tagNonHumanA Good Nobbin

A Good Nobbin


The strangest gift that Susie ever received, came on her eighth birthday from an old uncle that she rarely saw.

Uncle William was a professor of Viking studies, his life moved outside the normal family circle, as most of his time was spent on research in the countries surrounding the Baltic.

On the morning of her birthday, she looked forward to the visit by Uncle William, not only because her mother had told her that he had found a very rare and special present for her, but because she always enjoyed being around this kindly man. He always treated her as a special person and would spend hours reading to her and exciting her with old Viking tales.

Eventually, Uncle William arrived, and the family was soon sat around as she prepared to open the gift box that he had given her. His presents were always different. Never a doll or a toy, but always some strange object that he collected from the many archeological digs that he oversaw.

Once the wrapping was off and the lid removed, she delved into the swathes of tissue paper until she found a solid object. Pulling it out of the box, she looked perplexed and felt a little disappointed as she studied the strange gift.

Her first thought was that it looked like an old potato man. She already had one of those, but had soon tired of sticking a variety of plastic facial features to a large potato.

It was about 12 inches high with two small eyes towards the top. A large round button nose in the middle and small, fat, three fingered hands at the side and slightly bigger feet lower down, to the same pattern.

But the strangest features were the two mouths, one about an inch above the nose and another inch or two below it. The whole thing was the colour of old parchment, it felt soft and warm to touch although it appeared to be made of solid wood.

"It's a funny thing Uncle William, what is it?"

Uncle William knelt down in front of her, giving her one of his special winks that she loved, he carefully took the Nobbin from her.

"This is very rare, it comes from a long, long time ago, and it's called a Good Nobbin. There are Good and Bad Nobbins, bad ones are easier to find but good ones are few and far between.

"But what does it do?" asked Susie.

"Nothing really," explained her Uncle, "It used to be believed that when a Viking warrior died, his spirit would move into a Nobbin, to enable him to watch over and protect his family, but don't worry, this one has been tested, I promise you that there is no spirit here!

But if you take good care of it, it will look after you, and as it gets to know you over the years it will help you when you need it most!

He gave her another special wink as he handed it back, which made her squeal with delight.

Susie gave her Uncle a big hug and thanked him, before carefully wrapping the Nobbin back in the tissue and placing it back in its box.


The Nobbin had pride of place amongst the fluffy toys that were always placed on her bed. Through school and college, and even university the Nobbin stayed with her.

Eventually, Susie met Rick, the man of her dreams, and after two years they agreed to get married.

The wedding was the last time she saw her Uncle William, he was old and unsteady on his feet, but he did insist on having one dance with her at the reception. After the dance, he held her at arms length taking in her beauty. At five feet nine, she was a little taller than him, her long golden hair accentuating her deep blue eyes, fine facial features and wide smile. He took in her slim shapely body and her well defined breasts shown to advantage in the low cut gown that she was wearing.

With tears in his eyes, he spoke quietly to her.

"Susie, you have grown into a very beautiful woman, a true Viking princess, I am very proud of you, I hope that you have a long and happy life, and that the Nobbin continues to take care of you.

"Thank you Uncle, it lives on my bed as usual, it always reminds me of you."

"Good girl, that's just where it should remain, promise me that you'll never hide it away in a cupboard or a loft. He managed to give her one more special wink, which she rewarded with a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"I promise Uncle."


Two years later, Susie received the sad news that her Uncle had died peacefully in his sleep. She was very upset and was tempted to put the Nobbin away for a while as it was a constant reminder of her loss, but she remembered her promise and left on the bed as always.

As time went on she would occasionally sit on the bed, holding the Nobbin as she thought of her Uncle. She had never seen a lot of him, but it still hurt knowing that he would never walk through the door again, giving her his special wink and a big hug.

One morning, as she finished tidying the bed and placing the Nobbin back in its usual place against her pillow, she had the curious feeling that the features had changed a little.

She picked it up again and studied it carefully, there was no definite point that she could see had changed, everything looked the same, but she had the feeling that the facial expression had changed. She studied it for a few seconds more, before shrugging and placing it back on the bed.

"Must be my imagination, or the light." She thought, then forgot all about it.


A week before their third wedding anniversary, Susie was busy canceling the celebration that they had planned.

Rick had fallen from a ladder while working on their new home, he had hurt his back quiet badly, nothing long term, but he would be on his back in bed for a least another week.

Canceling the hotel and restaurant was no problem, but she was a little upset that she had spent a fortune on a 'tarty' outfit as a surprise for Rick.

He had been hinting that she might dress up in the bedroom occasionally, but she had always refused, saying that she would feel silly. He had even gone to the trouble of showing her pictures of what he had in mind, but to no avail.

