tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Haunted House

A Haunted House


I finally rolled my butt out of bed at noon. I looked out the window and saw the bright sunshine as it shone down upon me. I hurried to the bathroom to take a shower in order to get to my appointment on time. I had a 2:00pm appointment at the beauty salon to get my hair done. As I inspected my finger and toe nails I decided that I would rather get them done professionally at the salon rather than attempt to do them myself.

I quickly rinsed off and dried myself. The house was cool since it was the last day of October. Actually it was a special day. Not only was it Halloween, it was also my 19th birthday. As I walked back to my room naked my nipples stiffened considerably from the chilly air. I quickly dressed and headed out to the salon.

During the drive there my thoughts began to wander to my boyfriend Richard. Richard was the sweetest man in the world. He was a bit older at 24 but so much wiser than the guys my own age. I loved him very much as he has never done anything wrong to me. We were very much in love and tonight was going to be a special night. I had heard a rumor from one of his friends that Richard was going to propose to me on my birthday. I tried to discount the rumor, but just the thought of Richard getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him was everything that I lived for.

I pulled into the salon parking lot and parked my car. I walked inside and was greeted by Jennifer. "Hello Bianca" she said. I smiled back at her warmly and said hello as she motioned to me to follow her. We went around the corner and into a small room. "You want the full deal today don't you" Jennifer said. "Yep" I replied. "Richard and I are going out tonight to celebrate my birthday and we are getting a room over at the Hilton."

"Wow Bianca sounds like your gonna have some fun tonight."

"Here, go into the rest room and put this on" Jennifer said as she handed me a white cotton bath robe. "Think Richard is going to pop the question" Jennifer asked as I walked toward the rest room door? "I don't know, but I am ready to answer him if he asks. "Well, don't leave me hanging girl, yes or no" Jennifer asked. As I pulled the rest room door open I looked back into her eyes as I smiled and silently mouthed the word "yes" to her. "Bianca I am so happy for you" Jennifer said as I walked into the rest room. "Don't get too excited Jennifer, he hasn't asked yet" I said as I closed the door behind me and began to change.

We made small talk while she worked on my hair. As she continued to work I began thinking about Richard and our evening. After an hour or so Jennifer was finally finished with my hair. I looked closely at it with the array of mirrors in the room and was very happy with the end result.

Jennifer had me sit up and set a machine at my feet. Looking down I realized that it was a batch of hot paraffin wax. I dipped my bare feet into the hot wax. God it felt wonderful as I felt the heat of the hot wax biting at the skin of my feet. There was just something about hot wax that turned me on and it was turning me on now. As I sat there completely naked under my robe I felt my nipples tightening and my pussy beginning to swell. Jennifer began working on my finger nails and again we made small talk. I tried to concentrate on our conversation in order to keep from becoming totally aroused. As time went by my feet adapted to the hot sensations and my arousal began to diminish.

"What color do you want" Jennifer asked? "Bright red" I said as I inspected my nails. Jennifer reached into the drawer of the cabinet next to us and pulled out a fresh bottle of bright red polish. "Is this all right" Jennifer asked? "Yep" I replied. Before she began to paint my nails she pulled my feet out of the hot wax. As the cool air of the room passed over my wax encased feet I again experienced the sensations of arousal in my breasts and pussy. She returned to my hands. As I watched her apply the polish I noticed how even she had my nails. She had them all perfectly sized and shaped. She finished with one hand and started on the other. Finally she had all ten nails painted red.

Quickly Jennifer moved down to my feet. She placed a towel on her lap and lifted my right foot to her lap. As she began to peel the hardened wax off of my feet I couldn't help but to flood myself. I have very sensitive feet and absolutely love it when Richard caresses them. They are so sensitive in fact that when Richard kisses them and sucks on my toes I experience mild orgasms. As Jennifer peeled the wax from my toes I felt like I was on the verge of an orgasm. Her soft fingers caressing my toes was sending me right to the edge.

I blew a sigh of relief as she finished my right foot. Next, she lifted my left foot to her lap. Again her soft fingers began pulling the hardened wax from my sensitive feet. I did everything to keep from panting. I heard her voice as made small talk but I couldn't tell you what she even said. I knew one thing for sure though. If she didn't hurry up and finish taking the wax off of my toes I was going to cum right here in this chair.

