tagInterracial LoveA Long Stormy Night Ch. 03

A Long Stormy Night Ch. 03


If you're just joining the story, please read (A Long Stormy Night Ch 1 & 2 Part 1).


Jenny looked down at the police officer lying on her sofa and cursed her decision to forgo her visit to her sister's home, after her husband accompanied her son to a Boy Scout camping trip. If she had simply stuck to her original plan, she would likely avoided the deadly storm that stole away the electricity, and armed men looking for money, led there by her cheating husband after losing at the blackjack table to them. Ruthlessly these men planed to rape, murder her and then burn their house down, however their plans were thwarted by a powerfully built lawman, who saved her and held the men at bay. Now he lay on her sofa, shot and bleeding to death if not, already dead.

Collapsing at the foot of the sofa, she began crying hysterically. She cried louder and louder until she started screaming loudly. She screamed until she could feel her sanity slipping away and then something occurred to her. The voice of Lance echoed through her mind over and over again, his strength, his will, his determination, "I'll be damned if I'm gonna let a couple of redneck assholes kill me, not without me killing them first." If she believed she was about to die, then why go out like a wimp? Why not go down fighting, and maybe even take a few down with you. Slowly she felt strength, an inner resolve. She looked at the large man lying there and she decided that if he were still alive, then she would help him fight to stay that way and then together, they'd fight and beat these bastards.

Climbing back to her feet, she pulled of his shirt, pausing to view his wounded shoulder. She mounted him, opened his mouth and attempted to resuscitate him. She forced her breath inside him, lifted up, beat his chest and then repeated the action, and on the third time, she prepared to strike his chest when his hands reach up catching her hands before reaching his chest.

"I think you've made your point."

"Oh shit...Lance, thank god,' she sighs, collapsing on his broad chest. "Thank god you're alive," she repeats, planting a tender kiss on his chest.

"Uh...did I miss something?"

"Yeah," she nods in agreement, but we don't have a lot of time, let me take a look at that wound.

"Ouch, take it easy!"

After inspecting the wound, she proclaims; "You're lucky, it doesn't look like your bones were hit, that means, all we have to do is treat that wound and stop the bleeding, wait here."

"Nah, I think I'll go on a nice long stroll through the neighborhood, he chuckled.

Over the next hour, the abandoned housewife treated the wounded officer, gave him two pain killing tablets, stopped the bleeding, even cooked a meal for him and took a cold shower. It wasn't easy maneuvering about with only a small lantern. She struggles to remove all but his boxers, to wash his muddy uniform. Finally she returns to the living room, wearing one of her husband's dress shirts, believing he'd never wear them again, cradling a cup of coffee she finds her new houseguest finishing up his meal.

"So how'd you like it?"

"It was delicious; your husband's a lucky man."

"What makes you think I'm married?"

"Uh...all the pictures of you and him together were a stone give away and maybe that fat rock on your finger."

"Well that was my previous life."

"What does that mean?"

"It's...it's not important now," she takes a sip of the steamy beverage. "Has any one ever told you, you have an enormous chest," She shakes her head, staring in admiration."

"No, but I hope that's a complement."

"It is"

"I take it those assholes are out there looking for us," asked knowingly.


"Then you know it's only a matter of time before they work their way back here," he countered.

"I heard sirens in the distance as we came back, I'm hoping that will deter them a while before they come looking for us."

"Maybe but just the same, I think it's important that if and when those guys come back, that I at the very least know as much as you do about this whole situation. I mean, who the hell are they, and what do they want with you," Lance asked.

"I don't wanna talk about it."

"Well I do, especially since my life is on the line."

"Damn, I...I guess you've made your point."

She takes a seat next to the bald head man, with bright hazel eyes and sporting a well groomed Vandyke. Although the house remained dark, by now their eyes had adjusted to the loss of light. The warmth of his skin touches her leg makes her feel closer to him.

"My so-called husband supposedly took a little trip last week to Reno, Nevada, that turn out to be Las Vegas, at a gambling casino, where he and his little mistress, made some high stakes betting at a blackjack table and lost to those clowns. At any rate, he didn't have the money to pay his debit, so what does he do," she twists her lips, "This asshole, tells them there's twenty grand here in the house. Now I know we had ten grand stashed away and they knew exactly where to find the money. The problem, they came for twenty not ten, so raping, killing me and burning down my house, became they're goal to get him back and they would have pulled it off, if not for you. She gently places her hand on his leg affectionately. "My god you have the thickest, hardest thighs I've ever felt.

Lance glances down at his thighs and smiles. "I try to stay in shape but I've never seen a muscle stop a bullet."

"Believe me it is, it's no wonder you held those guys off, not to mention taking that shot and only having a flesh wound in your shoulder. With muscles like that, they might not be able to stop a bullet, but it sure stopped it from major damage."

"Looks like you clean yourself pretty good, you look a lot better than when I last saw you. Hey, let me ask you a question, how did we get here?"

"You mean you don't remember?"

