tagNonHumanA Ghostly Return

A Ghostly Return


It was exactly a year after I lost Michael, my boyfriend, to a accidental fire in the warehouse where he worked part-time after college. I still had a hard time getting through the days, but this being the anniversary of his death, it was extra hard getting up in the morning.

I forced myself to get up and get in the shower...passing the foot of my bed I felt a cold chill. Stopping in my tracks as goosebumps appeared on my white flesh...I looked around..the window was closed. Weird..that's the third time in the past two days I've felt that. Shrugging, I took my short sleepshirt and white silky undies off and threw them in the general direction of the clothes basket in the corner. I missed totally. Laughing I left them where they landed on the floor and went into the private bathroom adjoining my bedroom. Turning on the shower to semi-hot water...I stepped in and let the heat cover me. Hoping it will erase some of the pain I was feeling. As I stood there under the spray of hot water..I wondered how I was going to get through the day at school. Deciding I was just going to have to let the day proceed as it may, I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a peach towel around my slim figure, I'de lost almost seventy pounds in the past year, bringing me down to under a hundred. Making me look anorexic. It just made my breasts stand out even more, as I had inherited the wonderful Tamaran breast gene...meaning all the Tamaran women had ample breasts.

Micheal had loved playing with my breasts, saying they were made for his mouth...and I had always agreed and had let him suck on them for hours and hours.

Walking out into my bedroom again, I headed for the closet. Once at the closet I chose my usual attire as of lately..jeans and a sweatshirt. Truning around and bending over to pick up the clothes I had missed the backet with I found they were IN the basket. My eyes widened as I saw them in the basket...when I knew dam sure I had missed!!

Oh well...maybe mom had been in to check up on me..shes been doing that lately. I told her it was getting irritating, but she ignored me.

Pulling on some clean panties and a silky bra, I felt a chill again. Standing up and looking around I saw there was no where the flashes of cold air could come from. Shrugging I pulled on my jeans and sweatshirt. My nipples being sensitive from reliving the memory of Michael sucking on them..my hands instinctively went to them and massaged them through the sweatshirt. Closing my eyes and moaning a lil I felt the peaks and pinched them hard.

Opening my eyes..I decided this wasnt getting me anywhere! Grabbing a brush and running ti through my short hair a couple times and tugginh socks and shoes on at the same time.

As I walked down the stairs, my nipples ached...felt like they were being sucked on. Weird I thought and went into the kitchen where the whole family looked at me...my mom and dad and my 2 brothers. I looked back and told them to calm down that I was ok.

Driving to school was almost painful...I had to pass the old warehouse. Once I got close enough to it I saw a couple people had laid flowers and other things at the gate entrance. I wasnt the only one hurting.

My nipples still ached. Deciding I really couldn't handle school that day, I pulled over to a pay phone and called my mom and told her I was going to cut the day and just drive some that I would be home later in the day. She said ok and told me to be careful.

Driving up to Lookout Point I parked and got out to walk the path along the bluff. Once I reached the picnic area, I stopped and sat on the one table me and Michael had always sat at when we came here to talk or to have privacy.

Sitting there I felt the cold chill again, but it was warm out..no winds. I looked around and almost fell off the table when I saw Michael stading behind me.

"HOW??" was all I could get out.

"I managed to get one favor from the Master," was all he said. And the next thing I knew I was in Michaels arms, being hugged hard.

"I missed you sooo much, baby," I whispered as the tears started falling.

"Yes, Stacee, I know. That is why I am here. You need to let me go. You need to move on with your life." he whispered back. Which had me crying even harder.

"Can we make love one last time?" I whispered.

"Yes, baby, I so much would love that." and with that he kissed my salty lips and picked me up.

We went over to our favorite table and lied down on the top. Removing each others clothes as we kissed and let our hands explore each others bodies. Once we were naked..I started trailing kisses down Michael's neck to his gorgeous chest, on down to his magnificent manhood standing proudly to attention.

Encircling his hardness with one hand, I let my tongue dart out and lick the head. Feeling him arch towards my mouth, I took him in my mouth and ran my tongue all over the head...drenching it in my saliva. He moaned his pleasure as I stroked him while I sucked on the head of his cock. Sucking harder like on a straw. His hands were in my hair, gently massaging my head as I licked the entire length of him before letting him slide back in my wet mouth.

Soon he couldnt take no more..and wanted to save his orgasm for when he came with her, he pulled her up to face him again...and kissed her. Sliding his tongue in her mouth and wrestling with hers, his hands moved all over her bare sexxy ass. Soon coming to find the junction between her legs. Sliding a finger inside to discover she was slippery wet. Kissing her a lil longer as he played with her lil love knob before moving down her sweet body. Once down there he kissed her outter lips and licked between them to taste her sweet juices.

Stacee moaned her approval as Michael slid his tongue up and down over her sensitive clit. Her hands going to hold his head between her legs as he slid a finger in her wet hole. Sliding his fingers in and out as he sucked on her lil hard clitoris and felt her moaning and squirming under him made him even harder than he already was...and a lil precum oozed out of the head of his penis.

"Please, Micheal, now?" Stacee asked.

Moving back up her sweet body to kiss her again and let her taste herself, she licked his lips as he guided his hard cock towards her love hole. Feeling him slide into her she gasped...it had been sooo long since she last felt Michael in her! Puling her close to him he started his rhythm of sliding in and out of her. Pulling out and ramming back into her the way she loved. Hearing her moaning and feeling her tightening her pussy around his hard cock made him fuck her pussy even harder.

Feeling him fucking her harder, Stacee knew he was near. Sliding ihs cock outta her, she turned over and leaned over the table. Michael knew what she wanted. They once tried anal sex and she fell in love with it, so they always ended their lovemaking that way.

Getting behind her and massaging her ass cheeks, Michael slid a finger in her soaking wet pussy and slathered the juices upward to lube her tiny asshole. Sliding a finger in and stroiign her that way for a few seconds to get her ready, then moving his hips closer. Holding is penis, he slid into her tight asshole. Feeling her tense up at first, then relax, he let his breathe out. Holding her hips and pushing his length all the way inside her ass. He felt her push herself back on him ot get him deeper. HE waited a few seconds to let her adjust to him then started fucking her as hard as he could.

Stacee slid a hand down under her and started rubbing her clit as fast as he was fucking her as the tears started flowing down her cheeks. Strking faster and hearing his breathe coming harder...soon he was shooting his cum deep in her and she was cumming along with him, her juices runnign down her legs.

Once done he leaned down on her, not pulling out just yet. Kissing her neck and wrapping his arms around her.

"I'll never forget that, babe." he whispered.

"Me either," Stacee whispered back and with a final kiss, he vanished.

Puling her clothes back on, she tried to stop the tears. He was gone. Time to move on. I walked back to my car after one last look around the picnic area. I don't think I'll return here, time to let the past be.

Deciding to head home, I drove past the warehouse once more, where I saw there were more flowers and memoribilia on the ground. I smiled knowing Michael was finally at peace. And I could move on with my life.

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