tagNonHumanA Ghost's Tale Ch. 04

A Ghost's Tale Ch. 04


"You didn't tell me 'Sam' was a girl, Michael."

Belinda folded her arms across her chest and leaned against the new marble sink in the upstairs bath. At first, she was honestly upset. Samantha was extremely attractive. Her tight, lean body was so unlike Belinda's softer curves, and a pang of jealousy gnawed on Bel's stomach. But Michael was so delightfully jumpy at lunch, she soon forgave his innocent mistake. He continually had this deer-in-the-headlights look about him, and Belinda could barely contain her laughter.

"I didn't know until she showed up," Michael protested. "Guess I should have found that out."

Belinda grinned wickedly, "Ya think?"

She narrowed her eyes, as Michael became quiet interested in the grout on the floor tiles. The girl cruelly delighted in the long, uncomfortable silence.

"So, Michael," she cooed, "you fucked her yet?"

Michael looked up as if he had been slapped square across the face. "Wha…?" he managed to stammer.

Belinda turned on her heels and leaned on the counter. She rose up on her toes, stretching and accentuating the shapeliness of her legs, and pushed her hips out. Her feet slid about shoulder's width apart, and her back arched steeply. Belinda looked over her shoulder, her dark bangs hiding one eye, and the thin shoulder strap of her sundress fell from her shoulder. Michael could see down her dress in the reflection.

"Oh I know you, Michael," she purred. "You've been dreaming about what it would be like to put your nice big cock into that tight little body, haven't you?"

Belinda lifted her skirt slightly, teasing Michael with a glimpse of her rear. She leaned across the counter even more, folding her arms under her. Suddenly the image of her catching Michael and Sam together flashed in her mind. Belinda saw his body grinding into hers in much the same pose she was in now. Her center warmed quickly, and she took a sharp, shuddering breath. Belinda always enjoyed watching Michael use his cock, and now another use excited her. She exposed her tail to him and swayed it hypnotically.

"Michael, get that cock in me," she ordered with a heavy moan.


She looked around the bustling room and smiled to herself. It had been far too long since the room filled with laughter and dancing. She heard the record player, but this music was so wild, so explicit, she blushed when a singer talked of being a slave and whips. Young handsome men, danced closely with beautiful girls in ways she had never seen. Even girls danced with girls almost lewdly to this strange music.

"It's certainly not the Charleston," she mused.

She watched David and Samantha mingle with their guests. She leaned on her paramour, happily, as he talked about the house. She leaned up, blew gently in David's ear and delighted as he shuddered and responded. She watched as the pretty, new girl, Sam, strolled by. Her eyes narrowed on Sam, and she tightened her grip around David's torso.

But Sam walked past and joined a group of girls dancing rather provocatively. The boys around them stood with mouths agape. After the dance, she watched Sam lead a long legged girl up the stairs. She slipped away from David and followed quietly.

Sam and the girl, Brandy, giggled as they both tumbled onto the bed. Brandy's long, shapely legs curled around Sam's body. Sam cupped her hand against Brandy's firm, bare ass as Brandy's skirt rose slightly.

"You forgot your panties, you slut," Sam cooed playfully, kissing Brandy's lips softly. They shifted on the bed, and Sam now slid her fingers around Brandy's hips and covered her smooth sex.

Brandy slid a hand between Sam's thighs and rubbed lightly. "So did you," Brandy purred.

Sam removed her hand from Brandy's sex and pulled her tight tee shirt over her head. Her tight abdomen was decorated with a Chinese dragon coiling around her pierced navel. Her nipples were adorned with small gold rings. Brandy smiled and ran the pads of her fingertips over the hoops. Sam took a deep breath as her nipples hardened to the touch. She covered Brandy's hand with her own and rolled her eyes back softly. Sam reopened her eyes and a mischievous grin curled her lips. Samantha reached down and started to unbutton Brandy's blouse.

Brandy propped up her chest on her arms and locked her bright blue eyes on Sam's emerald eyes. Sam folded open the blouse, revealing Brandy's full breasts held in check by a lacy bra. Sam leaned down and kissed Brandy deeply. Sam's tongue danced on the metal post pierced through the other girl's tongue as she unhitched Brandy's bra and slid her hands across the full breasts.

Brandy moaned, "Ohhhhh, Sam, please put your fingers in me."

Sam smiled and curled two of her strong fingers into her lover.

She watched the women pet and caress each other and shuddered. Her loins burned again. She fanned her own heat with her fingertips and leaned against a wall. The girl was writhing and cooing under Samantha's touch. Soon, Sam's pants were pushed down to her knees and Brandy began kissing Sam's thighs.

She moved closer and kissed the small of Samantha's back. This all seemed so familiar… so much more than when she was with David, or watching Michael and Belinda. She wanted to feel the metal in Sam's breasts and started to reach for them.

She turned.

"Tommy?" she gasped to no one.

"It's not like that Tommy. I…"

Two strong, yet non-existent hands clutched her throat. She gasped and kicked helplessly as she sprawled on the floor.

"T- T- Tommy…you're… hurting me…"

She heard the pleas from her memory and as the world went black she felt the shuddering blow and heard the yelp of pain.

She let out a low, deep rattling breath and went limp.

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