tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Man and His Telescope Ch. 02

A Man and His Telescope Ch. 02


My name is Jim. The telescope is mine. I got it for a birthday present from my dad a couple of years ago. If he only knew what I was doing with it today.

I picked it up off the floor and set it up by the window. Feeling a little deflated, knowing by now the entertainment must be over. I made my self a drink and sat and thought about Shannon. Why I could not get her off of my mind, I do not know. There was something about her. She appeared so sad. Maybe at work I will try to talk to her about what I saw happen at her place through the window. If she doesn't report me for being a peeping tom, I might get my foot in the door.

I went back to the window and tried to aim the scope at Shannon's window. What I saw almost floored me.

She had been moved off the bed. That frightened me. I moved the scope around and I spotted her. The guy with her had gagged her and she was fixated to this wheel in the middle of the living room.

It was about 6 feet tall, with what I thought were spokes around it. He was turning her over and over. He stopped and slapped her face. He unhooked her arms and made her turn around. He cuffed her back to the spokes but now she had her back toward him. He slapped her ass, and spread her legs and then shackled her ankles to the spokes on the bottom of the wheel. He had a flashlight in his hand and shoved it up her cunt. He left it inside of her. I then noticed a whip in his hand and before I could blink, he brought the strap of it across her ass. she flinched. A red welt formed with a white streak across it.

The man unzipped his pants and his cock sprung loose. He took the tip of it and rubbed it on the outside of her ass. She wiggled. Not sure if it was from the way her legs were spread out or the feeling of his cock. I was wishing it were me standing there instead of him. I noticed the man pouring a gel like substance on himself as he stepped out of his pants. He turned toward Shannon. I did not know if I wanted to see this. I wanted to go to her and rescue her from this animal, but without getting myself into a situation I might not be able to get out of, I did not. I watched. I saw the man get on his knees and noticed he had placed his fingers inside of her hole. She had the flashlight stuck in her cunt and now fingers in her ass. She seemed really still. He pulled her cheeks apart and started to lick her and slap her while he was licking. I saw Shannon bobbing and moving her hips. It was like she was trying to cum. Surely not. There is no way that the Shannon I think I know would like this. The man stood up and placed his cock at her entrance.

"DAMN." Someone was knocking on the door. I swiveled the scope away from the direction of Shannon's window.

I went to the door after rearranging myself. It was my landlord. "Shit"

I answered the door after rearranging myself. He spotted my scope at the window. He really did not say too much about it . He looked at me suspiciously but only asked if I could keep an eye on the apartment above me for the next week . He was having a couple of his nieces visiting and they were taking the apartment, but he had been called out of town and had to leave before they got there. Could I let them in and etc etc. I said sure I could. They should be arriving within the hour, but he really had to leave town right then.

After he gave me the key he left. Eyeing the telescope on his way out the door.

I aimed the telescope up a story.... the woman was undressing for bed. She was lovely from his view. Red hair, long and wavy. The end of the curls surrounding the woman's nipples. She had on a mini skirt with high heel boots, her top was off. I think I will call her Red.

Someone knocked on her door. She threw on a t shirt and went to the door. Using the peep hole, she backed away from the door and opened it. I saw it was an older man. Not sure what to do I dimmed my living room lights and looked back in the scope.I saw the old man fondling her under her t shirt. I could see this man tugging at her shirt, she tried to swat at him, but he grabbed her wrist. He held her with one hand, and the other hand felt his way up under her skirt. He let her go and took out a knife. She looked petrified. I saw that the man put the knife down on the table. The old man grabbed her hair and shoved her to the floor. He pulled out some duct tape from his pocket and wrapped it around her wrists. He then got the knife back out and started from the bottom hem of her shirt and cut it away from her skin. I could see her tits now, her hair being pulled back. The nipples were dark pink, pointy , as if they were waiting to be sucked or pinched. Red tried to fight the old man , so he took out his tape again and taped her to the floor. He rolled her in it one time, and then stuck the tape down on the hardwood floor. She looked so helpless on the floor with her hair sprawled out and up from behind her. Her nipples were still at attention. The old man stood up and looked down on her. He slowly took off his belt while never breaking eye contact with the redhead. Her skirt had risen to right below her pussy and he was liking what he saw. He sat back down by her and took his fingers and traced up and down her legs lightly . Almost touching her there, but yet not. She started to breathe faster. Then he stopped. A knock at the door. He left her there and answered the door. A woman , the age of about 50 stood there with a fur coat on. He motioned her in. She saw Red on the floor and smiled. She took off her coat and threw it on the couch.

The older woman was totally naked except for an ankle bracelet. She told the man to bind the girls feet. He took one of Red's feet, and spread it as far as he could. He had gotten more duct tape from somewhere. He wrapped her ankle in it and plugged it to the floor. He did the same with the other. By this time, the older woman had opened her purse and dumped the contents on the floor. She picked up an instrument , what looked like to be something from a doctor's pelvic exam . Red opened her mouth to scream and the old man stuck some cloth in it. With clear view of Red's pussy now almost in my face I could see every drip of honey. Red must be liking this. The woman put the instrument into Red's cunt. She seemed to stretch Red's pussy with this machine. The old man then unzipped his pants. Now I see why she had to stretch Red this way. The man was so thick. He got on the floor and started to put his cock into Red. He rubbed it up along her clit first , getting her juices on his head before entering her. As he was getting ready to enter her, the older woman got down on the floor and started to play with Red's tits. Touching them then pinching them then licking and sucking on them until they stood up begging for more. The older woman then sat on Reds tits wetting them with her juices. Meanwhile the man finally entered Red's cunt and started to move in and out. The look on Red's face was so hot. She started to move with the man and the older woman had to brace her self so she wasn't bucked off.

It seemed that the man quit with Red and jumped off her. He motioned to the woman . The older woman untaped Red's mouth and sat on her face. Her cunt was dripping juices so fast Red almost choked. The older woman bent a little at the waist and the old man came up from behind her . Red continued to drink nectar, and the old man stuck his cock into the older woman's ass. Red was screaming for release. The old man came into the older woman. The older woman got off of Red's face and lay by Red. She pulled the equipment out of Red and stuck in two of her fingers . She then softly rubbed Red's clit up and down and up and down. The older woman kissed Red on the lips and licked around her savoring the taste of herself as she pumped her fingers in and out of Red's pussy. By this time the man had gotten hard again . He pulled all the tape off of Red and stood her up over the couch . He forced his cock into Red's ass. The older woman moved Red away from the couch as the old man kept moving in and out of her ass. The older woman had a strap on cock attached now and entered Reds pussy. Red was begging to be fucked.

She was on the brink of orgasm. Nothing ever felt this good. The old man slapped Red on the ass a couple of times while he was ass fucking her as hard as he could. He would slam his cock into her, pull almost out and slam it again. Over and over. The older woman was doing the same with the fake cock all the while , pulling on Red's tits. Meanwhile, two more people walked into Red's apartment. They also started to take off their clothes.

The knock on the door startled me and I had to cover up the scope and answer the door. It was the landlord's two nieces. I needed to show them to the apartment above me.

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