A Master's Ring: Book 03


"How could you fucking show fear during an offer of sex to a Brother?" Doris Alex asked with frustrating burgeoning out of her voice.

"Heather said she was afraid, Speaker," Malia whispered.

Another thunderclap.

"Heather were you afraid?" Doris Alex asked.

"Yes, Speaker," Heather answered instantly.

"Why, dear?"

"I slapped a Brother, Speaker," Heather said. "I was going to be punished. I wanted him to do it. God, did I want him to do it, but I was still afraid!"

"Were you afraid of David?"

"Never, Speaker!"

"Of the sex, maybe?" Doris Alex asked.

"No, Speaker!"

"What were you afraid of?"

"That I went too far, Speaker," Heather whispered.

"Were you afraid of David, Malia?" Doris Alex asked.

"No, Speaker," Malia whispered unconvincingly.

"What were you afraid of?"

"That he would say yes, Speaker."

"But you offered him your body anyway."

"I'm sorry, Speaker," Malia whispered forlornly.

"You will be, Malia," Doris Alex promised fervently. "You will be so incredibly fucking sorry, no Sibling will ever make this mistake with David again."

"Fourth Position," she intoned after taking a deep breath.

All the Siblings moved back into the First Position, but there was something more relaxed in their posture as if their personality had not fled with the redhead's command. Doris Alex turned towards me and studied me for a while.

"Will it disturb you if I begin Malia's punishment here?" she asked me politely.

"No," I replied.

"Janet," Doris Alex said.

"Yes, Speaker," Janet replied.

"Are you afraid of David or anything he might do to you tonight?" Doris Alex asked.

"That bitch, Heather, tricked me on the way to David's door last night, Speaker," Janet grumbled. "If she didn't have such nice tits, I'd strangle her while she slept."

It was made funnier by the fact her face was barely a couple of inches off the ground muffling her voice.

"Hey, you're the idiot who fell for the old 'your shoelace is untied' bit," Heather defended loudly.

Watching Siblings laugh uproariously while in such a subservient position was interesting.

"Tonight, it's your turn, Janet," Doris Alex said. "Keep David distracted enough that he doesn't pay too much attention to Malia's screaming."

=====Chapter 43=====

The scream from the living room penetrated into my room making Janet flinch.

"I'm sorry," she said pushing the shorts she was wearing down her legs.

"Why?" I asked.

She pulled her shirt over her head preventing any speech for a moment. Wearing only a small pair of panties, she sat down on the bed. Another scream from Malia made Janet squirm restlessly ,and her plump breasts shook in reaction.

"I guess I'm actually supposed to distract you," I said jokingly.

"No," she said looking down and picking at the bed sheet. "It's just that I should have done something about Malia before it got this far. You shouldn't have to deal with this in your house."

"What could you have done, Janet?" I asked.

"Sent her home," she said turning her brown eyes to me.

"It wasn't your responsibility," I said getting closer to the bed.

Janet was sitting on the edge of the bed. Spreading her legs, she reached out to grab my hardening dick. Her hands tugged me forward until I stood between her knees. She stroked me with both hands until I was completely hard. One hand reached underneath to cup my testicles, while the other continued its loving attention on my dick.

"Yes, it was, David," she said looking up at me. "I'm the one that Doris Alex assigned to make Heather and Malia's transition easier. I was too focused on my own problems and on Heather to be decisive about Malia."

I stroked her cheek.

"I should have noticed that you and her weren't getting along. She spent more time trying to get Michael's attention than yours. Like Doris Alex said, not every Sibling and Brother click but that's ridiculous," she said angrily. "I'm a better Sibling than that."

I put my hand behind her head and pulled her forward while taking a step back. She knelt in front of me and opened her mouth to take my dick inside of her mouth. Her eyes closed as she savored the feel of my heat in her mouth. Janet sucked hard and moaned.

"So what happened that you missed it, Janet?" I asked when she drew back and released my dick from the wonderful encasement of her mouth.

"The twining attempt between Heather and Malia was breaking down," she said. "It was hurting Heather so much, especially because it wasn't like most twining failures. Look at Susan and Stephanie, their twining failed, but they came out of it like they were soul mates. Heather and Malia are barely friends, David. Malia doesn't seem to care, but Heather's been crying herself to sleep every night. She's needed me with her. Someone fucked this up so royally!"

