A Mother's Love Never Dies



"Hmm-mm" she shook her head.

"Amber!" I snapped, "Are you..."

I stopped in mid sentence as she gasped and her eyes snapped open.

"What the fuck!" I exclaimed, flinching back.

Amber's eyes were green.

"Now is that anyway to greet your mother?"

"Oh my god." I whispered that voice! It sounded just like...

"It is me honey." Amber said in mom's voice.

She smiled at me and my eyes widened as it wasn't Amber's smile, her lips seemed to spread wide and slightly higher on the left. Mom's crooked smile.

"M...mom?" I asked.

"In the flesh!" she exclaimed and letting the ball go, spread her arms out.

I caught the ball before it rolled off the couch and put it up on top of the couch. As I did, Mom brought her hands down and began rubbing them up and down her chest.

"And some young flesh at that." She purred as her hands lingered on her or more accurately Amber's tits.

She gave them a squeeze and laughed, "Ah, youth! These would stand up without a bra!"

"Mom, are you...how...how do you feel?" I asked, feeling like an idiot, but not knowing what else to say.

"Hmmm," taking her hand she put them on Amber's thighs and began caressing them, "I feel....twenty years younger!"

She began laughing and my heart leaped! Up until just now a part of me had thought this was a trick, Amber somehow screwing with me, maybe slipping in contacts when I had my eyes closed, but that laugh! This really was mom!

"Of course it is baby," she again gave me that endearing smile, "Your little girl friend Amber has quite the gift!" she looked down and whistled, "And quite the figure!" looking up she pointed at me, "Trevor why aren't you with this girl?"

"No I...oh, mom!"

I practically through myself forward and wrapped my arms around...mom! To me this wasn't Amber anymore, but the woman who I'd longed to hold every day for the last year.

"Oh, god I missed you!" I sobbed into her neck.

Mom hugged me back and I could feel her tears on my neck. "I... I missed you too baby! We never had a chance to say good bye!"

"I love you mom!" I told her.

Mom took my face in her hands and pushing my head back from her neck looked me in the eye and whispered, "I love you too Trevor, with all my heart."

Leaning in she kissed my cheek softly and with a sigh, sat back.

"I...I don't have a lot of time honey. I'm going to tell you two things, that I'm at peace, and that I want you to be happy honey, no more pining over me. When you called to me, I know it was because you have things you need to tell me and I'm here to hear them."

"I...I just miss you mom!" I said, fighting back the sob threatening to explode from my throat. "I...I don't feel like it's fair that..."

"Stop." Mom said, putting her finger to my lips. "I felt the same way when your dad died. I pined and felt guilty when I thought of being happy. I...I could have been happy Trevor and should have been, but I never told them how I felt and..." she trailed off, looking sad for the first time, "And then it was too late, don't make that mistake baby. I did what I could to take care of you, but now take care of yourself, be happy."

I nodded and when she didn't speak realized she was waiting for me to speak. I felt my heart began to beat faster. This was it; this was the second chance I never thought I would get.

"Mom, I...I need to tell you something."

Reaching out, Mom took my hands and pacing them on her thighs, put her hands over them.

"That's why I'm here honey, you can tell me anything."

I paused at the feeling of her soft firm skin under my palms, and then took a deep breath. My lungs filled with the scent of her perfume and looking into her eyes I felt overwhelmed with emotion and without the hesitation that had plagued me when she was alive, I said firmly.

"Mom, I love you."

"I know you do baby, I love you too." She smiled.

"No," I shook my head, "I...I mean I...I was in love with you."

"And I said I know baby," squeezing my hands she said softly, "I was in love you too Trevor."

"No, I..." I paused as her words sank in. "You...you knew?"

"I knew I was in love with you, yes." She nodded, "But I didn't know you felt the same way."

"Mom, I..." I began, but she continued with a faraway look in her amazing emerald eyes.

"I was more than just in love with you Trevor, I desired you. I wanted you so badly. I never thought anyone could be as good to me as your father was, but you were in any way I let you." She sighed and holding my hands began to rub them along the length of her warm thigh. "And oh, honey what I would have let you do!"

Those last words had come out in what could only be described as a moan and to my astonishment I felt my cock begin to stir between my legs as she went on.

