tagInterracial LoveA Long Stormy Night Ch. 04

A Long Stormy Night Ch. 04



He knew he didn't have to say it, it was totally unnecessary, but he said it anyway. "They're back."

Jenny moved quickly sliding into her silk robe, tying the belt around her waist she gingerly approached the window, stopping the second; the dark brown, bald head man threw a hand up making a stop sign.

"What are we going to do?"

"You're asking me as if I have a plan. I'm making this shit up as I go along. You can help me out by throwing something else on."

"But they're right outside."

"I'll buy us some time, you just do what I told you, and while you're at it, you think you can bring me back my uniform?"

"Sure, I can do that"

"Good, then do that," oh yeah, where the hell is my gun?"

"It' right on the table there," she points in that direction.

"Alright shorty, let's do this."

Lance makes his way over to the table and smiles seeing the shotgun on the table. Although he preferred his 44 mag in these situations, his custom made mini shotgun served him well in any situation. A tad under sixteen inches, the powerful weapon, which he could easily control and fire quickly with one hand could be just as a effective and far more damaging. Unfortunately there were only two rounds left. "This ain't gonna be easy," he mumbles.

Crouching by an open window overlooking the driveway he shouts; "Hey fellas, can I talk to you for a second?"

"Sure no problem," a voice answers, "Let me tell you how I feel right now," He answers with a volley of bullets rippling through the side of the house, shattering the window. "Oh yeah, let me add this," a shotgun blast blows a hole in the wall of the living room. "I trust you get my point," Clem barked.

Staying calm and focused Lance remarks; "I see your point, but I really think if you'd listen, you'd see we can all come out on this with a profit."

"Boy there tain't a damn thing you can offer me, that will change my mind from blowing yer goddamn head off, so you may as well come on out and git this over wit, both of you," Clem shouts back," his level of anger displayed in his Southwestern accent.

"How about the ten additional grand you wanted."

Several seconds go by without a response, telling the wounded officer that perhaps his opponents are weighing their options. "You found the money?"

"No we have the money, the question is, how much do you want it?"

Once again, only the sound of rain filled the air. "What's your offer boy?"

"Well for one, I'm a goddamn man, so stop calling me boy and two, you get the money and you leave us both alone."

"You both know too much, and the fact that you're a cop doesn't help your case."

"I'm a cop but a man first and this man wants to live, you got the numbers, but we've got the money, take it and leave and we'll call it even."

"You know there's a lot worst things that I call you besides boy, but what's to stop us from just busting in there and taking the money."

"Think about it redneck, you come in here and we'll burn it and maybe you'll stop us. You may take us down as well, but I promise you, one maybe two of you are going before me. I trust you've seen my work."

"How do we know you're on the level about this and won't try some black super cop bullshit?"

"I'll tell you what old man. I'll send the young lady out with the money in a bag, keep in mind I've got one of you in my sights. You count the money. If it's all there, then you get back in that fucked up truck and be on your way, if not, then all bets are off. You can start by shooting her and then come for me."

"Hmm, I don't know cop. It all sounds too freakin easy to me. Something tells me this is all some setup."

"I heard you like to play blackjack, which means you're a betting man. Think about it, you're holding all the important cards. Sure we have a couple, but if you think we're just gonna play pussy with you, then you're wrong. It's been a long stormy night, and personally, I could do without all this shit, so what do you say, you want the money or what?"

Clem glance at both his sons to measure their feelings on the subject.

"I say take the money and go," Jake suggested.

"I say we go in there, get the money air condition that spear chucker, snatch the girl and be on our way."

"Your decision wouldn't have anything to with you fancying that wench would it Virgil," Clem challenged.

"No, but I'm just not happy with Mandingo stabbing his plunger in a white women, spoiling her nature to white men."

"I hear ya Virg, but we came here for the money, that there is our highest priority, but if we can, maybe we catch that coon in a little trap."

"Okay boy...I mean cop, send the lady out with the money and we'll take it from there."

"Your clothes are dry, I left them in the bathro...what the hell is he talking about, send the lady out with what money," Jenny asked anxiously, entering the room.

"Chill baby, I've just made a deal with our friends out there, you'll bring out the ten grand they couldn't find in exchange for our lives."

