tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Hunter Watches Ch. 03

A Hunter Watches Ch. 03


Sheila has caught the eye of the hunter in the woods. The hunter helps Sheila accept the depth of her desires.

He carried her over his shoulder with little effort. Tracing the trail back to his home in the cave behind the waterfall. It was from there that he had seen her for the first time.

She had stood like a vision under waterfall he could easily have believed her to be a goddess as the water had poured over her blonde hair, plastering her pale pink dress to her, running over the hard peaks of her breasts. The fabric so pale that when wet it became almost the same colour as her flesh. Through it he could easily see the dark circles of nipples and the trim triangle of hair at her apex.

He had moved as close to the cave entrance as he dared mesmerised by the way she had stroked unashamedly at her body. His mouth had dried at the first sight of her and he had thought himself lucky to catch a glimpse of such a beauty. Then to his amazement she had dropped to her knees. The stream that the waterfall fed was shallow, only ankle deep and he watched as the churning waters lapped at her pale thighs. He remembered how he had nearly choked as she spread those creamy thighs and plunged her finger inside. Tilting her face to the pouring water she had moaned deeply and added another finger to her cunt. Her breathing had changed from heated gasps to low moans as she stroked herself to her orgasm only ten feet away from him, her sharp cries had echoed around his head as they bounced across each wall of his cave. Transfixed as she bowed before him, resting her weight on her free hand.

He could not resist pulling his own cock free from his pants and stroking himself to the rhythm she set. Water bounced up and it splashed down onto her bowed spine, her face only an inch from the water. Her feral grunts punctuated the air as she sawed three fingers in and out of her cunt. His only regret was that the falling water masked her scent from him. The sight of her bared teeth as she shivered to a screaming climax made him lose his grip on his control and he marked the entrance of his home with his spilled seed.

He carried her now only a foot from that first meeting place. Treading carefully so that they were not showered with the spray for he did not want her to guess the position of his home. He wondered if she slept as she lay motionless against him.

The cave was long and dark, neither hot nor cold as they moved deeper into the hillside until finally he lowered them both down on his sleeping bags. He knelt over her deciding what to do as she finally stirred. She stiffened slightly in confusion and then to his delight she shifted beneath him and raised tentative hands to his chest. Stroking questing fingers through his thick chest hair, he reached down and pulled the glove from her mouth.

She flexed her jaw to relieve the ache, and swallowed hard.

"Thank you." She whispered.

It was full dark in the cave and he was assured that she could see nothing. He swept his hand across her chest, pushing aside the scant cover of her dress; he lowered his head to nuzzle at her breast. Hearing her sigh at the sensation he ran his tongue flat over her raised nipple before drawing it into his mouth and suckling at the diamond hard peaks. The blonde woman arched upwards, pushing herself to him already wanting more. Using his teeth he removed his remaining glove and cupped the soft curve of her other breast. As he grazed her nipple with the edge of his teeth he curled his calloused finger around the other in a show of possession.

He had pumped his seed within her a scant twenty minutes before and already he was hard for her again, he unzipped his trousers in readiness. He moved her legs apart with his thighs as he made her mew with his attentions to her sensitive breasts. He could smell himself on her skin and that knowledge aroused him further. Only the day before he had been content to watch her toy with herself but no more; he claimed her as his own. He would never again be satisfied to watch her from afar.

The thought of possession hardened his cock further and he pressed himself to her cum soaked pussy. He slid his cock inside her warm wet hole glorying in her delighted sigh as he stroked the length of her cunt with his hardness. She was wet, not just from her earlier passion but from his seed and fresh desire. Desire for him; he had never before known who she thought of when she touched herself. Now it would be him and only him.

She began to moan beneath him, a low guttural sound similar to a growl; he nibbled at the column of her throat feeling the vibration of her desire on his lips. Her breathing quickened with the pace of his thrusts; he raised himself up over her and slowly plunged deeper within her; the sound of her delighted moans spurring him to lengthen and deepen his strokes.

Sheila panted as her watcher pounded her flesh; she moaned deeply delighting in the fullness of his cock. Her mind still reeled from the eroticism of their union such a short time ago. He had chased her through the forest having listened to her recant the dream she'd had about him. Sheila had told him of her fantasy of being chased and then taken roughly; she could still hear his harsh voice saying 'run'. She cried out as she felt her body building to yet another orgasm and then again in disappointment as he withdrew quickly from contracting cunt.

