge's sweaty cock while I stroked it with both hands. It was salty and that same musk was emitting from his crotch region in general from all the day's work. I bobbed and slobbered, "Mmmmm...slurrrrpppp...mmmmmmm."

I was just starting to enjoy Jorge's snake when he moaned he was going to shoot, "Voy a disparar! Voy a disparar!"

Just then a rope of cum jetted out and struck the roof of my mouth and the back of my throat. It caught me by surprise because I had no idea that he would ejaculate that soon! He continued to grunt while filling my mouth, "Uuuuhhhhhhh! Se siente tan bien! Uuuhhhh! Uhh!!"

I kept jerking and sucking, allowing him to complete his premature orgasm. When Jorge's cock had finished erupting in my mouth, his tensed up body completely relaxed on the bed. Since I was just getting into it, I continued to suck on it for a few more minutes while I simultaneously jerked it with both of my hands. I squeezed out the rest, swallowed the mouthful of tangy spunk, and stood up allowing his hefty cock to slap down against his abdomen.

I chuckled while looking at Jesse, "Whoa! I wasn't expecting him to cum so quickly. That caught me by surprise and babe you wouldn't believe how much he came. That was insane but look at his cock! Look, it is still hard for my pussy and my ass."

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