"What...what, Lance have you lost your mind? The last time I checked, we didn't find the ten grand and what makes you think, if we did have it, and we gave it to them that they'd just walk away and leave us alone."

"All that's true, that's why the operative word I used was chill. It'll buy us time..."

"You mean it'll buy you some time, remember I'll be the one out there with them. I hope there's a lot more to this plan than what you've told me so far."

The intense policeman carefully studies the area, locating his adversaries while thinking out his plan. "I know it seems like these guys are holding all the aces in the deck...'

"Which they are," Jenny intercedes.

"Yes but we're holding the one card that could turn this whole thing in our favor."

"What card is that?"

"The Joker"

"Okay now you're sounding Looney, what's the Joker?"


"Me, what are you talking about?"

"I've been checking these three stogies out since I first encountered them, and while dear ole dad and big bro's got money on the brain, little brother's got something else on his mind."



"Me again"

"Yeah, he's got the hots for you, add to that, he's stupid and we can use that to entice him. Now here's the plan."

Several minutes later, Jenny steps out into the pouring rain, wearing a tight pink tank top, Daisy Dukes shorts, beneath a yellow hooded rain jacket, her hair pulled back into a ponytail and carrying a large suitcase. Ignoring the rain striking her face she moved seductively up the driveway stopping a few feet away from the money hungry trio.

"I take it the money's in that there briefcase," Clem asked.

"Yes it is"

"Good,' Clem exits from a bush and makes his way over to her, when she throws up her hand in a stop sign position.

"If I were you, I'd keep my distance."

"Why would we do that,' Jake barked.

"Because he's got you in his crosshairs and if you come any closer he plans to open fire."

"I thought we had a deal," the older man growls.

"Listen, we don't have much time, this is the real deal. There's no money in the case."

'Say what," Virgil shouts.

"Shut up and listen, its all a trick. He found the money and he's not about to give it up. He sent me out here as a sacrifice, while he takes the money and runs."

"Bullshit," Clem spits, "Ain't no way a black guy's gonna let a white gal slip through his fingers."

"Money changes everything, besides he knows how I feel about your son and it pissed him off," she concludes nodding her head toward Virgil."

"How you feel about me...uh...how do you feel about me?"

"Any man who puts himself through all the shit you have to be with me, is worth my attention."


"Shut up Virg, I got a sneaky feeling this just ain't right. I think this is all a sucker play, I should put a bullet in your head and then go after your friend inside.

"That's exactly what he's hoping you'll do, once he found that money, he lost his mind and when I rejected him and begged him, not to hurt...Virgil," once again she nods at the young man, who seemed very intrigued by her favor," he decided to toss me out, keep the money and escape."

"You expect us to believe this bullspit, you're crazy bitch? Jake put one in her gut and let's get that coon inside," Clem ordered.

"Wait a minute, you're the one who's crazy. Can't you see, she doesn't want that darkie, let's bust in there, get the money, do this bastard and get out of here."

Clem shakes his head shamefully acknowledging his son's naiveté. "Boy you really must have shit for brains, Jake do what I told ya."

Jake raises his gun, but not before his younger brother steps in front of his intended target. "Ain't none of you gonna touch her, ya hear. She's with me."

I don't believe this, Virgil you asshole; she's using you, again" Jake shouts.

"I said she's with me, now let's go get that cop and the money."

"Boy you better be right with this, or we're gonna be short one family member when we get back to Nevada," Clem warned. "Okay Jake, you go round back and see if he's trying to get away, if not then try to get inside and take 'em down, I'm going right through the front blasting. Virgil you stay here in case he gets past me. It might be a good idea to at least check your new girlfriend, to see if she's got any weapons." His head recoils at the sight of the bulge protruding from his the pants of his youngest son. "For god sakes boy, try to get your goddamn hormones in order.

Lance rushes into the bathroom, locates his uniform, and curses when he attempts to put it on and rips the shirt open, "Goddamn woman, you shrunk my uniform." He tries his pants and is unable to raise them above his thighs. "Well boxers, it looks like it's just you and me."

Jake approached the house from the rear. A brilliant flash of lightening gave him clear vision of the inside of the two story colonial. Turning the knob, the back door swings open, blown by the strong winds. He enters with his gun drawn and ready to shoot anyone in sight.

Clem marches up to the front door, a squeeze of his shotgun blows it to pieces.

