tagIllustratedA Happy Marriage: A Stockings Tale

A Happy Marriage: A Stockings Tale


Summary: Wife decides to spice up their sex live in a few kinky ways.

Note 1: This is a 2017 Valentine's Day story so please vote.

Note 2: Thanks to TexBeethoven, Dave, Robert and Wayne for editing this lengthy tale.

PS: This is a lengthy, stocking foot HEAVY, husband-wife story that is likely one of the most personal in my 300 plus stories. Although Miranda isn't technically me... a lot of her characteristics, especially her ambitious sexuality and yet her insecurities are a lot like me.

I was reading some website on my phone while at the doctor's office when regret suddenly washed through me. The article was about keeping the flame burning in your marriage after kids.

1. The Simple Things

Much to many women's surprise, men need to feel important and cared for. This is a deep-seated need... an integral part of their male identity... and includes taking pride in accomplishments such as fixing things, manning the barbeque and mowing the lawn. Oh yes: also being proficient at work and bringing home a decent paycheck. But often neither they nor their women realize the importance of being loved and cared for. It's so important that it's part of their DNA, and if this need is neglected until it's too late, everyone is surprised at the extent of their suffering (which is why so many men desperately try to get their women back after a break-up, while very few women do the same). So simple gestures like holding their hand, kissing them regularly and caressing their back are all simple signs of caring and intimacy that men respond to on a very deep level (if not always on a conscious one). Of course, slyly rubbing his penis though his trousers is also VERY effective.

I pondered this. Did I take Dean for granted? Yes, I had a lengthy and never ending honey-do list, but I didn't really do the simple things. That I could easily fix.

2. Schedule Sex

I know this doesn't sound romantic, and I don't mean you should put it in your iCalendar to remind yourself (although that might not be a bad idea)... but I do mean secretly jot down a sex schedule somewhere he won't stumble across your entries. Choose a day, and decide you're going to have sex, and then be sure to follow through. Don't let work, kids or anything else get in the way.

That seemed easy too. I mean I still liked sex, I still found my husband attractive, but two kids under the age of three did usurp a lot of my energy (our energy), and sex seemed to be the thing that fell to the wayside.

3. Stay Sexy

This doesn't mean you have to dress like an 18-year old slut, but men are visually motivated creatures, and as such are stimulated by the beauty of a woman. If your man is a breast man, showcase your breasts, if your man is an ass man showcase your ass, and if your man is a leg man showcase your legs. Of course, there's a benefit for you as well. By dressing up, not only will you entice your man and keep the spark alive, you will feel good about yourself.

As I read this, I realized I hadn't completely maintained myself the past couple of years. I mean I was still in great shape, thanks to my part time evening job as a physio trainer and my family's intense metabolism (everybody in my family was thin). Yet, I definitely spent my work day in track pants and t-shirts and wore similar outfits at home... and unattractive flannel pajamas to bed. (I also got cold easily... another family thing.) And although my husband Dean was a breasts, ass and legs man... he was definitely a leg man... loving me in stockings (in retrospect, I realised I'd seldom worn those for him the past couple of years).

4. Flirt

It sounds simple, but the longer we stay with someone, the less we flirt with them. Unless we pay close attention, we automatically take them for granted more and more as time goes by. Compliment him, tease him, drive him wild with temptation... this mixed with looking sexy will have him begging for it, and you'll be making the journey to the bedroom as exciting as the bedroom activity itself.

I'd loved to flirt when we were first dating, but I couldn't remember the last time I had. I also couldn't agree more with the fact that the journey to sex was as stimulating and exciting as the sex itself.

5. Be Spontaneous

Remember when you would go down on him in the car while he drove? Or when he would finger you in a crowded movie theatre? Surprise him. Show up unexpectedly, hide under his desk and give him a blow job at work. Have sex in a unique location such as dragging him into the bushes of a city park. Show him that your passion for him is alive, and the flame will spread like rocket fire and rekindle your sex life.

I couldn't help but reminisce about our wild younger days, which seems silly to say, since even now we were only 28... and four years into our marriage (although we'd had kids earlier than we had planned... an oops of carelessness at a wedding (someone else's... wedding, not carelessness) where he fucked me in the bathroom of a hotel). I had sucked him while he drove me to his parents' house to meet them for the first time, and although he'd never fingered me in a movie theatre, he had fingered me to orgasm in an airplane. We'd shared the exhilaration of a fair amount of public sex before we were married, but now we did each other only in our bed... once the kids were asleep... and only if we both had any energy left.

The doctor's receptionist called my name and I set the magazine aside and went to have my physical even as I pondered how to get more physical with my husband.


Following the advice of the article, I had a friend of mine who owns a photo studio do a few sexy, but tasteful photos for me. I even used the same outfit I'd worn when we met... a cute outfit for a 1950s sorority party in my junior year.

We had a lot of fun as she had me do a couple dozen poses... some of them rather risqué. It was a blast, and besides making me feel sexy again, it seemed to rekindle my own sex drive that had almost died completely with having two kids in three years.

