tagToys & MasturbationA Morning with Lit Ch. 02

A Morning with Lit Ch. 02


Tessa emanating the character from the story finally slid her own black thong to the side and allowed her wanting husband Jesse a full view of her glistening-wet, shaven lips.

Tessa's fingers finally making contact with her bare and beautiful slit she slid them slowly down it's length hearing the sound of Jesse's zipper unleashing the monster it had been holding down all this time. Now as she looked to her left she saw her husband's thick beautiful cock standing tall in all its glory veins popping and twitching from excitement.

"Touch it." Tessa whispered at the beautiful site.

"Stroke your cock for me, stroke it with me..." she continued breathily as she started to circle her fingers around her stiff clit.

Jesse tried to continue reading as he stroked his cock and watched his wife's fingers dive greedily into her own warm gooey deeps. Bringing them back out for a sweet and tasty treat he watched her lick them clean. Then she allowed two of them to dive in deep to the knuckle again and again, her thumb still circling her clit—the reading went abandoned.

Jesse let his hand glide across the sticky clear pre-cum at the slit of his cock and used its wetness to heighten his own pleasure as he circled around his head and then slide slowly down his shaft again feeling the friction of skin to skin contact.

Turned away entirely now from his morning read at Literotica.com Jesse watched and stroked as his wife began to use both hands.

"Let's cum together baby..." Tessa said shakily with her sexy fuck me lips and eyes.

"Can you cum from watching me? Do you like what you see?" She continued.

With one hand caressing and rubbing his sack and the other stroking and deeply milking at his cock Jesse replied in slow sort gasps: "Of course!" to question one, and "Hell yes!" to Question two.

"I love seeing your strong hand wrapped around the softness of your cock." Tessa replied.

"I know those strong hands and fingers—know how wonderful they can feel inside and outside of my body..." She continued.

Licking a finger from the other hand she slowly rocked her hips forward on the surface of the desk, letting the skin of her supple ass cheeks stick to its surface and be spread apart a little more with her new position.

Then she took Jesse quickly to the edge of pleasure and let him hang there in awe as he watched her wet finger slid deep inside her own hot ass—quick and fast and to the knuckle as she squealed out in infinite joy. Adding a second and now with two fingers she pumped in and out of each of her holes and circled her clit with her thumb... as she squealed Jesse watched the hot, creamy nectar run from her flower bud.

Jesse's edge was finally reached when he watched her bring the two fingers from her hot wet ass up to her mouth and suck them clean along with the two that had been deep in her pussy and he yelled out:

"Oh, fuck, babe that is so hot—you're tasting your own luscious ass cream—Oh, shit that's it—I'm done, I'm gonna cum..."

"Well, we masturbated to each other, no touching but that doesn't have to mean...no catching...Tessa grinned as she quickly and greedily hoped down from the computer desk just in time to feel Jesse's hand jerk his load of hot, white spunk into her mouth and feel its warmth as the overflow ran down between her ample breasts.

"Now, it's time for the cleanup!" Jesse said with a laugh. As he carried his beautiful wife up to their bed and licked her clean from top to bottom—as Tessa did to him as well. They had enjoyed their time "reading" together at Literotica that morning, not to mention the second act that had ensued after the pleasure of the clean up.

"Good damn thing I AM the boss—I won't be in until time for lunch!" Jesse said in a satisfied chuckle.

"But what a way to spend a morning—with You—Me—and LIT!" Tessa said as the pair hurried off for the shower and the rest of their day.

They laughed together and said they really should read the ending to that great story at Literotica some other morning—but then, the fact that they never made it through the story might just speak volumes all its own...

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Thanks - - - - - -

Just the Title - - Made me smile from Personal Experiences - -& From thinking about writing about those times & other times ! ! ! - - - TALL MIKE 66

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