Stepping inside confidently he shouts; "Alright boy, come on out and make this easy on yourself.

Virgil escorts Jenny inside the pickup truck. Staring dreamy eyed and lustfully across from her he asks; "Did you really mean all that stuff you said about me, you know like really wanting me over that darkie?"

"Here's your answer baby," she cradles his face and plants a warm kiss on his lips. Upon hearing him grown softly, she pushes her tongue into his mouth. He responds by pulling her close and hugging her tightly.

Room by room Jake searches for his target, with visibility next to nothing, he uses his ears as a guide, concentrating on any and all sounds, with the exception of the thunder. Suddenly the sounds of gunfire fill his ears, and he turns quickly, loses his cool and begins firing blindly around him. As he reloads his weapon, he is able to trace the sound of gun play to the next room over. Advancing to the doorway of the room he stands just outside, spins and opens fire. He squeezes the trigger twice before realizing that it's just the boy's video game. He spits on the carpet as he walks over casually, expecting to cut the TV off, however his foot is caught by a lift in the carpet. He falls on his face and as he turns over, he feels Lance's 14 inch boot, kicking him in the face.

"Goddamnit, you son-of-a-bitch, you...you broke my fucking nose, you dirty scumbag, you black piece of shit, I'll get you for this!"

"I'm getting you now white boy," Lance snarls, grabbing, lifting his opponent to his feet before delivering a vicious straight right hand punch that does further damage to the man's cracked nose.

Jake slams against the wall. Stunned he shakes his head to relieve the cobwebs, when the hardcore cop, grabs his collar, spins, and slams him into the opposite wall. He bounces helpless off and right into a full extended kick that sends him back into the wall with such force that it cracks, before Jake falls unconscious to the ground.

The lightening brightens the room, and illuminates the granite hard body of the powerhouse lawman, sporting only his boxer drawers and no lace combat boots. He approaches the staircase, preparing to descend, when the shotgun blast splatters against the wall. Several pieces of shrapnel cut his face, as he dives over the railing.

"I got your black ass now boy," Clem shouts angrily.

By the time Jenny's lips back away from Virgil's, he's glassy eyed, his breath is swallow, sweat beads up on his forehead and his cock threatens to bust through the fabric of his pants.

"Gosh...wow, I've never been kissed like that before.'


"No, not at all ma'am"

"Ma'am, don't be so formal...eh uh..."


"Oh yes, Virgil, call me Jen—Jen."

"Jen—Jen, ha, ha, I'd like that ma'am, uh—I mean Jen—Jen."

"Good boy, now since we're going to be spending a lot of time together from now on, I want you to just relax and let me try to find other things, you've never done before like..." she extends her hand and lightly rubs his swollen sex tool."

"Wow you got me harder than Arithmetic and a China man."


"Well you know, arithmetic is hard and I forgot where the China man fits in."

"Shut up and kiss me again," she ordered squeezing his manhood tightly.

With seconds to spare, Lance rushes inside the kitchen, snatches a bottle of dish washing liquid, kicks open the cellar door, runs down the stairs, pouring the soapy substance behind him.

"Keep running boy, that's all you got left," Clem barks as he enters the kitchen and sees the door to the cellar open. "Yeah I got you black ass now."

As he starts his descent a bolt of lightening rocks the entire house. He steps awkwardly, slips on the dish washing liquid, and tumbles down the steps.

"Goddamnit, my back ooh shit my back. You're gonna pay for this...boy!'

Realizing his opponent's vulnerability, yet respecting the threat he represents, Lance tosses a container of gasoline in his direction. The panicky old man fires, hitting the plastic container, which explodes casting liquid flames down on him, "AAAH SHIT...AHH SHIT JAKE...VIRGIL," He screams at the top of his lungs. He fires one last shot blindly which nearly hits the fleet footed cop, but rips a massive hole in the wall, before running into a tool rack, which collapses on top of him, trapping and pinning him to the ground.

Lance runs up the stairs, pauses shortly to watch his adversary succumb to his burning doom. Stepping back into the living room area, the smell of smoke and a red glow upstairs tells him the house is now on fire, probably struck by lighting. Distracted by the scene, he never sees the baseball bat, swing forward striking his wounded shoulder and knocking him to the ground.

