A Georgian Peach


Gordon crocked his finger at Jack, beckoning him to join his wife.

"Come on my little peach, join your wife. She needs help." Gordon said.

Jack sensed what he was supposed to do. Once he was kneeling next to Carol, he reached out, took a hold of Gordon's large cock, and guided it into Carol's mouth. While he watched, she started sucking, bobbing her head over Gordon's cockhead. Without being told, Jack pulled his wife away from the bulbous dark pink cockhead and smiled at her. He took the cock into his own mouth. It only took a moment for Carol to react. Her eager mouth joined his and they both licked and sucked together. When Gordon erupted four or five streams of thick, stringy cum, both Jack and Carol where covered with his hot creamy juice. When Gordon stepped back. Jack and Carol kissed, tasting cum mixed with sweat and tears. They licked each other clean.

Gordon reached down and helped help them both to their feet. "I think we need to move into the bedroom." Gordon said with a smile. "It looks like you two need to work something out."

Jack took Carol's hand and led her up to their bedroom. As they walked up the stairs, Jack watched her heavy breasts swaying back and forth. Gordon followed them into their bedroom.

"I think you both should finish getting undressed." Gordon said, staring at Jack and Carol. He sat down on a bedside chair as he watched them slowly taking their clothes off.

"Got a bit of a hard on there sweetie." Gordon said, pointing at Jack's semi erect cock. "I wanna see you two having fun."

Gordon told Carol to get unto the bed and kneel down with her ass raised. She looked at Gordon and then back to her husband before getting on the bed.

"This isn't what we talked about." Carol said over her shoulder.

"No, its not. But I like this better. And if you know what's good for you, you'll do what I ask." Gordon said in a low voice.

Carol objected, but she didn't say anything. Somehow, deep inside herself, she knew that she had missed this her entire life. Jack had never been forceful like this.

"Well. What are you waiting for little peach." Get up there and let me see you fuck your wife." Gordon said.

Joe climbed up behind his wife. Excited that he was going to fuck her while someone watched, and even more excited because that someone was telling him to do it.

Jack moved up close to Carol's ass. She lowered he head and chest to the bed, raising her ass even higher. With one hand, he guided his cock up to her slit and into her pussy. He was pleasantly surprised to to find it soaking wet. He slipped in easily and heard Carol moan as he pushed in as deep as he could go.

"Try your finger." Gordon said. Tease her a little.

Jack looked down and saw what Gordon was indicating. Carol's tight brownish pink asshole was tempting him. He wet his index finger and gently started probing that tender hole.

"No." Carol yelled as she tried to pull away. "That was not part of our deal."

"It is now." Gordon said. "It's either his finger or my cock."

Carol remembered the size of Gordon's cock and made up her mind quickly. She really didn't have much of a choice. She put her head down, surrendering to what was going to happen. Jack wet his finger again and slowly eased the tip of his finger into that tight forbidden hole.

Carol groaned with the minor pain she felt. She tried to relax her butt as Jack started fucking her hole with his finger. She almost forgot about Jack's cock slowly pounding away in her pussy as she concentrated on the finger in her ass. When Jack pulled his finger out, she had a momentary feeling of loss. Then she felt the cold drops of liquid on her ass. She looked up to see Jack handing a small bottle of lube back to Gordon. And the finger was back. It slipped in easier this time. She involuntarily moaned as the finger started moving. She almost didn't feel the second finger joining the first, spreading her hole a little wider. When Jack pulled his cock out of her pussy, she had a moment of panic. Deep down inside her, she knew what was going to happen next. She clenched her jaw and waited.

Jack knew it was now or never. He was finally going to get at least part of his long time dream. He maneuvered the head of his cock on top of Carol's dark hole. With his thumb, he pushed the head in. He heard Carol scream his name as he pushed in, overcoming the resistance until he he felt the head entering completely. As he started pumping, getting deeper in with each stroke, he heard Carol scream again. Finally her weak screams turned into moans. He had never felt anything this tight around his cock before.

"Oh my god." Carol yelled, as she thrashed her head back and forth. "Oh my god." She repeated.

Between fucking her pussy like a dog, getting in her ass, and hearing Carol pant and moan, Jack couldn't stop the inevitable. He unloaded spurt after spurt of cum into Carol's ass. He gritted his teeth at the increased pressure. The pleasure that he felt was at least twice as intense as when he came in her pussy. Totally spent. He collapsed on the bed, his limp cock slipping out. Carol moved down next to him.

"I am so sorry that I made you wait. That was incredible." Carol said, crying as she covered his face with small, quick kisses.

"If you two are done." Gordon said interrupting. "I've got a problem here of my own."

Without being told, Carol rolled back on the bed. She spread her legs as Gordon got on the bed and between her legs. He reached down and shoved a pillow under her ass, raising it off the bed. While Jack watched, Gordon guided his large cock into Carol's waiting pussy. Her swollen lips stretched to accommodate his bigger cock as he started stroking. Jack watched, fascinated as Gordon plunged deep into that hot, wet hole. Carol was moaning again. Panting as she tried to catch her breath. For the first time in her life she felt completely used. First Jack fucking her, then getting his cock in her ass, and now Gordon was pumping her. She felt the first itching and tingling of an approaching orgasm deep in her body. Her skin was hot and her toes started to curl. Like a bolt of white-hot electricity, her orgasm flooded over her, overloading the pleasure center in her brain. The violent orgasm contorted her body. She tried to scream, but Jack was there, covering her mouth with his, as Gordon continued fucking her. When Gordon unloaded, he filled her overworked pussy with a flood of cum. He sank down next to her. Carol found herself with Jack on one side and Gordon on the other. Her ass and her pussy both leaking cum. She felt her breasts being squeezed by both men.

Several hours later, after showers and getting dressed, Carol, Jack and Gordon returned to the living room.

"I'm going to continue seeing your wife." Gordon said to Jack.

"I know." Jack said, lowering his eyes as Carol watched then both.

Carol stood up and kissed Gordon goodbye. She watched Jack walk Gordon to the door.

"Are you ever going to tell her?" Gordon said in a whisper that only Jack could hear, looking back at Carol.

"That this was all a setup from the beginning? That we planned this months ago?" Jack asked. "Maybe some day I will."

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