"They're very different," I said.

She put her hands on my hips and pulled me closer. She dropped her head so that her forehead rested against me. She took a deep breath, turned her face, and rested her cheek on the inside of my hip.

"Opposites twin all the time, David," she said softly.

"I'm not talking about Heather being a very serious person, and Malia being all beach-party fun, Janet," I said stroking her hair.

Her hand grabbed my dick and stood it straight up. I felt the wet touch of her tongue.

"Heather and Malia need Brothers differently," I said as she sucked on the head. "They don't relate to any of us in the same way. Everything Heather needs scares the hell out of Malia."

She blew on me making me shiver from the coolness.

"It was also me, David," she whispered. "I was feeling sorry for myself."

"You seemed very happy to me," I said pulling her a little away from me so I could look into her eyes.

Janet moved back climbing onto the bed until she could lie down. She extended her legs and took her panties off. Spreading her legs, she played a finger between the lips of her pussy. Her finger was moist when she placed it in her mouth and sucked it dry.

"Why were you feeling sorry for yourself?" I asked ignoring the pulse of my dick as she stared at it hungrily.

"I didn't live here," she answered faintly.

"That was your choice, wasn't it?"

"Not living here made it easier to hide when I couldn't be the happy Sibling sex-pot," she replied seriously.

"I didn't expect you to be that all the time," I told her. "Every Sibling here has their moody days. You could have thrown an ashtray or challenged Melisa to a wrestling match on my bed."

"It would have been worse living here, David," she said ignoring my attempt at humor.

Her eyes followed me as I walked around to the other side of the bed. She lay back and slithered backwards until her head was almost off the edge of the bed. I placed my dick directly above her face. Her tongue came out to explore my hard-on; she turned onto her stomach, knelt, and tried to swallow my dick. She gagged but kept pushing forward until I pulled away from her. Janet's brown eyes were desperate when she looked at me.

"Why did you want to be the one in this room last night?" I asked suddenly. Her eyes widened letting me into her soul.

"I don't understand," she said crawling backwards warily.

"Heather wanted, needed, to serve as the vessel last night," I said freezing her with a glare. "What did you want that had you running for my bedroom door?"

She looked away and shook her head.

"Janet," I said injecting my voice with a tiny amount of menace.

"I could have gotten what I want from you last night," she confessed. "Rachel leaving would have pushed you to it."

"What do you want, Janet?"

"I want everything, David," she said staring hard at me. "I want everything!"

"What do you mean, Sibling?" I asked.

"Not Sibling, David," she insisted. "Not tonight! It's Janet tonight! Just Janet!"

"What do you mean by everything, Janet?" I asked.

"Everything, David," she repeated. "When you were spanking us, everyone stood with ears pressed against your bedroom doors listening. They were doing it because they were excited about you spanking them soon; or because you were finished with them, and they wanted more. I was counting, David. I counted every time your hand spanked someone else's ass, and I wanted it to be my ass you were striking. Everything, David! Every time you kiss someone I want it to be me."

She crawled forward and took my dick in her hands. Her eyes blurred with tears.

"I've hated it when I knew this beautiful part of your body was fucking someone else and not me. I hate even thinking about it. I wanted every look you gave a Sibling that made them know they were doing something wrong to be aimed at me. Everything you feel for Rachel but won't admit, I want you to feel for me. Even the stupidest fucking things, David, like Alyssa eating your food. Every time I see that bitch reach for something on your plate I want to spear her hand with my fork because I should be the only one who can do that. I want everything that has to do with you to be mine. I want you to be mine; ONLY mine!"

I took a step away from her.

"Siblings aren't supposed to be this possessive, are they?" I asked calmly.

She beat her head against the bed a couple of times before looking up at me. Her answer ignored my question.

"I hate Melisa!" she said venomously. "I can't hate Heather or even Malia, but Melisa I can hate with a passion. I hate that you feel her ten years of loyalty makes her special; I would have been loyal to you. I hate that she's your First and not me. I despise every orgasm she gave herself waiting for you when I wasted mine on boy-band posters. She didn't tell me about you until after you beat up those assholes on the bus. After you rescued me, I told her I wanted you, and she said you were going to be a Brother; that she was going to be your First. She wouldn't let me near you, and Doris Alex fucking backed her. The Brothers backed her. Months I could've been with you, and they wouldn't let me. You would not have gone a day without understanding the word no does not exist in my vocabulary for you had I been your First."

