tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Long Ride Home

A Long Ride Home


It was going to be a long car ride trip back from Fresno to San Francisco after the quinceñera. Even more so because I'd been put in the very back of the blazer, like the way most Mexicans travel, we jammed the car full. After a night of drinking and dancing and smoking weed, we were all messed up. I'd gone to the party with my girlfriends family. She lived with her aunt, so it was her family that'd gone. The aunt, my girls younger cousin, the aunts boyfriend and his brother.

The brother of the boyfriend, the driver, had it after my girls younger cousin, despite the huge age difference. All night he'd been trying to dance with her, talk to her, till the aunt had had enough. And after the party he'd tried to sit next to her, but the aunt quickly offered up the back to the cousin. Which for me, at first at least, had messed everything up, because I'd planned on messing around with my girlfriend all night and I didn't want her cousin there messing things up.

I'd forgotten how Bianca's (the cousin) butt was, until she climbed into the back. Her skirt lifting up a bit exposing her white stocking tops and peek of thong. Instantly I became horny for her. My girl was right beside me, the lights of passing traffic in the night lighting up for an instant the round, brown cheeks of dark skinned Bianca.

"Sorry for the interruption guys." She whispered at me and Ivonne (my girlfriend). We'd been snuggling and my hand had been up her skirt. Bianca's voice slurred a bit from the alcohol.

"That's fine." I said, my girlfriend nodding to her.

The aunt was sitting in the backseat in the middle and looked back for a second at us. She was very ugly, in her late thirties maybe, but that night I'd seen how thick she was, and how nice she'd moved around the dance floor. After seeing Bianca's backside I became very aware of where Bianca got her butt. My girlfriend Ivonne had a nice ass too, she was short and pretty, and wore a dress with no stockings. Her skirt had been very short, too short almost, as every guy in the place was trying to look up her skirt from the moment we walked in the hall.

Ivonne was a light skinned girl, with almond brown eyes and curly light brown hair. She didn't look Mexican at all, but she was. Her breasts were round and just the right size for my hands to grip, but her ass took more than a handful for me to grip. Her ass was much more jiggly than Bianca's, more fleshy and softer. Bianca's butt was rigid and round, like a blown up balloon almost. Not that it wasn't as big, no, Bianca's butt was something that drew the eye to it, and held it hostage until she left the room. I'd always checked her out, but she was my girls younger cousin, so of course off limits.

We sat in the back, the three of us not speaking much, my hand up Ivonne's skirt and between her legs, rubbing the soft wet flesh of her pussy. I hadn't yet scooted her panty's over, but was rubbing on the lacy white material, moving her lips with my fingertips and feeling the swell of her clit and the soft whispers of her moans in my ear. We were laid back behind the seat so that nobody could see us, cuddled together in the corner. Bianca was beside me and I could feel her presence on the other side of me.

I'd thought she'd been asleep, as silent as she was. The driver of the car, the aunt's boyfriend had the music cranked up, playing Spanish banda music. At first Ivonne had pulled my hand from her pussy when Bianca had come, protesting to her presence, but like any smooth guy out there with alcohol on his side, I'd gotten my hand back between her legs, and had her squirming to my every touch

I'm not sure how long I'd been rubbing Ivonne's pussy and finger her tight pussy, when I looked over and saw Bianca watching us. I'd thought she'd been asleep, as silent as she was. But no, her eyes were wide open and staring down at my pumping arm between her older cousins spread white legs. She glanced at me, maybe feeling my eyes on her and she turned away quickly. Her long black hair spilling out and over her shoulders down to the left arm.

So she'd been watching. I told myself excitedly. I nearly came right then. I knew she'd been drinking, we'd all been, maybe she was getting turned on. Who knew. We were crammed so close together how could she not have noticed me finger her cousin? Despite the darkness of the night our eyes had adjusted to the dim interior of the car. A car behind us lit up the back of the Blazer enough that we could see each other decently, so I kept my eyes fixed on her for a minute. Ivonne had her head buried in my neck, kissing me, and licking me with her tongue, so I knew she didn't see me looking at Bianca.

I looked her over. Her thick dark legs covered in white nylon, the plaid green skirt wrinkled up and over her legs. She wore a white blouse and her breasts were bouncing with every bump in the road. Slowly I moved my left arm towards her, ever so slightly until just the edge of my pinky finger brushed against her nylon covered thigh. She was still looking away so I couldn't see her reaction, but I kept it there. Feeling her warmth, enjoying the thought of finger one girl and having my hand on the pantyhose stocking of her cousin, however so slight the touch was. Growing bolder by the soft licks of Ivonne on my neck, and the squeeze of her pussy on my single finger, I placed two fingers on Bianca's thigh and pushed down, feeling the soft flesh moved. She had to of felt that one.

