tagBDSMA Letter To A Sub Woman

A Letter To A Sub Woman

byDirty writer©

I want to fuck you in the ass. I don't know or care if you like it but that is what I want to do to you. Why don't you get on a plane and come on down here, check into a room for a night or two and let me have my way with you.

You are already fucking your married boss so you have him by the balls. Just tell him that you have a stiff cock down south that needs your sweet lips, cunt and ass wrapped around it and tell him that you are taking a day or two off. Actually, why don't you have him come down here also. Have him arrive a day after you do.

I want you to be my own play toy for a while without any distractions. I'd love to spent several days fucking you but I don't have the time. After I'm done with you he can come down and have some fun with you. I'm sure you can pick up some others around town to spice up your time here. There are plenty of people that would love to use your mouth and pussy to get off. Come down during the week so I can use work as an excuse to get away. Check into a place and I'll come over. I want to spend most of the day with my cock in your mouth.

You are such a good cock sucker, I think it would be a great way to spend the day. When I'm not fucking your mouth I'll probably be licking your pussy. Of course I have to have a build up, so you will have to dress up the way I want you to. Classic slut...short black skirt, nylons, garter, black sheer panties and a shaved cunt. We can take turns. I'll fuck your mouth, then peel off a layer of your clothing with my mouth. Lick your cunt through all of the layers of cloths, until I get hard again and then go back to fucking your mouth. I think we can keep this up for a while until finally I have you on your back with you knees by your ears, my face between your legs and my mouth playing with your hot wet shaved cunt, drinking you in and tasting you.

My hands will be behind your knees spreading you open so that I can taste your wet pussy. I will lick you till you cum in my mouth like the slut that you are. When I'm done tasting you I'll fuck your face like I have never done before. I want my cock deep down your throat when your mouth makes me come.

After I'm done with your mouth, I'll roll you over onto your face and tie you up with your nylons. I'll tie your hands to the bed posts and prop you up with pillows under you so that your sweet ass and cunt are displayed before me. I'll spread you apart and tie off your legs so that you have no place to go.

I'll take a little break and think about what I'll do to you next. Maybe I'll take a walk to clear my head and think about how I'm going to fuck you next. I'll probably take a walk down to one of the sex shops in the quarter and pick up some toys for the afternoon and evening. When I get back you'll hear the faint sound if items being removed from a bag and placed on the bed. The first thing I'll do is get you ready for the night's entertainment. You'll probably jump a little when the cold lube touches your ass and pussy but the heat of my hand will comfort you as I rub it in and make sure that you are ready for what is to come.

You know..... some times living here is a blessing and a curse. The sex shops have so may great toys but at times it is so hard to choose. I have such a vast array of things to choose form that It is almost impossible to pick..... but by thinking it through very carefully I think I made the right choice.

I'll spend a good twenty to thirty minutes massaging your cunt and ass with my fingers and the head of my cock, watching your pussy lips swell with anticipation. Occasionally I'll slip a finger into you to see how wet you are and I'll slide a finger the length of your pussy to test your clit and see if it is ready for playtime to start. When I think you are good and ready the games will start.

The first toy is very simple. A mid sized dildo made out of clear Pyrex glass. It is about six inches long and about as big around as a silver dollar. Now after a half hour of playing with your cunt with the lube, you have managed to soak both yourself and the pillow that props your ass in the air. Everything is nice and wet. I'll start with placing the tip of the dildo on the small of your back so that you have no idea what it is. Then I'll slowly trace over the curves of you ass, rubbing your skin with the lubed tip of the glass cock. I'll work my way down the crack of your ass and tease your puckered asshole with the tip, but that is not the final destination. I'll continue to slide it down and I'll part your swollen lips, first with the tip of the dong and then with the shaft of the piece. Only then will you know the girth of the glass phallus.

I won't penetrate you, I'll just let your swollen cunt lips wrap around the dildo. Then I'll guide it to where it will remain for the night. I'll follow the folds of you pussy until the dildo rests between your clit and the soaked pillow. The length of the piece will split your shaved cunt lips and allow you to grind your clit against the rod that is slick with your juices. It will be fun to watch your body as you finally get a chance to grind your swollen clit against something hard. My cock will grow as I watch you body strain against the restraints as you pleasure yourself with the cool hard slick surface of the glass cock rubbing your clit.

As you grind your pussy against the dildo your hips sway back and forth in an inviting way almost begging for some thing to fill your cunt and ass. You won't have to wait long.

