tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Foreign Exchange at Christmas.

A Foreign Exchange at Christmas.


Maria was from eastern Europe and lived with her Auntie in a rather posh part of London. She had been sent there recently by her parents, partly to get a better education than what was available back home, but also to keep her safe. Criminal activity was on the increase out there and it was no longer a safe place for an attractive young woman to be. Along with the obvious problems of living in a crime ridden country there was another reason why Maria's parents wanted her out of the way. Many gangs were starting to deliberately target young women with unpleasant consequences, many of them being put to "work" against their will.

Having now been in England for a few months she was doing well and her English, although far from perfect, wasn't bad. She still however spoke in that broken clumsy accent that, to be honest, most people couldn't help but find endearing.

She certainly got her fair share of attention from the boys, partly due to the fact that she was foreign and therefore different, sort of more exotic. But to be honest it was probably mainly due to the fact that she was stunningly beautiful.

She was just 18 with silky chestnut hair that cascaded straight and smooth from her head all the way to her lower back. If the sun caught it just right it would shine so beautifully that she would look like one of those girls in a shampoo advert. Together with her big brown eyes full pouting lips and perfectly flawless fresh young complexion she was a real looker, a definite heartbreaker.

She was tiny, just 4 feet 11 inches, and always wore high heels on her petite size 3 feet to try and compensate. She had grown used to people putting their arms around her and hugging her all the time, it was an instinctive urge that her sweet cuteness seemed to bring out in just about everyone. It really went without saying that absolutely everybody loved Maria.

But the lovely 18 year old also had something else that made her rather special, something that would bring her even more attention than her sweetness and pretty face.

She had a body that had men drawing breath in stunned awe when first they laid eyes upon her. Being quite small meant that she was very well proportioned. Her fit young ass was as sweet as a peach and tight as a drum, and so cheeky that some would find the temptation give it a little squeeze almost impossible to resist. She had no idea of just how many times she had been followed by guys excited by the sight of her incredibly sexy outward thrusting cheeks.

If that wasn't enough she had one other asset, a chest that measured an astonishing 30FF!!! Not only did her boobs look huge on her petite frame but being just 18 meant they were fresh and new and therefore extremely firm, a rarely found combination. Every top she wore would fit her correctly everywhere else but they always stretched tight across her incredible bust making it look as if she was being a deliberate tease by showing them off, which she really wasn't.

The result was she was something very special indeed. On one hand her height and the sweetness of her face gave her a vulnerability that was so cute and endearing to all. Yet on the other hand her voluptuous curves had men drooling over her wanting to vent their lust on her. A pure virgin beauty with face of an angel and the body of a porn star, she really was a cock hardening contradiction.

Now the 18 year old had a problem, she was actually in the country illegally and if the authorities found her then they would almost certainly arrest her and send her home. This was clearly something she was desperate to avoid, she obviously knew of the problems back home and she knew she would quickly attract a lot of attention from all sorts of low-life scum.

Along with this she was happy with her new life and, from the stories her parents had told her, the thought of having to give it up and go back to that place now terrified her. All she had to do was keep her head down and avoid any contact with the authorities, that way there shouldn't be a problem.

It was Christmas and being a student meant that Maria had a lot of parties to go to. Every time she left the house she was reminded by her Auntie not to get into any trouble, if the police ever had cause to question her for being drunk or anything then it could result in them finding out who she was and arresting her as an illegal immigrant.

The lovely 18 year old knew this and was always extra careful, although sometimes things would happen that were beyond her control.............

It was Christmas eve and a couple of the students from her college were having a fancy dress party in their rented flat. Maria was invited as always, it's funny but if ever one of the guys throws a party she seems to always get an invite......no prizes for guessing why!

She had decided to get into the festive spirit and had created for herself a sort of do-it-yourself sexy Santa outfit. All she did was take a bright red ribbed sweater that she had and stretched it's length so it became a sort of knitted dress. She then trimmed the wrists and bottom of it with white fur and then sewed a line of white fur fake buttons down the front, all in all it looked very festive.

