tagNonHumanA Good Nobbin Ch. 02

A Good Nobbin Ch. 02


It will probably be wise to read part one to understand what is going on here!


Following her discovery of the nocturnal benefits of having a Nobbin around, Susie was very satisfied with life! Rick was more than happy with the time she spent under the bedclothes feasting on his cock, totally unaware that all the time this was happening, she was getting a thorough servicing from the little Nobbin before he got to take his turn. Susie also noticed that the more she allowed the Nobbin access, the bigger and more powerful it was becoming, especially when she dressed like an expensive slut for Rick, the effect seemed to work well for both of them. Life was happy for all concerned!


A few months after her first experience with the Nobbin, Rick was called away for a few days on business. While he was away, Susie received a call from an old school friend who had flown back in to the UK for a few days, hoping that they could get together for an evening or two. Susie jumped at the opportunity. She put in a quick call to her mother, Deirdre, to arrange for her to come over the next day to house sit and to take care of the dog while she was away, and prepared to leave. She met Deirdre at the station the next morning. After a quick chat over a coffee, Susie gave her the house keys and leaving her the car, she boarded the train for London.


Deirdre always enjoyed staying in the small village, she was often mistaken for being Susie's older sister as she was a young looking woman for her age. Although in her mid forties she still had a good figure and wore her blonde hair long just like Susie. Once she had arrived at the cottage, Deirdre was soon unpacked and settled in to the familiar surroundings. After a light lunch, she took the dog for a long walk before settling on the sofa for a quick nap. It was so peaceful here, she enjoyed having nothing to do for a couple of days, and without having the bother of considering her husband when it came to meal times. That evening, Deirdre decided that she would take a five minute stroll to the local pub for a couple of drinks and a bite to eat before returning to the cottage to watch TV. Normally she wouldn't venture into a pub alone, but she knew a few of the locals so it would do no harm. After a long refreshing shower, she applied a little make up, pulled on a skirt and top and off she went.


It was nearly nine thirty when she arrived back at the cottage. Deirdre felt strangely alive tonight, probably because of the attention she had received at the bar after the meal. There were three attractive young men, probably in there late twenties, that had openly been flirting with her and plying her with more wine than she would have normally consumed. It was all harmless stuff, but it had given her a buzz.

Now she only had the TV for company, not a very satisfying outcome, she thought, as she poured herself another generous glass of wine. She settled in front of the TV and started channel hopping. After ten minutes she had decided that there was nothing for her to see, so with a resigned sigh she switched it off again. Now what?

I know, she thought, I'll try a book, I haven't read a good book for ages! Knowing that Susie always had a selection of her newly acquired books in her bedroom, Deirdre made her slightly tipsy way upstairs to Susie and Rick's room. Flicking on the bedside lamps, she looked around but couldn't see the normal collection of books. Thinking that Susie had probably tidied up, she decided to have a look in a few cupboards and wardrobes. Trying the small wardrobe first, she found a few books on the top shelf. She lifted them down, and just as she was closing the door something caught her eye. Dumping the books on the dresser, she opened the door wider and reaching in, pulled out Susie's black leather thigh boots.

My God! she thought, sitting back on the bed to study them, I had no idea that she wore anything like this. The little minx! Curiosity had the better of her now and she stood up to take another look inside the wardrobe. This time she pulled out a little soft leather micro mini skirt and a selection of skimpy tops. Knowing that all the clothes in there were not Susie's normal everyday clothes, she realised that she had stumbled on her private little collection. With a pang of guilt, she quickly replaced them.

She collected the books and was about to turn off the bedside lamps when she noticed the Nobbin on the bedside table. Good Lord, she still has that, she thought as she picked it up to study it. What a strange place to keep the ugly little thing, I'm surprised it's not boxed up and in the loft by now! She carefully replaced it, switched off the lamp and went back downstairs.

One hour and one bottle of wine later, Deirdre's mind wandered back to the clothing that she had found in Susie's bedroom. Topping up her glass, she decided to go up and have another look.

Once in the bedroom she pulled out the boots and slowly unzipped them. She felt a strange urge to try them on, they would probably fit, she thought, we are about the same size. She kicked off her own heels and slipped her foot into the soft leather, before slowly pulling up the zip to her inner thigh. She was pleased with the perfect fit. She then pulled on the other boot and stood up . She adjusted her black stockings so that they were just visible above the boots.

Deirdre then decided to ditch her dress and eased herself into the tight little leather skirt. She felt sexy already and a little smug that she could still wear her daughters clothes. She walked over to inspect herself in the mirror. As she stood with her hands on her hips she was surprised to find that she liked what she saw. What a slut, she thought, if my husband could see this he'd have a heart attack.

She could feel a tingle in her pussy, so after taking another big gulp of wine she settled in the centre of the bed. Easing up the tight leather skirt, she allowed her hands to wander down to tease her clit.

As she continued to slowly pleasure herself, her mind began to wander, she felt such a slut lying here in her daughters thigh length boots, stockings and a tight leather skirt, such a waste, she felt like getting a good hard fuck, perhaps she should get herself an outfit like this and try it out on her husband!