Ivonne's pussy was clamped on my finger, I don't think I could have fit two if I'd wanted to. She was moaning into my ear and I turned to whisper to her.

"I love you." I told her.

"I love you too."

"How much?"


"So that you'd do anything for me?"

She moaned from the extra push I gave her pussy and she licked me over sloppily. "Yes, anything. Anything you want you can have." She whispered, biting my ear lobe.

Here it goes I thought. It could go either one of two ways. I reached over and grabbed Bianca's hand by the wrist and pulled it to me. Pulled it over me and in between Ivonne's legs.

Ivonne back up and stared at me. Then saw the hand and looked to her cousin. I didn't see the look on Bianca's face because I was watching Ivonne, watching her big eyes spread even wider, in horror.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"Let her."

I looked and she shook her head. "No, it's all right." And she tried to pull her hand away, but I held firm. The Spanish music pulsed through the small car and I looked up for a second and saw the sleeping aunt's hair no less than ten inches from our heads. Her head shook with the bumps of the Blazer, so I knew she was asleep.

"Your tripping." Ivonne said, but I put my hand over Bianca's and pushed her fingers over the wet panties, scooting the silky material over so that Bianca could feel the soft skin, the slippery juices and the curly hair of her pussy.

"Shh. You love me right?" I asked Ivonne.

She sighed and nodded.

"Well, just close your eyes then. I love you too, I want to be with you forever. I'd hate to have to break up with you."

"But it's wrong." Ivonne said, her lip trembled and I thought she might cry.

"Shhh. Close your eyes baby, close them and just feel us."

Bianca tried to pull away one more time but I held fast and looked up to her aunt. Bianca's face was unreadable, unmoving. But I kept the workings of my hand going, pushing her fingers in the heat of Ivonne, until I could feel them inside of her. Feel her slender thin fingers inside of her own cousins sopping wet pussy.

Ivonne stirred, then moaned.

"That's it." I said. I kind of released pressure from my hand and could feel Bianca's hand pumping on its own. Rubbing on its own. I listened hard over the music and could hear Ivonne's wet pussy slurping from the movement.

This was my second chance.

I leaned over and put a hand on the thigh of Bianca, keeping on hand on her fingering Ivonne, just in case she pulled away and the magic disappeared. Bianca moved her thigh to the side to get my hand off it, but I replaced it and she didn't move again. I rubbed it down, excited by the nylons she wore. I love the feel of pantyhose on thick thighs and that's exactly what she had. My hand travelled all over legs, taking the time to enjoy them, as I've admired them for so long. Then I made my way up past the thickened stitching of her stocking tops and up her dress to her panty's. But her legs wouldn't open for me. She kept them tight together and I had to wiggle my fingers down into the flesh of her inner thighs before she opened up for me, but when she opened, she opened wide and I had full access. I could tell right away she didn't shave, maybe she wasn't into it yet or hadn't learned that's how men liked their pussy's, but her hair was soft, and fragile.

I gave the soft hump of pussy a few rubs, sensing the wetness waiting for me, then I scooted her panty's over and my finger delved into another tight wet hole. This one extra tight, and slightly different than her older cousins. Her pussy lips were much smaller, and her hole let my finger slid in to my knuckle. Her entire body tensed up when I slid in, convulsing from my every movement.

I turned to Ivonne and kissed her, she moaned in my mouth, her tongue straining under the feminine touch of her young cousin.

"Kiss her." I told Ivonne, and she did. She leaned passed me and grabbed Bianca so that they were directly in front of my face. I could smell the mingle of perfumes they wore, hear the heavy breathing, see the eyes and glitter of earrings. They stopped right before the kiss, staring at each other. Ivonne's eyes searching her cousins face, her hand went to her cheek.

"Do you want to?" Ivonne whispered.

"I don't know how to kiss." Bianca whispered back, I shoved my hand into Bianca's pussy and that made her jump forward, Ivonne took that as a go ahead and their lips met. Two full lips pressing against each other, their tongues appearing for a moment as they swirled and danced with each other. Their heads turned as they got a better position with each other. We were laying down, the three of us. Their chins on my chest, kissing, my hand on Ivonne's round breast and the other in Bianca's pressure cooker of a pussy.

