tagNonHumanA Hunter Watches Ch. 04

A Hunter Watches Ch. 04


Many thanks to everybody who contacted me with their support for another Hunter story. I hope you like where it took me.


Sheila paced her bedroom floor for the eighth night in row. She had been home over a week and she had not had one decent night's sleep. Her work focus was shot and today she had nearly fallen asleep in an important meeting. Her boss was suggesting that she took some time off but how could she when she had only just returned from a weeks leave?

It was a week in her regular retreat that had caused this dissatisfaction with her real life. Her cabin in the woods had been her refuge for years now but now she was torn between wanting to drive up there right now and never returning to the forsaken place.

On her last visit she had met a man, she didn't know his name or even his face but she knew his body. And he really knew hers.

At one time that thought would have made her blush but there was a different form of heat rising from her tonight.

Sheila paced the lemon coloured carpet for another circuit, annoyed at her own awareness of the thin satin slip as it brushed her skin with every movement she made. As she felt her nipples harden against the soft fabric Sheila eyed the carved wooden cock on her bedside cabinet and felt the moisture build in her pussy.

The phallus had been a gift from her mystery watcher in the woods. In a show of gratitude Sheila had used it for the first time right there on the porch. In appreciation her watcher had left her a bandana to wear as a blindfold whenever she wanted a real fuck. She had put that to good use too.

She hadn't wanted to leave her cabin and return to reality and she hadn't wanted to leave her mystery man. She had no name for him; how would she ever find him again? That was one of the reasons she had for not returning to the cabin, what if she never saw him again? Her time in her precious woods in her lovely little house there would be only a shadow without him; forever ruined by his absence.

As dawn pushed through the blinds at the window Sheila gave up on sleep. She was so tired she could barely swing her legs from the bed. This was no state to go to work in. Maybe if she went to the cabin she could look for her sensual stranger, she could ask at the campsite. If she went today then it would be recent enough for someone to remember him.

Packing a small bag Sheila drank half a pot of coffee before calling her boss and confirming that she would take the offered leave and call in a few days to confirm the date of her return. With the decision made she could feel the tension dissolve within her; this is what she needed to do. She needed to find her stranger and ...what? She thought harder; what was she going to do once she found him? She could think of that when she found him and she didn't even try to consider how long that might take.

The parking place for her cabin was nearly a mile from the cabin but the forest was too dense to for her to drive any closer. Even if she could she would need a tank to traverse the undulating path to her isolated home. She had bought supplies which she transferred to a rucksack and her travel bag was small enough not to be a burden on her trek. Sheila took a deep breath and headed down the rabbit trail to her cabin.

She hadn't called out for her mystery watcher, although the temptation had been there. She had scanned to woods for any sign of him but she knew that would be fruitless; she had never seen him even when she knew he was out there. More than that he could have walked up to her and shook her hand and she would have been none the wiser. I would know him by the feel of his cock inside me though, she thought to herself. Not that useful in polite company though she mused. Sheila ran her finger along the ridge of her left shoulder where he had marked her with his teeth that wonderful night. The wound was gone now but she could still see the mark when she looked in the mirror. It was her only reminder that it wasn't a dream; that he was real.

The hunter stirred within his cave. He had been sleeping more since the woman had returned home, passing the time in oblivion. It was her he was thinking of as he opened his eyes but he dismissed the thought. She would not return for another few weeks, if at all. He ignored the part of him that considered that she may have run from him.

He stretched and yawned and considered sleeping for another hour just so that the day did not loom in front of him like some endless chasm. As a show of bravado he sat up; determined not to be ruled by his desire for a woman. Though he did consider checking her cabin; as a courtesy of course. It was only right that he keep an eye on her vacant property if he was in the area.

As soon as he left the cave he could sense the disturbance in the forest; to the south birds left their roosts flapping in alarm. Cocking his head he listened hard. With narrowed eyes he set out to find the intruder; still not daring to think that it may be his woman.

He saw her only a half a mile from the cabin. She wore jeans and a vest top and carried a large rucksack of supplies. His loins tightened painfully at the knowledge whilst his heart soared. He followed her making not a sound in the undergrowth.

Sheila was grateful to be able put the rucksack down as she unlocked the door to the cabin. It was here that she had sat and performed for her watcher, the memory raised colour in her cheeks and heat to her blood. She put the groceries away and carried her bag upstairs to her bedroom. She pulled off the sensible jeans and vest and rifled through her bag for her forest uniform; a shift dress over bare skin. The dress came to mid thigh and was soft and loose. With a smile she tied the bandana around her neck and tucked the carved wooden cock into her pocket.

