A Haunted House


We passed this one area where Frankenstein and Dracula were fighting. As we passed that mock fight that's when my life changed forever. Suddenly I felt my arm being pulled and before I could grab on to Richard's arm I was pulled from him. I screamed but nobody paid any attention since we were in a haunted house and there were hundreds of other people screaming. Suddenly I felt a couple of pairs of arms around me pulling me down a narrow hallway. I was being dragged away from Richard and the crowd as my ankles twisted from my heels being so high. Looking back I saw Frankenstein with his big strong arms wrapped around me. Looking the other way I watched as Dracula ran and opened another door. I screamed and struggled but it wasn't helping. Frankenstein dragged me through the doorway and Dracula shut and locked the door. My heart was racing and I was scared for my life. The room was dark except for several glowing pumpkins. Suddenly Frankenstein stopped dragging me. I screamed over and over but the evil satanic music and the visitors screams muffled my cries of help. Suddenly I felt my arms being pulled back and my coat was being forcefully removed. Before I knew it my expensive leather coat was tossed onto the ground.

My arms were forced out to my sides and up over my head. I felt something behind me and realized that my wrist was being tied to it with a piece of rope. My other wrist was secured in the same manner and before I knew it both arms were forced up over my head. I tried to look back to see what I was tied to. "Oh God" I uttered as it looked like I was being tied to a large spider web that was made out of rope.

Again I continued to scream and struggle. "Richard" I screamed as I tried to kick these two attackers. Frankenstein walked in front of me and as he bent down I kicked him in the balls for everything I was worth. He doubled over in pain and before I could look for Dracula he found me. All I felt was a stinging sensation on my face as his costumed hand slapped me hard enough to loosen my fillings. In that moment it took me to recover from that slap they had my right ankle pulled out some and fastened to the web.

Again I struggled as these two costumed thugs now grabbed my left ankle. I fought for what little control I still had but was soon over powered. My left leg was forced out a bit and held firmly in place by Frankenstein while Dracula tied it to the web. Both men stood up in front of me and began laughing hysterically as I realized that I was completely helpless. I struggled but I was going nowhere as I was completely secured in a spread eagle position.

Tears began to stream from my eyes as I knew it was now only a matter of time before they did what ever that wanted to me. I was helpless and vulnerable but at the same time I was completely turned on. I don't know why but I was. This has always been a fantasy of mine but that was the key word, fantasy. And my fantasy always involved Richard. Tears dripped off onto my dress as I continued to struggle. "Let me go you mother fuckers" I screamed. "My boyfriend is going to find me and he is going to kick the living fuck out of you" I shouted. As I screamed and cried Frankenstein and Dracula continued to laugh at me.

Suddenly the room became foggy. It seemed like there was a fog machine in the room and it was getting very thick. The smell of the fog became intoxicating as it became difficult to see my attackers. The light from the glowing pumpkins became dim as the fog thickened. The eerie satanic music seemed to be growing louder. The bass was growing deeper and resonating through my body. I could feel the deep bass causing my nipple rings to vibrate which stiffened my nipples. Although I was on the verge of being raped, the satanic surroundings and music seemed to relax me a bit.

I struggled to focus on Frankenstein and Dracula as the fog continued to thicken. Tears still trickled out of my eyes as I cried out for Richard. My whole evening was now ruined as I had become separated from Richard. Suddenly I felt the web that I was tied to begin to move. I looked up and couldn't see very far. The web continued to move. I swear it felt like the movement was above me. I looked up again and that's when the strobe lights turned on. Suddenly I saw something. In the strobe light I caught the image of something crawling down the web towards me. "What the fuck" I screamed as this black thing crawled closer to me.

I began to struggle again. Looking up I realized that it was a spider as it was now looking directly in my face. "Oh my God" I thought to myself as I realized that there was a third attacker. Suddenly the attacker dressed as a spider jumped off of the web. As he stood before me I saw the red hour glass on his chest. "My god he is a Black Widow."

The flashing strobe lights and the deep bass caused me to tremble from fear and excitement. "Please stop" I screamed as the Black Widow moved closer to me. I struggled but to no avail as the Black Widow stood directly in front of me. His costumed hand came up to my face and he stroked my cheek with his finger. Chills ran down my spine and my hair on my neck stood up on end. The Black Widow slowly traced his fingers down my side to my hip. Before I knew it his hand was running down the length of my leg.