Deciding this would be an early Valentine's Day gift, I sent him a photo. One that was tame, but sexy and demure with the line: Thinking of you!

I was happy when he texted back within seconds: Where is that picture from?

I teased with a text back: You don't remember this outfit?

He texted back: Of course I do!!!

Not convinced he did, as his answer was typically male... vague, I questioned: Where?

Are you testing me? He texted back, again avoiding answering the question.

I texted back: YES!!!!!!

He responded: All CAPS! This is serious.

Before I could respond, he added: And yes silly... it's what you were wearing the day I fell in love with you!

I responded: Good answer! That gets you another picture!!!

He texted back: You know how much I loved those old fashioned nylons!

I responded: I bought these ones specifically for this shoot!

I hope not JUST for this shoot!!! He texted back.

I was thrilled! I was being spontaneous, sexy and flirting... I hit three birds with one stone. Deciding to really get him excited, I sent him two more pictures, both a little more suggestive and asked, 'Which position would you rather see me in?'

WOW!!!!! was all he texted back.

That didn't answer the question! I teased in my response.

What has gotten into you? He questioned.

Not you for a long time!!!

Well that can be corrected.

It better be, I think I forgot what it feels like.

Shoot, I'm late for a meeting.

I'm hoping you will be doing some shooting later too!!!

Me too! Got to go. Love you!!!

Love you, too!

It wasn't until a few minutes later I realized he never answered my last question.

Feeling aglow after our first sexual banter in eons, I headed home, hoping that tonight he would shoot and score.

Unfortunately, a sick kid stopped that plan dead in its tracks as she slept all night between us.


Two days later, still feeling like a virgin, I decided I was going to spice up our marriage with naughty routines every day up to and including Valentine's Day.

And today... was the first day of my reclaiming our sex life.

I called his secretary Janice, and confirmed he had no meetings or cases going on between twelve and two, and went to his workplace dressed in sexy, but reasonably conservative, attire on the outside, but sexy and more daring underneath in a black lace bra, a black garter belt and stockings.

I had Janice let me into his office before he returned from a meeting, and I climbed onto his large table and posed in the exact same position I'd sent him a few days before. I had considered one of the more provocative ones, but just in case someone came in with him I could respond quickly. I also slipped out of my heels, as Dean was not only a legs guy, but a foot guy... especially in hosiery (not something I understood, but since a guy in a tie always gets me horny, I'm hardly one to judge).

I sat there in the pose, which was not as comfortable as one might think, for about fifteen minutes before the door opened, Dean walked into his office and gasped, "Holy fuck!"

"I hope that's an 'I'm-happy-to-see-you' Holy fuck," I said demurely, as he stared at me with a complete look of shock on his face.

"Most definitely," he nodded, as he looked me over, his eyes going where it always does when I wear nylons... to my feet.

"Close and lock the door," I ordered. "For the next little while you belong to me."

He closed and locked the door as he said, "This is a surprise."

"Well, we can't find an opportunity to be alone at home, so I figured I would just come see you at work, and let you see me," I explained, as I patted the table and asked, "Want to come join me?"

"But Miranda..." he began and looked at the clock.

"For the next hour I am your client," I clarified. "Janice is guarding the door. Plus, it's lunchtime and I'm hungry. Now come over here and feed me some nice spicy sausage."

He was completely shocked, although this bluntness was the old me. A few years ago if I wanted his cock, I would just demand it.

"Um, okay," he nodded, acting nervous.

"What? Can't your wife come to your place of work and get a good hard fucking? Is there anything in your employee handbook specifically forbidding that?" I questioned, trying to sound like the old me... actually, trying to become the old me.

He laughed, finally getting into the mood as he unbuckled his belt, "No, I don't think they thought to put that one in."

"Good," I said. "Because I want you to put something in, and I'm not leaving here until I'm completely satisfied."

He joked, "Many of my clients leave here not completely satisfied." Being an attorney myself, I knew that was definitely the case.

"Well, I hope this is a service you only give to this one client," I teased, as he climbed onto the desk, now naked below the waist, leaving only his shirt and blazer on.

"I think this is definitely a service I reserve for my number one preferred client," he nodded, as he lay on his back.

"I see my own preferred client is ready for some intense cross-examining," I teased, as I moved across him to stroke his hard cock.

"I plead the fifth," he joked, as I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth for the first time in weeks... months? I wasn't even sure the last time I'd sucked his cock. That wasn't good!

"Mmmmm, I've missed this cock," I purred, as I swirled my tongue around his mushroom top.

"It's missed you too," Dean groaned.

"We can't go so long between spending quality time together," I said, before beginning to bob up and down.

"I definitely agree," he concurred.

I sucked for a couple of minutes before I said, "Let's move this to the floor; the table is too hard on my knees."

As we moved to the carpet, I shrugged off my blouse and dropped to the floor directly in front of him. He smiled, "This is one of the positions I was hoping for."

