A Master's Ring: Book 03


Malia gasped at the bruising on Heather's body. I gestured for Heather to turn over. She removed the robe and got on her stomach. I outlined a bite mark on her left ass cheek with a finger.

"Turn around," I told her.

Heather got on her back and looked up at me. She moved to her knees and continued staring into my eyes.

Sibling Rank makes sense only to Siblings, but a Brother needs to understand how to affect it to reward a Sibling publicly. It does not take much: a finger tracing a cheekbone and lips, a gentle kiss, and looking at every other Sibling in the room.

Heather's eyes shone sun-bright when I turned back to her.

"Give her a bath," I told the rest of the room. "A long, hot one."

"She just took a shower!" Malia protested.

I turned towards her.

"I did not make a request," I said quietly. "I gave instruction."

"Malia!" Doris Alex interrupted when Malia opened her mouth to protest again.

Doris Alex looked at me nervously as my knuckles rapped the back of the couch while I stared at Malia.

"I'm all for a bath," Heather said getting off the couch and grabbing her robe.

She was at the door before she noticed no one was following.

"Come! Come!" she said clapping her hands. "David said I get a bath; a long, hot bath. An orgasm or two isn't out of the question, right, Brother?"

I smiled at her.

"I couldn't imagine bathing a woman without a couple of relaxing orgasms to ensure the heat sinks in," I said sitting down on the couch.

Heather reveled in lording it over other Siblings so it was almost two hours before everyone trooped back into the living room. They took seats around me waiting expectantly. Rachel had served as a limit to Sibling behavior; they did not hide the fact I was at the center of their lives from her, but the dynamics of the house began to change the second she left. The nervousness in some of the eyes around me said Rachel still cast a shadow, but their insecurity was completely about my reaction to Rachel leaving now.

"David needs another sacrificial virgin tonight," Heather said in a strong voice.

I turned to look at her. Rank had been practiced with a certain amount of subtlety while Rachel resided in the house, but the look of aggression in Heather's eyes after she spoke made clear that Rank could be wielded like a sledgehammer.

"So you were the sacrificial virgin last night," Michael snorted sarcastically. "More like sacrificial slut!"

"I would rest that tongue of yours, Michael," Heather said crisply turning towards him. "You're going to be using it a lot tonight. I heard about your little tryst with Sandra, and I'm tagging along. David pounded the hell out of my body and the combination of Sandra's hands and your tongue sounds divine. You'll get all of Sandra's sweet little pussy that you can handle, just remember to close the door behind you when she and I fall asleep."

There were sledgehammers, and there was Heather with a sledgehammer. Michael nodded as if he expected no less from the Ranking Sibling. I almost smiled wondering what Janet with Rank and no limits on her behavior would be like.

"Sandra looks like she has a pretty talented mouth," he told Heather. "While I'm busy downstairs, it would be a good idea to have her work on your nipples. They're looking a little mangled. Cute, but mangled!"

He dodged Heather's thrown cushion.

"Don't forget my orgasm wake-up call, and breakfast in bed!" Heather said sticking her tongue out Michael.

"I'll do it," Malia announced.

I closed my eyes and hoped she meant something else. I opened them and turned towards her to find her eyes looking at me.

"I'll do everything Heather did last night with you," she said in a strong voice.

Her eyes flickered with fear; so many different reasons to be a Sibling, and Malia's had nothing to do with why Heather slapped me. I opened my mouth to say no when a flash of red crossed in front of me.

Every Sibling jumped at the sound of Doris Alex's open hand striking Malia's face with enough force to drop her. Malia was stunned for a second, but when she turned Doris Alex was standing over her like an Amazon. Malia's eyes filled with fear; much more fear than when she had volunteered to be with me.

"HOW DARE YOU!!!" Doris Alex screamed at the top of lungs.

Her hands were tightly fisted, and she raised them as if nothing would make her happier than for Malia to stand up so she could beat her back down.

"How fucking dare you offer a Brother what you would not freely give!" Doris Alex whispered with rage filling every cell of her body. "And for you to do it to this Brother."

The other Siblings were terrified; Susan and Nancy edged behind Stephanie, Melisa stood up slowly and moved so she was standing to my left with her hand on my shoulder, Janet nearly ran to the corner farthest away from Doris Alex, Michael scrambled over and behind his seat only to crash into Heather. The two fought for position trying to place the seat and an extra Sibling body between Doris Alex and them until the redheaded Valkyrie turned her eyes on them. They froze under her glare and tried to disappear by standing still.

