tagInterracial LoveA Gaijin's Tale Ch. 4

A Gaijin's Tale Ch. 4


~A Man Needs a Maid~

After a number of months living in Japan while on assignment, I decided to take a small apartment and leave hotel life behind. It looked as though the best offer came from my immediate supervisor, Hideki-san, who had a vacant apartment in his building, on the same floor. I was a little tentative about being so close, as Hideki's wife, Susaki, and I had become lovers. When Hideki was off with his mistress, I was taking advantage of what he ignored at home. Susaki and I had even fucked in this very apartment when it was empty.

Hideki of course didn't know. But neither did I tell Susaki that Hideki had offered me his mistress, a young college girl, and we had a three-some one Saturday when we claimed to be working. Now I was moving into their building and I was unsure if I was making more trouble for myself than necessary. It would be a challenge.

I needn't have worried. Because of my proximity to Hideki, I found fewer opportunities to be alone with Susaki, and so our relationship began to cool. Towards the end of the college term, Shinkiro (Hideki's mistress) telephoned me and asked if I could use the help of a housekeeper. Hideki told her of my new living arrangements and it seemed she had a friend who needed some extra cash and was willing to do housework. "Of course," Shinkiro said somewhat inscrutably, "she is talented at many things, and would be very willing where that is concerned as well."

I commented on Shinkiro's improved English, and asked what her friend's name was.

"Aio Minori," she said. "She's very cute; I think you would be very happy with her."

"You know of course that I couldn't afford very much. I don't make nearly as much as Hideki-san." I said this to make Shinkiro aware that I couldn't set this girl up in an apartment as Hideki had done for her.

"But of course," she said, "it's not like that. She just needs some extra money and would like to get to know a visiting foreigner at the same time. Especially a Western man. But she is very serious about her studies and will be leaving Tokyo after graduation next term and attempting to get a job in America. She wants to practice her English, among other things."

"Well then I guess I should interview her. When can you both come over?"

"I can not go to the building where Hideki-san lives, but I will send Aio in a taxi-cab. She is free tonight, about 20.00; will that suit you, Gaijin-san?"

"I understand," I said. "That sounds fine; I look forward to it."

Waiting the rest of the day, I was unsure if this arrangement was supposed to have a sexual component or if it would simply be about cleaning my apartment. As the offer came from Hideki's mistress, with whom I'd had sex, her guarded terminology lead me to assume that the housekeeper would indeed be willing to fuck, but exactly what that would transpire was to be worked out between the girl and me.

When eight o'clock rolled around, the bell rang promptly to announce Aio's presence. I buzzed her in and a moment later opened the door to find a tall, thin young woman with long hair. She was not characteristically Japanese. But there was definitely something cute about her, as Shinkiro noted.

We sat in the living room on the sofa, facing each other, and talked for a bit: about how she knew Shinkiro, what she expected to be paid, the exact duties I would need performed around the apartment. Unsure how to discretely raise the subject of sex, I asked what Shinkiro had told her about me. She blushed and looked away, and then whispered:

"She said that you were a very generous lover, and that you had a magnificent penis."

"Ah, so you know about the afternoon I spent with her."

"Yes. She is my best friend. I know all about Hideki and the other men he sometimes has accompany him to the apartment he keeps for her."

"Well then," I said, "I think we will get along very well, Aio; how soon can you get started?"

"Well, I think before the final decision is made, I should see the entire apartment. Would you like to continue the 'interview' in the bedroom? In case there are 'extra duties' in there."

At this point the thought of fucking Aio was very much on my mind. I hadn't expected her to start so soon, but I was more than willing; however, I tried to play it cool. "Is that something you were expecting?" I asked. "We hadn't really talked about 'extra duties' you might take on."

"Some things—'extra duties' among them—are best resolved in person; not on paper."

"I'm not as wealthy as Shinkiro's patron," I reminded her.

"Of course not," she said. "I was just hoping to pick up the occasional extra 'bonus' for 'overtime work'."

"Well in that case I'm sure we could work out something to our mutual benefit. Let me show you the bedroom now." Aio followed me to the bedroom and immediately sat on the bed, continuing our playful banter. Then she told me about college life, and how her sexual experiences there had been rather unrewarding. I was unable to resist, and standing beside the bed, put my hand under her chin and forced her to look up at me. Then I leaned over and kissed her. Her tongue darted into my mouth, and her hand went between my legs, feeling for my erection. When we broke for a breath, Aio pulled her sweater over her head and I sat down in the chair at my desk across the room to watch. I resisted touching myself as she took off her bra, exhibiting the distinct tan lines of a tiny bikini. When she stood by the side of the bed to remove jeans and then her panties, she stood there full nude, swaying her hips slightly like hollyhocks in the breeze, stroking her hands softly and slowly over her long, lean torso.

"You like what you see, Gaijin-san?"

"I do," I answered honestly. "Lie down and masturbate for me."

Aio sat on the bed, with her back to the headboard, and spread her outer lips to reveal a slick wet slit. She began to masturbate for me, slowly stroking her clit. I could no longer play it cool, and stood up and got undressed, releasing my cock to stand before me. I stepped to the side of the bed and offered her my aching cock, dripping with pre-come. Aio looked at it, as if in a daze, but then parted her lips and allowed me to penetrate her mouth. She sucked hungrily, taking me entirely into her mouth as she continued to manipulate her clit. Although she was a masterful cock-sucker, she soon pulled away. "I'm sorry, Gaijin-san. This is making me so horny, I need to feel your prick inside me. I'm not usually so forward," she said breathlessly, "but I'm just dripping for you."

