A GOR-y Halloween Party

byTx Tall Tales©

I don't know if I did the best, but I did better than most, and when all was said and done, I had another 840 gold to go with the original 1000. I was relatively certain I had more total gold than anybody else. There were only 4 of us who'd brought in two slaves. Raul and Greg were both doing poorly, only Michelle seemed to be doing well, and I didn't see her as auction competition.

I found it especially interesting that Michelle, Erika's cousin, was the owner of our hosts, Erika and her husband Dale. She was flaunting that ownership openly, keeping her slaves in line with her ready crop. The image of Dale licking her boot would stick with me long after the party was over.

By the end of the games, we'd seen most of the house and yard. It was surprisingly warm outside for so late in the year, the temperature probably low 70's outside. During the day it had been in the 80's, and I suspected by the end of the night, it would be cooler outside, a nice change of pace from the balmy indoors. The backyard had a few small privacy tents set up, maybe 10 feet square, which were for rent, 50 gold per hour. Looked interesting. A little privacy might be nice.

A lot of privacy might be even nicer.

I ran into Michelle during our travels, and pulled her aside for a few moments. I filled her in on a bit of my slave's training, teaching her some important phrases for the auction later. She looked to be having a great time. "Too bad you're not for sale, you'd be on the top of my list," she teased. "I bet you'd be hard to break." Her emphasis on 'hard' had me going.

"For you, a private sale might be in order. Being your boy-toy for a night could be interesting," I told her, brazenly running my hand down her skin-tight leather clad side.

"I've got a feeling you're going to have your hands full as it is. I wouldn't want you all worn out come play time. That wouldn't be fun," she had a riding crop in her hand that she rubbed the inside of my leg with, using it to raise the front of my leather wrap.

"Careful, kitten, this is like a kilt. Nothing underneath but Jack," I warned her.

"Mmm. I like the sound of that. We may have to play after all. Of course I'd have to invite Erika; she'd kill me if I didn't."

Damn, talk about hard sell. "You pick the date, and I'll be there with bells on."

"No bells needed. This outfit would do just fine." She leaned in close, her face a bare inch from mine. "Are you teasing me, or would you really like to play sometime?"

"Could Amanda play too?" I asked, getting worked up over the idea.

Michelle's eyes opened wide. "Would she be willing?"

"Perhaps. We're exploring new areas of our relationship," I confided.

"That explains the Teri thing, I guess." She smiled devilishly. "Anytime she's willing, the offer is open. Why don't you see if you can make it happen?"

"I think I'll do that," I told her. "Pretty wild night, you guys have concocted here."

She laughed. "I'm guessing we ain't seen nothin' yet."

I turned to walk away, but she halted me with her crop, and drew me close. Very close. "Open your mouth," she said softly, "and close your eyes."

I did as she requested and felt her finger between my lips. She left something in my mouth. Michelle pushed my chin up until my lips met. "A little gift. To help make sure you're ready if this party gets as wild as I think it will." Then she pressed her lips against mine gently. "Have fun, tonight, handsome."

I went back to my girls and we wandered through the house with about 1/2 an hour until the auction. You could feel the growing excitement in the air.

We settled into a dim corner of the study with a pile of pillows, watching the interplay around us. Troy showed up with Kayla at his side, and sat down with us. I enjoyed the sight of her sidling up to us, her silks shifting sexily. I was sitting on the ground with my girls beside me, and the view from below was riveting.

"Did well in the contests," he said, sending Kayla off for some more paga before settling down with us. "I'm up over 400."

If he thought 400 was doing well, that made me feel even better about our chances. "Good. That gives us over 2700 total. Let me give you an added 1000 to buy these two with." I counted out the large 50 gold coins. "That leaves me 840 to bid on Kayla. If I need more, we can work it out."

"1920," he said, counting his coins. "I hope it's enough. Any strategy?"

"I can't think of any. It all depends on the order they come up. I figure Wendy, Penny and Sheila will go for big bucks. But there's no real telling."

He nodded.

I saw that Teri was squirming for my attention. "Something you'd like to say, Kajira?"

She stretched out against my leg, her hand stroking my thigh. "Mandy will be expensive, Master. Don't worry about this girl. Save your money for Amanda. If I come up first, let me be sold. You can always trade for me later."