Eventually she decided that she would do it as a surprise, after all, he did make every effort to give her whatever she wanted.

As the anniversary approached, she decided that she could still surprise him. She would cook a nice meal, which they could eat together in the bedroom, and then she could slip out and change. Returning, she would give him the best blow job that he had ever had, after all, he only had to lay back and enjoy it.

Cheered by this thought, she set about her preparations.


The evening of the anniversary arrived; she helped Rick in and out of a hot bath, having prepared the bedroom with candles for a romantic setting to their meal while he soaked.

After the meal, Rick kept trying to apologize for his incapacity, but Susie just assured him that he would be able to make it up to her when he was better.

"Anyway, you just lay back and stay comfortable, I'm going to tidy up and then I have a little anniversary surprise for you!"

She poured him another glass of wine and gathered the trays.

She dumped the trays in the kitchen and hurried into the lounge to change into her outfit.


First of all, she pulled on the sheer black stockings with the deep lace tops. She had chosen hold ups to avoid a suspender belt which would spoil the line of her skirt. Next on, was the skimpy leather bra that barely managed to contain her ample breasts.

This was followed by a loose black see through blouse, which she tied around her waist. She then struggled into a very tight short black leather miniskirt. It looked too short when she bought it, but she had taken another two inches off the hem so that it barely covered her stocking tops.

Lastly, the boots. She had searched for weeks to find the right ones, shops only seemed to carry cheap PVC novelty boots that she hated. If she was going to look like a tart, she was going to look like an expensive tart. Eventually, she opted to have a pair made to measure by Gaborit in France; they were black soft leather thigh high boots with a four inch stiletto heel. They hugged her long legs all the way up to just below her stocking tops.

She zipped them up and strutted to the full length mirror to check the effect. This was the first time that she had tried on the complete outfit.

Straightening her skirt, she had to admit to herself that she did look hot. Unexpectedly, she felt herself moisten as the slutty woman in the mirror stared back at her.

"Was this being unkind to Rick?" She pondered; after all he would get a lot more out of this when he was able to do it justice.

But then, a wicked sensation then ran through her.

"No, this was what he had asked for; this was what he would get, and the more of a tease the better!"

She applied a fresh layer of deep red lipstick, and checked her make up before setting off upstairs.


When she appeared through the bedroom door, Rick's mouth just fell open.

"Did 'Sir' order a tart for dessert?" she asked as she swayed her hips across the room.

"Good God Susie, you look stunning, where did you get all that from?"

"Do I take it 'Sir' approves then?"

"Approve? Fucking right I approve, but what can I do about it in this state?"

"Nothing, but that's part of the fun, you can lay there and look, and pray that I can do something for you!"

"Well, what have you in mind?" asked Rick as his hand slipped beneath the covers to grip his solid cock.

"Anything that 'Sir' desires, after all, this is a special occasion!"

"Hmm, well, right now, 'Sir' desires you to bend over him so that he can cop a feel of those tits!"

Susie smiled and sauntered over to him with her hands on her hips, bending over so that they were almost spilling out of their leather restraint into his face.

"Is this what 'Sir' had in mind?"

"Fantastic" he murmured as his hands ran over them kneading them gently.

"Shall we let them out to play?"

"If that's what 'Sir' would like!" Susie replied, squeezing her tits together to help unclasp the central clip.

She bent lower so that her tits spilled onto his face.

Rick grabbed them with both hands and began to rub them around his face, licking her nipples as they grew erect.

She performed a quick shimmy so that her hanging tits were slapping his face.

Her hand slipped below the bedclothes to find his cock, it felt rock hard and hot. Rick groaned in pleasure as she started to wank him gently.

"I take it that this outfit does it for 'Sir' then."


"Well now, 'Sir' feels very stiff front and back, I can't do anything for the back, but I think I could suck that problem from 'Sirs' cock!

Would 'Sir' like me to try?"

She drowned his reply with a long kiss on the lips, flicking her tongue into his mouth.

As she did so ,Rick's hand slid up her boots and between her legs, until he was lightly touching her bare wet pussy.

"I think I'll take this tongue to 'Sirs' cock now, shall I? It feels very active!"

With a flick of the covers she exposed Rick completely.

Susie then strutted to the end of the bed and knelt down between his legs. With a hand on each of his ankles, she pulled them apart so that he was resting spread eagled with his hands behind his head, giving it support so that he could watch her every move.

She knelt between his legs and bent forward to lick his shaft, then straightening up again, she placed a hand on each hip to slide her skirt up, allowing her freedom to spread her own legs.

She slowly ran her hands slowly up his thighs, on to his stomach, and back down again, deliberately avoiding his cock and balls. she continued this for a few minutes, though moving closer to them each time as she looked him in the eye.