"I thought of you every night Trevor, I lied in that big empty bed and longed for you to be there with me. I...I dreamt of you Trevor, of the things we would do, of how I would love you, of how I would please you." She gave me a sly smile that caused my cock to swell until it was bent painfully in my jeans, "And all the things you would do for me."

"Why didn't you say anything?"

"Why didn't you honey?" she asked, frowning. "Same reason, how would it sound? What if you didn't want me? You would think I was sick, I was afraid you would leave me and..." she shrugged, "Not like I could talk to anyone, 'so you see, I've been playing with my pussy thinking of my son and..." she put her hand sup, "Not really office cooler conversation."

Hearing her say she played with herself caused my now fully erect cock to twitch and looking away, I said quietly, "I wanted you too mom, in every way, I dreamt about, hell I still do, every night I..."

"Come into my room and tell me and I tell you and we enjoy each other." Mom nodded. "I know honey, I can see in your heart, and that's what called me here, not just your love for me as a son, but your desire for me as a woman."

"I...I guess better late than never." I sighed. "At least we know now." I put my head down, "I...I think I feel worse now knowing that we could have and..."

"We still can honey."

As my head snapped up, mom pulled my hands up along her sides and sliding them around her waist, slid over and pressing herself against me.

"I didn't just come here to tell you Trevor, I came here to show you. I can't stay long baby, but I can stay long enough for us to enjoy each other, the way we should have."

My answer was a low moan as Mom wrapped her arms around my shoulders and pressed her lips to mine. She kissed me gently at first and I was so overwhelmed, I was barely moving my lips. She didn't seem to mind as she began sliding her mouth across mine, teasing my lips with hers. She pulled me tightly to her and then caused me to gasp as her tongue darted out flicked lightly against my lips.

"Relax baby," she said softly, "Just let go and love your mother, the way she's always wanted you too."

Her words broke through my nervousness and opening my mouth I eagerly accepted her probing tongue and pressed my lips hard into hers. Mom groaned her approval and as our tongues darted across each other, I crushed her to me. I could feel her tits pressing into my chest and began sliding my hands up and down her back, caressing her through the thin material of the robe. I slipped my hand up long her neck and Mom sighed as I ran my fingers through her long hair. Mom was kissing harder now and I could feel the urgency in her lips as they devoured mine.

Her hands slid around and after squeezing my arms slipped between us. Her lips slid from mine and nuzzling her face against mine, she began kissing my neck. I turned my head and sighed as she started nibbling on my ear, her tongue playfully darting out along my neck. Her hands worked their way down my chest and grabbing my shirt, tugged it from my jeans. Still working her soft lips along my neck, Mom tugged on my shirt and I obediently raised my arms. Mom leaned back and sliding my shirt over my head tossed it aside.

"Oh, look at you." She cooed.

A shiver went through me as she began trailing her long nails up and down my skin. She flattened her hand out so she was now rubbing my chest and shoulders and sighed, "Honey, you feel so damn good!"

I started to answer, but gasped when her hand dropped into my lap and squeezed my cock through my jeans.

"Oh, baby," she laughed, "You do want your mother don't you?"

"Oh yes!" I groaned as her hand began rubbing along the length of my hard on.

Mom's lips found mine again and I felt her fingers fumbling with my jeans. I began kissing her harder, a feeling of anticipation running through me as I felt her tug my zipper down. I felt her hand slide into my underwear and released a long moan into her mouth, when her fingers wrapped around my throbbing dick.

"Hmm," she purred, "I love that you're so hard for me!"

I tried to reply, but she started slowly pumping my cock and I simply sighed in pleasure and sliding my hands around to the front of her robe reached for her tits. Mom releases my cock and catching my hands in hers pushed them down. She pulled away from me and standing up, grabbing the tie to the robe, pulled it so it opened enough to show more of her tits, then with a smile asked, "You want to see?"

"Yes, please."

"Oh, I did raise a polite young man didn't I?" she laughed, "But screw manners baby, tell your mother what you want."

"I...please show me mom."

"Show you what?" she teased, cupping her tits through the robe, "These?"

"Everything." I said softly

She paused and with an air of desperation I blurted out, "Please show me your tits mom! I...I've wanted them for so long!"

"Well I always did give you anything you wanted," she started to pull the robe open, then looking down, smiled, "Oh honey, your little friend had some plans for you tonight!"

"What do you....oh damn."

