tagGroup SexA Helping Hand Ch. 02

A Helping Hand Ch. 02


Eric started to get up, but Khris said, "No, no. don't bother to get up. You just finish who, I mean what, you're doing."

Eric kind of stammered. "Uh, actually, we were just going to go take a shower."

"Well, be my guest. I could use one myself after that long flight."

We both looked at Khris and he winked. Eric stood up and helped me off the couch since my legs were still weak. As Eric lead me to the bathroom, Khris took his luggage to what I assumed was his bedroom. Eric turned the water on in one of the biggest shower stalls I had ever seen. After adjusting the temperature of the water, he motioned for me to go inside.

"Ladies first." he said with a slight bow and a grin on his face.

"Why thank you." I said as I stepped under the warm spray. It felt glorious.

Eric followed me and turned me to face him. As he pushed me back under the spray, he leaned down and kissed me. As he slid his tongue inside my mouth, he reached up and started squeezing my breasts. When he started pinching my nipples, he broke off the kiss.

He stepped under the spray to get some shampoo off the shelf that was built into the wall. When he turned around, he poured some shampoo on my hair. I grinned like a silly school girl. He turned back around to put the shampoo back on the shelf. I started to reach up to wash my hair when I felt a pair of hands on my head. I gave out a little yelp, startled. Eric shipped around and then he smiled a big goofy smile. I started to turn around, but Eric grabbed my face in his hands and started kissing me again.

Khris had come into the shower and I had not heard him. As Eric kissed me, Khris washed my hair. It felt wonderful. Khris' hands moved from my hair down my neck, across my shoulders and then his hands were on my breasts. He stepped even closer and I could fell his cock press against my backside. What a feeling, his cock growing hard while it was pressed against the crack of my ass.

Eric's kiss strayed down my neck. As he started sucking and biting my neck, Khris started pinching my nipples while rubbing his cock back and forth along my crack.

"MMMM harder." Khris started pinching harder. Eric started biting harder while reaching down between my legs. He started rubbing my mound and then slid a finger in my slit. I moaned. Then Eric started rubbing my clit while biting even harder. He played with my clit until I orgasmed.

After Eric pulled his hand back, Khris slid his cock between my legs. I pushed Eric back against the wall and leaned down in front of him, exposing my plump pussy lips to Khris. As Khris started rubbing his cock up and down my slit, I took Eric's hard cock in my mouth. I started sucking him and moving up and down. Then gently run my teeth over his mushroomed head and Eric moaned.

It was almost as if Eric's moan encouraged Khris. Like he wanted to be able to feel what Eric was feeling. When Eric moaned again as I bit just a little harder, Khris slid his own cock in my pussy. That produced a moan of my own against the cock in my mouth and it made Eric moan yet again. I LOVE it when a man is verbal during sex.

As I sucked Eric, I reached down to take his sac in my hand, giving him a little squeeze. Khris started pumping his cock in and out slowly. Then he popped his thumb in my bum hole. I let out a squeal. The guys laughed at that. Eric leaned forward and so did Khris. But with the shower running and my head being down to suck Eric's glorious cock, I couldn't hear what Eric told Khris. I found out soon enough.

Khris pulled out of my holes and backed up, pulling me with him. I let go of Eric's sac with a squeeze and he left my mouth with a 'pop'. the kind of sound a lollipop makes when you pull it out while you're still sucking on it.

Then Khris took my hand and led me through the door opposite the one we came in. Apparently I was right earlier thinking Khris took his bags to his room. That's not all he had done. The bed was turned back and on the night stand was some oil and colored condoms. Eric was fixed, but evidentially Khris was not.

Eric went to the bed and climbed in first. He lay down against the pillows and motioned for me to join him. I went to the end of the bed and climbed up on all fours. Kissing Eric's knees, thighs, and stomach as I went. Stopping to bite his nipples, teasing them with my tongue.

As I was doing this, Khris started rubbing my butt cheeks. I arched my back to give him better access. He took the hint and started rubbing my mound. Then he slid his fingers inside me and started rubbing my clit. I raised my head to kiss Eric. As my tongue slid in Eric's mouth, Khris' thumb slid in my slick pussy. He rubbed my clit faster, finger fucking me. Then he surprised me and leaned down and bit my ass. After I was good and wet and his fingers were coated with my juices, he quick slid a finger in my bum hole. I started to sit up, but Eric held me in place.

Khris had one hand in my ass and reached with his other hand back inside my pussy and rubbing my clit. After he made me cum, he guided my hips down on Eric's waiting cock. I slid down his stiff member nice and slow. I heard Khris make a noise behind me. As I started to rock my hips, I heard Khris open one of the condoms, then felt the bed shift under his weight.

Eric reached up to squeeze my breasts and pinch my nipples. He was doing a good job of making sure I couldn't think. Khris came up behind me and started kissing and nibbling my neck. Then he reached up and grabbed a handful of my hair and pushed me down.

I heard a click and started to turn my head to see what it was, but Khris still had his hand on the back of my head with a handful of hair and held me in place. Then I felt something warm oozing down my butt crack. I knew what was coming and I started to tense. Khris pushed my head down to Eric's. Eric started kissing me deep. I loved the feel of his tongue in my mouth. Khris started rubbing his cock against my ass. The next thing I know, he popped the head in my bum hole. Then Kris grabbed my hips and slowly pushed inside at the same time he started me rocking on Eric.

I let out some kind of noise and it encouraged Khris to start moving in and out at the same time I was moving back and forth on Eric. What a wonderful sensation. Both men inside me. At the angle I was moving, I was able to move up and down on both of their wonderfully hard cocks. They felt so good inside me. I wondered who was going to cum first. Turns out it was me, of course.

As my muscles clenched around both men during my orgasm, they both moaned. Such a wonderful sound. I don't know how Khris managed to be inside me, but I loved it! After a few more wonderful thrusts, I could feel Eric cum deep inside me and by the way Khris went still, I could tell he wasn't far behind.

After the ground shaking orgasm that seemed to last forever, we collapsed on the bed. We rearranged ourselves so that I had an arm and a leg over Khris and Eric was spooning me.

After we seemed to catch our collective breaths, Khris told Eric, "I guess I need to have you feed my fish more often Eric." We all chuckled and ended up falling asleep holding each other.

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