tagErotic HorrorA Frightful Night's Delight Ch. 05

A Frightful Night's Delight Ch. 05


Author's note: I tried a different writing style today, writing this chapter over the course of 3 days instead of all in one sprint like the previous ones. I hope you enjoy it, and of course, feedback is appreciated and encouraged. Now back to the story…


Charles waited in the express line at the grocery store, while two people ahead of him, a customer and the cashier argued over the price of some thing or another. He really despised these late night grocery runs.

He once again shifted the groceries he was carrying in his arms to make the load more comfortable. He had decided not to use a basket since he was only getting a few things. Granted, a few things, in this case a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread, a dozen eggs, and six packs of ramen, got to be pretty unwieldy when one found oneself in a long line. A pair of hands took the eggs and the ramen away from him, simplifying things.

Charles turned to see who had just taken his food and came face to face with a blue-eyed brunette with short hair and an athletic and shapely body. All this encased in a pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt that said "The Texas National Guard doesn't die. They just go to hell to regroup."

"Hello Chuckles, have you seen John?"

"Not yet, Monica, I just got back in town a little bit ago. Did he forget to call you again?"

"Yeah, second time this week he's said he'd call and forgot. Sometimes I wonder why I put up with this at all."

"Well, when I get home, I'll have him call you. See you at Drill on Saturday?"

"Yeah, like I have a choice. Seeya then."

Monica put the ramen and eggs on the conveyor belt for the cash register, followed by Charles' milk and bread, and wandered off into the store to grab some food to fill her nigh-empty fridge. Monica was in the National Guard, like Charles. She was also uncommonly good at soldiering for a guardsman. Come to think of it, Charles couldn't recall even a hint of what she did for a living in her civilian life. He shrugged as he handed a twenty dollar bill to the young girl working the register, who gave him his change along with a big, toothy smile only slightly marred by the braces she wore on her teeth. Charles took the bags of food and carried them to his car and then drove home.

When he got home, he noticed that all the lights in the house were off.

"Guess everyone is asleep. I'll tell John about his screw-up when he wakes up in the morning."

That decision made, Charles walked to the door, both grocery bags held in one arm as he unlocked the door and entered the house. He put the bags on the table and closed and locked the door, flipping the light switch as he turned back around to grab the groceries.

The world around him remained as bathed in darkness as it had when he walked in.

"Great, did John forget to mail the checks in to the electric company again?"

No sooner did Charles finish saying this than did an unseen set of hands begin to undo his belt and open his pants, reaching in to find his stiffening member.

"Is that you Julie?"

The only thing he got in response was some of the best head he'd ever had in his life. This certainly didn't feel like Julia. She was a skilled fellater in her own right, but this was something else entirely. Like comparing an urban wall mural to the Sistine Chapel Ceiling.

Well, OK, maybe not a Chapel's ceiling. You get the idea though, don't you?

As the tight warm mouth surrounding his cock went up and down slowly, an unbelievably long tongue seemed to wrap itself loosely around his shaft, squeezing and rubbing it in all the exact right places to get him going. His thought processes switched over from one head to the other as he reached forward to run his hands through his unseen benefactor's hair. Much to his surprise, both of his hands were caught in vice grips as this unknown girl snatched his wrists before he could place them on his head. All of his attempts to break free only resulted in the grips on his wrists becoming painfully tight.

A corner of his mind thought "OK, so I'm not driving this stagecoach." He relaxed his arms, and the grip loosened, though his wrists were still firmly held as the blowjob began to pick up it's pace. He felt his manhood becoming harder than it had ever been before, that unmistakable pressure building up, readying for release, ready to go forth and expel itself from his body in a burst of passion.

The blowjob stopped as abruptly as it began, and the girl rose up, though in the dark he could only faintly make out her outline as she stood in front of him, his hands in hers still.

"Follow me."

Dumbly, Charles followed this mysterious woman into John's bedroom, where a dim amount of light was provided by one of those special night lights designed to come on if the power went out. He was not in any way prepared for what he saw.

John sat on the edge of the bed, naked as Julie, also naked, kneeled in front of him giving him a slow and sensuous blowjob, John's eyes closed as he moaned and held the back of her head gently in his hands, softly stroking the back of her head.

"Get up, Slut." Following the woman's command, Julie stood up and turned around, as John gasped in disappointment. Charles was still speechless, a combination of being confused, angry, and very horny.

"John, come over here and kneel in front of me." As she said this, the woman got down on her knees between John and Charles. John obediently stood up, walked past Julie, who was looking back and forth between Charles and the woman, with a wide-eyed look on her flushed face.

"Charles, that's your name, right? Come down here and put that bayonet of yours into me, but no grabbing without my permission. I fuck you; you don't fuck me unless I say so. Julie, you watch me fuck your boyfriend and his room mate. John, you just keep kneeling there and looking stupid."

Before he knew what he was doing, Charles was on his knees and pointing his cockhead towards the wet opening to this mysterious woman's snatch. He stopped himself at the last moment and got enough of his wits together to say one more thing in token protest.

"I don't even know your name. Who the hell are you?"

"Name's Minara, shaft me already, your girlfriend is waiting."

With that, Charles lunged his hips forward, driving himself into her incredibly tight love hole. The highly trained muscles inside pulsed and massaged his prick as he rammed it in and out, over and over again, voicing his inarticulate pleasure. John didn't seem much better off, as the petite red-skinned girl took him into her throat, her long tongue stroking his balls and the tip pushing at the skin just behind his balls.

Charles glanced over at Julie, who was still standing there, tears beginning to run down her face even as her nipples remained diamond-cutter hard. Minara pulled back from her ministrations to John's cock and looked over at Julie as well.