"Master?" Mandy said softly, seeking my attention.


"If Teri comes up first, buy Teri. If you pass on Teri, and someone outbids you for Mandy, you'll have neither of us. Buy Teri, Master," she was very un-slave like in the way she was so adamant.

Teri was being bad. Her hand under my wrap was very naughty, brushing gently against my cock. I responded strongly to her touch.

Kayla had returned with our mugs of paga, and I pushed Teri away, "Behave, slave."

With a giggle, she crawled over to Troy. She pressed her body against his, and I saw him smile. "This girl hopes you can buy all of us, Master. We'll be good Kajira. I may wear white, but I'm sure I can make you happy."

Kayla seemed to be in a good mood. She passed Troy his mug, then stroked Teri's long, luxurious hair. "She is beautiful, is she not, Master?"

Troy's smile grew even wider. "Too beautiful, I fear. We have the three most beautiful women here. There will be many Masters trying to buy them away from us."

Kayla sauntered over to me, and took over Teri's previous place. Her robes opened somewhat, giving me an eyeful of side boob, and a brief peek at her nipple. "Such strong Masters. I'm sure you'll have us serving you well, soon." She looked up at me, her eyes blazing. "How may I serve you, Master?" Her hands were on my thigh, reaching under my wrap, teasing me. "This girl lives to serve.

I looked over at Troy, who was oblivious to our actions. He was laying back on the pillows, with sweet Teri draped all over him. Her leg was over his, and her hands were reaching inside his vest. Her lips were pressed against his neck, while his hand caressed her exposed back.

God, that girl was trouble.

Mandy was sitting beside me quietly, watching her friend. I reached over and gave her a nudge. "Kajira, that Master holds your fate in his hands. Perhaps you should help your sister convince him you're worth buying."

She gave me a mysterious look, hard to decipher. A tiny smile lifted the corners of her mouth. "As you please, Master," she said softly, crawling across the pillows. The look from behind was too good to be true. Damn, I was a lucky man. I might have not realized it for the last few years, but the recent changes had me lusting after my wife like an infatuated teen.

Amanda's departure seemed to be the sign Kayla had been waiting for. Her hand slid upward, stroking the inside of my thigh. She didn't stop until she reached as high as she could, the back of her hand brushing my balls. "How may I pleasure you, Master? I'm willing to serve you in any way you wish." She licked her lips slowly and sensuously. I felt her hand move, and her fingers traced the length of my hardness. "What would you like Kayla to do?"

Jesus. This was beyond my expectations. Way beyond. I thought our slaves would be friendly, even allow a little fondling or caressing, but Kayla was forcing me to reassess everything. I wonder if Troy knew his wife's intentions.

"For now, that is nice. After the auction, I believe I may rent one of those tents, and see if you deserve to be in red silk."

She crawled up my body, her hand underneath my wrap all the more obvious. She was kissing my chest. She looked up and whispered, "This girl would like that. Very much." She moved higher, pressing her lips to my ear. "Kayla would like to submit to Master totally. If she's going to be a slave, she'll be the best." Then her lips were on mine, kissing me.

I kissed her back fiercely, a Master's kiss, while my hand reached inside of her robes, squeezing her breast. Her hand was clutching my cock, squeezing.

Kayla? I'd never have expected anything like this from her. She hardly even flirted, normally. I figured her for almost as uptight as Amanda. But now? The red silks, the touching, the kissing. Fucking incredible.

I heard the tinkle of bells, and looked up to see one of the cute servants hired for the party, walking by, ringing a bell. "Auction in 10 minutes. All slaves please report to the Auctioneer."

I looked over to find the other three sitting up, straightening their outfits. Mandy had to be very careful, any wrong movement and she risked showing off quite a bit. Kayla released me, and sat up as well. "Buy Kayla, Master," she said fiercely. "Kayla needs to be owned by Master Jack."

I laughed, and gave her a pat on the rear. "Go prepare to be bought, Kajira."

My girls stopped by for a kiss, which I happily bestowed. "Remember," Teri whispered, "buy Mandy whatever the cost."

Troy stood and straightened himself. He was obviously erect. I shouldn't talk, but at least my outfit didn't show it quite so badly.

"Damn. You're going home with both of those tonight?" he laughed.