Frankenstein and Dracula moved closer and began to run their hands all over my body. Dracula dropped to his knees and caressed my other leg while Frankenstein placed his face right against mine. Suddenly I felt the Black Widow and Dracula running their hands up the insides of my legs. Their hands began to run up under my dress to my inner thigh's. The fog and the satanic music had me in a trance now. Frankenstein slowly began to trace his tongue across my face. I felt his tongue slither from the corner of my mouth across my cheek to my ear and neck. I was helpless but to moan out from the sensations these three attackers and surroundings were giving me.

"Oh Richard" I screamed out. Suddenly the Black Widow and Dracula stood up. Frankenstein backed away and all three men stood there looking at me. The strobe lights caused their movements to look rapid. I struggled to free myself but was helpless. It was as if I was an insect in a spider web and I was soon to be attacked by the Black Widow.

I began to grow weaker as I continued to struggle. The Black Widow disappeared from my sight as I watched him move behind me. Before I could even think I saw something move over my face. I shuttered and screamed as a blindfold was quickly placed over my eyes. I inhaled sharply and a squeal escaped my mouth. For a second, a brief second, I felt a flush of energy race through my body. I felt my nipples stiffen even more and I felt my pussy begin to tingle. I struggled even harder as I had to stop these upcoming events from taking place. "Richard" I screamed out as I struggled to free myself. I knew I was becoming weaker as the bindings around my wrists and ankles were very secure. I was becoming weak much like the prey that wanders into a Black Widow's web.

"Richard" I screamed as I continued to struggle. I felt a light sweat begin to break out on my forehead, I guess from my panic. Suddenly as I continued to struggle I felt a pair of hands in my neck. Slowly I felt my attackers fingers trace down both sides of my neck. "Damn it" I thought to myself as I felt the unknown fingers wrap around the two thin straps of my dress that hung over my shoulders. Suddenly I screamed out as I felt the straps being pulled. Even though they were thin straps they were pretty tough. The thin straps dug into my flesh deeply and caused a burning sensation before giving way. "Oh God no..." I screamed out as I felt my only covering being pulled down. "God no" I screamed over and over as my breast jewelry was on the verge of being exposed. Once the top of my dress comes down these attackers will see how hard my nipples really are. They will know that I am turned on although I am terrified as hell. Before I could utter another scream I felt the cool rush of air pass over my rock hard nipples.

"Oh God..." I cried out as I struggled. There was a momentary pause by my attackers as they observed my nipple rings and chain. I'm sure they were amazed at the size of my nipples as they have never been this hard before. As I struggled I felt my dress being pulled down further. As the attackers began sliding my sexy black dress over my hips I felt another rush of energy race through my nipples and pussy. I felt my head begin to spin as I knew I was in no position to resist. I felt the soft material slide over my hips and then down the back of my ass before falling to my spread open knees. Suddenly and without warning I felt a rough hard pull on my dress. Even though the room was filled with loud rhythmic satanic music, I heard my dress being ripped. Before I knew it I felt it being pulled away from my body.

I struggled again. "Richard help me" I shouted as loud as I could. The screams coming from the haunted house and the loud music prevented anyone from hearing me. Although I was naked except for my thong and heels my attackers still have not touched me yet. There was some hope that I might escape or Richard would find me and save me. Just then I felt a pair of fingers on my hips where my thong is tied. "Oh God please stop" I screamed as I felt the ties coming undone. Tears began flowing from my eyes into the blindfold. Just then I felt the ties of my panties give way and instantly they were whisked away.

Here I stood completely exposed and vulnerable to these three attackers. My nipples rock hard and my pussy swollen and wet. The chilly air had my body covered with goose bumps. I could feel the hair on my neck standing as I sensed what was going to happen. But I wasn't sure what was going to happen. The loud deep rhythmic beat of the music caused my nipple rings and chain to vibrate which caused prolonged nipple excitement. My pussy continued to swell and grow wetter by the second.

There seemed to be an ever lingering pause. I don't know if my attackers just stood back to admire me or what. The rhythmic deep bass sounding music and the thought of being turned on by what was happening began to put me into a trance. My fantasy of being forced to submit was on the verge of being reality. But I had to fight it. I had to fight it because I have absolutely no control of what is going to happen. Also, Richard is not involved.