With that she pulled me down onto the bed and had my lie on my back, my cock pointed to the ceiling. She straddled my hips with her delectable cunt directly over my raging hard-on. After hovering for what seemed an eternity, Aio plunged down on my cock, sucking it in completely. She rode me hard, crashing down over and over again against my pelvis, with each stroke grinding her pubis into mine to rub her clit. I put my hands on her hips, splaying my fingers so that with my thumbs I could massage her clit. But I was afraid that she would make me come too quickly, so I pushed her off and rolled her over onto her back and entered her again in the missionary position, giving me more control.

"Oh god," she panted, "that's so good. Please don't think I'm weird, but I have a request."

"What's that," I said continuing to pump into her.

"Fuck me standing. I really get off on that and most of the boys I've been with are too small to do it successfully."

"That's not weird," I said puling out and reaching behind her into an upright position. "Different, but not weird."

I placed her back against the wall and kissed her again, grabbing first one leg just behind the knee. Then I entered her again. She raised her other leg and I got hold of it, working my arms down until the back of her knees were hooked over my elbows. Her arms were clasped tightly around my neck, and I leaned back, pulling her away from the wall. We were standing in the middle of the room fucking, little yelps of pleasure escaping her lips, over and over.

"Oh yes, that's it," she moaned, "Oh yes, I'm coming. Oh god yes."

I tried to keep up the pace as Aio tossed back her head thrashing wildly in my arms while I struggled to keep my balance and keep my cock pounding into her dripping cunt. Her orgasm swelled over her and I could tell it went on for some while. We were both sweaty and exhausted when I laid her back down onto the bed.

"Now let me get you off," she said. "I need to feel your come." I had no argument with that. I placed Aio on her knees so that I could take her from behind. Not know where my stamina came from, I fucked her doggy-stile for the next fifteen minutes, using my thumb in her ass, causing her to come at least twice more. Finally I felt the come rising from my balls and could hold back no longer. I told her I was going to come.

"Please shoot it on my breasts," she asked, gasping. "I love to see it spurt." More than willing to make my new employee happy with such an easy request, I pulled out and she rolled over onto her back. I straddled her belly and she began to stoke my cock. The load of come exploded out of my cock, spraying across Aio's tits and neck and onto her chin. I slumped back and she rubbed my discharge into her skin, licking the last few drops from her fingers.

"Well," I said after I'd began to breath somewhat normally again, "I think you passed the audition."

"Oh yes, Gaijin-san. I can't wait to start for real. Especially if I can get fucked like that. You are so much more giving than the college boys I've been with before."

Prior to leaving for the night I gave her a set of keys to the building and told her that she was free to come and go as she like or needed. I couldn't set her up in an apartment of her own, but I didn't need to. She could have total access to the apartment. She said that she would be back in three days to do the cleaning promised.

As it happened, I had a business appointment out of town that day, and didn't get back to my apartment until very late. She left a note:

Sorry I missed you. Back this weekend.

I left a little present for you.

Aio. xxx

On my pillow were a pair of her panties. I put them to my nose and recognised the scent of her cunt on them. I imagined her masturbating with them on, leaving them specially for me, and it made me hard. Thinking about her sweet cunt, I opened my trousers, pulled out my cock, and began to jerk-off. I came in the panties. I would get her to wear them again with my semen soaked into the fabric.

It was early Saturday morning and I hadn't even gotten out of bed when I heard the door to my apartment open. It was Aio, of course. She came into the room.

"Still in bed! What a lazy-bones you are!" she joked.

"I was keeping it warm for you."

"I'll be warm enough after doing some hovering."

"I don't want you to be too warm," I said. "Why don't you wear this while you work." I tossed her the soiled panties. The crotch was crusty with my last deposit. Aio took the panties and saw my contribution.

"You're a dirty old man," she said. Go take a shower and I'll do my work, then you can give me my reward."

When I came out of the shower, Aio was nude except for the panties, running the hoover around the room. I sat down on the edge of the bed with a huge hard-on and called her to me. She clicked off the machine and came into the bedroom. Walking over to me, she pulled the crusty panties to one side exposing her cunt, and sat down, impaling herself on my cock. "I've been thinking about this all week," she said. "Fuck me good and hard."

I needed no extra encouragement. I was so horny, I knew that I wouldn't last too long and Aio's excellent bouncing up and down on my prick was soon bring me towards orgasm. "Let's change," I suggested. I want to do you 'doggy-style'." Aio laughed at the phrase, but quickly stripped off the panties and came around on all fours. When I plunged my cock into her this time, I went straight in balls deep in a single stroke. Aio moaned and came. One stroke.

She soon recovered and began matching my thrusts forward with thrusts of her own in reverse. I reached down to diddle her clit while continuing to pound into her cunt. Now she reached back and began to fondle my heavy ball sack. That was all it took. I felt the come surging through my prick and I pulled out and shot my load of come on her ass. It was a good amount, and began to drip down past her ass-hole and across her oozing cunt. Drops clung to her pubic hair before they fell to the bed.

"What a mess," I said, grabbing the panties again to clean her off. "Let's go get some lunch and then we can come back and discuss your next assignment."

"But what shall I wear?" she teased. I tossed her the dirty linen and she smiled up at me, happily. Stepping into them, she rubbed the come across her pubic mound.

It's good for a man to have a maid.

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