She pounded the bed with her fists for a few seconds before boring her eyes into me.

"I wouldn't have failed with Rachel. I would have hated every time you touched her, but I would not have failed you. The worst though, is that there's this place inside of you that is only for Melisa."

"There's a place that is only yours, Janet," I told her.

Her laugh was almost hysterical.

"I don't care about that, David," she said with a sad shake of her head. "There's also a place for Heather, and one for Doris Alex, and Susan, and Jason, and fucking every Sibling who enters this house. There's even one for Stephanie. I want each and every one of their places to be mine, too. I want to fill you up until there's no room inside you for anyone but me. I wake up every morning wishing your cum was my breakfast; I go to sleep at night wishing the last thing I heard was your breathing. Melisa could have all of that; you would give it to her. She's your First. She's your new Jason. You would give her anything she wanted, and I hate her for that. I hate her because you would never give those things to me."

I took another step back.

"So what do we do now?" I asked her.

"WE do nothing, David," she said sounding like she had burned out all of her emotions. "You do something for me, and I do something for you. Those two things are all I have left."

"What are you going to do, Janet?"

"A Sibling only has one choice when they hate every touch a Brother gives another Sibling," she told me.

"What is that?"

She shook her head rather than reply.

"I want you to do something for me," she said looking into my eyes.

I nodded carefully.

"I want you to give me something you would never give Melisa," she said. "I want you to do something to me that you would never do to her."

"What do you want, Janet?" I said in clipped tones.

"Hurt me!" she said fervently.


"Why did Heather have to get in my way? It would have been better last night," she said. "I could have pushed you harder than she did. You would have taken my blood; that would make me a part of you forever."

Her eyes flashed on the edge of insanity.

"I can't have that anymore, but I can have this," she said ferociously. "Hurt me, David! You would never do that to Melisa or any other Sibling."

"I could hurt them," I told her.

"You could kill them, David," she said. "You couldn't hurt them though."

"If it were necessary, I would," I said in a hard voice.

"You wouldn't be fucking their ass if it was necessary to hurt them," she told me.


"That's what I want, David," she said. "You haven't fucked Melisa's pretty little ass yet, that's one thing I'll beat her to. I want you to take me. No foreplay. I want it to hurt because you would never hurt Melisa like that."

"Janet," I started to say but she interrupted.

"Please, David," she begged. "It's the only thing you can give me anymore. The only thing I can have that no other Sibling will ever have. Please, David!"

I was about to say no when she crawled off the bed. She stalked towards me and knelt to lick my scrotum. Her teeth touched my hard-on then she wet me with her saliva.

"Please, David," she whispered taking me into her mouth and sheathing me. Her eyes were glossy with tears as she pulled me out of her.

"It's the only thing you can give me," she whispered almost to herself as she kissed my shaft. "Take without thinking about me!"

I would have still said no, except that she looked at me. Her tears were flowing freely, and I had to look away from what I saw in the depths of her eyes.

I nodded.

"Thank you," she said ardently before releasing my dick.

She was on the bed when I turned my eyes back to her. I climbed on the bed, and she turned so that she could rest her head on a pillow. Her back was arched giving me her ass.

"Please," she pleaded when I hesitated too long.

I moved closer to her pushing my dick towards her pussy. She blocked the penetration by putting a hand over entrance.

"No," she hissed taking me in her hand.

She guided me up until the tip of my dick touched her anal opening. Her hips moved back in hard movement that drove the head of my dick into her. She grunted in pain and squeezed me almost painfully tight with her hand. Her head moved from side to side as I put my hands on her hips.

"NO!" she cried and pushed back with her hips. "Fuck me!"

I tried to move in slowly while using my grip on her hips to prevent her from slamming backwards. She moved from side to side trying to slip my hold and make me take her ass fast.

"Please, David," she begged.