"Nah, last thing I recall...I took you to a river," the loud roar of thunder stopped him in mid sentence, "damn this has got to be the longest storm."

"You honestly don't remember?"


"Well, I woke up in your arms, in the water, and we both fought like hell to get here."

"So then I have you to thank for making it so far."

"No, let's say we've both just been hanging on."

"So we did it together."

"That's right, we did it together," she repeated staring into his eyes.

"I need to know, uh...did you take off my pants?"

"Yes, your clothes are in the wash, don't worry, from where I sit, you've got absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Did you know that when you move, I can see every muscle in your body flex?"

"Except for that small lantern it's dark as hell in here, how can you see that well," he challenged. "Don't look at me, you're to blame for this."

"I hope you weren't taking advantage of me while I was unconscious."

A blanket of silence fell between them, as their eyes said things that their mouths were not ready to say. Their hearts were speaking in a language that spoke beyond simple words.

"I want to say, thank you for showing up when you did, you saved my life."

"Thank you for saving my life Jen."

He reached out his hand and took hers. Pulling her close they embraced each other. His full lips engulf her own as her body snuggles close to his, taking care not to any more pain. His strong muscular arms wrap her tight as their kiss grows with intensity and passion.

Suddenly he pushes her away.

"What's wrong"

"What's wrong is this whole thing here. In case you've forgotten, there are three armed men out there trying to kill us. They may have backed off for whatever reason now, but seeing what they've been through so far, I see no reason why they would give up now."

"You think they're still searching for us."

"Hell yeah"

Refusing to let go, she wraps her arms around him, gently kissing his chest. "Do you have a plan?"

"No...no please, we can't afford to let down our guard, we can't..." he sighs deeply as a wave of pleasure sweeps over him.

Sensing his vulnerability, she extends her hand down on top of his boxers and takes hold of his expanding love spear.

"Damn Jen, you don't take no for an answer do you?"

"I'll answer with this," she runs her tongue down his deep chest cavity, along his tight hard six-pack abs and flicks it on his raging hard cock.

He attempts to push her away, but the pleasure is just too strong.

Her hot moist mouth encircles his sex cannon, bobbing up and down, causing him to groan loudly. He could feel the pain killers having an effect on him as well.

Like a smooth velvet glove, soaked in warm baby oil, very slick and a size too small, Jennifer's mouth massages the long thick, black flesh covered pipe, making it hard as steel.

Pausing for a moment to admire the majestic ebony tower she held in her hands, the gorgeous blond, licked up from the heavy base, anchored with testicles the size of small tennis balls, all the way up to the mushroom like head, which protruded from paper thin foreskin, stopping to kiss and tickle the many veins with her tongue. Once reaching the crown, she opened her mouth wide and took nearly ten inches down her throat, sucking and drinking the precum saliva mixture, which sent tingling sensations throughout her taste buds.

"Oh lady, do you know what you're doing to me," he growled, "Dam baby you got my toes curling," Lance moaned deep but softly.

Jenny cradled the oversized cock with both her hands, jerking tightly as she plunged down deeper and deeper. "I can feel it pulsating in my mouth, fantastic," she thought.

"Oh baby is this a dream or what, you got me crazy hard."

The voluptuous big tit blond slid the throbbing fuck shaft between her breasts and still had plenty of room to suck and gag from his incredible size.

Gobs of precum and saliva escaped from her mouth, and dripped from the big black cock, eventually soaking her tits with liquid excretions.

"Yeah woman, yeah that's it Jenny, milk my nuts baby, drain my cock, make me cum."

"No, no, no, Mister Lawman, I'll be damn if you're getting off that easy. Yes I'm gonna drain that big black fuck pole of yours, but not in my mouth. If we survive this, you can put me on a high protein diet of cum if you like, but right now, with those assholes out there, threatening to make it this our last night on earth, I want that big black dick inside my pussy. Push it as deep as it can go, fuck the shit out of me..." she cooed anxiously, and "then shoot every...single...drop of cum...inside me," she stutters.

Jenny spied her proud black lover and quickly surmised that although he was willing, due to exhaustion, his wound and recent loss of blood might, he might not able to put the full work load in. "No mister lawman,' she gently places her hand on his rippling abdomen, "You've done more than enough, let me have the honors, you sit back and rest.'

The sizzling hot housewife, mounts the dark chocolate cop, positioning the entrance to her dripping wet love canal upon his long thick ebony cannon and slowly descends but not without a painful price.

"Oh dear god...ooh Lance...it's so big," she nervously giggles. "I hope this thing can fit inside me," she cries rising up to gather herself.

Not far down the road, three heavily armed men, emerge from the shadows of a house, with seemingly buckets of rain pouring down on them, they ignore the wind, the thunder, the lightening, and any other brutal conditions, as they march to their pickup truck, with blank expressions on their faces, reflecting their blood thirsty mission and their maniacal intent.

"Ooh Lan...Lance, it's stretching my pussy out, I've never felt anything this deep inside me before."

"That's what I'm talking bout Jenny, ride that dick, go on, impale yourself on my big black cock."