"Slut, go put the groceries away before they go bad. And make us something to eat for dinner. John, Charles, you may fuck me now."

Charles and John needed no more encouragement. Charles roughly grabbed hold of Minara's waist, noticing for the first time her red skin tone, and John, pausing just to put his cock back in Minara's mouth, grabbed firm hold of the back of her head, and as one they both pistoned full force into the small shapely demon. Her sharp moan of pleasure was cut off suddenly with a loud gagging sound as John's penis hit the back of her throat, which quickly opened up and allowed him to roughly thrust in to his root. Both men's pelvises struck home simultaneously, making Minara's body bend at the back, like some kind of erotic accordion. Minara moaned loudly as the two men used her roughly, her strength feeding off of the raw animal lust driving the two men like piston engines in a race for the finish.

John reached down for one of her breasts with his right hand, the other hand maintaining its grip on her head as he fondled the breast and roughly pinched the nipple perched on it. For his part, Charles sucked on his thumb momentarily, and then shoved the spit-slicked digit into Minara's puckered asshole, resulting in a much louder moan of passion from the double-docked demon. Her toungesnake looped around the base of John's penis, closing it off and holding off his impending climax even as Charles slammed his cock up to the root into her pussy with a vicious animal roar of pleasure, cueing a powerful orgasm from Minara as her pussy tightly clenched his cock in a milking death grip, finally releasing him as he collapsed into a ball on the floor. She grabbed John's hands and forced him out of her mouth.

"So Johnny, ever fuck a demon in the ass?


Julie sobbed as she put away the groceries into the unlit and silent fridge, the loud passionate sounds of that bitch Minara having her way with John and Charles easily carrying into the kitchen. She couldn't believe this was happening. How did that woman, that thing, control them so easily?

Then she remembered the scent, when Minara was grinding her pussy in Julie's face, how that scent accompanied an overwhelming surge of arousal on Julie's part. Then she remembered from her biology class: Pheromones!

Not that that helped her situation any, thought Julie as she heard Charles climax with a loud roar. What was she going to do now?

She put a pot of water on the stove to boil so she could make Ramen. She could hear John moaning and roaring in passion now, though Charles seemed to be silent. The cries of John and Minara's coupling were becoming deafening.

Julie glanced at the phone on the wall and wondered if it still worked. Reaching for it and putting the handset to her ear, she was greeted with the dial tone. She quickly punched in the first number she could think of.

"Heya, Monica here. Is that you John?" Then, hearing the sobs coming over the line: "Who-- is that Julie?"

"Monica, I-I don't kn-know what's g-going on h-here. This woman is here, and she's controlling us, and making us do things. Please help us! I think she's using some kind of pheromones, I don't know what to-"


The line went dead. Monica hesitated for only a moment before hanging up and dialing a number she had memorized.

"Holy Trinity Catho-" The fatherly voice answering on the other end didn't finish his greeting as he was suddenly interrupted by the rather forceful Tech Sergeant Monica Tapley's version of a greeting for such occasions.

"Padre, we got a problem. I think there's a succubus at my boyfriend's house, and I think she's taken control of them."

"What? Is that you Monica? A succubus has taken control of who? How did you learn of this?"

Taking a deep breath, Monica continued, more slowly: "I haven't been there yet, Julie, she's Chuck's girlfriend, called and tried to tell me what was going on. She got cut off, I think she got caught. We gotta do something"

"Patience, lamb, And Chuck is your boyfriend? No wait, you've told me this, John is your boyfriend, Chuck is one of his room mates then."


"We can't very well rush into things without knowing what's going on. Come to the church; don't go to that house under any circumstances. I'll call the others. Don't worry, we'll save them, child. Now come quickly."

"Yes, Sir."

--------- *Ten Minutes Earlier*

"So Johnny, ever fuck a demon in the ass?"

As she said this, Minara lithely twisted around with cat-like grace, arching her back and thrusting her firm full ass up at John. She shook her hips suggestively as she looked over her shoulder and grinned at him.

"What are you waiting for, my permission? Shove that cock up my ass, slave."

John didn't need any more encouragement, and pushed the head of his saliva-soaked cock at the pucker of Minara's asshole, which relaxed and gave way to his thrusting meat. John moaned in pleasure at the sensation.

"What are you doing back there, taking my temperature? FUCK me, slave"

John grabbed Minara's hips and forcefully yanked her back onto his shaft, even as he propelled his hips forward, the two of them colliding roughly in between as his spear tunneled its way up her ass. Minara cried out in pleasure and pain as John roughly plowed in and out of her, their hips colliding with every thrust, her hair waving around as John alternately pushed and pulled on her as he fucked her.

Minara continued to spur John on as he shafted her, "Don't you like what I made you do? I raped you, and then made you rape your room mate's girlfriend, even getting a blowjob from her in front of Charles. Wonder how Monica will feel about that?" She grinned wolfishly as John's grip got considerably tighter, as John growled with anger at this demon that made him betray Monica. Made him rape Julia, made him her slave.

John focused all his anger, all his emotion, into one task: Fucking Minara for all the cunt was worth. He reached forward with both hands, grabbing one of her tits with his right hand, and her hair with his left, and used them as handholds while he rammed himself into her over and over again, screaming with rage now.

For her part, Minara was also screaming.


Her screams became inarticulate wails of pleasure intertwined with his as they orgasmed, all of John's rage and emotion flowing into Minara's body along with his seed.

Minara cackled gleefully as John's limp body collapsed to the floor behind her, ignoring him as she stood up and listened as she heard Julia talking in a hushed whimper on the phone in the kitchen.

"I guess I should go take care of the slut, then."


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