Before she could voice her consternation he was rolling her over onto her belly and then pulling back urging her to her knees. She growled her excitement in the thick darkness of the cave; she craved the deep penetration the position allowed and thrust her bottom in the air to afford him better access. She could feel the amalgam of juices pooling at the entrance to her cunt; knowing that his cum mixed with her own sent another frisson of desire through her.

Instead of plunging himself inside her she felt him move further away momentarily, on his return she felt warm liquid pour down the crack of her arse. She cried in shock; immediately thinking of the couple they watched earlier. The young man taking his equally young girlfriend; offering her engagement in exchange for her anal cherry. Sheila moaned deeply as she recalled the girl's protests and how they turned to surprised delight.

He held himself against her virgin hole as though seeking her decision; Sheila hesitated before pushing back against him. She didn't know why she trusted him but she did, he was all she wanted and she wondered if he knew that.

Sheila hissed and bit down on her lip as he began to push his way into her arse. It was tight, uncomfortable and Sheila had to force herself to breathe out deeply; trying not to tense her muscles. It felt as though she may split in two; never before had she been so aware of a cock inside her. It was as though she could feel every bump, every vein that throbbed along his rod. Just as she felt she could not bear it another moment she felt something shift within her as though the cock inside her had breached some hidden barrier and the pain melted into fresh desire.

The hunter felt the moment she melted against him; all the tension drained from her as she sighed with surprise at her own reactions. He ran his hands over her back before sliding them back to grip her hips; this woman was sex incarnate. He had wanted her for so long he had barely paused to consider that she would want him. Now that he had tasted her; felt her beneath him, watched her stroke herself for his pleasure and now he held her once more; his cock speared in her arse. Once more she began to respond to him with such powerful heat. His cock twitched and she answered him with a languid sigh; bringing himself under control he began to move deeper within her. He slid back and forth; using the oil to ease the way until at last he was resting against her firm bottom and his shaft was fully sheathed within her tightness. He ground himself hard against her holding her still as he stretched her narrow walls.

To his delight she cried out and began to babble senselessly as desire flooded over her. She gasped and panted as she struggled to translate the new sensations within her; it fuelled him to begin to thrust smoothly inside her. She held his cock like a fist and he hissed with pleasure as she squeezed his shaft while he stroked her virgin walls all the while she moaned and muttered with each stroke. He frowned deeply as he tuned into her babble and struggled to make out her words.

"Oh God, yes!" She screamed as he plunged back down fully, "Yes hard; mmm I love it! Oh shut up woman!" She remonstrated herself even as she cried her delight, the hunter cocked his head trying to understand why she would do that. When he heard her chide herself for the third time he gripped her breast with sharp nails and bent close to her ear.

"Scream for me" He hissed in his sandpapered whisper, "Tell me what you want, what you like."

"It doesn't bother you?" She panted with surprise, so used to Marks constant disapproval it took her a moment to understand his meaning. He punctuated his words with a harsh thrust. Her scream was her response and she was answered with a feral growl; the hunter was richly rewarded as she gave a graphic account of the effect he was having on her body interspersed with loud grunts and moans.

The sound of her vibrant descriptions fuelled him further; the idea that someone had shamed her for it only angered him. He began to plunge harder, thrusting further as her glorious body adjusted to his size. He registered the change in her breathing, the pitch of her cries that told him she neared orgasm and he scraped his nails over her nipples and down her back until he felt her begin to shudder under him. He fucked her in short stabs until the she screamed out; shaking violently beneath him as she was wracked with her first anal orgasm. He could feel the contractions of her cunt through the thin walls of her arse and he gave in to his own relief and spewed his seed deep within her bowels making her cry out afresh.

Sheila moaned with desolation when he finally pulled out from her; she revelled in the feel of being pinned beneath his body. It was long, hard and tightly packed with muscle, there was no give in his flesh when she pushed against him. She thrilled to the feel of his cock still twitching inside her; had she known arse fucking could be this good she would have done it years before. Who knew she was missing such a thrill?

She sighed in sleepy satisfaction as he pulled her back against his chest, tucking her head to his shoulder as she surrendered to the overwhelming pull of sleep. As she fell into the darkness she felt a sharp sting on her shoulder and winced; then she felt warm lips close over the mark and suckle at the flesh. The last thing she heard was the watcher's rough whisper as he held her tight against him.

"Mine." He growled.

Sheila woke in her own bed alone, for a moment she wondered if the night had been but a dream. Then she moved and every single delightful ache in her body told her that she had most definitely not dreamt anything.

I haven't decided whether or not to continue with the story of Sheila and the hunter; as you can tell he is not altogether human. Needless to say that this was only the start of their exploration together.

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