"Naughty slaves have been talking, I guess," I smiled. "Yes, and I assure you, Teri will not be wearing white again."

He shook his head. "You lucky, fucking bastard. I don't know if I'd survive an evening with that pair." He grinned. "Then again, what a way to go!"

Chapter 2: Wives Bought and Sold

The main room was filling quickly. We found a place a little ways back from the auction platform, with my back to the corner. Looking around I started to get anxious. It looked like there were several small groups forming. I hope they didn't have the same ideas we did.

We didn't have long to wait. Michelle took the stage, all dolled up in her dominatrix outfit, black leather lace-up bustier, leather panties, black fishnet stockings, knee high laced boots with 4 inch fuck-me heels, and black gloves. She had a riding crop in her hand, and was guiding a woman dressed up as Princess Leia to the stage. The room may have been dark, but the stage was brightly lit. The slaves on auction would be on full display.

Michelle attached the slave pole leash to Leia's collar, then turned to face us. "Before we start, I'd like to lay some ground rules. The safety and comfort of our slaves is paramount. I'll remind you that no slave can be made to remove any clothing. Also, any slave can end their servitude and become a free person simply by removing their collar, and nobody may interfere with their doing so. Finally, all slaves tonight have a common safe word. We understand that sometimes a no uttered by a slave does not necessarily mean no. But any slave that speaks the safe word must be heeded. The safe word is 'lavender'. I'm going to repeat that, 'lavender'. If your slave says lavender, stop what you're doing immediately and find out what your slave's limitations are. Any Master who loses a slave because they remove their collar will not be reimbursed. Any Master who does not heed the safe word will be stripped of his slave and any other slaves, and will be dealt with severely. No slave may be gagged, since that would inhibit their ability to use their safe word. Are the rules clear?"

She got a half-hearted chorus of yes's. "Let there be no mistake. Every Master present, raise your hand if you understand and agree to these rules."

All the hands were raised quickly and the auction began. Michelle faded into the background, and encouraged our Princess Leia to move for us, with a nudge of the riding crop she was holding.

Pilar had made a good choice. Her slender figure fit the outfit well, and the hair buns on each side of her head were picture perfect. Her costume wasn't the most creative ever, but her husband's full body Jabba the Hut was side splitting. I wonder how long it would be before that came off. He had to be miserable.

The bidding started out at one hundred, and there were a lot of bidders. You could feel the excitement. Someone was going to own this pretty girl, with who knows what consequences. The bidding escalated, first by 20's then by 50's. In the end it became a bidding war between Victor and Jerry, the eventual winner. It ended at 650, which seemed a good price. She looked great, and for the first sale of the night, I thought it wasn't too bad. With each Master starting with 500 gold per slave, and another couple of hundred from the contests, you'd figure somewhere around 600 would be the average going price.

We went through two more rapidly, Tasha Evans dressed up as a vampire's blood slave, with a hot red dress that did a very poor job of covering her body, and bite marks on her neck, wrists and breast cleavage. She was our only female black slave, and I figured the exotic allure of owning her would increase her price. Never mind that she was gorgeous. IMHO. During her posing, we all got a clear view of the miniscule pink thong she wore underneath. Quite lovely. She went for 700 even, a bargain. Poor girl went to Cole, who was a crude dick under the best of circumstances. She didn't seem pleased.

I couldn't help but think for a moment that if I hadn't committed to buying back my wife and our friend, I could have owned her. Maybe her and that sexy blue girl. If only.

If my counting was correct, there were 16 female slaves being auctioned off to 11 male Masters. If they all went for over 600, with the most prized slaves probably going for nearer 1000, there wouldn't be enough cash to go around.

Tasha was followed by Savannah, Cole's wife, with a crazy comedy outfit, huge fake breasts under a wet t-shirt, an enormous fake ass, and a strange headpiece that made the top of her head look flat. She was supposed to be her Mad Scientist's experiment to create the perfect girl. She wasn't bad looking, but her outfit was the least revealing, least slave-like, and completely obscured her real body. She topped out at 480 gold, even though she worked hard to drive up her value. Obviously, more skin sold better.