Doris Alex turned baleful eyes on every Sibling in the room before looking down at Malia again; for a second, even I was convinced she was going to pound Malia to a pulp.

"Arrggh!" Doris Alex grunted loudly spinning in place to turn her back to Malia.

She was very close to losing control so I stood up and handed her a decorative ashtray figuring maybe something to throw would help calm her. Doris Alex snatched it out of my hand, turned around, and slammed it down next to Malia's head. Malia screamed in fear as broken glass sprayed her face.

"Doris Alex," I said forcefully.

Her green eyes turned towards me, but she dampened the flames before they touched me. Doris Alex closed her eyes and took a very deep breath. Melisa stepped tight against my back and wrapped her arms around my waist. I felt her peeking around my shoulder.

"My name is Doris Alexandra Smith, a child of the Sibling Bloodline Alexander; I Speak for Siblings," Doris Alex intoned loudly. "First Position."

The reaction to her words was immediate. Malia spun to her stomach, got on her knees with her ass on her ankles, placed one hand on top of the other flat on the ground, and rested her forehead on them. Michael and Heather moved to either side of the seat and assumed the same position. Janet, Susan, and Nancy were already in place when my eyes swept the room. Stephanie was bending her knees, but a look of confusion and shock came over face.

Doris Alex gasped as Stephanie straightened. Melisa's arms tightened around my waist as a new anger flooded Doris Alex's eyes.

"The indoctrination," I said curiously patting Melisa's hands.

"Melisa's not indoctrinated so she does not react to the control phrases," Doris Alex said to me without taking her eyes off Stephanie. She misunderstood my curiosity but I let it slide. Doris Alex took a step towards Stephanie.

"Doris Alex," I warned.

The redhead turned her body towards me but her eyes still bored into Stephanie.

"Leave her be," I told Doris Alex.

"David," Doris Alex said in a confused voice. "She's broken the indoctrination. It's not possible! Every Sibling except Melisa is indoctrinated. Brothers would never trust us if the indoctrination could be broken."

"The jury is already in on whether indoctrination can be broken," I told her. "Regardless, Stephanie is my business. Brothers will decide what to do with her."

"She's a Sibling," Doris Alex said taking a sideways step to get closer to Stephanie. "This isn't possible."

"Is this your idea of obedience, Sibling?" I asked.

Her eyes snapped to mine before she knelt into the same position the other Siblings were in but with her head pointing at me. The motion had been as automatic as the reaction from the Siblings to her words. I nodded slowly as I considered what had seemed a reflex action from her.

I turned in Melisa's embrace until we faced each other. She smiled bravely and closed her eyes when I kissed her forehead. I pulled her away from me turning her to face Stephanie. With a hand on the small of her back, I gently pushed Melisa towards Stephanie.

"Take her upstairs, Stephanie," I instructed. "This has nothing to do with her."

Stephanie nodded thankfully while taking Melisa's hand in a tight grip. Melisa pulled out of the hold and walked back to me. She put her hands on either side of my face and stared into my eyes.

"There is no choice, David," she whispered. "I said I was yours; I meant it; then, now, and forever!"

She kissed me hard before turning around and walking out of the room behind Stephanie.

I walked over to stand by Doris Alex's head.

"Stay there," I said down to her before walking out of the room.

It took about five minutes to drink a bottle of water while I thought about what I had seen. I walked back into the living room to find Doris Alex had oriented her head towards where I would enter. Sitting down on the couch, I studied her.

"How long would you stay there?" I asked her.

"Until you forgave me," she said without looking at me.

"For what?"

"You said Stephanie was your business," she said. "I ignored you, Brother."

Her voice was painted with abject submission. Doris Alex had come close to disobedience, but not enough to warrant her reaction. I stood up and walked to each Sibling studying their posture. None reacted as I approached them except for Doris Alex. Her positioning was different from the others in that it remained aligned to me, but that was not the only difference.

Doris Alex vibrated with sexual need.

