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A Mind of Their Own


Veronika Jones walked out of the sun and into the automatic door of the mall, a blast of air conditioning immediately striking her as compared to the hot weather outside. She didn't actually need anything at the mall, but she liked the whole environment of the mall, browsing the stores, and of course making the men look her way. She was a gorgeous woman and she knew it. She was five foot six with curly black hair that draped nearly to her shapely ass that had some good size to it. Her long, smooth legs showed off her dark cinnamon skin in the tight, black, button down skirt she was wearing. On her top covering her large C-cup breasts was a white blouse that also buttoned down the front, the top button undone to draw attention to her cleavage. She had a great, somewhat thick figure and she showed it off always. She loved wearing her watermelon green thong bikini to the beach that barely covered anything at all. With her attitude that she had all the horny guys in her pocket, she strutted into the mall with a confident smile on her face. The first guy she passed already checking out her ass in the tight, black skirt and that made her happy.

She stopped first in a women's clothing boutique to check out some cute clothes that had caught her eye from the window. As she leaned over to browse the rack, she felt something on her blouse give way and could hear a tiny click hitting the floor. Looking down at her blouse, she realized she lost the second top button on it, leaving only the bottom three buttons closed. The added cleavage she was now displaying wasn't bad, but anyone looking down her shirt (as she almost hoped would happen) would see a bit of her bra.

"Aww crap," she muttered to herself, "Now I'm gonna have to buy a new blouse." The second she finished saying that, the very top button of her blouse fell to the ground as well, which struck her as odd since it was the only button that wasn't closed anyway.

"What is with this shirt?" she wondered to herself. No big loss, though, as she didn't care much about it. She left that store without seeing anything she wanted and kept strolling through the mall, catching a few more glances with her boobs now showing off more. This fact alone took her mind off the two missing buttons. As she strolled through a few stores, looking at things here and there, she would occasionally bend over too far knowing one guy or another was behind her. While doing this one time, Veronika stood back up to realize she had popped another button, a button on the bottom of her skirt. The skirt itself only had four buttons going down the side, so that was somewhat frustrating. The lost bottom button resulted in a bit of a slit in her tight skirt. Veronika sighed as she looked over the busted skirt, depressed that her clothes were made so cheaply that buttons could pop like that. She thought these were better clothes.

"Seriously," she said to herself again, "What kind of bad luck is following me that I keep losing buttons?" Shaking her head, she bought a dress that caught her eye and left her current store. Having been in the mall a while now, she decided she wanted an ice cream so she could catch the eyes of some men in the food court. After buying a small vanilla cone, she sat down on a bench when, pop, another button hit the floor. This time it was the second skirt button, leaving only the top and third button still attached. This frustrated Veronika now and she cursed her own bad luck. There was one bonus to this, though. The gap the missing button left in her skirt exposed a piece of thigh as she sat and it wasn't unnoticed. She smiled to herself, again caught up in her teasing, licking her ice cream suggestively as a pair of guys stared at her legs and semi-open skirt. Perhaps this day at the mall wasn't so bad after all.

Continuing her day at the mall, Veronika forgot all about her four missing buttons as the day went on. As far as she knew, nothing else bad happened and she was happy about it. She stepped into the elevator that went to the mall's second floor and just when the doors were about to close, a handsome guy stopped it and stepped in with her. She thought he was very good looking and just had to get his attention away from the cell phone conversation he was having. She pushed out her chest a bit, showing off the massive cleavage that her missing two top buttons exposed. The man glanced over every couple seconds, looking down her shirt, finding himself looking at a powder pink bra when the young lady next to him moved the right way. Sadly, the elevator ride ended quickly, right when Veronika knew she had him staring at her tits. She snicked to herself and left the elevator. She found another store she liked and walked in, pleased with her elevator conquest.

She picked out a lavender shirt she thought might look good on her and walked over to a full length mirror in the store to hold it up to herself and see how she'd look. As she checked herself out, thinking perhaps this new shirt wasn't so great on her after all, she all but gasped as she saw something that annoyed her in the mirror. The fifth button on her blouse had fallen off somewhere and she didn't even know it! She cursed her blouse again and hung up the shirt she was checking out. Now this was a nuisance of a situation as her shirt only had two buttons left, the third and fourth. Luckily this time it was at least the bottom button, and it really didn't show much except maybe a hint of her tummy. She could live with it she decided, but it was still annoying. She tried to forget it once again and kept up her mall day.

She went a good hour in the mall, teasing guys as she did, without another incident. She was listening to some music in a music store, however, when she felt something give way again. Her skirt had lost another button, the third button this time, and now her left leg was on display as the slit ran all the way up to the button on her waist. Taking off the headphones, she leaned over and picked up the button, infuriated now. She had never lost so many buttons in a single day like this and almost felt like it wasn't coincidence.