I could almost hear the tears squeezing out of her eyes. She fought my grip even harder, to the point I thought she would do more damage with what she was doing than with what I could do by forcing the issue. I took a tight grip on her hips and forged forward mercilessly. Janet's head snapped up, and she screamed as my cock penetrated halfway into her.

"YES!" she cried putting her forehead back on the pillow. "More."

I tried to give her body time to adjust, but she pushed back. I let go of her hips and let her drive the pace. She sank me deeper into her body but without my impetus could not do it as hard as she wanted to.

"DAMN IT!" she cursed.

I grabbed her hips and sawed into her before she could try something different.

"Urghgur!" she gurgled sounding like she was drowning on her own saliva as I fucked completely into her ass.

I committed myself to what she craved at that point; Janet wanted to hurt more than I did not want to hurt her. The best thing I could do for her was to give her exactly what she wanted to prevent her from doing worse to herself. I slipped my hands from her hips to her asscheeks and spread them. My hips moved back and powered forward, punching my dick into her as hard as possible.

She yelled in pain, and her upper body slipped onto the bed dropping her hips. I put my weight on her until she was lying flat on her stomach. I pulled my hips up taking most of weight off her body then I let gravity fuck me into her ass. Her hands clawed at the bed sheets as she pulled them towards her chest. She managed to tear into the cloth with her nails.

"Now, baby," she urged around a mouthful of cloth she was biting down on. "Hard! Take me as hard as you can."

Her voice cracked with nearly every word that she spoke. I rested on top of her and began with slow strokes. They hurt her but before she could adjust to the pressure I increased the pace. Her body tried to lock me in a death grip, fighting to keep me still and adjust to the pain. I fought through the hold and fucked her harder.

It was a race I could not win. Janet was a Sibling; even Malia as afraid as she was would have found pleasure in me taking her hard. Janet wanted to be there, wanted me pounding into her ass. I was lifting my body so that only my dick connected us, and crashing into her ass. The pain could not hold back the pleasure long enough though; Janet's own nature was defeating her desire. She moved underneath me, driving upwards striving to make the physical pain match what she felt inside.

I thickened, and she whimpered in disappointment as her body turned the corner towards pleasure. My hips pounded into her, and I let my weight rest entirely on top of her. I remembered her words and put my teeth on her shoulder beside her neck. She screamed one last time as I bit her: her skin parted and I tasted blood as I came.

The pain broke something inside of her; Janet began to sob brokenheartedly as I pressed my hips against her ass to empty myself inside of her. I turned us on our sides and wrapped my arms around her neck.

"Promise me," she forced out between sobs. "Promise me, you'll never hurt Melisa like this. Promise me!"

I took a deep breath and nodded into her hair.

"I love you," she whispered.

My arms pulled her closer to me.

"I love you," she said one more time before losing control and crying abjectly.

Janet whispered 'I love you' fifty-seven times before she fell asleep. Her tears burned my skin the entire time she cried.


It was the last time Janet and I were together.

She did not have to explain or say goodbye. Melisa did not really matter, nor any other Sibling. If Jason had not been in my life and Janet was the only woman I ever touched, I still could not have given her everything. The day I accepted the black ring, I gave my life to the Brotherhood.

Leaving was the only thing she could do for me, I would have continued hurting her if she stayed.

=====Chapter 44=====

I sat in the overpriced cafe on a Friday afternoon during my first December as a Brother. The air buzzed with the frantic energy of college students trying to do a semester's worth of studying in the last few days before the final exam period began.

Alyssa, Emily, and Sandra let me take them out for a dinner break from studying. Sandra was complaining she had never studied as hard, before she got to know me. I had jokingly offered them a reward, of my choosing, for good grades a couple of weeks before, which they immediately accepted and dove into their studies with impressive determination.

Sandra's complaint was a prequel to another attempt by the trio to discover what I would be getting each of them. They promised fairly extravagant sexual favors, some of which I did not think were biologically possible, but I held firm in my silence.

Melisa picked out Sandra and Emily's rewards; Sandra would be getting a shopping spree at her favorite department store, while Emily would be off to Paris for a three-week, all expenses paid vacation. Considering the amount of damage that Sandra could do in a store that had everything for the discerning female shopper, I thought Emily was being shortchanged until my First showed me the hotel brochure. The cost of the room alone would have made buying a new car for Emily cheaper.

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