Finally She finished and she wiped my feet with a damp towel. I didn't cum but I was close. I could feel my wetness as it ran from my pussy down towards my ass hole. I only hoped that I didn't leak onto the chair beneath my ass. I watched as Jennifer reached for the bottle of red nail polish and began painting my toes. "Richard is gonna love you tonight" Jennifer said as she finished applying the red polish.

She sat my feet back on the floor and stood up. She tilted the chair back So I was nearly lying on my back. With one tug of the tie that held my robe closed she completely exposed my front side. I was embarrassed as my pussy was still completely excited. Jennifer acted like it didn't even phase her. As she got her tools out of the drawer I tried like hell to compose myself. Since I keep my bush trimmed she only needed to touch up my pubic hair. I only keep a mohawk so it makes maintenance easier. As she passed the vibrating electric razor next to my pussy I again nearly lost it.

"I see your ready for Richard already" Jennifer said as her eyes moved from my soaking wet pussy up to my eyes. "Don't be embarrassed Bianca, it happens to everyone when I shave them. I just wanted her to finish so I could cover up. Before I could even reach for the robe to cover myself she turned around with a bottle of warm baby oil.

"Oh god, this will be too much" I thought to myself as I watched her pour some oil into her hand. Before I could do or say anything I felt her hand and oil on my mound. As Jennifer began massaging the baby oil into my pubic area I couldn't help but to feel her fingers as they freely caressed my pussy lips. As Jennifer continued to massage my pubic area she looked into my eyes. "Lets take some of the edge off before your big date" she said.

I had never been with another woman before but often wondered what it would be like. As Jennifer worked her hand up and down my mound I felt her middle finger begin to part my cunt lips. As our eyes remained locked together my hips began to involuntarily gyrate. My breathing became heavier and my eyes began to slowly close. I felt the butterflies and then the knot in my stomach as my climax was building in a hurry. Jennifer began to lightly squeeze my mound as her fingers continued to rub over my clit. "Let it out" Jennifer whispered. That was all the encouragement I needed. My hips began to buck at her hand as I began to cum. "Oh god" I tried to whisper but it came out considerably louder. "That's it Bianca let it out" Jennifer whispered again. I began to get dizzy from my orgasm as Jennifer continued to massage my silky smooth mound. "Oh Goddddddddd......" I cried out as my orgasm peaked. I felt like I was floating out of the chair as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure raced through my pussy. Finally I came down from my high and Jennifer reached for a damp wash cloth and cleaned me up.

Jennifer took my robe and flipped it over my body in order to cover me up. She had me sit up in the chair again and ever so gracefully took my hand and began applying the finishing coat of lacquer to my nails. As she stroked the tiny brush over my nails I noticed that the robe was sliding down my front side and my breasts were in plain view. "Fuck it" I thought to myself and made no attempt to cover up. I mean why should I, she has seen me completely naked already. After finishing both of my hands she dropped to her knees at my feet and began to apply the clear lacquer to my toe nails. As I sat there I felt like a queen the way I was being treated.

I began to think about Richard and the romantic evening we were going to spend together. "There, let it dry for a bit and your all finished" Jennifer said as she stood up. "After you get dressed come up front" Jennifer said as she walked out of the room, closing the door behind her. I waited a few minutes as I didn't want to mess up the fantastic job she did on my nails so I sat there and continued to think about the hot romantic night I was hoping to experience. As I sat there I imagined being dressed up in my sexiest outfit and being whisked away to a quiet romantic dinner where hopefully he would ask me to marry him. I imagined him dropping down to one knee and taking my hand in his as he say "Bianca will you marry me?" As I sat there I smiled from ear to ear. I got up and dressed making sure not to screw up my nails. I left the room and went up to the front desk where Jennifer was waiting.

I handed her my credit card, feeling her soft fingers on my hand as she accepted my card. A shiver went through my spine as I remembered how those soft sexy fingers made me cum about an hour ago. "Let me know how your evening goes tonight Bianca" Jennifer said as she looked up into my eyes with a seductive sly smile. "I'll call you in the morning" I said as she handed my credit card back to me. I signed the receipt and took my copy before walking out of the salon.

As I drove home I couldn't help but to be charged up for tonight. Jennifer thought she was taking the edge off of me by getting me off before, but the fact of the matter was that she really charged me up. Now I was really craving a good hard fucking and I couldn't wait until Richard picked me up.