"What the hell, do my clothes have a mind of their own today or what?" Almost on cue, like it was listening to her, the forth button on her shirt nearly shot out like a bullet from her blouse, landing in the rack of CDs. The bottom half of her shirt was now open, showing off her stomach and belly button.

"Oh my god," she exclaimed out loud at the shock of it all, then looking around to make sure no one heard that, looked over her shirt again. The only thing holding it closed now was the middle button across her chest. At least she still had that one, she thought to herself. She was still alright. She definatly needed to change clothes when she got home, though, having only two buttons left on her whole outfit. However, something was odd here and she was beginning to panic a little. She decided to find a bathroom and take a breather and maybe splash a bit of water on her face. There was no way the shirt did that on purpose, that would be insane. She entered the ladies' rest room and there was luckily no one else in there. She washed her face with cold water and took a deep breath, trying to relax. She looked into the mirror and had to admit that, despite the amount of buttons she was missing, she still looked good and was more of a tease than even she planned.

Then it occurred to her... could she be seeing things? She looked over herself again and it just couldn't have been true. Her skirt, which had been only a few inches above her knees, was now halfway up her thigh! Her skirt was definatly shorter now! She looked down at her skirt and it wasn't a trick of the light or the mirror, her skirt had actually gotten shorter. Now she was weirded out, going over getting dressed in her mind, thinking maybe it wasn't as long as she originally though. Yeah, that had to be it, skirts can't just shrink on their own. That was stupid. Regaining her composure, she left the ladies' room and decided perhaps she had been in the mall too long. Her car was parked in the lot on the other side of the mall, though, so she had quite a trip to walk back to it. She hopped into the elevator again and rode it down to the first floor. As she stepped out into the small crowd of people waiting, it happened again. She could only stop in her tracks, astonished, as the final button of her shirt flung itself off and clinked onto the floor, leaving her blouse now wide open for the whole mall to see, her powder pink bra that contained her two large mounds were now fully exposed. She felt her face redden and was too shocked to do anything about it. Veronika could only look around at the faces, the snickering boys, the turned on fathers, the mothers with strollers looking at her with disgust. Rushing away from the elevator crowd, she gathered her shirt up and ran into the first store she could find, turning away from the customers inside it so that no one else could see her.

'What the fuck is going on?" she said to herself again, feeling crazy now. "This is impossible!"

Making sure that no one saw what she was doing, she quickly tied her blouse in a knot to cover up. Sure, she was displaying a lot of cleavage now, and with the knot in her shirt taking up the fabric her stomach was on display, but at least she didn't feel undressed anymore. Veronika walked around the store a bit, pretending to be browsing after she had hurried into it. Naturally finding nothing she wanted as this store wasn't remotely in her interests, she walked out. Plenty of guys stared now with her tied top, exposed stomach, and skirt which was practically fully opened on the side showing off her thigh. The attention, although unintentionally garnered, was still turning her on quite a bit to the point she had slowed down her hurry to get to her car and was now casually walking through the mall once again. As she passed store windows, she caught herself in the reflection and had to stop once more.

Looking back at her was an even shorter shirt than before. It barely covered her thong now and if she bent a little in any way, her ass cheeks would peek out the bottom. Her clothes almost seemed to be disappearing and taking themselves off! As much as a tease as she was, she decided it was best not to be caught here in such a state. Hurriedly she walked down the length of the mall to make her exit. Gaining more and more stares, she quickened her pace to a speed walk which only provoked her large chest to bounce. She could see the entrance she had come into now and finally felt at ease knowing this ordeal was done with. Slowing down to a casual speed once more, she made her way to the end. She noticed, however, that she was getting way too many looks now, not all from men anymore and not all pleased with her. It was then she realized the knot she tied had undone itself and her breasts were on display again.

"Aww, fuck it!" she yelled, not bothering to tie it again, and made a break for the door. She had finally made it out of the mall, but the torture wasn't over yet. Veronika was not yet 10 feet out the door when, pop, the last button holding her skirt up hit the parking lot pavement. Her formerly tight black skirt hit the ground, pooling by her feet. Her only covering now was her open white blouse, powder pink bra and a matching thong, her gorgeous ass cheeks exposed. She was officially freaked out now and bolted for her car, screaming as she ran. She definatly caught the attention of everyone in the parking lot as she passed, a half-naked hot woman running through the parking lot was not something these people expected to see at the mall. As she made it into her car, she locked the doors and was breathing heavily, half from the run across the parking lot, half hyper ventilating. As she calmed herself, the events of her trip to the mall ran through her head, and much to Veronika's amazement, she found herself somewhat turned on by showing her wares to everyone publicly. Smiling as she finally relaxed in the comfort and safety of her vehicle, she knew what she'd be doing once she got home.

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