"You were?" I smiled as I stroked his cock. "You like me on my knees?"

"Both were on your knees actually," he pointed out, before adding, "but seeing you on your knees and looking up at me with those beautiful eyes is one of the hottest sights ever."

I was flattered by his compliment as I asked, "Is this hot too?" I then leaned forward and took his cock back in my mouth.

"Oh yeah." He groaned. "Very hot!"

I bobbed for a couple of minutes before I paused, "I've got an idea. Lie down."

He did, asking, "What do you have in mind?"

"Something you used to love," I answered, as he lay on his back.

"I used to love a lot of things with you," he joked.

"Ain't that the truth," I laughed back, thinking of our wild youth, as I leaned back as well and moved my stocking-clad feet to his throbbing cock.

"Ooooooh, this I really did love," he moaned.

"You don't anymore?" I asked teasingly.

"Oh, I definitely still love it," he said, staring at my feet and toes.

"Good, because today is all about you," I said, slowly jerking him off with my feet.

"What led to this?" he asked and then added, "Actually, never mind... I don't care!"

I answered, "I read an article about how to rekindle a marriage."

"Our marriage needs rekindling?" he asked.

"Well, it does need more sex," I said bluntly, not wanting to get into a conversation about anything other than pleasing him.

"There can always be more sex," he nodded.

"And more nylons," I smiled, rubbing my left foot up and down his shaft while my right foot caressed his balls.

"I thought you'd forgotten my weird fetish."

"No, I just took you for granted for a while, but that's over," I said, as I moved my left foot to his lips.

He sucked each toe through the sheer nylon as I caressed his balls gently with my right toes.

Once the last toe was nice and wet, I offered him my other foot... always being one for equilibrium... I really got distracted if I didn't have each foot pleasured equally, or each nipple sucked alike... weird I know, but just another of my many quirks.

He sucked each toe on my right foot and then I asked, "Want to try something new?"

"Always," he nodded.

I removed my bra, rotated my body around and said, "Fuck my tits, baby."

"How?" he asked.

"Straddle me, and then I can suck your balls as you go to town," I explained, a position I'd seen in a porn movie recently while getting myself off when he was out of town.

"Oh," he said, still kind of confused.

"Straddle my face, baby," I ordered. "I want your cock fucking my tits and your balls in my mouth."

"Yes, ma'am," he joked, "your wish is my desire," as he climbed on top of me, grabbing my ankles for balance as his cock slid between my tits.

As he slowly fucked my tits, I learned that this position didn't work the same as in the movie. I couldn't reach his balls with my mouth in this position, although I could lick his asshole... something I'd never done before.

As I pondered whether or not to explore his back door, I moved one hand to my tits to keep his cock between them and another to my wet cunt.

I moaned, talking like I used to before I became a mother and dirty talk faded away in favour of baby talk, "Oh yes, baby, fuck my tits with your big cock."

"Fuck, I miss this side of you," he groaned.

"What? The slutty side?" I teased, just as I decided to go for it, leaning up and poking my tongue against his asshole.

"Ooooooh," he moaned in surprise when he felt my tongue reaching a brand new target.

"You like that?" I asked, between licks.

"It's weird, but nice," he answered.

"Nice?!" I complained, a word he knew I hated because it was so bland. I didn't want to be perceived as nice, I wanted to be perceived as sexy. Or in this case slutty.

"Sorry," he apologized, "it feels really good."

"That's better," I said, as I probed his asshole feeling naughty... dirty... so sexy.

"I want you fucking me," I said, a minute later.

He got off of me and stood up.

I returned to my knees and moved to his balls, as I teased, "You sure you want to fuck me in your office?"

"You're the client," he shrugged. "I'm here to do whatever you wish."

"Mmmmmm," I purred, as I sucked a ball into my mouth. "Well, my willing genie, this client's first wish is for a good hard pounding."

As I moved to his other ball, we were startled by the intercom as Janice said, "I hate to bother you Mr. Bozak, but Mr. Dennis is here to see you."

"I'll need a few minutes," Dean replied.

"Of course," Janice said.

"Fuck!" Dean cursed.

"Apparently not," I said, as I moved to his cock and began bobbing, figuring I would at least get him off.

"You don't have to," he groaned, as I furiously bobbed on his cock, knowing time was of the essence.

My right hand went to my fevered pussy. I figured maybe I could get us both off at once.

As I frantically sucked on his cock while jerking him off, the double pleasure always getting him off the quickest, I furiously rubbed myself... my own orgasm rising quickly.

"Oh yeah, Miranda, I'm so close," he groaned, as he grabbed my head.

Although it had been a couple of years at least since he'd taken charge like this, he used to love to face fuck me when he was close.

I moaned as he began roughly fucking my mouth.

In seconds I could feel my orgasm nearing the brink and I came hard as Dean's entire cock pillaged my mouth, totally out of my control.

"Oh fuck, yes," he groaned a few seconds later as my orgasm continued to course through me.

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