Suddenly I felt something. Tied here to this web naked I felt something warm against my chilly skin. I could see something through the blindfold. I could see a light. "Richard" I screamed out hoping that he had a flash light and was about to rescue me. Just then I felt something burn my skin. "OHhhhh GODDDDDDD!!!" I shouted as I felt a sharp burning sensation on my breast. I struggled frantically to free myself. "NO!!!!!!!!" I screamed out as I realized that the three attackers had candles in their hand and they were about to bathe me in candle wax. Again I felt a sharp pain on my other breast. This time I let out a shrieking scream as the wax was a lot closer to my nipple. I could feel my nipples hardening to the point that they were going to explode.

I continued to squirm but remained firmly entrapped in the Black Widow's web. Suddenly there was a sharp pain in my back side. "Oh God" I moaned out as I felt the molten wax run down between my cheeks. "Arrhhhh..." I cried out as I felt the hot wax burn my sphincter as it passed over the delicate skin. As the wax trickled over my perineum I felt a sudden gush of my pussy juice drip down my thigh's. Suddenly the wax touched the bottom of my pussy before trickling down to the floor beneath me.

As I continued to thrash about in order to escape I found myself aroused like never before. "Richard" I shouter out as tears continued to soak the blindfold that covered my eyes. Suddenly there was another burning sensation on my chest. This time it stung between my breasts, in my cleavage. "Oh God..." I cried as I felt the wax run down between my breasts and over my stomach. I gasped for air as I knew where this river of wax was heading. Suddenly I felt the wax penetrate my mohawk before touching my protruding sensitive clit. "UGGHHH!!!" I moaned out as the hot wax bathed my clit before trickling down the length of my slit.

Here I was, on the verge of being raped when I was more turned on than ever before in my life. All I needed was for someone to just touch my pussy and I was going to cum. I continued to struggle to escape as the wax continued to flow across my over sensitive pussy. "Richard help me..." I screamed as I tried desperately to escape.

Sometime while I was thrashing about my masked attackers stopped bathing me with hot molten candle wax. I felt like I was alone but I knew I wasn't. I could hear the loud music and the screams from the haunted house. Suddenly I felt the blindfold being tugged at. "Oh God Richard" I screamed as the blindfold was whisked away. As I opened my eyes I was staring into the face of Frankenstein which was no more than six inches in front of mine. The flickering of the strobe lights off of his greenish face frightened me.

Frankenstein stepped back for a moment and that's when I nearly fainted. As I looked at Frankenstein I saw his intent as his cock was sticking up and pointing skyward out of his pants. I don't know if it was the fog and the strobe lights but his cock looked enormous. "Wait a minute" I thought to myself. "Where are the other two attackers at." Suddenly from behind I felt Dracula's arms reach around me. I felt his fingers grab the chain that connects my two breasts together. Before I could begin to try to resist Dracula pulled my chain upwards causing me to extend on my tippee toes as high as I could. I was momentarily speechless as the sensations this caused overcame me. I could feel the hardened wax begin to crack and fall from my breasts as the tension Dracula was causing was stretching my nipples like never before. Suddenly I felt Dracula pull down on my chain. "Oh God" I screamed as I tried to follow the downward motion of the chain only to find that the bindings around my wrists prevented me from doing so. My nipples were being pulled down so hard I nearly came just standing there.

Suddenly I felt the web begin to move. As my eyes moved from Frankenstein's enormous cock up to his face I glanced up when he pulled my nipple chain back upwards. I began to tremble when I saw the Black widow just hovering above me. He was watching me like I was some kind of prey.

For some unknown reason I couldn't take my eyes off of the Black Widow as he began to climb down the web towards me. The sadistic music, fog and strobe lights along with all of the screams of the people in the haunted house seemed to have me in a trance like state. The tension was now gone from my nipples but it was immediately replaced by something warm. I pulled my eyes away from those of the Black Widow and looked down at my breasts as I felt something warm encompass them. I realized that Dracula was still behind me and was now reaching through the web and cupping my breasts. I moaned softly as nobody could even hear due to the music and screams. As Dracula lifted my breasts up as he offered them to Frankenstein. My eyes were closing due to the sensations I was about to experience as Frankenstein drew his face nearer and nearer to my sensitive breasts.

