A GOR-y Halloween Party

byTx Tall Tales©

Damn it. Just what I was afraid of.

Amanda was standing tall, almost haughty. Michelle leaned in and swatted her thigh with her riding crop. "Display, slave of Gor."

Amanda looked shocked, but she straightened obediently, opening her legs a little more than shoulder's width, placing her hands behind her head and turning her face to the side. Even from where I could sit, you could see she was blushing.

"This slave comes to us from the second-earth, Gor, and still needs breaking in. A barbarian slave girl. Who offers 1050?"

"Eleven Hundred," Raul yelled out.

"Eleven Fifty!" Greg bellowed.

"Twelve hundred," Raul replied.

I suspected Raul was our most likely competition, I was worried that we wouldn't have enough money for Teri if it went much higher. Both of these guys had brought two slaves, plus whatever they'd managed to earn in the contests.

"Thirteen," Raul answered.

I saw a disappointed Greg, sit down, and chug whatever drink he was working on. I was glad to see him out of it.

Michelle walked around Amanda, running her riding crop along the inside of her thighs, raising the front of her burlap tunic to show the edge of her tiny brown thong. "This slave is unbroken, waiting for a true Master to tame her. Are there no real men here tonight?" Michelle teased.

There were a lot of very attractive women in the building, but Amanda was Amanda. TV star good looks. The face of an angel. A body straight from the pages of Playboy, built for sin. And she was for sale. I had no doubt these men would be secretly picturing Amanda under them, when they were enjoying the fruits of the evening with their own wives.

"Fourteen hundred", Troy announced.

"Fifteen", "Sixteen," Raul and my partner went back and forth. I was surprised that Raul had that much, I didn't think he'd done that well in the contests.

Troy looked over at me quizzically. I nodded emphatically. "Seventeen Hundred," Troy responded, standing.

The room was quiet for a few seconds, before Raul answered again. "Eighteen."

The whole room was riveted, watching the auction pan out.

Michelle was still controlling things, "We have 1800 from the Orc Lord. Surely this juicy piece is worth that and more." She ran her crop along the inside of Amanda's thighs, making her tremble. "Nadu," she said sharply, and Amanda quickly dropped to her knees, hands turned up on her thighs, head tilted back, exposing her collar. Her legs were open, displaying her tight panties, hinting at what lay within.

I could see the people in front leaning forward for a better look. She had her eyes closed, trembling.

"Nineteen Hundred," Troy said.

"Nineteen hundred," Michelle laughed, caressing my wife's hair. "A bargain for such a delicious slave. Imagine, owning the legendary Amanda, even if only for a night." She squatted down behind her, and I saw her hand slide into my wife's tunic from the side, caressing her belly.

Raul was leaning over talking to John Peters. Shit. I guess we weren't the only ones working as a team.

"Nineteen Fifty," he said.

Troy made one last effort, for the works. "Nineteen Eighty."

"Two Thousand," Raul replied. You could hear the murmuring through the crowd. The bidding was nearly double what Wendy had gone for, and I thought she'd be one of the most expensive.

It was a disaster. We were out of it. Troy shook his head in frustration, and sat down.

"I have two thousand gold from the Orc Lord. Any more bidders? Anyone?"

She looked around, waiting for a few seconds. "Sold! For two thousand gold. Lucky beast, come claim your prize."

I was devastated to see Raul jump up and high five John Peters before leaping onto the stage to put his leash on my wife. She looked at me nervously, while she was led offstage.

What was it they said about the best laid plans...?

The next three slave auctions passed me by in a daze. How was I going to get Amanda back? Raul was decent enough, I actually like the guy, and I didn't think John Peters was trouble, but still.

Most of the crowd seemed happy and boisterous, and it didn't appear that the other men were having too much difficulty dealing with selling off their wives. I guess I was alone in that concern.

I had completely missed Mindy, a Chinese Concubine's, sale, as well as our host Dale. I couldn't think straight.

By the time I was paying attention again, Penny was being bid on. Hers was by far the most daring outfit there, having arrived wearing nothing but blue body paint and a thong, as one of the Avatar females. She was tall, almost 6 foot, with long hair divided into two long strands that struggled to cover her breasts. I expected her to sell well, but feared that too much had been spent already. Her husband hadn't bought anybody yet, but couldn't bid on her. Only Greg, Troy, and Victor didn't own slaves yet.