I was caught off-guard when Kayla came up next. She looked hot, and posed nicely on the stage. I stayed out of the bidding at first, and jumped in when it slowed down around 500. At 660, there were just two of us left bidding, and Greg, who my wife detested was the other one. I couldn't let him have her; Amanda would never forgive me. I'm not sure what her problem with him was. Sure he could be a smartass, but for the most part he didn't seem all that bad. Admittedly, he was an obnoxious drunk, but he was usually pretty quick to apologize the next day. Thankfully, he bowed out at 720, and our partnership had its first success. It had me worried a little, that we might not be able to afford the other two. I thought she was attractive, but the thought that she went for more than Tasha was worrisome.

I went up to the stage, paid my 720, and leashed my new slave. She followed me docilely to my corner, and I gave her the additional 120 I had remaining, and instructed her to take it to her husband.

She returned to my side, turning her body to the crowd around us, laying beside me. "Thank you Master, for buying Kayla."

I reached out and caressed her shoulder. "A bargain at twice the price."

She pressed her lips to my side, her hand moving up the inside of my leg. "Kayla will work hard to make sure you continue to believe that." Her hand had reached its goal, and once again I felt her warm fingers stroke me lightly before they encircled me. She dropped her voice, falling out of character. "I was so worried that Greg would outbid you. I couldn't stand to be touched by that bastard. He makes my flesh crawl."

Her too? Greg wasn't popular with the ladies, obviously.

Our first male of the evening was on the block, Dave Moore. I was still surprised that he'd consented to be a slave. He was a big, athletic guy, and I imagine there were a few wives present who wouldn't have minded being leashed by him. I wasn't really interested in the bidding and gazed at my red silk girl. I wondered how much was act, and how far she'd really be willing to go. I slid my hand inside her silks and cupped her breast. She purred delightfully.

"I don't make your skin crawl, Kajira?" I teased, squeezing her tit softly.

She kissed my chest again, her tongue lingering. "Your touch makes my skin burn, Master."

I squeezed her nipple. "No safe word?" I teased.

She let go of my cock, and moved up my body. "Silly Master. There is nothing you could do to your willing slave that would have her even contemplate that horrible word." She finished by placing her lips over mine. The kiss was delightful, and while I kissed her, I saw the bidding for Dave conclude.

Even in the relative darkness of our corner, I was aware of a few prying eyes. There were others who did not find the sight of purchasing a male slave interesting. I pushed her away, "Remember your place slave. Now tend me, while I follow the proceedings."

She moved down, her back to our potential audience, covering up her actions. She quickly slipped her hand between my legs, and stroked me slowly. "Yes, Master. Kayla knows her place." Someone would have to be standing directly over us to see what she was up to. Good girl.

I was surprised to see that one of the servant men was paying for the slave, then he pulled Dave to the side and stayed with him. I put two-and-two together, and figured that Michelle had bought Dave for herself, through a servant proxy. She had to have over 1500 gold, since she had started with two slaves and had seemed to do well in the contests. Then again, she also had access to the gold coffers. Who knew what her limit was?

Wendy, our buxom, barely-clad cave girl was escorted on stage, and I sat up. This would be interesting, I expected her to go high. She was struggling against her chains, putting on a great act, dropping into a low crouch and looking out across the audience. With all her movement, and her frightened poses, we had several chances to see glimpses of her bare breasts and her excited nipples, when her meager top would shift out of the way. She had a dynamite body, and within an instant her price was already the highest of the evening. At 800 there were still three people bidding on her.

Things were getting heated up. Raul dropped out of the bidding at 900, leaving Greg and Michelle's proxy still bidding for her. Michelle finally won at 1020. About what I was expecting price wise. I had secretly hoped that Greg would win, since it would take him out of any bidding war for my girls, and Wendy seemed to get along with him as well as anyone. I was a little surprised that Michelle had bid so actively for her. She'd shot her load early, spending around 1500 for her two slaves.

Kayla had been watching the bidding with interest, while her devilish hand kept me on edge. "Lucky slave. I'd much rather be owned by Michelle than Greg."

"You'd rather be owned by a woman?" I teased.

"Versus Greg? No question. Plus, she does own a handsome male slave. The possibilities are intriguing." She leaned down and kissed my side. "Of course Kayla is much happier to be owned by her true Master. She would choose nobody else."

I caught my breath when I saw my wife escorted on stage by Michelle. God, she looked hot. The house got quiet, and even before the bidding was officially opened, I heard Greg shout out "One Thousand!"

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