Suddenly I felt Frankenstein's hot tongue touch the tip of my hard cold nipple. "Ohhhhh..." I moaned out feeling pretty confidant that none of my attackers heard me. I stood there helplessly as Frankenstein began to devour my breasts. Suddenly while Frankenstein sucked on my nipple Dracula pulled on my other nipple. I felt the rush of excitement race towards my pussy. I felt a sudden gush of warm gooey liquid begin to trickle down my thigh's. My head tilted sideways as I moaned over and over from the stimulation I was receiving. My breasts were being cupped by a warm pair of hands while my nipples were being worked over like never before. I wanted to cum so bad but I couldn't give in, I couldn't let these attackers have their way. Deep down inside I knew I had to fight.

I opened my eyes enough to see Frankenstein's face buried in my tits while Dracula continued to offer my breasts to him. The satanic beat and the foggy room caused my head to spin. The flashing strobe light nearly put me in a trance while these two ghostly characters continued working over my breasts. Suddenly I felt something was against my ass. "Oh God no" I moaned as I realized that Dracula was easing his hard cock between my ass cheeks. I began to thrash about as I tried to fight off his invading organ.

My heightened state of arousal was causing me to break out into a sweat as I continued to struggle. Suddenly I gasped loudly as I felt Dracula's cock begin to penetrate my dripping cunt. I felt his head part my lips open. With his hands still cupping my breasts I felt him slide all the way in. I was so wet that he slid in with ease. "Oh God Richard" I screamed as I tried to pull myself foreword and off of Dracula's cock. I was elated but deep down inside disappointed when I managed to dismount Dracula" cock. That feeling lasted only a second as Frankenstein managed to push his throbbing member right into my steamy hole. Again I struggled and cried out for my boyfriend but to no avail. Suddenly I felt the web move again. I looked up through half closed eyes and saw the Black Widow crawling closer to my face.

My eyes remained fixated on the Black Widow and I didn't even realize that Frankenstein was now pumping my pussy. I was helpless as there were three of them and they had me tied to this web. I struggled but that only seemed to arouse these three attackers even more. I gasped loudly as I felt Dracula part my ass cheeks with his hands. "Oh God" I screamed in a blood curdling shriek as I felt Dracula press his cock against my sensitive ass hole. I clenched my jaw and closed my eyes as I desperately tried to keep Dracula out of my ass. Frankenstein continued to pump my pussy like there was no tomorrow. That's when I felt the beginning of a huge orgasm building up deep down in my stomach. Just then I felt my ass hole give way.

"Richard" I cried out as tears began to run down my cheeks. Over and over I cried out my boyfriends name as Dracula pushed his cock deeper and deeper into my ass. I sobbed heavily as Frankenstein and Dracula worked their cocks in unison. I screamed over and over as I tried to suppress the orgasmic feelings that were rapidly evolving. My knees were growing weak and my nipples were harder than ever before. I felt my tears drip from my cheeks onto my breasts while I was being fucked like never before.

Suddenly I felt the web begin to move again. I opened my eyes and the Black Widow was staring into my eyes while he was upside down. There was something about his eyes that seemed to give me some sort of comfort while I was in such a precarious situation. My eyes were half closed as I watched the Black Widow begin to move. The flashing strobe lights and the chilly fogy air gave me feelings I never knew existed. The eerie beat of the music seemed to have me in a trance.

As I watched the Black Widow move I realized that I was on the brink of a mind shattering orgasm. The Black Widow swung his leg out and around the front of me and slid his foot through the ropes of the web. He did the same with the other foot and before I knew it he was straddling my face as he supported himself with the web. Right before my eyes was the Black Widow's towering cock.

Tears continued to stream down my cheeks as I knew I was on the verge of taking yet another mans cock. My legs were shaky as my pussy continued to gush warm juices. Dracula and Frankenstein never missed a beat as they continued to fuck both of my holes with reckless abandon. Looking down into my eye, the Black Widow reached down and placed his hand behind my head and slowly guided my face towards his cock. I felt the tip of his cock touch my lips. His pre cum smeared against my red lipstick coated lips. Inside I begged Richard to forgive me. Ever so slowly my jaw relaxed and my lips began to open.

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