With her mind clouded by the drink and the erotic thoughts, she didn't notice the movement from the bed side table. Deirdre continued to work delicately at her pussy, she had a strange sensation of her legs being drawn further apart, which only heightened the sensation. Then she became aware of what felt like a soft warm tongue working around the rim of her wet pussy. As the sensations increased, her hands involuntarily moved up to her breasts, pulling her blouse open and releasing her bra. She started to tweak her stiffening nipples as the tongue probed deeper and what felt like small sensitive hands started to massage her clit.

Vaguely in the back of her mind, alarm bells were ringing, this surely wasn't right? She should get up to see what was happening but she felt compelled to close her eyes and just enjoy the ride.

Something else was happening, she could feel a small hard cock starting to nudge at her pussy, but the tongue was still there! Slowly the cock pushed its way in with gentle thrusts, now she was slowly being fucked and licked at the same time, God, she thought, this was fantastic! The cock continued to grow as she lay there squeezing and rubbing her tits.

She felt it rotate as it grew and the thrusts increased in intensity. Her clit was being massaged expertly as the cock continued to grow until it was filling her to capacity. Then the vibrations started. Fuck, this is fantastic she thought, as it started to thrust away at her hot wet pussy. She then became aware of another sensation. There was a tongue licking at her anus, this was a new sensation for Deirdre and she was loving it, especially as she felt the tongue slip inside and grow, probing ever deeper as the cock continued to pound her.

Her drunken mind would not let her focus on the reality, the pleasure was so great that she just gave into it. She was having climax after climax as she writhed on the bed thrusting her hips towards the phantom cock and tongue that were deep inside her and showing no signs of relenting. Finally, after what seemed hours of ecstasy, she felt her pussy being flooded and the pace eased. Bathed in the afterglow of a wonderful experience, Deirdre quickly drifted off into a deep drunken sleep.


It was about two in the morning when Rick's car pulled into the drive. He checked his phone one last time, but he still had no reply from Susie after he sent had sent her a message saying that he was due in London early next day, so he was coming home overnight to break the journey. He left his case in the car and quietly let himself in, being careful not to wake anyone.

He made himself a coffee and used the downstairs bathroom to have a quick shower before wearily climbing the stairs, ready for a much needed sleep.

Quietly he let himself in to the dark bedroom, dumping his clothes on a chair as he navigated his way in the darkness. Suddenly he took a sharp intake of breath as something sticking out from the bed scratched his leg. He reached out with his hand until it finally came to rest on the heel of a warm leather boot. So that was it, he thought, bloody steel heel tips! Then it suddenly dawned on him that Susie was in bed wearing her sexiest boots! His tiredness drained away as he felt his cock twitch in to life. Christ! he thought, what a girl! She must have got my message after all and set up a little surprise for me.

His hands started to wander further up her parted legs as he knelt between them, cock on full alert now! As he reached the top of the boots his hands continued over her stocking tops until his fingers reached her wet warm pussy.

The little slut, she must have started without me! With his stiff cock gripped in one hand he continued to explore. A muffled sigh came from beneath the duvet that was piled over the rest of her, but her legs widened in welcome. He carefully rolled her onto her back and moved his face down to the hot moist pussy. Slowly he started to lick and flick her clit before burying his face and tongue between her thighs. Ten minutes later, satisfied that he had brought her to a shuddering climax on his tongue, he decided that his dripping cock now needed its just reward. He rolled her onto her front once more and gripped her thighs to pull her into a kneeling position. Rick reached down and aligned his throbbing cock with the welcoming pussy before him, God, he thought, I'm ready for this, a nice uncomplicated fuck!

He slipped his cock in easily and enjoyed pulling the lovely round ass towards him as he started to thrust, slowly building up steam. He was enjoying the anonymity of the situation, being able to come home and find such a sexily clad creature in your bed and to be able to climb on and fuck it silly without any preamble, it was just what he needed tonight!

Gripping the lovely soft flesh of her ass, he started riding her hard, pleased at the muffled appreciation that he could hear from below the piled up duvet, which edged him on. Rick fucked her hard for about twenty minutes but realised that he wasn't going to last much longer. He started slapping the undulating ass in time with his thrusts before pushing it down flat on the bed. Supporting himself on his forearms he drove his cock home with all his strength, his body slapping hard against hers as he felt the moment approach.

"Come on you sexy little bitch, this is what you've been waiting for!"

He let out a groan as his hot cum erupted like a volcano, flooding her sopping pussy.

"Oh yeah, take it baby, take it all!" Rick panted as the last jets of cum left his balls.

He rolled to one side and they cuddled up in a tangle of limbs as he fell in to a deep and satisfied sleep.


The next morning it was still dark when Rick quickly switched off the alarm. He slowly eased himself out bed, so as not to wake his sexy sleeping wife.

Fifteen minutes later he was showered and on the road, thinking that it would be nice to get home earlier tonight!

An hour later, seven A.M. and he was already on the outskirts of London when his phone bleeped as a message came through. Rick picked it up, and with one eye on the road he scanned down the message.

Hi darling, Sorry I missed you last night, still away but back later. Hope you didn't disturb mum! luv you X

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