I pulled into my driveway and parked my car. I went into the house and looked at the clock hanging on the kitchen wall. Richard was going to be over in about an hour so I figured that I better get ready. I went to my room and stripped totally naked. Looking down I could see that my cunt was still damp and swollen from my earlier activities so I went and took a quick shower. I dried off and walked back to my bedroom and admired myself in my full length mirror. I loved how Jennifer fixed my hair. There were two stray curls that hung down by the sides of each eye. I know Richard loves it when my hair is like that. I sat down at my vanity and dabbed a bit of lotion onto my finger tip. I massaged the lotion into my left nipple and aerola. I felt my bud begin to stiffen as it sent jolts of electricity throughout my body. I pinched my nipple causing it to become as hard as granite. I reached down and picked up my nipple ring and guided the post through the hole in my nipple. I clamped it and then dabbed a bit of lotion on my finger again. I massaged the lotion into my right nipple and aerola until it stiffened. Again I pinched my nipple causing a shiver to race down my spine. I picked up the other nipple ring and guided the post through the tiny hole. After clamping it I gazed into the mirror at my breasts. I just loved how the gold jewelry looked against my deeply tanned skin. Next I reached down and picked up the gold chain. I opened the hook on one end and attached it to my left nipple ring. Next I took the other end and guided the hook to my right nipple ring. I let the chain fall freely from my hand and admired it's beauty as it hung down to the bottoms of my breasts.

I began to touch up my make up. I never needed to wear make up as my complexion was so clear. I applied a little eye liner above my eyes to add a little contrast to my face. "Perfect" I said to myself as I admired myself in the mirror. It seemed as though my gaze always ended up upon my breasts and my jewelry. I knew Richard loved it when I wear my nipple rings out in public. I loved it too, especially all the attention I get from the guys, and occasionally even some women.

Next I pulled open the drawer of the vanity and dug through the pile of lip stick colors. Finally I found the one I wanted. I held the lip stick up to my fingers and the color matched perfectly. I pulled the cap off of the tube and raised the bright red lip stick to my lips. Carefully I applied the bright shade of red to my lips. I looked at my lips from every conceivable angle to make sure that I had it on perfectly.

I set the tube back down in the drawer and reached for my gold ear rings. I guided the posts through the holes in my ears. I glanced over at the clock next to my bed and noticed that Richard was going to be here any minute. I pulled open the bottom drawer of the vanity and reached down for a pair of underwear. I fumbled through the pile and remembered that the pair that I wanted was still in the bag in my closet. I jumped up and out of the chair and walked naked over to my closet. As I walked the chain attached to my nipple rings reminded me of the hot time I was hoping for tonight with Richard. I slid the closet door open and reached down and picked up the brown paper bag. I walked over to my bed and dumped the bag out. Out fell a new black silk thong and a new pair of black stay up stockings. I picked up the thong and stepped into it. Slowly I pulled the dainty material up my long slender legs. As the back strap slid in between my ass cheeks a new sudden desire swept over me. I just love the feeling of wearing a thong and I knew that Richard loved to look at my ass when I wore one. I picked up the stay up stockings and walked over to my vanity. I set them down in the bottom drawer with my panties. "Not tonight" I said to myself as I admired my sexy freshly painted toes.

I walked over to my closet and again slid the door open. I bent down and picked up my new seven inch platform sandals. I walked over to my chair and again sat down. I examined my toenails briefly to make sure that I hadn't chipped the polish. I reached up on top of the vanity and picked up a gold toe ring. I bent back down and slid the gold band over my second toe. A wicked smile flashed across my face as I remembered what happened the last time I wore this particular toe ring. Richard sucked on my toe with such fervor that it caused me to cum. I reached for my sexy shoe and guided my foot into it. I began wrapping the long black leather straps around my tanned calf all the way up to my knee. After a few moments of adjusting I finally had it the way I wanted. I picked up my other shoe and guided my sexy foot into it. Again I wrapped the long leather straps around my calf. Again after a quick adjustment I was finished. I sat there gazing at my feet in these incredibly sexy shoes. Nearly all of my tanned feet were exposed. I just knew that Richard was going to love the way my legs looked.