I was surprised that Greg didn't bid much on her, he dropped out early. In the end Victor was able to purchase her for the bargain price of 650. The same price as Princess Leia. Gold was already growing scarce. I would have paid 1000 for her. Easily.

Kayla had stopped her 'tending' duties, and was trying to console me. "We'll still get Teri, and we'll figure a way to trade for Amanda after the auction," she reassured me, adding a belated "Master."

I knew that only Greg had the gold remaining to bid against us for Teri, unless Elliot, Penny's husband teamed up with somebody. Even then, we should be able to outbid anybody. Small consolation.

Michelle called for a break in the auction. "We've reached the halfway mark, and will take a short refreshment break. The auction will start again in 10 minutes."

Troy came over immediately, "Damn, that was crazy! Nobody's going to have any gold for the end of the auction, the way things are going." Troy was a numbers guy, a CFO of a good size company. I was still surprised to see him pull out his smart phone. "The way I figure it, it's not likely anybody has more than 400 left, except for Greg and Elliot. Kim, of course, but I figure she'll spend hers on Darius."

"I'm going to check on something, I'll be back in a second. Kayla, stay with Troy."

"Gladly, Master," she said to my retreating back.

I located Michelle. I had an inkling of an idea. "Hey Michelle, I have a question?"

"Sure. What a deal with Amanda, huh? Two thousand? I didn't think anybody would go for much more than about a thousand, maybe 1200," she said.

"The rules looked like there might be other ways to earn gold. Other than the contests. Are there?"

She laughed. "I was wondering when somebody would pick up on that. There are a few. We'll have some slave contests later, of course." Her grin made me think she was still holding back.

"And?" I asked.

"The servants may be sponsored. As you can imagine, this party ended up a lot more expensive than we thought. Dale is less than happy that we blew our budget. By a lot. So, if anybody were willing to help sponsor a servant, we have 6 of them, they could earn some gold."

"How does that work?" I asked.

"For $100, you own that servant. Not like a regular slave, but as a working slave. Of course, as their Master, you get preferential treatment. You receive 100 gold, and you can cash out any gold tips they make for dollars. One dollar per gold. They haven't earned much so far, but once the auction is over, I expect their tips will improve. It could net you a lot of gold, but it could also get expensive."

"I'll take them," I told her.

"Which?" she asked.

"All of them." I pulled out my pouch, and counted out a dozen Morgan dollars. "These are worth about $50 each, if you'd like I'll change that for cash after the party. I didn't bring a wallet with me." I offered her the coins.

She seemed surprised. "What are you up to, Jack?"

"I'm going to figure out a way to get my wife back," I explained.

"Come on. Raul won't be a bad Master. Are you sure she wants to be bailed out?"

"I'm not certain, but if she does, I want to be able to do it."

She counted out 600 more gold for me. "That should go a long ways with what you already have. I figure there's going to be some bargains at the end, everybody's shooting their wad early."

"That's what I'm counting on. Maybe a two for one deal, or something along that order," I told her.

"Good luck." She seemed to have something else on her mind. "You know Erika is still up for sale. If Greg tries to buy her, I could really make it worth your while to outbid him. I have a few gold in reserve, and would pitch in up to 300 if you do. Any more than that and I'd be cheating."

"Why did we invite him anyway? None of the women here want to have anything to do with him. At least I know Amanda, Teri, and Kayla don't. And now Erika."

"We all love Alice. We put up with him for her sake." She checked her watch. "Gotta run, auction's about to start. Teri's going to be up first after the break."

"Thanks, Michelle."

"Your welcome, handsome. And remember what I said about Erika. She and I would both be grateful if you kept her out of Greg's hands. Very grateful. I might even let you be in charge. We both tie up very nicely." She gave me a sexy smile. "She's up after Teri."

"Got it. I'll do my best."

I returned to Troy. "Teri's next. Spend what you have to, and afterwards, I'll take whatever cash we have left, and see if I can't expand our harem, if that's cool with you." I hung onto my extra 600.

"Got it. It's mostly your money anyway."

I cornered two of the female servants, and filled them in on their new ownership. They had almost 30 gold between them, which I promised to cash out. I gave each of them a silver dollar. "It's worth about $50, almost $30 in silver value alone," I explained, taking their gold coins. "I'll cash it out after the party if you like, or you can keep it." They seemed happy enough with the deal. "After the auction, we can talk again."

Michelle was announcing the start of the bidding, and I had to leave them.