As she got ready and squeezed her curvaceous body into it she began to wonder if she hadn't made a bit of a mistake. It was certainly sexy, just maybe a bit too sexy and might send out the wrong message. Maria was a good girl and unusually in this day and age still a virgin, something she was very proud of and she worried that the outfit might have people thinking differently of her.

She continued to look at herself in the mirror wondering what to do, the more she looked the more she couldn't help but admire herself, she did look hot!

Being ribbed the knitted garment literally clung to every inch of her voluptuous firm young body, it looked as if it had been sprayed onto her. The other problem was the length, it only just covered the cheeks of her ass and if it wasn't for the fur trim around the hem giving an added inch or two of cover then she definitely would never have worn it. She put on the wide black belt she had bought to go with it and buckled it up tight around her tiny waist. All this did was emphasise her hour glass shape even more, making it look as if she was showing off her huge boobs and cheeky ass, deliberately thrusting them out like some sort of cruel cock teaser, which of course she really wasn't.

After several minutes debating with herself she soon realised that it was a fancy dress party and this was the only costume she had, so it would have to do. Had the outfit been a bit longer she would have maybe worn stockings, but it was way too short for that so she had no choice other than to wear a pair of jet black nylon pantyhose, which, it has to be said, made her legs look simply mouth watering.

She pulled on a pair of black leather high heeled boots and popped a Santa hat on her head and set off with her friends for the party.

The night was going well and Maria was enjoying all the extra attention she was getting, it seemed that every guy at the party had quickly noticed her. She never seemed to be without male attention with one after the other trying desperately to chat her up, however she was in full control and after a few drinks couldn't see any reason not to enjoy a bit of harmless flirting.

The music was loud and the place grew more and more crowded, everyone was having a fantastic time until around midnight when some of the neighbours must have started getting fed up with the noise.

Suddenly the music stopped and there was a lot of shouting. Maria looked to see what all the fuss was about. Her blood ran cold when she saw the police had arrived and were trying to bring the party to an end by ordering everybody to go home. She instantly remembered the words of her Auntie and started to panic, she had to avoid the police at all costs.

Unfortunately with the drink flowing and many young men unwilling to do as they were told things started to turn nasty. That was when more police arrived and people started getting arrested.

Maria might have been able to get out without any trouble until she saw that everyone was getting searched for drugs and nobody was allowed to leave until they had given all their details. Now she was in real trouble!

Just then the pretty 18 year old saw an opportunity, the flat had a balcony outside, maybe she could hide out there.

While everyone was waiting their turn to be searched by the police Maria manoeuvred herself to back of the crowd and carefully opened the door that led out onto it and slipped outside. Her saucy little Christmas outfit did nothing to protect her from the freezing night air and she clapped her arms around herself to try and keep warm. Then she noticed the balcony was shared by the flat nextdoor and knowing there was a good chance that the police would check outside she saw this as her only chance of escape.

Seeing a light on inside she gently tapped on the window hoping she would find a kind soul to let her in...........................

Inside was the neighbour who had complained to the police, a rather unpleasant character known to most of the neighbours as creepy Colin.

He was an old man, easily in his seventies, and had lived alone in that same flat for almost twenty years. He never really spoke to anyone, some thought he was shy, others thought he was just a miserable old sod, but many thought he was odd, maybe even retarded in some way. The name 'creepy' Colin was given to him by some of the local women who felt uncomfortable at the way he would often stare at them. He would often pause to take a long lingering look at the attractive woman as they walked by him in the street, seemingly undressing them with his old eyes. Now some men may get away with that, but when you're a dirty smelly toothless old man then you find it really isn't appreciated.

Other than that nobody really paid him any mind at all, he was just a sad old man who would one day be dead and gone and not a soul would care. This was probably why he was such a grumpy and miserable old boy, nobody cared about him, so why should he care about them!