And now what? She wondered.

They had met because he had been watching her. She had been able to signal her interest because he had been watching her but what should she do now?

A noise downstairs startled her and her hand flew to her chest, it was the front door. Could it be? Sheila hurried from the room pulling the bandana to her eyes as she reached the top of the stairs.

"Is that you?" She called out, her hand steadying her balance as she gripped the banister. She murmured a thousand pleas for it to be true. She raised her hand halfway to the blindfold when she felt a movement at her side. Her precarious position at the top of stairs stopped her from spinning round to find the source. A thickly muscled arm circled her waist and lifted her from her feet.

Tears of relief welled in her shrouded eyes as she was carried back to the bedroom. She cried out as she dropped to the bed bouncing once before lying still. She moaned softly as her knees were pushed apart and her dress was lifted high enough to reveal her naked breasts.

"I missed you." She gasped, "I missed you so much I had to come back."

Without preamble the thick head of a cock was presented to the entrance of her cunt, Sheila arched upwards as it thrust deep within her pinning her to the mattress below them. Thick gloved fingers surrounded her breast as her stranger began to pound his body into hers.

Sheila curled her legs around his waist, opening herself to him, clinging to him as she revelled in his confident possession of her body. She screamed her compliance until she bucked beneath him in satisfaction and felt him shudder inside her in response. His stubbled cheek rubbed the length of her jaw, gloved hands pinched and pulled at her hard dark nipples.

Sheila arched upwards; pressing as much of her skin to him as she could manage. She heard the hiss of breath next to her ear, felt his impossibly soft tongue swipe the length of her neck, teasing and tasting her. Her breath shuddered from her lungs as desire flooded her senses. She tightened around him; her thighs squeezing his waist, her arms pulling across his back and her cunt gripped him like a fist as though she was unable to ever hold him close enough.

The Hunter closed his eyes and revelled in the feel her possession of him; he held her pinned to the bed, his cock pounded into her soft moist flesh and she clung to him. She welcomed him; even as he pounded within her she called for more. She was murmuring to him with each long hard stroke he took.

"Who are you?"

Over and over like a mantra. As her muscles tightened over his flesh his control broke and he cried out as he spewed hot seed within her. It was not her name he called out in his passion but one word.


His voice was deep and rough; like gravel. It resonated from within his chest like a growl. The moment his hot cum hit her inner walls Sheila bucked and trembled beneath him in her own release. He held her to him, her short panting breaths like a caress against the sensitive skin that stretched over his neck.

"Yes." She whispered; acknowledging his possession of her, nodding jerkily as her body trembled with the force of her orgasm.

"Are you so sure?" He asked, leaning back to study her. His heart thudded sharply against his ribs even though he told himself that he had not decided if he should show himself to her. His body knew that he would.

Before he could debate with himself he slipped a gloved finger beneath the blindfold and tugged it loose. Watching closely as her pale lashes fluttered open, he held himself over her as his cock softening within her. She opened her pale blue eyes and blinked slowly to adjust to the light in the room.

Sheila blinked again to bring the image above her into focus. Her stranger was so beautiful; deeply tanned as though he had spent his life outdoors, his features were strong, his jaw, nose and chin. His lips were long and thin, held now in a tight line as he waited for her reaction. It was his eyes that captured her, they spoke of so many emotions all at once; desire kept them hooded and heavy and the deep chocolate brown of the irises showed her a deeper desire than mere lust but there was a wariness in them too, almost fear but not quite.

"You are so beautiful." She sighed, running her hand through the long soft hair that framed his face.

With a look of sadness he shook his head, she frowned at him wondering what he meant. He hesitated for only a fraction and then braced his weight on one arm as he brought the other to his face. Taking one gloved finger between his teeth he tugged at the soft leather revealing the hand inside. Strong thick fingers flexed in front of her eyes, it was not the flesh that caught her attention but the nails, or rather the extended claws at the ends of each finger. Short thick claws like those of a dog tapered from each finger, Sheila blinked in surprise but did not gasp. Her stranger had always worn gloves when he touched her and now she knew why.

