A Foursome with My Mate


Denise gave me a naughty look and reached out and took hold of the vibrator that I was using and began to push it in and out of me, so I did the same to her. It felt a bit odd to be fucking another girl, but I must say that I really liked the feeling of pushing that 9'' of plastic up into her, seeing the look on her face and feeling her do it to me.

I felt Dave move around to the side of me, glanced out the corner of my eye and saw him there with that stiff cock of his in hand. I took it in my mouth and sucked on its hardness, lapped my tongue around it and tasted the sweet clear liquid dripping from his slit at the end. Dave reached down and began to diddle my clitty while Denise fucked my hole with the vibrator, I gasped with my mouth full of cock. With so many sensations it didn't take much of Dave's clitoral stimulation to get me there, I'm quite orgasmic anyway, never had much trouble getting off when someone knows what they are doing (and Dave certainly did!).

I began to buck and moan (well as loudly as you can with a mouth full of cock!) as my cum crashed in and boy did it feel good! I collapsed back letting Dave's cock fall from my mouth and hang glistening above me as I panted. The others all cheered me, the bastards, I gave a rye smile and lay back to gather myself for a few moments, my heart hammering away.

Denise pulled Dave over to her. She was up on her knees and had a big grin on her face and a cock in each hand. I watched as she wanked one and then the other as the boys knelt there and gave her their cocks. Then she put Phil's in her slutty mouth while still holding Dave's, they both looked like they were enjoying it. Then she dared to suck Dave's while Phil watched, I could see that she was loving this. Then she rubbed both hard dripping cocks all over her face making it glisten with juice, stuffed them both in her mouth at the same time. I wanted a go at that, so I scooted over, took Phil's in my hand and began to lick it and took it in my mouth, all hard and thick. We sucked the boys' cocks between us, swapping and watching each other greedily blowing them. They both moaned quietly in pleasure.

'Mmm...I don't know about you Alison, but I could with some cock in me', said Denise lustily. 'Who's going to fuck me, eh?'

'I'll fuck you babe,' said Phil, 'just how you like it too,' he growled.

We disengaged and Phil pushed Denise around onto her knees, bent forward. He took his cock in his hand and entered her from behind sharply, she gasped as he sunk in to the hilt in her pussy. He began to fuck her with hard steady strokes, her hanging tits jiggled to the rhythm of his thrusts. Denise looked up with lust fogged eyes and beckoned Dave over to her, she wanted his cock in her mouth while Phil fucked her from behind. He stuck it in her greedy mouth. Denise let out muffled gasps and moans as she was rocked back and forth, she reached back and I could see her rubbing her clit frantically, I almost wanted to do it for her.

Phil managed to hold out just long enough for Denise to reach her orgasm before he came inside her with a gasp and propped himself up on her back with stiff arms his eyes squeezed shut (I love watching guys cum-faces). Lust crazed, Denise dealt with Dave too, taking his cock out her mouth she rapidly stroked its length in her fist her mouth wide, eagerly open waiting for the inevitable. Dave jerked and his spunk flew in white globs all over Denise' face, it her mouth, over her cheeks, she was covered in it, lovely!

'Fucking wonderful.' Said Denise panting.

'You dirty cow.' I scolded her jokingly.

'Ha!You know you want it too.' She laughed back.

Dave was sat on the floor recovering. Phil moved around behind me, I felt his fingers stroke my pussy a couple of times and then he slipped two up inside me, it felt nice. I began to rock back and forth on them looking over at Denise, she didn't seem to mind that her man was touching me up. Phil took me to the floor and we lay facing each other, he fingered my pussy, delving his fingers in and then pulling them out to rub around my clit in a very nice way, I kissed him. He was hard again already, Denise always said that he had amazing stamina, felt like it was true.

I rolled onto my back, seemed like it was my turn to be ganged up on as the other two closed in on me too, it was very dirty and very exciting anticipating all those different hands on me. Phil pulled a cushion off of the sofa and propped my bum up underneath it, he splayed his knees on the floor and pulled me to him by the hips, his thick cock pushed its way into me stretching me in a very nice way.

Denise had hold of Dave's cock and guided him over to me, she rubbed the oozing tip over my nipple, that felt nice. Phil was slowly pushing in and out of my pussy. I loved the feeling of filling up on each stroke, nothing like a nice thick cock stretching you down there. He was using his thumb to gently stimulate my clit as he fucked. Denise guided Dave's cock into my mouth, it tasted spunky. I looked up and saw her lean over me and kiss her and I had a nice view as her reached over and fingered her fanny. I watched his fingers rub and delve into her soaking slit, it was full of Phil's spunk but he didn't seem to mind.

Phil made me cum and Dave made Denise cum again too using his fingers. Phil seemed a bit funny about Denise kissing Dave, but they were just getting off, anyway he kind of pushed him out of the way and took her over to the sofa where he laid her back and fucked her again. I got Dave to fuck me doggy style from behind, his long cock bashed up against my cervix as he put it all the way in every other stroke, it made me gasp. I took his cum up in there, felt it spurt inside me, I like that feeling.

The guys were knackered now after cumming twice each, but Denise and I were still randy as hell, this was such a kinky scenario. Dave and Phil sat on the sofa with drinks while Denise and I closed in on each other. I wasn't going to do the full lesbian thing with her, I couldn't get my head around the idea of putting my fingers in her pussy or licking it, not with the guys watching anyhow. But we kissed and touched each others boobs and sat across each others thighs and rubbed ourselves off on each others legs. I liked the feeling of her fanny all hot and slippery grinding against my leg with increasing urgency as I did the same on her. I concentrated the feel of her pussy touching me, that's what made me cum.

We managed another round but everyone was getting a bit sore and tired after that. And Denise and Phil went to bed and Dave and I curled up on the two sofas, I'd of liked a cuddle but he was a bit distant, like guys often are after sex.

After, Denise and I thought that it had wonderful fun, I was so surprised at myself for having not only done all of those dirty, dirty things, but to have joined in so eagerly. It opened up a new side to myself, and I'd like to explore that some more and find out what I have been missing. The boy's on the other hand funnily enough got the hump about it. Phil didn't like Dave kissing his Denise, he thought that something was going on, and he didn't like that and got all possessive. And Dave was petrified that his current girlfriend was going to find out, so he made himself scarce after that night. Denise and I still talk about it together in private, we had a great time and I'm sure we'll find some way to repeat or expand the experience, with or without spoilsport Dave and Phil.

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