He had been sitting in that evening watching his television getting more and more annoyed at all the noise coming from next door. His call to the police had at last done the trick and he was finally settling down to do some late night viewing in peace.

Now the local women had no idea but they were just about spot on with their perception of him. He was indeed a dirty old pervert who couldn't help himself from ogling attractive young women, silently and secretly lusting after them. He could see no harm in it and most evenings he would settle down in his old string vest and boxer shorts his mind full of images of all the various women he had seen that day. His old cock would soon harden and he would close his eyes and, with his trusty old right hand, relieve his daily frustration. Like many men the dirty old pervert couldn't get through a day without having to wank himself off at least once. Being old and alone didn't mean these urges vanished, as with so many unwanted old men the total lack of any female company only made them stronger, sometimes almost unbearable.

Now this evening with the noise from the party at last over he was finally able to settle down to indulge himself when he heard a quite, but rapid tapping on his door. He thought he was hearing things as it was the door to his small balcony, but he soon realised he wasn't and so went to see what on earth it could possibly be.

He pulled back the curtain and wiped the condensation from the glass with his hand. For a second or two he didn't see anyone, then as he looked down he saw the face of a young girl staring back at him with wide pleading eyes. He couldn't quite believe what he was seeing and he wiped more condensation from the glass, she was absolutely beautiful. Without hesitation he quickly opened the door to see what she wanted. As she stepped in from the cold the dirty old boy got his first proper look at this luscious 18 year old and was completely stunned by what he saw.

She explained in her broken English that she was from the party next door and apologised profusely for disturbing him. She then went on to ask if she could wait with him for a few minutes clasping her hands together as if almost begging him.

"If I can just wait here for a few minutes please," she asked with big puppy dog eyes, "do you mind......please!"

Mind!!! Of course he didn't mind! As she spoke all he could do was stare lovingly into those big beautiful eyes, he was instantly enchanted by her, her face was so pretty and innocent, and her accent!!!! Wow! How sexy was that!

Maria had no idea of his thoughts and took no notice of the fact that this rather frail looking old man was standing there in just his old string vest and boxer shorts. She was just so glad to have escaped the police raid next door.

There was an awkward silence for a moment. "Th...thank you, it's very kind of you, I...I only need a few minutes," she eventually chirped up feeling the need to break the silence.

Just then she saw a spy hole in his door and asked if she could use it have a look outside.

Still in rather a state of shock old Colin just nodded his head and waved his hand towards the door, gesturing that it was fine.

What a crazy few minutes, this gorgeous girl had breezed in like a whirlwind from nowhere, blurted out some sort of reason as to why she was there and was now standing with her hands clasped either side of the spy hole in his front door with her face up against it peering out.

He took a moment to gather his thoughts, any confusion he had over what had just happened seemed to evaporate away as he got the chance to have his first proper look at her.

Her tiny knitted red sweater only just covered her sexy little ass, the beautifully rounded shape of her cheeks causing it to stretch so lovely and tight. Below the white fur trim her young thighs looked so smooth and firm coated in sheer black nylon, the shortness of her naughty little outfit really showing them off.

His gaze wandered up and admired her beautiful long silky hair cascading down her back, she was truly lovely. Surprisingly it was only then that he noticed the size of her tits, he couldn't believe it, she was so tiny and they were so big..........so very big!

She was too engrossed in what was happening outside the door to even notice his increasingly sinister and lustful stare.

If he believed in miracles then this truly was one, it was like all his Christmas presents had arrived at once, everything he had ever dreamed of, everything he had ever longed for was standing right there all bundled up in one incredibly gorgeous and sexy little package. He even gazed up to the heavens as if to say thank you for this unbelievable Christmas present.

He couldn't help himself from just staring at her as his mouth began to water and his pathetic old cock began to stiffen all on it's own. His mind started working overtime, he still didn't understand where she came from or what she was doing there but he could see she was scared of whatever was going on outside.