"How does that feel Sweet Daddy," Jenny asked seductively as she firmly pulls on Virgil's love handle.

"It feels so good."

The young man can't help but see the lightening bolt strike the house, igniting a fire on the upper level. "Uh...eh...ma'am, I mean Jen—Jen, I hate to tell you, but your house...it's on fire."

"So am I, and it's about to get hotter for you daddy. She pulls out his cock and jerks it firmly stops and feels it throbbing in her hand, she lifts it high exposing his balls and slams her fist into them as hard as she could."

"Ouch...shit gal, what's the matter wit..." an exaggerated reaction sends his head crashing into the windshield. Holding his head and unable to decide whether his skull or nuts are aching from the most pain, the cunning housewife, jumps out, circles the vehicle, pulls out the forty-four magnum and aims it at Virgil's head. "Okay Sweet Daddy, get the fuck out the truck."

Underestimating her distance from the vehicle, Virgil recovers enough to force the door open, knocking the weapon from her hand, she attempts to retrieve it, when the young boy dives on her back forcing her to the ground.

Jake swings the bat with menacing intention, however Lance uses a pillow cushion as a buffer, absorbing the blows.

The smell of smoke filtering down the steps, along with the fire, started in the cellar, has now reached the kitchen, filling it with smoke and only adds to the already dark harsh conditions.

With his arms growing weary, his lungs and eyes filling with smoke, Jake swings the bat wild and mistimed a swing allowing his enemy to get within the striking range of a bat swing. Lance sends a crushing blow to Jake's stomach, knocking the wind from him, causing him to bend over, giving the nearly naked cop the opportunity to land a solid upper cut to his chin.

Jake falls to the ground, scrambles to his feet, but the officer swings his leg forward kicking his buttocks, sending him into a wall unit filled with glass trinkets. Thinking quickly the country drug dealer, snatches a broken glass figure, spins around, swings and cuts Lance's face.

Virgil and Jenny wrestle along the muddy ground trying to gain the advantage over each other. The much stronger man, pins her down and tries choking the life from her, but in a last ditch effort, she manages to grab a hand full of mud and slaps his face and eyes, which temporarily blinds him. He loosens his grip just enough for the trapped woman to poke two fingers into his eyes. Virgil backs away trying to wipe the mud from his eyes, Jenny scrambles to get back on his feet.

"So I guess all that talk of me being Sweet Daddy was all just some bullshit, huh," Virgil cried.

"The fact that you're even asking me that shit, tells me what a complete asshole you must be."

"I'll show you bitch!"

Blinded by rage and anger, the disgruntled youth charges Jenny. He looses his footing, slips in the mud, while Jenny easily steps out of the way. The sound of his head crashing into the truck door rivaled the nearly constant rumble of lightening.

Jenny watches Virgil carefully for any signs of movement. Glancing at her house, she begins to wonder about Lance and prays he's still alive.

Suddenly she seems to get an idea as she stares at her home and back at the truck.

Lance and Jake go at it with everything they have. While the hard rock cop seems to be wining the battle, Jake is clearly strong and refuses to stay down. Lance smashes his adversary's head in to a fish bowl and continues to pound him with his hammer like fists, yet Jake swings wildly catching his opponent with a vicious elbow to the head knocking him back.

Jake runs across the room, picks up a thick lamp base and swings it at Lance, who blocks it with his arm. Jake swings the lamp again and again, but the lawman leans back and leaps forward delivering a solid shot to his nose, which has become a swollen mass of blood on the tall man's face.

Holding on to each other for dear life, they spin crash into a door and fall inside the kitchen. Smoke and the heat of the fire surround them, but in the heat of the battle, neither man allows it to become a distraction during this struggle and fight for survival.

A large pillar falls from the ceiling on Lance's back. He screams in pain, leaving him vulnerable to a left, right left volley from his opponent. Exhausted the brown skin officer remains on the floor as the flames come within inches of his body.

Jake bolts from the kitchen, content to let the fire finish off his fallen adversary when he's blinded by a powerful light, which he believes is lightening, however, instead of a short flash, this light continues to grow in power and intensity, stunning and immobilizing him from moving until the entire wall before him is obliterated and a massive truck barrels in, mowing him down beneath and dragging him beneath the wheels.

"Lance...Lance...where are you," Jenny screams as she jumps out the truck.

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