Mom had quickly untied the robe and tossed it off. Beneath the robe Amber was wearing a skimpy red lace bra that barely covered her nipples and a red thong that tied at her hips, with only a patch of lace between her legs.

"Damn is right!" Mom exclaimed, "This is going to be like taking a new car for a test drive!" reaching behind her, she unhooked the bra and slowly sliding the straps down her shoulders, playfully flipped it off, tossing it to the floor.

I licked my lips at the sight of her large firm tits. Her nipples were rose colored and pointing straight at me. I started to stand up, but stepping forward mom pushed me back onto the couch and swinging her leg over mine sat on my lap. Grabbing the back of my head, she literally shoved her tit in my face and I wasn't complaining. I eagerly opened my mouth and sucked her beautiful nipple into it.

"Oh yes!" Mom cried out, arching her back and shoving her tit deeper into my mouth, "Suck that tit, show me how bad you wanted it!"

I reached up and cupping her tits, removed my lips and started rubbing my thumbs across her nipples. Mom leaned down and began kissing me as I fondled her tits and I moaned when she began grinding her hips into my cock. I could feel the heat of her pussy against my shaft and unable to help it, started rocking my hips, pushing my yearning cock against the thin strip of material covering her pussy.

"That feels so good." She breathed in my ear, "God I can't wait to taste you!"

Damn that sounded good! I returned my lips to her nipples and Mom sighed contentedly as I switched back and forth, slowly tonguing each nipple while fondling the other.

"Hmmm, you like those tits honey?" she asked as she ran her fingers through my hair. "Sorry, they're not really mine, but," she giggled, "I think you're making out okay."

It hit me as I sucked her nipple deep into my mouth that I really was sucking Ambers tits as well as grinding my cock into her pussy, but what the hell, what she didn't know wouldn't hurt her. I released a pathetic sounding whimper when mom began bouncing up and down, rubbing my cock harder against her crotch, I could feel my cock getting wet and realized she was soaking through her panties. I began whimpering around her nipple while she started grinding harder on me and with a soft laugh, mom whispered, "Aw does my baby need some attention?"

"I...I need you, mom." I moaned, "I want you!"

"In time honey," she answered as she slid off my lap and onto her knees. "But I want it to last so how about, I give you what you've been dreaming about?"

Without waiting for my answer, Mom grabbed the sides of my jeans and pulled on them. I lifted my hips and she yanked them and my underwear down. My cock sprang free and as she tugged my jeans and shoes from my feet, Mom licked her lips, "Oh baby, you have such a nice fucking cock!"

Tossing my clothes to the side Mom slid between my legs and grabbing my aching dick gave the head a soft kiss before running her tongue around the rim of the head of my cock.

"Oh that looks so good." I breathed as my mother's eyes stared out at me from Amber's face while her tongue slid down the length of my shaft.

Mom trailed her soft wet flesh up the other side before causing me to moan by shoving the tip of her tongue into the list of my cock. She pulled her tongue back, taking a trail of my stick precum with it and made a show of slurping it into her mouth.

"Hmmm, you taste as sweet as I thought you would," she cooed. "I think I want more."

Mom placed her mouth over the head of my cock and slowly took me into it. I groaned at the feeling of her warm mouth sliding over my cock and watched her soft lips inch down my shaft. Mom stopped about halfway and began bobbing her head in a slow steady rhythm. I reached down and started running my hands through her hair as she started taking me deeper into her amazing mouth. Mom closed her eyes and began moaning softly as she worked my cock in and out of her mouth.

I could feel her tongue pressing tightly against my shaft as well as her soft lips sliding up and down. I could feel my legs starting to shake and dropping my hands down between us took her nipples between my fingers and started fondling them. Mom slipped my cock from her mouth and moaned, "That's it honey, they're all yours tonight."

Again any reply I had was lost in a sound of pleasure when she quickly ducked her head down and started licking my balls. I rolled my eyes back as mom began stroking my cock while her soft tongue continued to bathe my balls. I gasped when she switched from licking to sucking on them and began pumping my cock harder. I started rocking my hips and sliding her tongue along the length of my cock, mom opened wide and took me all the way down until I felt her lips touch the base of my shaft.

I groaned at the feeling of having my entire cock buried in her mouth and mom moaned as well. She started shaking her head back and forth and my hips twitched, thrusting my cock deeper. Mom began bobbing her head rapidly and unable to help it, I began pumping my hips harder, pushing my cock into her descending mouth.