When Bianca turned to kiss I pulled my hand from her pussy and grabbed her gigantic butt, now that I had an angle on it. Oh how I played with that butt. Fondling her as if my life depended on it, inspecting every inch so that I wouldn't ever regret not getting the full experience of it.

Then I unzipped my pants, and pulled out my throbbing aching cock. I never knew an erection could hurt as much as the one I had. They didn't know I'd pulled my dick out, but I placed Ivonne's hand on it and she began to jack it off. I was surprised with her, but I guess lust had just carried her off to a different person.

"Suck it." I said to them as they stopped kissing, and Ivonne went down. Crawling and turning her body so that she could take it into her mouth. Bianca just lay there, with my hand in her pussy, controlling her movements like a puppet master. I leaned over and put my tongue into her mouth just as Ivonne placed her tongue on my dick's head.

"Go down there and suck that cock with your cousin." I told Bianca, pushing my finger deep into her pussy.


"Come on. Don't let her do it by herself."

"But I don't know how. What if I mess up?"

"Ivonne will teach you, see. See what she's doing. How she licks it. That's all you need to do."

"But now she's putting it in her mouth."

"Yeah, you do that too."

"She's moving her head."

"She sucks it, closing her lips on it, then moves her head."

"Do you really want me to?"


Bianca leaned over and we kissed again. Her tongue darting into my mouth like the pecks of a small bird.

"I'm glad we're doing this. I've secretly liked you." She told me as we finished kissing.

"Me too."

"Your the first guy I've ever kissed. The first one who's ever touched me...there."

"I'm glad you let me. Now let me be the first dick you've ever sucked."




"Do it like your trying to win something."

"What?" She giggled, then moaned as I pushed in her again."

"Show me how much you've secretly liked me."


Then she too crawled down and joined Ivonne. Ivonne looked up, startled to see her cousin there, then looked at me questioningly. I nodded. The she back up and held out my dick as if it were a toy she'd been forced to share or an ice cream she was showing to her cousin for a lick.

Bianca slowly put her head forward, her straight hair falling everywhere as she did. Such a contrast to the curly hair of Ivonne, the skin color and the touch. Then she licked it. A tap at first, then slowly, she grew more bold. Her tongue sopping up her own cousin spit as she licked me over and over up and down, then her lips touched down on my shaft and she kissed me over and over.

I pushed Ivonne's head forward and the two began licking my dick. Their tongues a whirlwind of pleasure warmth over my throbbing dick. Soon their tongues began to touch one another's and they kissed again, but they always went back to my dick. Ivonne's hard aggressive licks and sucks and Bianca's hesitant scary pecks and licks. Soon she grew bold enough to place my dick in her mouth, and Ivonne pushed her head down, to my surprise. Holding it down, despite a loud choke from Bianca, Bianca struggled with it. Ivonne held her down though, as if she were trying to drown her with my dick. I could feel Bianca's tongue wag over me, her lips loose their grip as my penis forced its way down her throat. The Ivonne let her go and she sprang up, her eyes watering, and Ivonne took over. Bobbing gracefully for me, sucking and bobbing while Bianca got fingered by me.

Meanwhile, near my head, I had both girls facing away from me. Both skirts I could look up, and I fingered both of them at once. I pulled away from Bianca's tight virgin pussy and found her tight anus. I rimmed around it with a fingertip then entered slowly and she moaned. When she moaned I saw Ivonne turn to look at me, trying to see what I was doing. So I decided to be fair and found Ivonne's ass hole between the pillowy cheeks and gave her a poke.

I felt them leave my dick alone and saw them kissing again, Ivonne's hands all over Bianca's breasts. I was near coming, so pulled their head back to me and had them lick me down again. The two cousins, mouth to mouth to dick. It was a wet mess down there and finally I squirted my load out. Into the air and onto their tongues and lips and deep in their mouths.

The car slammed to a stop and the girls jumped back up towards me and I heard the aunt turn to look over at us. I pretended I was asleep. I peeked up and saw the aunt turn away. The car started up again, probably traffic, and I cuddled both girls in my arms, my hands on each butt cheek of theirs, while they lay their heads on my chest, kissing each other. Tongues out, rubbing, lips pressing against each other. I gave Ivonne a squeeze and felt the flesh just compress under me, melting with my touch. Such ass, such cheeks she had. Then I gave Bianca a squeeze on her ass and felt the firm tightness of it. It bulged out, but was toned and flexed.

Then I must have fallen asleep. When I awoke we were nearing home and both girls had their head on my chest sleeping, my hands were placed perfectly in between the butt cheeks of each woman. Ivonne's floppy butt folded over my right hand and Bianca's crushing my left.


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