You jump slightly at the feel of my hand on you hip and I squeeze your right ass cheek slightly. My thumb slides over your ass and rests itself on your tight asshole. My thumb circles you in a slow rhythm that is in time to the trusts of your hips that grind your clit against the dildo. Putting slight pressure on you and I feel your ass first tense and then relax as the tip of my thumb enters you. The soft flesh of my thumb is soon replaced by the hard smooth surface of another toy. It is slender cool and you an feel the lube dripping down your ass as it slowly slides into you as your hips continue their grind.

Your body flinches as the low pulse of the vibrator starts to throb in you. It is a very low level frequency vibration, like a bass note. It rises and falls in a wave like pattern and you hips soon start to move in time to it.

Now only your cunt need to be filled. From behind you are quite a sight. Tied up, face down, ass up, pussy grinding on a glass cock with a vibrator methodically buzzing in your ass. Your cunt lips are swollen and parted and your juices run freely down your legs and soak the pillow and sheets.

I want one more taste of you so I lower my face to you and I can feel the heat of your pussy agaisnt my cheeks. I watch your cunt throb as you work yourself against the restraints and the glass cock. A trickel of your wetness drips down your leg and I catch it with my mouth and slowly work my way to the source. Your cunt feels like it is on fire as I probe you with my mouth.

Finally I can't stand it any longer and I position myself behind you with the head of my cock ready to enter you. As you slide back your pussy takes me in an pulls me deep inside of you I can feel every muscle of your body tense as the full length of my cock slides deep into you.

After two deep thrusts, I feel your cunt tighten and your back arches. A low moan starts from deep within you and as your hips buck down and your pussy convulses as you start to gush. Your juices squirt around my cock and I grab your hips and push deeper into you. Your hot wetness feels great as it drips down the shaft of my cock to my swollen balls.

Your body goes limp after what sees like an eternity and I slowly work my cock in and out of your spent cunt. I know that there is nothing left there for me and I slowly withdraw my dick. Your breathing is shallow and you seem to be spent but I am not done with you yet.

I told you from the start that I want to fuck your ass an now I will have my way.

The vibrator slips form you well lubed asshole with ease and soon the head of my cock rests against you. With firm pressure I slide the head of my cock into you again as you draw a sharp deep breath with the invasion. While you ass had grown use to the low throb of the vibrator, my cock is much thicker and your body tenses as I fill you with my dick.

There is nothing like fucking a woman in the ass. It is the ultimate. Fucking a cunt is great but it is so natural. It is what you are suppose to do with a cock but it does not come close to the feeling of sliding your shaft into the tight ass of a woman, especially one that has given herself over to you in all ways.

With each inch that my cock slides into you my mind flashes images of you. You in the back seat of the cab on the night I met you, my hand up you shirt pinching your tits as your hand plays with my stiff cock. The sight of you taking my cock into your mouth for the first time. The folds of your pussy lips inches below my face as I prepare to lick your cunt until you come. The image of just a few seconds ago of your body tied and waiting for my return.

Now your body is all mine, you are limp from exhaustion and only my firm grabs of your hips keeps you from collapsing. Your breathing is shallow and sharp and I can tell that you have no power to resist. You have finally let go and now I will fuck you like I want.

Fucking a woman's ass is so different form fucking her cunt. A cunt moves and twitches as a cock is slid in. A woman's ass is like a tight glove that envelops a cock in a tight warm wonderful wetness.

My world collapses inward as each trust of my cock penetrates deeper into you untill my balls slap the puffy lips of your cunt that is still quivering from your last orgasm. My thrust are short and slow at first as I feel your body tighten around me but soon the force and lenght of each thrust grows.

My fingers of my left hand dig into you hip as I press your shoulders down towards the soaked mattress so as to get better leverage. Now with each thrust my cock exits your ass and plunges deep inside of you. You can only manage a low whimper as I pound you from behind.

The tingling in my balls grows with each thrust and the speed of my thrusts increase. You can sense that I am close to coming and with your last bit of energy in your weak legs you thrust your hips up to accept my cock deeper in you.

My orgasm rushes through my body as I empty my cum deep inside of you. Your whimper has now grown to a moan as you feel my hot cum filling your ass. A second wave of passion sweeps over me and again my balls let loose a load of jiz into you. My cum spills from your ass and runs down your legs. With a final thrust I am spent and I withdraw my cock form your pulsating asshole.

You have been a good slut for me. I am satisfied.

Your ordeal has you close to the point of passing out and things seem to happen in a near dream like state. You seem detached from your body as you hover in-between consciousness, and sleep. You can hear the unmistakable sounds of me getting dressed and you wonder when you will be released from bondage but your mind soon returns to the amazing blissful state of relaxations.

You hear the door to the room open and you brain snaps back to reality as your hear me say.

"How was your flight?......Good...well she is all yours!"

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