Teri was led on stage, looking too sexy for words in her skimpy outfit. The way I figured it, we might get off lucky. With Sheila and Erika still to go, and so much of the gold already out of play, the bidding might be light for Teri.

I was right. Greg didn't even try once Troy started bidding, and Elliot bowed out at 700. I knew he could afford more, but my guess was he was holding out for Erika or Sheila. Maybe Alice or even Denise. Their loss was my gain.

Troy went on stage to retrieve Teri, and a few seconds later she came crawling over with nearly 1500 gold in her hand. She had to lean over Kayla to give it to me. My red silk girl was back to her tending duties. "I can't believe you didn't buy Amanda," she said, sounding cross.

"I know. We only had 1980, and got outbid. But I'm working on a plan." I gave her a kiss. "I'm glad we got you back, now go to Troy, I've got some buying to do."

She looked at me, curious, but held her tongue. At least for a moment. Teri saw what Kayla was up to, and a wicked smile broke out on her face. "Someone's being naughty," she teased.

Kayla giggled. "Master needed tending. Care to come help me, Kajira?"

Teri sighed. "I wish. Our other Master needs some attention as well." She turned and went back to Troy.

Erika was already up to 600 with both Greg and Elliot bidding on her. Elliot dropped out at 700, and I outbid Greg at 850. 550 out of pocket. That still left me with over 1400. It also earned me a glare from Greg. Oh well.

I went up on stage, and leashed Erika. She was looking incredible in a black leather corset, with a black body-stocking underneath. The corset left her breasts exposed, and you could see her perky nipples through the fine mesh top. After Penny's avatar costume, it was probably the most revealing, only Wendy's cave girl giving her a run for her money.

I brought her back to my corner while Darius, the last of the male slaves went up for auction. I still found it odd that two of the arguably best looking men at the party had opted to be slaves.

"Thank God you bought me, Jack! I don't know what I would have done otherwise. Remind me, why do we even invite Greg?" She asked settling in beside me, opposite Kayla. Kayla was still up to her tricks, with her hand under my wrap, which Erika noticed with a knowing grin.

"Alice," I reminded her.

She rolled her eyes. "Almost doesn't seem worth it. I owe you one." She leaned in and gave me a soft kiss. "How can your lowly slave ever repay you, Master?"

"I'll think of something, Kajira."

She chuckled. "I bet."

The bidding had stopped on Darius at 300. Kim didn't have any competition, since Michelle was tapped out, and Lisa couldn't bid. He was intimidating looking; imagine Dwight Howard as Kunta Kinte. Stripped to the waist, ragged rough-spun pants shredded just below the knees, a rope for a belt. It didn't seem fair.

"Four hundred," I said loudly, surprising everyone.

Kim glared at me. "Four Fifty," she said.

Erika was pressed against me nicely, her hands active on my chest. "What are you doing?" she asked

"Draining the cash pool. I know she has more than 500, and he's the last male available," I explained. "Four Hundred and Eighty," I announced.

"Five Hundred," Kim immediately responded, angrily.

I let her have him. I really had no interest in a big, black field slave. Especially not one who looked like he could break me in half. I expected Kim would enjoy owning him.

Sheila, our hot, young Dranei was escorted out. I looked over and saw Greg standing up, looking over at me for a second. Once again he jumped the gun. "Five Hundred," he announced.

Even before she was leashed, Elliot was countering the bid, "Six hundred."

They were bidding in hundreds, indicating this might go high. Michelle was already asking for the next bid. "Six-fifty," Greg growled.

"Seven hundred," I called out.

"You want her?" Erika asked.

"No, but I don't want Greg to get her too cheaply."

"Seven-fifty," Elliot had countered, and Greg raised it to 800.

The way I figured it, Greg only bid on girls he really wanted. With Penny, Erika and Amanda gone, Sheila was probably the most desirable slave remaining. In this crowd of mostly over 30's, her fresh youth went a long way. "Eight-fifty," I called out, looking over at Greg and smiling.

He looked apoplectic. "One Thousand!"

Sheila looked at me hopefully, as did our auctioneer Michelle, and I felt a momentary pang of remorse when I let her go. He was going to buy somebody tonight. Let it be Raul's daughter, since he had my wife. Served him right.

Poor girl. She didn't know this crowd. And had little idea of who she'd been sold to. Let's hope he didn't get too drunk.

Only Elliot remained with his money intact. Every other Master had at least one slave, except for Raul and John, who shared my wife between them.

