A is for...


Dear All,

I was on the phone the other day, giving my name and address. Even though neither is difficult to spell, I found myself resorting to the phonetic alphabet. You know the A is Alpha B is Bravo C is Charlie etc. I wondered what the man on the other end of the line would have said if I had used my own...

A is for Alfresco.

Let us go out and find somewhere secluded. I will kiss you deeply. I will take you into the bushes. Once in the bushes I will slip your lovely hard prick out of your trousers and....Oh that brings us to B!!

B is for Blowjob.

I will lower my head to your lovely prick. I will run my tongue around the head of your prick tasting you. I love to give head. I will spend ages licking and sucking your prick. I will take your full length into my mouth. I will continue to fuck you with my mouth. Slow and then fast as I feel you coming.....What then? Oh yes it takes us on to C!

C is for Cum

Having sucked and licked your lovely prick to the point of you coming. I would continue, taking your full load into my mouth. I would then lick and suck your, now sensitive prick, ensuring I have lapped up all your cum.

D is for Dressing up.

I will wear a dark grey suit, with a short skirt and a white blouse. Underneath I will wear a white basque and black stockings with heeled shoes. I will even have my hair tied up. I will be you personal secretary and take down whatever you want.

E is for Erotic stories.

I will write a story involving both you and me. Maybe one day I will get a five from you for one of my stories. Until then I will continue to tell them to you.

F is for French kissing

Well not just French kissing, any sort of kissing. I love to kiss it really turns me on. I will start at your lips. I will kiss your neck and shoulders. Then down across your chest and stomach, working my way down...

G is for Games

We shall make our own version of Simon says but nothing will be said. I will go first and whatever I do to you, you must copy and do to me. I will start slow building the sexual tension as the game continues.

H is for Hot, Naked Flesh.

My three favourite words and the images they create. I told a guy the other day if he continued to tease me, he would never get my hot naked flesh next to his. Needless to say he walked away with a hard on.

I is for Ice cubes

Oh yes I have seen 91/2 weeks, with the ice cubes and other food stuffs. I think ice cubes win out every time, when held between my lips and run over your hot naked body.

J is for Just!!

Just read the Kama Sutra and would love to try 'the splitting of the bamboo' with you.

K is for Kitchen units.

I will lead you into the kitchen and you can lift me onto the work surface. The cold laminate, against my hot flesh, will turn me on. Then you will guide your lovely hard prick into my pussy and fuck me.

L is for Lingerie

I love to wear lovely sexy underwear. I especially like to wear a new item each time we meet. I love the feel of sensual silk lingerie. The way it caresses my body as I move. Picture me in the blue ruffled basque and pale blue stockings.

M is for Massage

Having bathed you, I will lead you to my bed. There you will lay face down and I will straddle your back. I will rub oil into my hands and then massage your shoulders and back. Slowly I will massage the whole of your back, buttocks and legs.

N is for Nipples

As you caress my breasts in a circular motion, with each circle getting smaller as it nears my nipples. You will see my nipple stiffen beneath your caress. Then you will suck and tease them with your tongue.

O is for Orgasm

The numerous orgasms I have had, yet I still await the multiple one, but I'm not greedy. We'll keep trying until one arrives or two!!

P is for Phone a friend

But whose friend shall we phone first? I can find a male friend if you can bring a female. Shall we have one, the other or even both at the same time?

Q is for Quickie

Oh yes I love a quickie. Anytime: Anywhere: Just lift my skirt and fuck me.

R is for Reflections

As we stand in front of the full-length mirror. I watch your prick sliding in and out of my wet pussy. You watch my pussy taking the whole of your length. My breasts bouncing as you pound into me.

S is for sixty-nine

This is my favourite number. I love to lie next to you, licking and sucking your lovely prick as you lick suck and finger my hot wet pussy.

T is for Toys

I would not have believed toys could be so much fun. I have had a few and the best to date was the turbo 8 bullet. It consisted of two variable speed bullets. Fucking with one in pussy and other on clit was an amazing experience.

U is for Unrequited

Ah no I'm not about to go all soppy on you. It is not for love but lust. There is a guy where I work whose lust is unrequited by his partner, it is such a waste. I will always do my best to fulfil your every desire.

V is for Video

I have the camera set up. Let's make our own movie. We do not need a plot but we have had the erotic stories and the dress up above, to name but two.

W is for Willing

As well you know I am willing to try anything at least once. Until we try it we will not know if it we'll enjoy it.

X is for X-rated acts

It was going to be films, but I would rather do than watch! This one had to get a look in as it really should have been at A but I thought I would make you wait for it. So what are we going to do? You will guide your prick into my tight little ass. Gently easing the head in as I push back against you.

Y is for Young

The young men I have seduced in recent years. Their schoolboy fantasies that were fulfilled by a mature woman who knew what she wanted.

Z is for Zebedee

Zebedee says its time for bed and we can start over again tomorrow.

Thanks for reading


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