Then, leaning forward, she began to kiss his stomach lightly as her tits brushed against his cock.

She felt something knock against her knee, looking down, she could see that the Nobbin had rolled against her from where it had landed when she flicked the covers back.

Ignoring it she began to run her tongue around the tip of Ricks cock, then slowly nibbling her way up and down its length.

She moved her hands so that she cradled his balls in one as she used the other to flick his cock around her open lips, breathing her hot breath onto his wet helmet. Slowly, slowly, she lowered her mouth taking in his cock in inch by inch.

Rick laid back groaning and sighing in pleasure as he took in the sensual and visual excitement of Susie slowly working his cock.

As Susie continued, she felt a small regret that she wouldn't be getting any satisfaction from this lovely cock tonight. With her mouth full, so that her nose was being tickled by his pubes her mind began to drift, as it often did when giving head. What would it be like to have another stiff cock easing into her from behind as she took one in the mouth? She would never want to do that, she had no desire for another man; it was just curiosity, just wanting to feel the sensation of having two cocks to satisfy.

She was feeling very wet now, as she continued to pleasure her husband, he was obviously enjoying it, his cock had never felt so hard, but he was under her control, his bad back preventing any urgent thrusting.

As she slowly bobbed her head over his cock she felt a strange movement on her thighs.

"Probably the boot tops, or the bed clothes" she thought to herself.

But no, something warm was kneading her inner thighs, it felt good, very good indeed! She pushed down towards it,

"Must be kneeling over the Nobbin," she thought.

"Can't look now, with a mouth full of cock"

Seconds later she jumped as she felt what seemed to be a hot wet tongue gently licking the lips of her pussy.

It felt so good she let it continue. It soon slipped inside and probed deeper, before slowly sliding forward to tease her clit.

"Mmm!" she gasped, "Oh yes"

Rick looked down at his wife, even more turned on by the obvious signs that she was really enjoying his cock.

Sensations were running through her now as the tongue started flicking and she felt a sucking sensation on her clit. The next surprise was a gentle but firm nudge against her pussy, something that felt just like a cock was starting to push into her. It felt fat, but she was so wet, it slipped in easily.

She had to look down. Lifting her mouth off of Ricks cock, she kept wanking him as she peered between her legs. There it was, the Nobbin. Its tongue was still flicking deliciously at her clit, but the nose was growing and pushing further into her pussy. She should stop now and throw it out, but it felt so damn good!

"Fuck it, what harm could it do?"

Her mouth slid back over Ricks cock and she began squeezing his balls as though trying to milk him into her mouth.

The Nobbins nose continued to grow, filling her pussy to capacity with a length and girth that she had never felt before.

She gasped at the gentle pleasure that it was giving her, then gasped again as started to vibrate before gently.

Susie was panting over her husbands cock as the Nobbin started to thrust into her as the vibrations increased, meanwhile the tongue played mercilessly with her clit.

Rick had his arms out wide now, his hands gripping the mattress either side as Susie gave him the most unbelievable blow job. He had never known her take so much pleasure from blowing him! He was trying to hold back, but seeing her hips thrusting and hearing her gasping and panting, he knew he couldn't hold back much longer.

Susie was losing control, she had never been fucked so hard for so long, and she was finding it difficult to concentrate on Rick's cock. She pulled it from her mouth and began flicking the tip wildly across her pursed lips as she continued to squeeze his balls. It was all she could manage now as her orgasm began to build.

Just as she thought that she could take no more, another tongue started to lick her anus as the little hands squeezed her pussy lips around the shaft that was fucking her so hard.

That was it, to much!

"Yes, yes, yes, ... Oh God, ... Yes!"

She came with the most powerful orgasm that she had ever experienced; her whole body quivered and shook as the relief flooded through her.

Rick stared in disbelief as his wife writhed, gasping and panting. This was too much for him to take. His cock began to erupt, shooting jet after jet of hot spunk into her face and hair; she managed to pull his cock back into her mouth to hungrily swallow his final offerings.

Afterwards, Rick looked lovingly down at Susie as she slumped with his receding cock resting against her cheek, her eyes closed and a big smile fixed on her lips, as his spunk ran down her face.


Later that evening, they lay in bed drained and very satisfied.

Rick had fallen asleep and Susie was studying the Nobbin, which now looked quiet normal again.

She was starting to drift off, so she leant over to place it on the bedside table. Reaching to turn out the bedside lamp, she was sure that she saw the Nobbin give her a special wink.

A faint smile stayed on her lips as she dozed off to sleep, thinking to herself.

"Uncle William was right, there is nothing quite like a Good Nobbin!"

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