I caught my breath. I felt another hand underneath my wrap, looked down and saw Erika had moved lower and was now teasing me as well. "You are both being bad," I whispered, while Michelle escorted the next slave onto the stage. Anybody looking our way, couldn't help but notice Erika's actions.

"Should we stop?" Erika asked wickedly.

"Just go easy, Ok? Let's not make a mess," I reached down and cupped her breast, through the silky mesh.

Michelle's man servant showed up, and both girl's hands retreated for a moment.

"I was instructed to give you this," He said, placing 6 of the large 50 gold coins into my hands.

"Thank you," I said, adding them to my stash. Erika's payment.

After emptying Greg's coffer, everything went according to my new plan. One at a time I bought the remaining slaves, only losing two. Jean Harris, dolled up as a street whore with a drug addiction, went to Elliot for 640. She was one of the skinniest women in the room, and made for a hell of a crack whore.

I was able to pick up both of Greg's slaves, his wife Alice and her sister Marie, for under 400 each. They were cute, but their outfits as brutalized, kidnapped women were scarier than they were sexy. They had been the cheapest sales of the night, and didn't seem happy about it. The few people still bidding were waiting for the last girls it appeared. Denise, the sexy Night Elf was probably their target.

After I fetched the first of the sisters, Erika and Kayla ceased their overt fondling of me, to my displeasure.

After that, I let Rex outbid me for Jewel Peters, who was dressed as a Roman Sex Slave. I was saving up for Denise, the last auction of the night.

Everyone with any money left was bidding on her, but at 500 gold, there was no competition remaining. She was mine. Earlier in the evening she might have gone for 800 or more. She was extremely sexy as a waifish mesh-bikini clad Night Elf, and the ears were teasingly exotic.

I imagine there might have been some bitterness toward me by my fellow masters. Only Rex and Michelle had two slaves. Troy and I had six between us. And I still had almost a hundred left.

Oh well. Next time, they should bring more than one slave of their own.

Michelle was onstage, calling an end to the auction. "It seems it is time for our Masters and their new slaves to become better acquainted. I would remind everyone of the house rules, and the safe-word 'lavender'. Try to behave yourselves. That's somebody's wife you own, and somebody now owns yours. Think 'Karma'. We'll be having a few contests later in the evening. They'll be announced each hour, on the hour.

Chapter 3: Basic (Slave) Training

The party had started at 8:00 pm, and it was already past 11:00. These parties usually lasted until after 2:00, with many people staying until 4:00 am or later. I wondered how many contests we'd have.

I rose and waved Troy over, "Let's find a quiet place to get things sorted out," I told him. We headed over to the study where we'd camped out earlier, and found that we had it to ourselves. I blew out two of the candles in the room, leaving it barely illuminated by one.

I called our new slaves over, standing over them. "You are now slaves of Gor. I hope you have an inkling of what that means. We will not harm you, or abuse you, but we expect you to obey. Kayla and Teri will train you on what's expected. Troy will work with you as well. You will refer to him as Master, and as Master only. Am I understood, slaves?"

The girls nodded. I looked at each one in turn, waiting for a response. I started with Teri, and Kayla, who each answered, "Yes, Master." Looking at Erika, she nodded, "Yes, Master, Kajira Erika understands." I smiled. Someone had been doing her research. The other three answered in kind.

I left Erika and Denise with Teri, Kayla and Troy, pulling Alice and Marie to the side. "It's lucky for me you both went so late in the auction. I could have never afforded you during the first half."

They hadn't looked happy with their outcome, but they seemed to perk up at that. "You think so?" Alice asked.

I glared at her. "How do you address me?" I said menacingly.

"Master! Sorry Master. Do you think so, Master?"

"I'm certain. Seven or eight hundred each, would be my guest. With some changes to your outfits, maybe as much as a thousand," I explained.

"Changes, Master?" Marie asked. "What kind of changes?"

"They are good, don't misunderstand me, but they don't show you as well as they could. They are scary, more than sexy. Blood, dirt and gore hide your beauty, and the outfits themselves should be more revealing, sexier," I explained.

Alice glared at her sister, "I told you so," she whispered.

"It wouldn't have mattered anyway. Everyone was broke when we came up for sale," Marie argued.

"Slaves, I'd like to make you more attractive, but only so far as you're willing, given the house rules. Would you go with Kajira Teri and modify your outfits? Call it vanity, but I wish my slaves to be the most desirable in the house."

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