"Hmmm-mmm" Mom encouraged, as she began sucking me even harder.

I was breathing hard and could feel myself getting close to cumming. Mom wrapped her hand around my shaft and started jerking me off while she blew me and I whimpered as the cum began to race through my cock. Mom reached up and lightly traced her nails across my balls and I cried out as my cock erupted in my mother's mouth. Mom continued to bob her head as my spurting cock drove repeatedly between her lips.

I was moaning continuously as my balls emptied and she was moaning just as loud, her green eyes rolled back in her head as her son filled her mouth with his cum.

I slumped back on the couch panting as my spent cock gave up its last few drops and slowly sliding me from her mouth, mom licked her lips and sighed, "Hmm, damn I forgot how much I loved sucking cock!"

Standing she turned around and bending over, made a show of shimmying out of the red thing. My breath hissed between my teeth as I took in her perfect ass and the sight of her bald pink pussy peeking out at me from between her thighs. Straightening, mom turned around and asked, "See something you want?"

"I've wanted it for a long time." I answered.

"Then come get it baby, follow me!"

She turned and walked into the door way that led into Amber's bedroom. I stood up and followed, my eyes locked onto her sweet ass as she slowly walked in front of me making a show of swinging her hips. When I entered her room I saw that Amber indeed had made some plans. Not only were there several candles lit in there as well, but there was a bottle of wine on the night stand and the covers were pulled down on her bed.

"Well isn't this sweet!" Mom exclaimed, pointing at a picture of Amber and I someone took at school on her nightstand. "Some one likes my little boy. But tonight's my night, isn't it baby?"

"Anything you want mom, "I whispered, transfixed by the sight of her or Amber's naked body.

"Anything huh?" sitting on the edge of the bed, she pointed at the floor in front of her. "Come over here and be a good boy and make your mother cum honey, I've waited a long time for you to do it."

I dropped to my knees so fast I winced in pain as they hit the floor. That pain was soon forgotten as lying on her back, mom slowly lifted her legs in the air and placing her soft feet on my shoulders, reached down and spread her pussy open.

"Honey, you don't know how many times I dreamt of looking down at your pretty face while you made me cum!"

I would have liked to have teased her a little, but there was no way I could hold back. Leaning in, I spread her lips further open and shoved my tongue deep inside her dripping pussy. Mom cried out as I swirled my tongue around inside her and I moaned at the taste of her sweet juices on my tongue. I started rocking my head back and forth, tongue fucking her and mom started moving her hips, shoving her pussy into my face. I slid my tongue from inside her and did manage to slow down as I worked my way through the soft wet folds of her smooth pussy.

"My clit honey," Mom moaned, "I need you to oh, right there!"

Mom's hips jerked as my tongue found her hard button and flicked across it. I began to trace slow circles around it and as mom moaned and squirmed in my face I gently slid two fingers inside her.

"Hmm, that feels....tight." she gasped as I began to slowly pump my fingers in and out while still teasing my tongue along her clit.

Mom sighed as I gently took her clit between my lips and started sucking it into my mouth in time with the thrusting of my fingers. I looked up to see she was playing with her nipples and smiled around her clit at how good she looked. Her eyes were closed and her full lips were parted. She was sighing softly from between those lips each time my fingers drove into her pussy. Her chest was heaving and her tits glistening with sweat. Her toes began curling into my shoulders and her hips started rocking harder into my fingers.

I could feel her thighs trembling against my face and her moans were becoming more like high pitched whimpers. I started sucking her clit harder and working my fingers faster as she began to moan, "Oh, right there Trevor! Oh, that's it baby, make me cum, oh yes!"

Her back arched and grabbing a handful of my hair she shoved my face against her pussy.

"Just a little more," she whimpered, "Just....oh fuck!"

Mom threw her head back and let out a long squeal as her pussy contracted around my fingers and her hips started bucking wildly. Lifting her legs, mom clamped her thighs around my face and I struggled to keep my tongue on her clit as she writhed and moaned beneath her son's eager tongue. Mom cried out again and I felt a gush of warm sticky fluid flow around my fingers and into my face. Mom dropped her feet from my shoulders and gasping, looked down at me and gave me a satisfied smile.

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