I undid the belt of my pants and pushed them along with my underwear down my legs. Doris Alex tensed and relaxed as I stepped out of my clothes. She was wearing light pink pajama bottoms and a tight mini-t. I put my hand on the waist of her bottoms and pulled them over her ass. Doris Alex lifted her ass off her ankles to make it easier for me; she was not wearing panties. One of the most obvious changes since Rachel's departure was Siblings removing anything that might be impediment to my sexual desire; even Malia's uniform had altered to no bottoms.

My hands touched the side of Doris Alex's hips, and she lifted them to give me better access. I pushed forward until my dick kissed her moist entrance. Doris Alex sighed and shuddered as I entered her. I hit bottom with her pussy welcoming me with the pulsating pressure of her orgasm. I stroked slowly in and out of her as her entire body shivered in reaction. Doris Alex was easily the Sibling that was the most sexually excited by any contact with me, but from my end it felt like she came the entire time I fucked her, which even from her was not normal. With her pussy squeezing me tightly, releasing and squeezing me again, it was not long before my cum jetted into her. She arched her back and tried to milk the semen out of me for a minute before she relaxed. I pulled out of her and stood by her head. She knelt to take me into her mouth. Her eyes were blissful as she cleaned her juices from me. I sat back down on the couch and looked at her.

"We're going to have to talk about indoctrination, Doris Alex," I told her.

"Brothers don't get very involved with it, David," she said neutrally.

"Obviously at least one Brother has," I replied. "Your indoctrination is different; I'd like to understand how and why."

"Do not listen," Doris Alex intoned to the other Siblings. The tone of her voice was artificially deep, almost like a religious chant.

"You have a right to know anything you want, David," Doris Alex said to me. "But please, not around other Siblings unless I've taken them in my control."

I looked around the room.

"They can't hear us?" I asked. "That's very powerful if it works."

"Physically, they can hear us," she corrected. "Their mind just tunes out the words until I give them another command."

"Very powerful," I said softly.

"It doesn't work on Brothers, David," she said quickly.

"Why not?" I asked curiously.

"We don't know," she answered.

"You've tried to put a Brother under this type of control," I stated lethally.

"With full Council approval," she volunteered rapidly. "Some older Brothers agreed to let us try."

"The results surprised you?" I asked hearing the catch in her voice.

"Those Brothers were old, David, but they still managed to kill the Sibling trying to indoctrinate them," she said with a shudder. "It wasn't enough for the Council though. At their direct command, we tried to indoctrinate a Brother in training. It seemed to work until the restraints were removed. With three of the Foot in the room, she still managed to kill her indoctrinator. We haven't changed indoctrination very much since so every indoctrinator knows it is a death sentence to try it on a Brother."

I nodded slowly.

"Can you be taken control of in this fashion?" I asked.

"No," she said. "I am Bloodline."

I nodded as if that made sense, deciding there was no reason to pursue the meaning of her answer yet.

"Malia isn't worth this... display of power," I said gesturing towards the Siblings. "You could have easily packed her bags and sent her home. I would have preferred someone had done that a while ago; she and I don't mix very well."

"Rachel disrupted the natural order of things," she told me. "Even an Enforcer would have been far more isolated than you have been. Melisa is not a normal First. Everything about you is so different, David, but no Sibling can be allowed to forget that you are a Brother. Michael dared to challenge you even after what happened to Nancy. Enough is enough!"

"Isn't that my failure?" I asked.

"Not as long as your idea of an example is a dead body," she said staring at me.

"It is a memorable example," I told her.

"Which one of us have you pick out?" she asked.

"Except for Michael, most of you backed off after Nancy," I said. "And even he was far from being in my sights."

"Every Sibling believes they are safe near a Brother, David," she said anxiously. "You have no qualms about killing any of us. It's not just being an Enforcer either; Anna hated killing Siblings."

I shrugged.

"Do you have a conscience?" she asked suddenly.

I smiled thinking about what I had told my sword master.

"Death is death, Doris Alex," I said. "Your death, Roderigo's death, my death; one death, a thousand; a cockroach, a human; an honorable death, an ignoble one; it's all just death."

She shook in fear before looking away from me.

"Melisa and I understand," she told me. "But you don't have the two years of isolation that would have made certain signals instinctive. You've come some of the way towards what Siblings are used to, but I won't risk any one of us because the Brothers chose not to isolate you."

"It would take a lot for me to kill one of you," I told her. "I'm far more likely to kill Roderigo than any Sibling here."

