tagNonHumanA Ghostly Tryst On Gillingham Lawns

A Ghostly Tryst On Gillingham Lawns

bySpanner Browser©

Here is my erotic tale, so without firther ado, here we go! Please feel free to Enjoy it at your leisure.

I was walking along the local path to my favourite English country garden. It is a very leafy path. The sun dappled on my pink nipples. My hairy nipples. My erect nipples. My pulsating pierced nipples- yes, I had them done three months ago. It was painful, but worth it. Now when the wind blows upon my nipples, I feel a sense of deep, deep pleasure, pulsating around my lower regions. The Pleasure goes from my chest down to my love-rod like delicious lightning.

Oh! BUT first, let me tell you a bit about myself. I am neither fish nor flesh. I am a ghost. The ghost of a dashing prince, Prince Regent from the eighteenth century. I am a handsome man, not a rancid man. I used to live in the castle of St James, with my ladyservants. I could tell you some stories or two about that, well, one actually, about those depraved young buxom wenches and what they would do with a cucumber. But I won't. That's another story for another day, and another reader.

I am a real true dandy, and by God! am I randy!

Anyway, I arrived in the garden of Gillingham. And what a marvelous sight greeted my invisible ghost eyes! The Lord of the Manor, and the scullery maid, were sitting on a bench talking, and cavorting, under the shade of the big Willow tree, on the great lawns. She was buxom and dark, with the reddest lips like cherries, while he was a dashing young tweeded heir to the Gillingham Kingdom. He was fondling her fancy in a most pleasurable way! And I do believe I heard him say " oh Fanny! What a lovely day to be sitting with my fingers in your moist wet hole. How simply magic! You pussy is so wet and inviting, it smells sweeter than the orange blossom on the old orange blossom tree"

And Fanny replied " Oh but your swollen member excites me so! Oh Lord Gillingham, may I put it in my mouth? I fear my trembling lips will not hold it's throbbing mass, and I may spill your hot seed upon my scullery dress, arousing the suspicion of your dear wife, Lady Diana."

"Do not fear her" the Lord replied "for I made love with her this morning inside the greenhouses, and she sleeps away the afternoon in a dead faint. She'll be getting over it for many days. She's in a haze. So fuck her"

Fanny whimpered. "oh but it's you I'd like to fuck, sweet Lord Gillingham, with your dashing smile and huge throbbing prick, I want to suck it and put it into my pussy, and then maybe…"

" yes my darling Fanny..?"

" I'd like you to push your hard dick into my sweet virgin ass, I want to feel the whole of it pushing, thrusting, pumping hard into my dark hole, where no man has ever entered…"

"Oh Fanny!"

"Oh Lord Gillingham!"

So there I was, the ghost of Prince Regent, and I have to say, I was getting very hot. I moved closer to where the couple were getting amorous. My nose followed the aroma of sweet feminine pussy. I moved nearer until I could feel Fanny's breath upon my ghost face. Of course, they couldn't see me. I knelt and began licking at her pink rose, which had become exposed, by the hand of Lord Gillingham. Fortunately for me, his hand was now caressing her breasts. I sucked at her clit. And oh, what delicate flavours wafted there! The scent of apple blossom., the sweet taste of honey, the moist feel of silk…

I ran my tongue from her pussy opening up to her erect clit, parting her pussy lips as I went. I buried my nose in her soft folds.

Fanny suddenly gasped in the arms of Lord Gillingham. "Oh Gilly, I feel such passion for you…you give me such pleasure! Down there…"

I pushed my fingers inside her

" it's as if your already in me, my love. Fuck me now!" she purred.

My cock was really hard. I got on top of her, and somehow slid my dick into her pussy. She started to moan and groan. Then she howled, with an animal lust.

"more more, deeper, deeper!"

then Lord Gilligham, excited beyond all words, jumped on top of his concubine. Unfortunately for me, I was sandwiched between the two of them, and his hard cock slid slowly but surely up my butt. Right in my shit-shoot! My word! It took my breath away!But, suddenly and strangely, I found myself enjoying it! Even loving it! I shouted out "Geronimo! More more!", joining the cries of Fanny who was gasping with delight at the thrusting of my tool.

I raised my back to push my arse harder against the groin of Lord Gillingham, and to get more of his lovely aristocratic cock into my ghost butt.

Fanny was panting with my own dick inside her. Her flushed face moved below me. It was fannytastic! She bit her lip, as her orgasm approached like an express train, like thunder, like a tidal wave. "OH GOD OH GOD!" she shouted. This excited Lord Gillingham so, and he cried "yes, yes, my love" as he spurted stream after stream of boiling cum into the depths of my arsehole. This felt amazing, and it was too much for me. I spurted my gallon of creamy salty ghost-goo right into the depths of Fanny's all too human love-tunnel. God, what joy! Then Fanny's orgasm began, sending wave after wave of delicious ripples through her pussy, and she squeezed my dick again and again. She was like a Tornado ripping through the desert island of my soul.

My arsehole was throbbing as Lord Gillingham pulled out his todger and lay panting like a dog upon the lawns. I took my cue, and withdrew from Fanny, sitting on the lawn also. My invisible thick ghost-goo flowed from her pussy like a white waterfall. Fanny felt the hot spunk running down her thighs, and looked at Lord Gillingham through glazed happy eyes. "That was the best ever!" she exclaimed. "It was almost unearthly. You were like a spirit of exstacy!"

And his Lordship replied "yes, for me too! You were somehow dark and mysterious, like, well, forgive me my love, like a ghost's butt! Oh well, I don't know what I'm saying! I have taken leave of my senses, so good was our tryst!"

And I sitting there still unseen on the lawn, chuckled and said to them both;

"thank YOU both! For the most mysterious fuck that the spirit world has ever seen!"

"Did you speak?" said Fanny, dreamily.

"No," said Lord Gillingham "It was not I, indeed, no-one spoke at all. It must have been the wind in the orange blossom tree"

"Yes", moaned Fanny, softly. "It must have been the wind in the orange blossom tree"

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