After a few more awkward minutes he sat himself down and picked up his newspaper to read. He didn't know why, he had no intention of reading it, the truth was he didn't really know what to do with himself. As he thumbed through the pages he couldn't help sneakily looking over the top of the paper at her, he couldn't take his eyes off her. Every minute or two she would make some comment about what was going on outside and how she should only be a few minutes and how grateful she was to him for letting her wait there. It was clear that she felt uncomfortable being there.

The old man let his imagination wander, it was kind of impossible for a dirty minded old boy like him not to. He had seen some girls in his time but she was something else. The more he looked the more he wanted her, he would give anything for a girl like that, just the thought of it had his head spinning.

After about 10 minutes or so it was clear that she wasn't going anywhere, and the poor sex-starved pensioner couldn't just sit there looking at her a moment longer.

As she stood looking through the spy hole she suddenly felt the old mans presence uncomfortably close behind her. He had placed his hands against the door either side of her effectively trapping her where she was.

"What's goin' on then?" Colin asked.

"Er....th...there are policemen out there, and I er....w...would rather they didn't see me." Maria answered rather nervously.

"Let's have a look then." The old man said as he brought his head down next to hers.

As she moved her head to one side and he peered through the spy hole he felt the softness of her long hair brush against the side of his craggy old face. His senses were on high alert and just the slightest touch of her hair against his cheek excited him so much.

"So why don't you want them to find you?" He asked squinting one eye as he looked through the hole.

"I....I just don't," was all she could think to say.

He wasn't stupid and knew there was a problem in the area with illegal immigrants from eastern Europe and, with her accent, he couldn't help but wonder if that maybe had anything to do with it.

"Oh I see," he whispered in a rather knowing way.

He moved his head away from the spy hole and Maria quickly brought her eye back to it desperate to see what was happening. The police were still there and they now seemed to be searching the place, this wasn't good, she knew she couldn't leave the old mans flat until they had all gone.

The dirty old pervert started sweating profusely. He remained standing exactly where he was, he couldn't help it, he couldn't remember the last time he had been so close to such a lovely young girl. The pretty 18 year old tried to ignore him but it wasn't easy, his heavy breathing sounded so loud and the foul stale stench of his breath along with his sweating body was filling the air around her.

Still with his hands against the door either side of her his eyes slowly went from the top of her head following down her long flowing hair until he was eventually looking straight down at her ass. It looked so tempting the way it stuck out and was just a matter of inches from his cock, which had now formed a very obvious tent in his grubby old boxers.

The drooling old pervert then decided to see what her reaction would be to the suggestion that he should open the door and tell the police she was there. As soon as he said it she quickly turned her head to look at him, fear seemed to be etched on her sweet face.

"N...no p...please don't p....please...."

This was just the reaction he had hoped for. He looked into her beautiful big eyes and a sinister grin came across his face as he saw pools of water forming in them.

Maria felt awkward at how close his face was to hers, it was only then that she really noticed he was standing there in only his underwear. Not knowing what to do she nervously turned her head back to continue looking through the spy hole in the hope that he would just move away.

The old man saw how this could possibly be a once in a lifetime chance and knew he had to try and take it. He leaned a little closer and with his nose almost touching the top of her head he filled his nostrils with the lovely clean fresh scent of her hair. At the same time his slightly rounded belly touched against her back.

Unable to make a sound or any fuss for fear of drawing attention from the other side of the door she tried to ignore what was happening. As she felt his belly touch her back she noticed something else, she was sure she felt something else touching her.

The sweaty old man grew more excited as he looked down again at her gorgeous shapely ass, he couldn't resist the temptation, it was too much, he "accidentally" brushed his erection against it. What an incredible thrill for him, so much so that he did it again, he thought he was being so subtle about it that she hadn't noticed. Of course she had but was unable to do anything about it, the trouble for her was that as he sensed no reaction from her his confidence began to grow.

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