"You're very likely to kill Roderigo, David, so the death of one of the Siblings being less likely is hardly a comfort," she said looking back at me. "Trust was built on instant obedience and being the pleasure of Brothers. Every Sibling I lead to your door will know that the difference between other Brothers and you changes nothing. Instant obedience and your pleasure are the laws of this house."

We stared at each other for a couple of minutes before I spoke.

"Do what you have to do, Doris Alex."

She nodded and stood up. Straightening her pajama bottoms, she looked at the kneeling Siblings.

"You may listen," she intoned. "Second Position."

The Siblings knelt up with their hands pressed together palms up. They put their foreheads against their wrists.

"Third Position," Doris Alex intoned.

They sat back on their heels, and the force of their personalities seemed to rush back into their bodies. There was still trepidation on their faces, especially on Michael and Malia's.

"I will deal with you a little later," Doris Alex said pointing at Malia, nearly panicking the girl. "But you're first, Michael."

Michael's face turned white; he had good reason to since Nancy's punishment at Doris Alex's hands still had the psychologist walking a very straight line.

"What the fuck was that shit in the dining hall, Sibling?" she asked with her voice rising.

Michael looked at me but like Nancy found that I was not an avenue of escape.

"I...I...I," he got out before Doris Alex raised hand silencing him.

"Has the thought that maybe David isn't really a Brother been crossing your tiny, little mind?" Doris Alex said crouching down so that she was face to face with him. "Or maybe somehow the thought that you are his equal has infected you, Sibling!"

I was surprised Michael did not keel over in a dizzy spell from shaking his head so hard.

"No, Michael," Doris Alex said viciously. "I think you have forgotten your place in a Brother's house."

Michael shook his head even harder.

"Lucky for you, there is a centuries old method of ensuring a Sibling understands their location in the grand scheme of things," Doris Alex continued. "And look, plenty of witnesses to remind you what happened here when you get uppity again."

Twenty minutes later, Michael had his place in my home drilled into his mind and in the minds of everyone else in the room.

"You're such a good boy when you behave, Michael," Doris Alex said licking his lips. "Here is what we're going to do to make sure you don't stray again. Every month, I want you to repeat what just happened in front of every Sibling in the house. Okay?"

"Be careful, Doris Alex," I said staring at the ceiling. "You are not the Brother in this house."

"Forgive me, David," she pleaded. "May I give this Sibling instruction to ensure he remembers his place as a Sibling from now on?"

"You may," I said closing my eyes.

"Every month, Michael," Doris Alex repeated. "In front of every Sibling who lives here or wants to watch."

"Thank you, Speaker," Michael replied gratefully.

I opened my eyes to look at him; the gratitude was heartfelt surprised me.

"You," Doris Alex said in a voice that chilled the room after turning to face Malia.

Doris Alex paced slowly towards the terrified girl.

"Do you have any idea the damage you could have done today?" she asked rhetorically. "Melisa spent months making David understand that a Sibling barely knows the meaning of the word no around a Brother. It took an outsider to finally teach him, and the only pride left to us is that she has accepted a white ring."

"I would've done it, Speaker," Malia defended herself.

The words angered Doris Alex even more; her hair almost crackled with emotion. She grabbed a fistful of Malia's hair and pulled up. They struggled as Malia tried to stay on her knees while Doris Alex tried to stand her up. Finally, Doris Alex relaxed her grip.

"A Sibling is not expected to match up with every Brother, you idiot," Doris Alex hissed. "But you should not have offered, what you did not want to give."

"He would've said no, Speaker," Malia cried.

The slap was like a thunderclap; Malia's head almost snapped around. Doris Alex put her hands behind her back and stared down at Malia.

"You will not speak again," she said calmly.

Malia nodded.

"This was my mistake, Malia," Doris Alex said sadly. "I should never have brought you here. I misjudged you thinking maybe there was more to you than summer fun. It is the only reason I am going to go easy on you."

Doris Alex sighed and looked around the room.

"You're going to suffer, Malia," she said. "We need David and you almost damaged the Sibling relationship with him. Since this was my fault, I'm going to punish you... gently, until I know for sure that Melisa does not have to re-pave this road. If in the next six months, I even think David might hesitate to take what he wants from one of us, I swear Siblings will scare themselves around campfires with tales of what I do to you."

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