tagLetters & TranscriptsA Letter Becomes Dialogue

A Letter Becomes Dialogue

byDs Padawan©


I want your big hard dick in my tight pussy. Forget foreplay, just fuck me like crazy! With every thrust of your cock I thrust my hips in the opposite direction just to feel you even harder and deeper. Time to switch. Doggy-style... Mmmm my favorite. Down on all fours, I beg for more and more. Harder! Pound me! Oh, Daniel! Harder! Oh, Daniel. Fuck me! Fuck you! I want to feel your dick in my throat but not through my mouth. Oh, DANIEL! Oh wait, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, don't stop, don't you ever stop!

What? We are not done yet? You want to put your dick where? You want anal sex? Let's do it. Easy, easy babe, ow, easy... Ah, you feel so good. Mmm, wait... Slow, please work it in slow, oh. Ah, there we go. There we go. Okay, hold on. Let me work it first. Let me thrust my hips into you. Oh, baby, oh you feel so good! Okay Daniel, take charge, fuck me! Faster! Oh no, not already... Oh, I'm cumming again! Damn, I come faster during anal sex! Don't stop though. Keep pounding that ass until you cum babe. Oh, oh, oh yes! Oh YES! Keep it coming, keep it going! Oh DANIEL! Please do not ever stop! Oh. Oh my. Oh babe! I feel you cumming. I feel your fluids filling me. Oh, wow. Oh damn, you are good!

Huh? What? Yeah, I am awake. What's up babe? Oh, you want to have some fun. What time is it? Three in the morning... Okay, if you want to. Here, let me give you a blow job for a few Daniel. I want to suck your dick like a lollipop. Mmm. I love the size of your shaft. Hold on babe, I am not done yet. Now I am going to suck you like a popsicle. Mmm, flick of tongue, thrust of a hand. I am going to deep throat you now. Yes, I can handle your big hard cock in the back of my throat. Don't worry babe, I can control my gag reflex. Wink wink. Mmm. Faster and faster in my mouth you go. Faster and faster in my mouth you cum.

Hey! Wow, you flipped me over fast. Your turn? Oh, I love your masculine hands running across my body. No, I don't mind, kiss me anywhere. Ahh. Mmm. Oh, that feels like a hickey. Giggle. Did you just give me a hickey? Mmm, suck those tits. Oh baby. Oh! Hello, Mr. Finger. Oh, no. Please. Please... Oh, I cannot handle it! Oh don't, don't bury your face in my pussy. Oh no... I can't handle it! Oh wow, your tongue flicking my clit... Oh Daniel! Okay. STOP! Stop and fuck me! I want you in me now!

Oh yeah, just like that. I love the feel of your cock in me. I love the feel of your body lying on top of mine. I just love the feel of you! Yes, yes, yes! Go ahead; put my legs over your shoulder. Whatever makes you happy dear. I don't care how you fuck me as long as you do! What? It's four o'clock already? No, I don't want you to stop. I don't care if I have to be up in three hours. Let's keep going until you get your fill. Giggle. You never get your fill of sex? That works for me. I never do either.

Mmm. Faster and faster. Harder and harder. I don't care if I'm sore in the morning. I just want sex! Give me more! Give me all that you can! Don't worry about me. I love it. I like the pain. I like you in me. You can stay there forever for all I care. It's all good. As long as it is with you I am happy. Come on babe... I know you can tap that ass harder than that. Giggle. Yes, please, hurt me. Oh babe! Oh DANIEL...

Are you sure you have to leave? I know; I understand. She is one lucky lady. Yeah, I'm good. I mean hell, I'm still feeling you between my legs Luv. I don't think my climax has ever stopped. Okay. Thank you for visiting me. I appreciate it. Definitely, we will definitely have to get together again when you come back to town. Heck yeah, anal, oral, whatever you want Daniel. Like I said, as long as you are in me I could care less. Giggle.

Until next time,


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