Sheila gazed up at his wary expression and smiled at him; she didn't understand what he expected of her but he had made her feel in ways that no one else could. Those unusual fingers had brought her much pleasure in the short time she had spent with him. Slowly she raised her head and opened her lips to take a finger into her mouth. His eyes darkened with desire even as they flickered with surprise. She watched him, still sucking his clawed finger, Sheila gasped as his hand flexed and tightened above her, as those the bones shifted beneath the skin.

"Do you know what I am?" He asked cautiously, his voice as neutral as he could make it. When she shook her head he pulled his finger from her lips. "I am the Hunter, the wolf."

Sheila tried to process the information, "Will I be one too?" She asked quietly.

The Hunter shook his head, "I inherited this ... condition; I cannot pass it to you."

She knew she should be afraid, knew that she should feel fear but with his body still pressed hard against her, his cock still inside her and his seed seeping from within her she knew that she was only afraid that he would leave her. She ran a hand over the column of his throat, stroked him until her hand cupped the back of his neck.

"This is why you gave me the blindfold."

Closing his eyes and sinking into her touch he nodded, still braced for the rush of fear he expected from her.

"In the throes of passion I cannot always control the beast." He spoke so quietly and his voice was so deep that she had to struggle to hear him.

"I make you lose control?" Sheila smiled deeply as she spoke, his answering nod was barely even a movement, she felt it only because she stroked the muscles in his neck. The confession thrilled her; the knowledge of this unknown power caused a trill of laughter to spill from her. At the sound of it he snapped his eyes back to hers.

"This does not scare you?" He asked with disbelief.

"Am I in danger?" She spoke softly as a smile curved her lips.

The hunter shook his head once, his eyes not leaving hers. She drew herself up so that she could place her lips to his, she stopped just a breath from him.

"You said I was yours; did you mean it?"

"Is that what you want?"

She felt the words on her lips rather than heard them. "Oh yes." She gasped and pressed forward to complete the kiss. She sighed against the soft touch of his lips and flicked her tongue against his teeth. His admission made her feel bold, wanton even and she pushed her tongue deeply into his mouth, running it along the edge of his teeth. His own tongue stroked softly against hers until he plunged into her mouth, cupping the back of her head and holding her to him as his cock began to harden inside her wet cunt.

Sheila opened her eyes wide at the sensation, sighing as his tongue probed her mouth in a mirror to the action of his cock.

The Hunter sank into his woman, he burrowed his thick hard cock deeply into her warmth as his tongue tasted the heat of her mouth. He felt her insides slick with his seed, tasted her desire on her tongue and shuddered within her arms as they stroked at his taut muscles. She was his; she was not afraid, she was more than he had ever dared to hope for.

He pulled out of her and flipped her to her stomach making her gasp at the ease with which he did so. He pulled her up so that she knelt on the bed before him then he straddled her thighs and plunged himself back inside her. The depth and ferocity of the penetration ripped a scream of sheer passion from her lips. He gripped one breast hard, allowing his thick claws to press deeply into the flesh, not breaking the skin but a firm reminder that he was not fully human. He growled with desire as he felt her gasp and press back against him. He flicked a claw over her tightly formed nipple until she began to writhe beneath him., When he sensed the tension within her, heard the shallow breathing signalling her oncoming orgasm he withdrew almost completely only to slowly force his way back inside until he was fully sheathed and pushing against her boundaries, then he slowly he repeated the process again and again until she was shuddering uncontrollably; completely overtaken by the force of her desire.

The feel of her surrender to him spurred him further, he leant back holding her in place by his touch on her hips. He watched his claws press into her soft flesh, felt her spasm around his cock and smelled the mixture of their juices running from her and he could feel the beast within him rising closer to the surface.

With the beast rising he was unable to control the finesse of his movements. Instead of coaxing the pleasure from her he could only demand his own satisfaction. He placed his face to her neck, drawing deeply to test her skin for the taste of fear. When he could smell only her intense desire he let loose the reins of his control.

With one arm wrapped tightly across her belly he thrust deeply inside her, he bucked within her in short hard stabs. Revelling in the confines of her walls as he pushed against them, pounded within them until his cock swelled and burst within her. As he threw his head back and roared his climax he heard her scream and shudder as he sprayed hot cum within her. When his beast slipped back inside him he looked down to see that he had pulled her off her knees, his one arm held her to him as his cock continued twitch inside her.

He knew a moment of true panic as she lay limply against him, her head resting on the bedclothes her arms loosely at her side before she gave a long low sigh of satisfaction and turned her face to the side allowing him to see the wide smile on her lips.

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