"AARGH, I can't take any more!"

"You can and you will, impale yourself," the long dick officer of the law ordered.

"I can't"

"Slide all the way down on it."

"It's too big,"

"Impale yourself"

"I'm afraid"

"Do it, I know you can."

"But I..."

"Do it now"

AAAH...UHH...OH MY GOD...Oooo!'

Jenny fights her sense of fear and panic and slides all the way down on the tree size cock, until it pushes in to regions she's never felt.


"You did it chick, your hot pussy swallowed all of my big black dick."

Reaching up he palms her tits with his large hands, pinching and squeezing her firm nipples, making her squirm like a worm on a hot plate.

"I think we passed it Pops, I don't think it's this far away," Jake mentions to his father.

"My sense of direction is as sharp as a brand spanking new nail, we're on the right path."

"Yeah, speaking of nails, I'm gonna hammer that bitch, when I get my hands on her," Virgil shouts enthusiastically.

"Keep your head on boy, both of them, remember, we don't have long before those cops come back looking for their friend."

"Hey Pop, you reckon we might have to take on those cops if they come back too soon?"

"I sure hate to do that Jake, but the way I see it, that wench and that cop have to go and any one that gets in our way is going down too.'

Tears fell freely from her baby blue eyes, sweat ran slowly down her face and all over her darkly tanned body giving her a beautiful bronze glow, her mouth seemed frozen in a gapping position and she shook violently as her stretched vagina walls fluttered and vibrated drenching the chocolate love pole with a copious load of her hot cum.

"Oh Lance, you made me cum so much, your cock is so damn big."

"Ah the better to fuck you my dear, now come here," he pulls her down on his chest and they share a long deep passionate kiss. The man brute cop, palms her tight round ass cheeks, and inserts his long thick middle finger inside her anal sphincter.

"OH GOD NO,...NO PLEASE, DON'T DO THIS TO ME...UHH," She cries attempting to lift herself up, but with the throbbing hard long cock imbedded so deep in her, she found it impossible to reposition herself.

"Hey Pop, I see it, you were right, that's the house right there, sure hope they're inside," Jake exclaimed.

"I told you boy, I got what'cha might call a photographic memory. I'm gonna cut the engines off, so we can coast the rest of the way down."

"Hey Pop, I was thinking, we already got the money, and our real gripe is with her husband, so why don't we just move on and look for him, then we won't have to deal with the cops."

"No way, those two know too much about us. Leave a mess here today and we'll pay for it tomorrow, now shut your trap both of you. Let's not spoil the surprise we have in store for 'em."

"Oh no, ooh shit...take it out, take it out, you're making me cum again," Jenny screams in lustful rapture, but the muscle bound black warrior, shoves his long thick finger deeper and slides another inside her ass for good measure, pushing his victim of love over the edge.


"Yeah bitch, lose your mind on this dick," Lance barks, feeling his strength and virility returning. "I'm gonna fuck you to death woman," he snarls.


Jenny feels a dizziness take over her as the massive cock invasion takes an incredible upswing, when Lance takes hold of her hips and begins forcing her down as he violently trusts up.

Throwing her head back, allowing her long blond hair to dangle behind her, she looses herself in total rapture, and yet her dark knight continues to trust up, slamming her hot stretched pussy without mercy.

Deliriously she leans forward, takes his hand and begins sucking his thumb like a frantic baby on a pacifier. The walls of her pussy expand and contract furiously around the huge black cock. The throbbing pulsation now pushes him over the edge.

"Yeah baby yeah...aww baby do that shit...do that shit!"

Lance removes his finger and palms both her ass cheeks and bucks up and down at a frightening pace.


Lance slams her down one last time, pulls her down to his hard chest. Once there he bites, lick and sucks her breast, then moves up and repeats the action on her neck and freezes in place."

For nearly a full minute, they both lie their. The big dick lawman's body hard as a statue, every muscle tensed and locked in position, both almost painfully awaiting the pending explosion.

"Oh daddy I'm sacred, I can't...stop...cuming ooooh!"


Locking her down tightly against his rock hard body, his cock explodes, sending long hot stringy blast of cum inside her yearning womb.

Jenny could feel the veins of the granite like object as it spits, twitches and vomits a heavy thick load of cum. She snatches a pillow and bites down ripping it open, and digs her fingernails into his arms so tightly that she draws blood. They are impervious to pain by now, numbed by the raw lust and sexual bliss engulfing them both.

There are some moments in life when mere words are just not accurate enough to describe the raw depth and feeling of an experience. Lance and Jenny, were both sharing that moment as they lay there in total silence, allowing the lighting, thunder and rain of the raging storm to tell their story. Fortunately their silence came at the perfect time, for it was at that very moment that they heard the sound of a door closing nearby.

Summoning his strength, Lance manages to lift Jenny off his semi-hard cock, make his way over to window.

One look at her new lover's face as he turned back to her told Jenny all she needed to know.

He knew he didn't have to say it, it was totally unnecessary, but he said it anyway. "They're back."

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