I jumped up and walked over to my closet. I reached in and took out the hanger that had my sexy black sun dress hanging on it. I quickly took the hanger from the dress and hung it back up in the closet. I walked back over to my full length mirror and raised my dress up over my head. I watched as I slowly slid the dress over my head. My breasts became covered as I lowered the material down. Before my very eyes I watched as my dress covered my thong covered pussy. The bottom of the dress came down to mid thigh. I spun around and admired my back side. "Perfect" I uttered as I reached for my anklet. I wrapped the thin gold chain around my ankle and hooked it. I grabbed my bottle of perfume and began spraying my neck and breasts. I set the bottle back down on the vanity and admired myself again to make sure that everything was perfect.

I walked to the living room in anticipation of Richard. He was already a few minutes late when I decided to check the mail. I opened the front door and reached into the mail box. I stepped back into the house and looked through the junk mail. To my surprise there was a birthday card for me. I tore the envelope open and pulled the card out. It was a pretty card on the outside with a field of roses as a back drop. I opened the card and began reading. "To my beautiful girl, who's every dream and fantasy will be fulfilled." My heart began to race as I saw Richard's signature. I set the card up on the television set. I looked at the clock and began to wonder where in the hell he was at.

Finally the sound of a care in the driveway caught my attention. I heard the door slam and in a flash Richard was coming through the door. We walked to each other and immediately embraced. He kissed me softly on the cheek and pulled me into his arms tightly. "Happy Birthday Bianca, are you ready for a special night" Richard said softly. I nodded my head and walked over to the closet for my coat. "It's going to be quite chilly tonight so you better wear your long black leather coat." I reached into the closet and reached for the coat that Richard wanted me to wear. "I remember that smile on your face last Christmas when you opened that package. I smiled and handed the coat to Richard. He opened it for me and I stuck my right arm into the sleeve and then my left. Together we walked towards the door. I stepped out first and then Richard. He locked the house and then opened the passenger door for me. I sat down and made sure my coat wasn't hanging out of the car as he closed the door. He sat down and then shut his door before starting the car.

As we drove away Richard grabbed my hand and held it. I looked into his eyes and scooted over closer to him. I leaned into him as he drove down the road. My mind kept wandering to weather or not he was going to propose to me tonight on my nineteenth birthday. I reached up and adjusted the heat. It was quite chilly already as we drove down the interstate. As we continued to drive it became foggy. Not just any kind of foggy, but very foggy. There was something about it since it was Halloween night.

"Baby, I want to do something wild tonight" Richard said as he suddenly pulled off of the freeway at a high rate of speed. Looking up into his eyes I said "what?"

"Lets go to this haunted house over here." I sat up a little disappointed and let go of his strong hand. "Are you serious" I said. "Yeah, come on Bianca, it will be fun" Richard said as he drove the car down this old dirt back road. "Dressed like this" I said as I sat up and moved over to my seat. I was utterly disappointed as I was dressed to kill. "Do you know how many kids are going to be grabbing my ass dressed like this Richard?"

"Oh come on baby, just hold on to me and I'll protect you" Richard said as he pulled into the foggy parking lot of the haunted house.

As Richard jumped out of the car to run around to open my side I sat there in disbelief that we were going to a fucking haunted house. Suddenly Richard opened my door and reached down for my hand and pulled me up. I made sure that my coat was completely wrapped around me and then I tied the long leather strap to keep my coat closed.

As we walked towards the spooky looking house we could hear the loud eerie music from inside. There were several trees that were blowing from the wind that looked like monsters ready to attack. The fog seemed to make this Halloween somewhat satanic in nature. There were loud cries and screams coming from inside. We made it to the door and Richard pulled the door open and we walked in.

As Richard paid our admission I was still quite pissed about being in here. As I looked around I saw several neatly carved pumpkins glowing from candles inside. There was artificial fog being pumped out of machines and it was quite hard to see. As we began to walk along the crowded path with the other visitors I immediately felt my ass being grabbed. I tried to ignore it but it really pissed me off. As we walked along the mood that I had earlier was gone. "So much for Richard proposing" I thought to myself. We continued to walk down the crowded hallways. The decorations were neat and the beat of the music was chilling. On several occasions I felt chills run down my spine as we came across the different scary scenes. As we continued to walk down the crowded isleways two men lunged at us with chain saws. I screamed as I swear we were about to be cut into a million pieces.

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